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A dreary Sunday morning

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  • A dreary Sunday morning

    It is wet outside but rain is forecast for the morning then clearing my pork but (not mine a store bought one ) all marinaded last night and it is now in the smoker.

    Got all the dusting, sweeping and mopping done in motorhome, everything put in its place, refrigerator loaded, clean linens on the will do the rest of the grocery shopping I need to do.

    Today going to make shredded chicken sandwiches to take..made sloppy joes yesterday...will have things to cook on open fire also.

    Will also be making smoked mac 'n' cheese, baked beans, pasta salad, and potato salad tomorrow. My cousin will be here Tuesday...

    Have a load of towels and washcloths in the machine already this morning, will fix some breakfast and get going to the store.

    Might be dreary, wet and humid outside, but in here it is all cool.

    Hope to see something from Elaine, she and John are in my prayers a rough patch in their lives for sure.

    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Morning...back to sleep for a bit Bible study this morning..unsure of my day after that.


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      Sharon the sun is shining bright here!! Yesterday a scattered storm hit us with over an inch of rain. Of course it did!! We were in Home Depot gathering the painting supplies for the porch. Picked out the stain and had the nicest young girl help us. She was not only knowledgeable but acted like she wanted to wait on us. She had put the splotch of paint on top of the can and you know I touched it. She said she almost told me not to touch the dot but.....and I finished it for her and said because you didn't think I was that dumb? Why do we do that silly stuff? She even told us how to tell with this hit and miss rain, if the decking was dry enough to paint. Tape a plastic bag down and after several hours it the wood is wet moisture will under the plastic. Never heard that trick. Anyway, supplies
      are bought and waiting for the weather to co operate.

      We came home and I settled in for the game and Sierra worked her first evening...4 to 11 but they were short staffed at 11:00 so she had to stay until after midnight and enough people were called in. It is open 24 hours but they call this the closing shift since it is the last of the day and she is not a fan. Neither am I with her being on the interstate and a store full of money. But I forget she is 21 and an adult and she says the Love's people are in and out and around...there is also a 24 hours Subway so there are people in the building and she says the local police are all given free whatever they want so are in and out regularly. Grandma's worry I guess.

      Jon unloaded the car and took off to look for Drew. Found him with his grandpa and they headed out fishing and then for supper. They did call me to join them but I passed. It was already 7 and I was more in the mood for my jams than eating. I think this cold is finally breaking but I was tired...not sure if my voice is back since I have not talked to a soul yet this morning.

      Scott had a low offer on his house...really low and he will make a counter but was upset over it being insultingly low. He wanted to know if he was the a** for asking to much or was the offerer an a** for the low offer? It is a game and I am sure if he got one he will get others. It is a lovely home and the landscaping is gorgeous.

      It is early here for a Sunday and they are all sleeping in. I am going to grab another cup of coffee and enjoy the sun shining in and quiet. Sharon do you have a deep freeze in your camper? How do you keep all that food? Things are still dull and boring around here. The kitchen floor needs attention and a bathroom cleaned. Laundry...that is always a given. But it is also Sunday and the sun is shining. Have an absolutely great each and everyone of you.


      • Paula A
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        Insultingly low=it is the offer that is an a**
        Tell Scott I watch hgtv real estate shows, so he can take my word on it . lol

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      Howdy-do, everyone.
      🌵 Another hot day ahead (just 2į down from yesterday, for what itís worth....heat is heat, right.). Yesterday afternoon the weatherman said it might rain, and the weather apps said 20% chance of rain, which didnít happen. A few clouds drifted across the sky, and away. Now they say the official monsoon date is the 15th, but we ďmayĒ have rain before that. Iíll believe it when I see it.

      So we see signs of Eís forgetfulness. Comes with age, right? Yesterday evening he got after me about whether I sent the kids an email heíd sent to me ďthe previous morningĒ. I said I didnít, and heíd just sent me that email before heíd turned on the TV, so I got a glimpse of it but didnít really read it yet. He looked, checked the dates, grumbled. Then said he was going to send it to the kids. Fine, go ahead. Well, this is happening more frequently these days. Geez. No fun. I donít like the insinuation that Iím lying. * Like the new slippers I ordered, adjustable Velcro tops. When I ordered, I asked if he wanted a pair, considering the greatly lowered price. No, he said, heís got enough slippers. So mine came in the mail, and he asked where his new pair was. I said he didnít want them. He disagreed, ďat that price, he said yesĒ. No he didnít, but I didnít say anything. I get upset with these disagreements. He can think what he wants. * I also have to watch where heís driving. He drives to the interstate by habit. So if heís in the left of our lane, I tell him we need to turn right for todayís destination. Or Iíll ask if heís taking a different route to the place. Or Iíll say this should have been our turn, so youíll have to make a U-turn and take that road. So if he is really talkative, I know his mind isnít on the driving route. And if you know him, you know he can get to be a ďmotormouthĒ when heís talking about something he is interested in.
      I hope it doesnít get any worse. But what the passage of time brings to seniors......... oh well. We have to get back to looking for Senior Living apartments, I think. That means more time needed to clear out about 80% of our ďstuffĒ. Much of which I will miss, I think. But my health situation doesnít look that promising for other reasons. But Iím not feeling terrible through all I seem to be going through.

      So yesterday E didnít want to go shopping. But he promised that we would hit Target today. I need a birthday card for my friend of 70 years. We met in Kindergarten! I need to pick up other cards, too.

      Iíve gotten 2 birthday gifts already, a week early. My brother sent a box of pears (Harry & David Co). Big and juicy. (Beats flowers that die off in 4 days.). Also, older DD sent 2 handmade bracelets, quite lovely, with 2 different scented oils which can be used on the bracelets, as the main beads do absorb the oils so you have the fragrance all day. Different. But lovely. Most of the kids donít remember my exact birthdate, but they associate it with Fathers Day. Close enough. Every 7 years or so it will fall on Fathers Day. 😀. I told E he can take me to the movies on my day, I enjoy digital animation, and The Incredibles 2 is opening on my day. Dinner out is optional. There arenít many restaurants I actually care about any more. The cooks think theyíre chefs by adding hot peppers, or weird spices, or extra salt - that tastes crappy. I like food that tastes like just the food it is. Delicate spices are overlooked. So maybe pizza or a plain burger would suit me.

      Speaking of food, Sharon your menu today sounds soooo good. What time should we come over!!!

      The newspaper is here, so I need to glance at that.
      My mocha hits the spot this morning. I had cinnamon toast with it.

      Hope you all have a wonderful day. 🤗
      Thoughts of Elaine and John today. Hope theyíre getting assistance from family and friends. 💗
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good Sunny Sunday! We thought we would have a bit of rain yesterday but that did not happen. Just some clouds that looked like it would!
        but the Wind that came up was horrible! At one point I got in the car and the wind was so strong it whipped my hair up and I shut it in the door! Ouch!

        So church this morning at 10:00. We usually go at 11:00 but this is a special speaker and seven congregations will meet together up in Anderson.
        I remembered I had told my cousin I would make lemon bars and bring them last night...I remembered in the middle of an appointment so as soon as I finished I went to the store (how could I be out of lemons?!) and started at 4:00 and had to be at a graduation party at 6:00 and then to the 7:00pm meeting at church.
        wow! I felt as close to my Donna self as I will ever get...still missing her mark, but was pretty happy I got the bars in a container and remembered the card for the grad! And the money inside! Trying to get nice bills for a card is almost impossible if you don't go to the bank.

        Yesterday when I went to get the barbecue ready for today I noticed it was really wobbly and listing to one side. I am not even sure how that happened or when but it was almost falling apart when I was pulling it out of the, of course, I looked at the clock and saw I had 40 minutes before that appointment and decided to go to Walmart for a better one. Not as, though. I like charcoal and don't want the gas around the kids.

        In the morning I went to the eye doctor and then to the eye mart next door and then to Macy's with the idea Kohl's would be next. Macy's was having great sales and before I even checked out the eye shop texted my glasses were ready! I love them! So, now to get used to wearing them least to be able to take that DMV test. The doctor gave me a referral to an eye doctor in town to be checked for glaucoma and the beginning of cataracts and eye pressure...what?! He said nothing is too bad, yet...ugh. I think the fun day off for the DMV on my birthday will be full of medical appointments. I was hoping these kinds of things would wait for me to retire so I didn't have to deal with closing for non-fun things.

        Barbecue burgers and hot dogs, watermelon and corn on the cob seasoned and topped for Mexican street corn and some lemon bars (you knew I would save a few back, right?)

        I hope you all find time to enjoy your day and do something for yourself. For me that will be sitting out back and enjoying some peace and quiet before the next week starts.


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          Afternoon All! I thought I posted yesterday, but apparently SOMEONE logged me off before I was finished typing. Whatever.

          ​Been a busy couple of days. Yesterday we spent the morning going to several garage sales. Picked up a few items. Got lunch and then headed to karate. I was so tired by the time we got home, I laid down for a bit until Kathy came to pick up Blaise. Matt drove & took me for a ride in his new sports car. Nice! Just puttered the rest of the day away. Got some laundry done & baked a lemon pie for SS today. Actually watched some TV and stitched on Blaise's 2 patches for his karate uniform. They weren't little patches like BS. At least that's done.

          ​This morning was church & SS. I was to pick up Blaise after SS. Got down there & Kathy said, oops....meant to call you to come later. Well she ask Blaise if he wanted to stay or go home with me. He picked me! Actually, to be honest, he picked his electronics.

          ​Going to spend the better part of the afternoon cooking. Making Corky's food for his lunches, then make orange chicken for cards tonight. My friend has invited us to her youngest' s graduation party. I was in the delivery room with her when she had him. We aren't going to eat. Just going to stop in for a bit, and then head to my brother's. My cousin Karen is our 4th tonight.

          ​Corky's staring me down, so I best get off this computer.......have a good one all!