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  • Hello Saturday

    Hello to all....a rainy dreary day out right now, hope that changes...

    For any that think I am on the brink of disaster or divorce that is not the case, simply stating how aggravating the hubby can be, did it here because I consider us a 'cackling group' I brought my aggravation here instead of letting it out on the hubby, my mistake, life isn't perfect and neither am I....I do let it go, just blowing steam because I get caught up in the middle of it and just want him to stop procrastinating...yesterday was a drive over 50 miles one way to get what we needed to make cart legal on roadways, and more time and money to make it happen and still have to try and get an inspection done before Wednesday. So no more complaining from me..I will bring nothing but smiles and goodwill..

    Hope the rain stops I have much to get accomplished today..

    Take care one and all, have a good day.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good morning, Sharon and others.

    Well now, I thought EVERYONE was able to blow off steam here at the family room. But I guess not if you got some private message or email wondering if you and D. were on the verge of a breakup. Guess they don't know you and D. like I do.

    Well a load of laundry is in, and I have to be out at E's house to take the tent down that I put up yesterday for V and her little friend. E said V's friend was a nice little girl. The 2 of them played at E's house for about 1 1/2 hours using ALL the equipment that E has for V. E even said they got her on the trampoline to bounce her around. When I called E, she said she was 1 "pooped" great-grandma. I think she does very well at 87.

    Got to get my butt in gear. I have things to do before going to E's house. Everyone have a great day.
    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Good morning.
      Sharon, if you need to let off steam here, just do it. There comes a point where you need to let it out sometime. Been there myself. Your life readjusts at retirement time, and itís not easy. If Iím in another room for 10-15 minutes, E comes checking to see if Iím okay. Some days itís annoying (thereís no ďmeĒ time), but eventually it gets amusing. I depend on him for a lot, though. Like I canít drive any more and have to ask him to get me to places. Iím so used to being independent, and had to get used to asking. Heís had to make adjustments, too. The house doesnít clean itself, food doesnít magically appear, Iíd like him to get things done more quickly, but he gets sidetracked. He does things differently. His ďimprovementsĒ of things arenít always better to me. But Iím sure he sees me more difficult these days, too. It takes time adjust to retirement. Not easy. Am sorry someone misinterpreted your rant.

      Yesterday one of the girls called. My phone went out, just quit, after a short time. But E caught her call on his handset, which lasted like 2 minutes. So she called my cell phone, which I got out to call her, and we finished out conversation. We have a new set of landline phones that has been lounging, untouched, somewhere. So E had to.....finally...... get those out and set them up. I donít keep my cell phone on much, because ďsomebodyĒ will give out my number for his calls. He never uses his cell phone, but carries it to COSTCO and large stores, or when traveling, to ďfindĒ me if he loses track of where I am. So one day I just emailed all the kids and gave them his cell phone number. But itís hardly ever on.
      Anyway, he finally set up the new landline phones. He will tell you he is the PRO in procrastination.

      Today he said heíd take me to Target so I can get a few things that I want. Heís got some stuff that they will take for recycling. Heís been putting that off for a few days.

      Summer weather has really reached us. It was 107į yesterday. We have a few more days of 106į. Today is the earliest that the A/C has come on, at 6:45. The weatherman says we have rain clouds, which will be dropping moisture in Sierra Vista. My weather app shows we will have rain here at the end of next week. Then again, Mother Nature may just be teasing us again.

      Well, guess itís about breakfast time,

      Hope you all have a good day. ☀️
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good morning I still wake up early but am not likely to get out of bed before 9 if I don't have too...especially if cori is involved...first signs that her human is up and she is on the bed with me wanting all the attention! I would be so lonely and lost with out my fur baby!

        I am headed out in a few minutes to cut down some weeds and then come in change clothes and head to the store on my bike for a few things...

        I also need to clean the kitchen from last night and wash some clothes.

        I am feeling pretty handy these days..I took the filter off the dehumidifer and washed and put it back...also fixed a clogged toilet.


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          Looks kinda gloomy out in this part of the country too. Yesterday a storm 'formed right over us' and it was amazing. This is the second time it has happened and they have lightning and thunder and rain and then just go away. To bad it wasn't enough to rain out Andrew's ball game. It started out so good! They hit and caught and fielded and scored and we actually had a game....then the adults got involved. That was not pretty. But it must be the world of little league around here. We lost and do not play again until Wednesday.

          Sharon I bitch on here all the time. It is where I have coffee with my friends every morning and bitching is part of my personality. The cart story is funny and I enjoyed it. Just shows life is normal...don't stop complaining here. I think men just do not realize what goes into doing normal things like registering carts etc...they also think everything goes according to their plan. Men!

          I have nothing new to say. Life is dull around here and I think I need a vacation. Some alone time for sure! Still blowing my nose and have no energy but no one has stepped up to pick up the slack. What a family. I don't think they realize I am getting old and moms do not go on forever doing mom things for them. But then again you all know I do not do anything I do not want to do.

          Hope you all have a great day...


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            I need this place to let off steam and know it will not go farther or be held against me, right/ I mean, I thought that was why I came here! And the good recipes and so much more as I have come to know you all by our wonderful little cyber neighborhood!
            When I see someone on FB just posting all peaches and cream and life is so full of rainbows...I totally suspect they are trying to project something that is not fact. Or at least in the ones on my Friends list. Most people need a place to let it out and let it go. this is my place.

            Today is full of errands and appointments and evening church service up in Anderson, about 20 miles away. I am off to Redding in 30 minutes for my eye exam and hopefully, will be able to order glasses, too. When the secretary asked if I had insurance I told her I really don't know what my Medicare coverage is and I would give her the card to see and have my money ready to pay. I have not had to use my coverage at all except for the little bit of Rx I get a month. I am thinking of talking to the agent I signed up with to see what he thinks. It is almost my birthday and if I don't need the supplemental I have then I want to change it. But at the moment I am just too busy with other pressing things like the stupid vision test and having to take a day off or whatever...If I can get the appointment for my birthday I think I will just take that day off.

            We are barbequing this weekend. I bought hot dogs to grill for the kids and will have some done up and I can just warm them. I have a few kids who just want a boiled hot dog, but I can manage. After the dad and baby left yesterday (they stayed an hour! I guess mom forgot to tell him about the 20 minute rule) the day and life just got better. She is 15 months old and so sweet. She didn't care if her dad was in the room or not. She will be starting in two weeks.
            I did decide no more interviews. I am looking at retiring and I don't want to take on new people. If too many drop out, I have people I know who are looking for childcare.

            I better get going. I still have to do my hair.
            Remember: we all come here to be safe and to be comforted. to sit and visit and smell the roses, cookies and whatever is in your crock pot!
            Miss hearing from Elaine. I hope those close to her are able to go help her out.


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              I did not use my supplemental insurance for years and years and felt like I was donating to an industry that really did not need my money.
              This past year in December I had thyroid surgery and all the many tests and scans etc that lead to that...In February I had the heart cath that turned out to be unnecessary but that also had a series of tests that lead up to that. When the bills were totaled I owed nothing and in those two procedures I more than used the 'donations' I had made through the years. Just sayin' that I am glad I had that supplemental. You never know what tomorrow will bring in medical expenses. I take very few scribts but with my RX coverage pay nothing for my refills. I am not a fan of insurance premiums but sure love the coverage.


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                Hey, Paula...
                About the book, ďThe Missing PresidentĒ:
                You may not like the language. Having worked for the government for well over a decade, I know itís part of reality, and Iíve learned to tune it out. The week I did typing for the FBI, I didnít hear it from them, but the situation didnít cause any reason for frustrations under which there might be cause for such language. I donít think the 🤬 words are actually necessary, but theyíre out there. In the beginning 2/5 of the book I think I was aware of 3 instances of any strong-words usage. But I havenít yet come to the part of when the president goes missing, and I have an inkling it may get worse and more frequent. Just saying....

                This fictional is not representative of anyone weíve seen in that office, though there seems to be bits of various presidents in him (excluding the current one). But Iíll finish reading it, despite the language that might be coming up, because I can tune it out. I would like to grasp an inkling of how the White House is run. Bill Clinton is giving us a glimpse of it, as much as he can without breaking laws. He and Patterson have worked with a lawyer on this. (So far, I am glad I never accepted the job that the FBI offered me.). 😎
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


                • Paula A
                  Paula A commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Wow! Pretty cool, Jo! We had an FBI agent show up at our door one time to ask Gary about a former student who had applied. And when we lived in MD we went to
                  church with a Sectet Service agent ( for Dean Rusk, but can’t remember what he did...State Delta?)
                  And I am ok with not hearing bad language but I don’t like graphic sex.
                  And I do like White House set fiction and non fiction so I
                  Will probably get this book.
                  I read the books by the SS agent Clint Hill
                  who was Jackie Kennedy’s agent and one by someone who ran the staff..

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                The books by SS agent Cliff Hill sound interesting. Will have to look them up on Amazon.
                I donít know if thereís graphic sex in this book, but I generally just skip past those pages anyway.

                When I got my high security clearance jobs, the FBI had to go to my parentsí neighborhood. My parents and neighbors were questioned about me. Mom was very embarrassed, and could only think, ďwhat will the neighbors say? She must be in big trouble.Ē 🤣
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.