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Friday June 8th

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  • Friday June 8th

    Good morning! All day yesterday I had thoughts that it was Friday...but no, and so today it almost feels like another Friday!

    I have the daycare pretty well arranged as to things, but who knows how the kids will be? That is always a variable to factor in. Yesterday one little girl brought a really nice toy cash register to share and play with. Which was all good until I looked in it and it was full of Real money! People! And I really don't care if she loses it, but I really, really care if the baby gets a coin and decides to put it in his mouth! Seriously, I have my doubts about some of these parents.

    I am going shopping for food after daycare today so it will free up some time on Saturday. I have a vision appointment for glasses which I am pretty sure I will need to pass the DMV requirement they put on my renewal. I will have to get the glasses before the 9th of July which is my birthday and when my license will expire. I also have to make an appointment for the DMV visit and, my birthday may be a day I take off. I may just see if I can get a late afternoon appointment and then close early, but just not sure I trust one family to get there on time. I may just close to them! Anyway, I have gone Years with just a notice to pay up and renew so I shouldn't complain when they actually want to see me in person, but you know, what's the fun in just going along?
    Retirement is looking better and better when faced with daytime appointments.

    I hope all is going well for you and yours. Take care and see you all later.

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    Good Morning! The sun WAS out but no longer. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. The day before it felt like it could snow any moment.

    ​Yesterday was a busy but good one. Started morning making icings & fillings, then iced the carrot cake & carrot cake cupcakes. Baked choc & vanilla cupcakes. The choc ones were filled with white whip cream filling then iced with a mild choc icing. The vanilla ones were filled with raspberry filling then iced with an almond raspberry icing. Actually roasted a whole chicken and served it with rice & corn on the cob. The drippings were so rich and dark, that the gravy was fantastic. Put some gravy over my rice....YUM!

    ​Dinner was quick and then we went in to do the final paperwork and get our "new" used car. It's got lots of bells & whistles, but not the one I had really hoped for....heated seats. Next time. Took Blaise to swim team practice. The night before I didn't take him because it was just too cold as far as I was concerned. Last night was beautiful.

    ​This morning I'm baking off the pies for today's order. The pies & cupcakes are for a bridal shower tomorrow. Still need to make a coconut cream pie for another lady. Then I hope to have time to go check out a couple yard sales I saw as we were driving into town last night. Cork scoffs at ones he sees clothes at, but I'm always on the look out for boys clothes. If the looks of this years 3rd graders are any indication, Blaise is going to grow A LOT in the next year. Need to be prepared.

    Tonight is the rat race...dinner, karate, and then end with swim team. Only 3 more weeks of this craziness.

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning...I just realized I haven't been here most of the week what's with that? A bunch of misadventures I am glad its Friday!!

      The thing that happened Monday was the bus passed me up at the library so I had to chase her down! I was not happy about it then but I laugh now..this big girl can run!

      Tuesday a friend called and wanted to go to the movies her treat so I said sure...we saw adrift. It was good but sad...anyways during the movie I needed to go to the bathroom so I went and came back and on my way back I missed the step up in the dark....again I didn't laugh then but I am laughing now.

      Wednesday I got locked out of the house for over an hour because the batteries in the key less entry died and my sister had to look for her key.

      Thursday was my volunteer day at Saint Elizabeth...well my ride called in sick so I was stuck until another girl got off at 5:30 and brought me home...I would have had to pay double to get home if she hadn't offered I was greatful and it was good that I staid...we had our hands full trying to keep track of who was where and are they trying to go out the door...or make messes....on top of our cook not being there so that took an aid off the floor to cook lunch. It was also shower day so that took a set of eyes off the floor for a bit...and we had a new lady that is 3 person assist in the I was watching the entire room at times..I was tired by the time I got home.

      Today's miss adventure is my toilet is draining I will get the stuff and fix it when I am out. There is supposed to be a plunger in the garage but I think that my sister may have borrowed it and it didn't make back to me. I don't think they are expensive I will get one while I am out.


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        Good Morning, been a weird one hubby is such a procrastinator and it has caused me stress and a headache this morning...we have the golf cart and he is just now trying to find seatbelts, license plate light, a place to get inspected, and we leave Wed...and need this to use it on the island!!!!! I am beyond upset with him, if he would just do things when he thinks of them instead of putting it off....I am getting dressed, taking my meds and walking outside to the motorhome...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... okay got that out of the way, LOL..

        Made BLT's for breakfast and they tasted so good...

        Donna you take care of all things in your house, Cork is lucky you stop at those sales with clothes, LOL...
        Paula, I was restricted to glasses all my driving years until about 8 yrs. ago and it all changed, now I am not restricted, with age it changes..

        Well phone call have to go...Have a great day.

        Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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          I have tried to post earlier but he said I was not authorized to write here....welllllllllll...we will see. Good morning! Andrew has a game tonight at 6 in a small town I have never been. It is where he is going to school so I would like to see it but this cold still has me feeling crappy. This entire school district is called Southwestern and made up of a bunch of small towns with one high school. At one time each town kept their grade schools then they became centers. In Brighton, Andrew went to K, 1 and 2. In Shipman he did grades 3 and 4. Now he is in Medora for grades 5 and 6. 7 and 8 are at the high school complex. This area is just across the county from where I lived for years but had no reason to ever come this direction so it is new to me. I think Medora is the last little town to see but believe me when I say these are all little towns. How did such small towns support schools for so many years? And what are we doing wrong now that we cannot fund the schools we have consolidated?

          This week has flown by for me even though I have spent most of it fighting this cold. Guess when you reach a certain age time flies no matter if you are sitting or moving. Sun is shining now but storms are predicted for later. Going to be another hot day.
          Have a wonderful day and hope you all have big weekend plans!


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            Good morning.
            A hot summer day ahead, of course. 🌵 I heard there was a sprinkling of rain in SE AZ.....somewhere. We never got a hint of it.

            Yesterday I went to a new dentist office. It’s also an orthodontic Center. I dealt mostly with the nurse and techs. Talked with my dentist (I was surprised and happy to learn he was trained in San Antonio, which is where my favorite dentists were!). It was really the most thorough exam I’ve had. I need a tooth (one my last dentist messed up on) pulled.....I need to talk with my doc and pharmacist about the anesthesia. I will also need new dentures to fit with the partial I will be receiving. It’ll be a bit of a wait....didn’t want to go on my birthday next week, so the next opening is the last day of this month. So it’ll all come together at once. The hygienist said 3 or 4 times that I take extremely good care with my dental hygiene, which made her job easier and quicker. Still, I was there for 2-1/2 hours.

            Today I think we will be hitting a couple of stores. E needs some things, and I can pick up some birthday cards for family. I probably need to order some cards from Current, and restock the cards I keep on hand.

            The usual chores are staring me in the face, but I’m in no mood for them right now. I’ll put most of them off today and deal with it tomorrow.

            Not much else happening here. It’s probably about time for me to have my breakfast and my meds.

            Oh, Paula, I received that book in the mail and have gotten up to chapter 4. I like Patterson’s writing very much. He has a technique that keeps his work from being dry, or boring. I recognized what must be Clinton’s input (keeping White House business procedures factual), but rest assured Patterson is not wavering from his writing tone. That’s what makes him among the topmost writers, no doubt. The story is 513 pages. I’m not sure what the bottom line of this story will be about, though. We have no more clue what to expect, than does this fictional president who is about to go missing.
            How is that for getting your emotions controlled by another source?

            ☀️Have a good day, everyone.

            Elaine & John, you’re in my heartfelt thoughts.
            Beth, you certainly had quite a week. I’m glad your fall wasn’t a bad one.
            Maxie, our state government had “borrowed” $3M from the schools’ federal funding a few years ago. I hadn’t heard what for, exactly. To line their own pockets, I guess. Meanwhile, we’ve had to close and consolidate schools. Teachers left because they hold down 3 jobs to live. Recently a pittance was repaid to schools. Teachers have gotten a tiny pay raise and a promise for a higher raise in a couple of years. Meanwhile, the state govt still owes the schools big-time. People who can afford to donate what they can to help out. Kids are so important.
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            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              getting up early is really a tiring way to start the day when what I wanted was having a busy Friday...find myself in a chair. reading instead. Darn.

              Was hoping I could go to Donna's for a bit...but kind of a cooler day, (68). and my knees, and other joints are very unhappy, I’ll do paper work. make a good lunch .
              Bethina..what a week you have had!!!! Did you by any chance pray for patience????? Never do that.. because all these kind of devilish things happen to Test you... the prayer is " to stay calm and know HE will make things right". I will hope you get a glorious week next week!.

              Sharon,, Patience ,my dear, retired husbands are a real pain in the Butt. The first few years... besides being a procrastinator he is a dear man..and it will work out... now please give me the same encouragement in living with an 87yr old man who has health problems, wants to be so Independent. forgetful. and stubborn as a mule.

              Paula.. I taught piano lessons for 47 years.. I can understand you Parent problems!!!!... there are great people and then there it the other kind!

              I need to find a useful project and get to work.. company will be here before I know it.. I know what I will do today, I will try to get the new shower curtain up, but not if it needs a ladder to reach the hooks in... I do not take chances...

              Hi to all.. Elaine, thinking of you and John.

              I think of you all.. I have the names of the rounders on a list on my desk top, and run my eyes down over it every time it set down here... you all all well thought of..


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                Good afternoon. It's nice out there today. Got up yesterday and got dressed in case brother came by, he didn't. They did go by and see my youngest daughter at work. Candie messaged me that grand daughter had a ball game last night. So while at it SIL sent me pics of the mountains they were driving in. Couldn't see them because of the glare of the sun. Looked at them when I got home. I was expecting the narrow roads and steep hills, but it looked pretty flat. She said that it seemed flat when they were driving but they were going upwards the whole time.

                Paula, the thing I get upset about with my brother and his last minute warning visits is that the kids working they can't just drop everything to visit. But he is retired and gets in the traveling mood and jumps in the car. He said Every time he makes plans someone ends up on the hospital, so he don't plan.