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  • Hot Monday!

    Good morning...I am up long enough to have a drink of water and talk to you all....plans for to walmart and the come home and clean my spaces...the big area in the room..and bathroom. I am thinking about making home made pizza...I haven't completely decided..Today will be a pretty chill day...Tomarrow I volunteer...Wednesday evening my parents and uncle will be here for a few uncle goes to the airport to fly home...he's been here since the first part of April....So wednesday during the day I will make brownies to have dessert when I they get here....Thursday I have a sort of date...not calling it a date but thats what it is...I have a guy friend we have been friends for a couple years anyways he is picking me up in the morning and taking me to six flags...he is using his season pass bring a friend to take me so I don't have to pay for my ticket...he will pick me up and bring me home..I am super excited!!!! Friday I have a chiropractor appointment and I think that I may be going to my parents for the week end for father's day and family reunion. I don't know for sure...

    Everyone have a good day..I am going to get some more sleep now that cori is calm and quiet.

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    Good Morning to all..

    Beth your day sounds full, that is the way I like it. I can tell you are looking forward to Thursday, hope the weather cooperates.

    Busy day ahead for me also, have lots to get done before leaving on camping trip...potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, will get those made, cook now, rest later..

    I also have to go to the jewelry store, hubby took me there last week he wants me to 'upgrade' my wedding set, I tried on many and the jeweler ordered a few jackets for me to try with a solitaire, I told hubby I can honestly look down at the set I have on now and say "I love these", I did not feel that way about any I tried on there..just wish he had not put me on the spot by taking me there, he had been there after work one day and told the jeweler he would bring me there....Now I have a headache from worrying about it, I have to much to get done to be messing with this...the jeweler is pushing white gold, I am a yellow gold type gal.

    Well onward and upward to get my day started...Have a good one all.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


    • cookielady
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      Tell Hubby the love him, you LOVE your original ring, and have no desire to upgrade him or the ring. And if you love yellow gold, stick to your guns. It's your ring, not the sales person's.

    • Aunt Maye
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      I too love yellow gold!.. I vote with Donna.

    • jostoy
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      Sharon, tell Doug you'd enjoy a trip alone with him opposed to a new set of rings. Don't be pushed into anything you don't want.

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    Good Morning! It's a wee bit chilly out there & wet. Feels like we'll never get to truly enjoy the pool.

    ​Yesterday was good. After picking up Blaise from Kathy's, we came home and I got busy cooking. Made Cork's food for the week and then started on the orange chicken for dinner. Got to the sauce part, and found out I was out of orange marmalade. Stopped at DG and they didn't have any, so had to go clear into Butler to Aldi's...I knew they had it. Got the chicken made and then it was time to go. We popped into my friend Cheryl's youngest son's grad party for 20 minutes then headed to my brother's. Had dinner & then played cards.

    ​Not sure what today will bring, or at least the first part. Becca & my SIL WERE suppose to be coming to swim today because last week the weather forecast for the week was in the 80's, but Friday the weather forecast changed and we are going to be lucky to be hitting the 70's now. GRRRRR!!!!! So my SIL isn't coming now and I'm waiting from Becca to hear if she's coming just to visit.

    It's Monday, so there will be karate AND swim team practice tonight.

    Have a good one all!


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      Good early morning! Well, for me it is early to be here. I have a load of laundry in and the dog has been fed, so I thought before I eat I am coming here.

      The weekend was great even with the busy schedule. Stuart called last night and we had a great conversation on speaker so Becky was in on it, too. I also had a long conversation with my MN brother about my mom flying to Fl. She wants to go but she is getting to the age that she makes us worry aobut her getting around in airport changes and connections. She would like it if I travelled with her, but I have told her I can't until I retire. So, Beckywill take her to the airport on a WEdnesday and I will pick her up about 10 days later on a Saturday. The Saturday after I take Becky to the airport and one week before I go back to pick Becky Fl brother just thinks Mom can do it, or get her a wheelchair. I told him she will not take the wheelchair. Ok, enough, but the stress of being the resident child and closest one to her is real!

      Today will be our last nice day for awhile. We go up in temps tomorrow and it will be hot! I ordered some new mats for outside. I have black mats at the end of slides and I bought new colored ones that will not get hot in the sun. Most of the time it wouldn't worry me, but kif some little kids takes his sandals!

      I have been interrupted three times! I better get moving and wish youall a good day!


      • jostoy
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        Paula, tell your mother it is NOT a disgrace to be "escorted" to another gate for flight connections. My last trip by plane last year I was "wheeled" to my connecting flights. This can be set up ahead of time, and the escorts will be waiting for her when she exits the plane.

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      good morning,

      been up for ages ,reading ,computer stuff etc. now I will ask Mr D. what he wants to do today.. that will depend on how wobbly his legs are today I guess.

      its only going to be in 60s today,, sigh.. I do like summer type days. Maybe run into groc. stores this forenoon..

      Bethina, you have a busy, interesting week ahead!!!

      Hi Paula. and all others who follow...I do come back in evening and read your news.

      Has Elaine posted lately. I can't remember seeing her name recently.

      be back later..


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        Good morning, everyone.
        Looks like we will have 105° through Thursday. Then it drops to the 90’s, with 20-50% chance of rain (really?) from Friday through the weekend. Yay!

        Today I’ll be in the Cancer Center most of the day. Lab work, gastrointestinal doc/surgeon follow-up, and after lunch I see the NP about my blood condition and the effects of my latest med. I’m going to ask for a lower dosage, if possible.
        Tomorrow we see a substitute NP, as our regular PCP is still unavailable.

        I did finally get E to take me to Target yesterday. I bought my special cards, some moisturizer products, some odds ‘n ends, plus 1 pair of slacks I can wear. I tried on a couple pair, same size, but one didn’t fit, and they didn’t have the style that fit in any other color. Maybe I can find some online. But that really sucks. I now have to get my pants hemmed. Appparently slacks are made to wear with high heels these days, but at this point I’m confined to flats or slightly wedged.
        Plus my feet swell during the day, so I wear sandals that can be adjusted for that. SAS shoe company has exactly what I need and they look nice. At home I wear slides with bumpy insoles to massage my neuropathic feet. It does help some.

        Beth, it sounds like a grand week ahead for you. Have a wonderful time.

        Sharon, I agree with Cookie. Don’t let a sales person take over and tell you what you want. You’ll likely to be in satisfied with the purchase. And if you prefer the yellow gold, stay with it. And if you want to keep your original rings, say so ..... maybe all they need is a bit of jewelry cleaner for the extra sparkle? And/Or a jewelry-cloth pouch to keep them in when not wearing them?

        Well, I need to get breakfast and prepare for today.
        Hope you all have a super-duper day! 🤗

        Maye, Elaine posted one day and said she’d get back when she could. John doesn’t seem to be doing well, and all her attention is on him. Hope her relatives and friends are helping her out.

        Paula, the wheelchair is a perk, as they will get her through the security lines and to her terminal gates much more quickly. It’s a free service, but we do tip them a bit. They got me to my gates with time to spare, and some of those terminals have mighty long walks that tire an older person terribly.
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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good morning all.

          Aw...a day of rest. It has been raining since Friday afternoon. I haven't been out to see how much rain this morning, but the guage is getting close to the top. It rained last night as well.

          This week was to mow, cut down a tree, cut 3 dead limbs out of another, and to trim up the holly bushes. So some of the work will be done later, like next week.

          I did sleep in as it was thundering, as well as raining fairly hard at the time I usually get up. Sure felt good when I finally crawled out from under the covers at 8:30.

          Hope all have a good day.
          Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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            Just saying......
            Because I had a quick sales training course and the psychology class in High School.
            There are several psychological ploys a salesman has to make a sale. If you are a prospective buyer, he/she will use.

            #1. The greeting. He SMILES, he COMPLIMENTS, HE SHAKES YOUR HAND. (The friendliness to make you comfortable. The handshake for "personal touch" to make you feel obligated.)

            #2. TRYING ON or HOLDING the product adds to the feeling of obligation. (Add this to the "personal touch", and you begin to feel guilty for saying "NO".)

            #3. He will have you IMAGINE how much better his product is, how other people will say/feel when they see it, how much HAPPIER you will be with it, etc. (You are closer than before to feeling that Obligation.)

            #4. He will totally be excited about your "good taste". (GOTCHA.)

            On the other hand, if you stick to "No. It's nice, but not what I want.".... He may give you a minor insult, then maybe a slightly stronger one. Maybe not if your hubby stands next to you. It's all part of the sales game. And if he has your hubby convinced, he thinks you will be a shoo-in sale.

            By all means let your hubby know what your rings have come to mean to you. The stuff in the jeweler's store can't match it, and don't have the dear memories yours have accumulated over the years.

            Me, I used to play the game against the eager sales persons. I asked for the price. He got mad every time I refused the sales obligation pitches. I said I just wanted the price. He was fuming by then, but gave me a price. I asked if he'd give it to me at the lower price of the other store, 'way less price, more than $50 off. He spat, "You get what you pay for, lady."
            I said "Same item, same model #, same everything else. Therefore his price didn't make it any better." He couldn't deny it. He lost the sale as I walked away.
            To this day, I'm wary of sales pitches.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              We have spent the morning on the phone. Sierra came in last night and admitted she needed some help. She is depressed over the deaths of her friends in November and she and bf are not getting along and she is finally admitted there is something wrong there...with him. She left work early and she and her dad are heading to the GP hopefully for some anti depressants. Jon has reached out to the doctors at work and we are waiting to hear from the wife of one to call for counseling...she came highly recommended. I think once Sierra admitted there is a problem she just fell apart. Thank goodness Jon is on vacation this week. I am going to finally shut the hell up and stay in the background and be the loving supportive grandma only. She has hidden so much over the years like her hatred of mommy dearests bf. I fear we are not done with her bf problem but getting her healthy should make her see. He is mentally abusive and I worry it will lead into something else. I called my sister this morning before she was out of bed and she put me in touch with someone who told us what to do and where to start. No one slept here last night and it is not the day to stop smoking! She is only 21 and should not have so much hidden inside. But she also has a grandma who has always handled everything for her and probably interfered to much. Now I back off and just love..pray I can keep my big mouth is really a big mouth and things just fall out but I truly have hated this bf of hers. She is a sweet person and did not deserve the pain of death and abuse and a mother who she feels left her for a man. So it has been a morning and hopefully the start of a new phase. Sorry to just let it all out but sometimes you gotta tell someone.


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                Maxie, I can say from experience that counseling works wonders when done at the right time: when someone says they need help.
                When you need to say something, maybe do
                Something instead. And I do t mean shop. I mean some service or note or act that lets You do what your words have been doing, guiding, loving and mothering.
                We had to go through a couple of counselors to find one that works well with Becky. All were good but personalities matter.
                Family support is everything and Sierra sure has it in your house!


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                  Don’t mean shop... unless that is what you need.
                  I tried to fix things with buying things...


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                    Maxie, my heart and prayers are with you and Sierra... will pray she gets the right person to help her work through this... if Sierra has a spark of You in her, she will find she is a fighter and strong also.. and rise above bf and Mommy dear..... keeping quiet, but being THERE for her in the background, and she will know you are THERE for her. real love and trust will win out .