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Good Morning world, June 7th

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  • Good Morning world, June 7th

    Good Morning to all, short but sweet...hoping everyone has a good day, for the most part 4 hrs. of my day will be spent sitting hooked up to an IV, not the way I want the day to be spent...I bet I can get a dinner out tonight though, LOL....

    Great news, have had my eye on a poster that they have at the INR clinic that has a do it at home kit, well now that I am on Medicare they pay for it and ship it to your home, then you go to a class and that will mean no more trips each week to get my finger poked, I can do it from home, and it doesn't cost me a Dr. visit and pharmacy charge...YEAH ME!!

    Well off to get dressed, eat a bite and get on the road...Have a good day one and all...hope their is a song in your heart and a smile on your face..
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good SUNNY Morning! Much, much nicer than yesterday.

    ​Yesterday was a busy but good day. Got goodies baked, delivered, & picked up all before noon. When I was delivering the PB pie to the guys at the car dealership & to pick up my deposit check, I was surprised when the manager told me they were willing to give me what we wanted on our trade-in. Whahoo! We are getting the 2014 Escape we wanted. Ran out of time, so I didn't get all my errands run. Had to get home and bake the cinnamon rolls for an order.

    ​My SIL stopped by on her way home, and we headed back into town for lunch and to finish up the rest of my errands. It was so miserable & cold, that I decided Blaise wasn't going to swim practice, just karate. Once I got the guys both in bed, I made 8 PB pies. Cleaned up most of the mess. Oreos are messy!

    ​Oh...Blaise wanted to earn $3 so we could go for Chinese. I told him I refused to take him anymore because he doesn't enough to justify it. He ask how he could earn $3 to help pay for it, and I came up with some suggestions. One was going next door to the camper/trailer sales next door & ask them if they had anything he could do. Well he remembered, and got right off the bus & headed up there to ask. They had him sweep the floor in the show room, and he came home and said they want him to come up every week & do it. He was thrilled! I was thrilled he's got his first job!!!!

    ​This morning I'm going to be working on pies & cupcakes for tomorrow's order. Once both of the guys get home, we are heading into town to close the deal on our new car. Blaise has swim practice later this evening.

    ​HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sharon!!!!

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning everyone.

      Nothing planned at this time, but that could change. I know I have to miracle gro my "garden" today. Will probably do that late afternoon when the sun is on it's way down behind my neighbor's tree. I have the "garden" sitting where it gets the morning sun, but not the mid-afternoon sun.

      Only thing I did yesterday was go to Bible Study last night, Felt pretty good not having to do anything. Tomorrow morning I have to go to E's to put up V.'s little tent. She has her friend staying overnight at Nanna's house, and will go to E.'s house to play on the swing, trampoline and in the tent. Don't figure V. will be up by the time I go out to put up the tent.

      Better get off here and get me some breakfast. Hope all have a great day.
      Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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        Wow! What a great achievement for Blaise! Tell him I am so impressed!

        And Happy Birthday, Sharon! I hope you have a good book while you are hooked up. and for sure go out afterwards!

        My grandson Boone, in MD, will be spending the first part of summer in a cast! He fractured his ankle at school sports day and is a knee high cast...poor guy. No swimming or Boy Scout camp outs until August.

        I have been clearing out all toys that no one plays with. I bring them out where they are in view and if no one has played with it by the end of the day it goes into the donation pile. And not one child has asked about any of the ones that have already gone.

        Donna, good job on the car!
        I hope you all have a good day and things go well...prayers for Elaine and John. And all of you to feel the great affection I have for each!


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          Good morning. I think.
          Having my tea to wake up, and will get some cereal after this. Need to shower this morning, and have a dental appointment. Mostly I want my teeth cleaned; itís been a pathetically long time since I went to my last dentist. But, Iíve been having health issues for some time. Iím under scrutiny even now with the new med. So if this new dentist thinks he will be doing more than minimum work, he is mistaken. I do not have a good opinion of most dentists, but they are a necessity arenít they?

          Cookie, I get dizzy reading about all that you do everyday. Iím only up 30 minutes at a time these days.
          Itís a good thing to instill responsibility, and earning ones way, in Blaise. Itís a good foundation for his future.

          Happy Birthday, Sharon. Even though you have to deal with an IV today.
          (My day is in about a week, and so far I have nothing else planned that day.).

          Well, I guess Iíll get my breakfast over with, and get my day started. Ugh.
          Have a good day, everyone. ☀️
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Good morning ! Sunny and warm...sounds like a great summer pattern!! Did up the laundry and ironed yesterday and today I will do up her work pants and then probably just sit. This cold comes in degrees and each brings an additional misery. Last night I could not sleep and was up grabbing a sandwich at 2:30...guess the old adage about feeding a cold may be true cuz mine got hungry.

            Sharon Happy Birthday! My sister is doing all the medicare/supplemental insurance shopping and says she has a list of ailments she wants taken care of when it is all in place. Things she cannot afford to have done with the high co-pays now. Sorry you have to spend your birthday with an infusion...but a trip to the jewelry store may take the sting out of it.

            Cookie congrats on the new car. And Blaise's first job. How much longer does he have school? I know you had a strike but must all that time be made up? I liked summer and not having to get up and no homework and pool sitting to much to still be in school in June. I thought May 21 was way to long to go!

            Not planning a meal for tonight. Sierra works 9 to 5 and Jon has another doctor's appointment after work so no cooking when I don;t even know when they will wander in.

            Guess it is time to start the day and hit the shower. Week sure is flying by..


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              Good Morning, got a message yesterday about noon, my brother and sister in law were on their way, was nice but I had asked about a days notice, so I could get the kids told and they could maybe arrange their time so everybody could visit. I got 5 hours. Then they called and said they made to many stops and wouldn't be in until 9pm, and we would meet up today. Candie and I headed to the store and while we were there they called and said they were in town. They ended up coming here, we sat out in the yard, brother is highly allergic to dogs so sitting inside was not an option. Nice little visit. Don't know if they have left town yet or not. They are on their way to Idaho so he can check out something new a guy has invented, he has been e-mailing back and forth with him.


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                You are a trooper! I am a high stress mess when I know exactly when people are arriving!
                Hat’s off to you!