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Wednesday June 6

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  • Wednesday June 6

    Good morning .

    up early!... not unusual for me but today I don't get to lounge in pjs... I have pcp dr visit at 10am.. Will leave the house tidy and neat so I don't come home to a mess... this is a routine , check the blood pressure , trip to see Dr. ..and talk her into dropping one of the pills.. She is mostly close to her schedule and never takes very long . we will leave there and go to a great smallish groc. store near her building.. lots of things on sale..
    Eventually we will have lunch out. ..

    Granddaughter Hannah was my 'worker " yesterday.. got my kitchen ceiling and the high places around wall I could not reach , all scrubbed down... She will be back later in month and do some more.. Hannah and sister Bethany are going with group to Dominion Republic, to work at week. they have been on these trips before and thats how Hannah got her desire to be a teacher of little ones..

    Have a great day.. be back later to read..

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    Good Morning Janet and all who follow...sounds like you have a busy day ahead but a productive one, I also have an appt. for my finger poke to check my INR levels, this will be my first visit since officially becoming a 'senior',

    My plan for the day is to stop by grocery store on the way back home, need a pork butt to smoke in smoker, since we have only a Kroger and Save a Lot and neither one has them I will go to GFS (Gordan Food Service) they are big so I can divide and only smoke what I need...since we will be going on a little vacation in motorhome I like to have things made ahead so that we aren't always cooking indoors or outdoors...looking forward to my cousin coming along with us...we are going to ferry our motorhome across the lake to a state camping grounds this will be a first for us...we have our own golf cart now to ride around in...going to the island we took jostoy to...we love it there..

    Today a finger poke tomorrow morning early my infusion, also at a different location...last night I made philly cheesesteak sandwiches, and they tasted so good, had never made them before, will do them again...not sure what is on the menu for tonight, open freezer door and see what 'jumps' out at me..

    The weather here has been rather chilly unlike the weather we left in FL, guess I shouldn't complain the official start of summer has not happened yet..
    Hubby replanted potatoes yesterday since our first ones did not come up, also made more boxes for our other plantings.

    Hubby is now out of bed so its time to get myself started for the day...

    Hope all is well with everyone, at least here today the sun is shining..
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Good morning everyone.

      Sharon, I know your cousin will enjoy the trip. I know I really enjoyed the campground where we stayed and then the trip on over to the Island. Of course I just enjoy camping anywhere. I'm still miffed that I had to sell my camper because of the greedy-butt who owned the place. At lease a nice young couple with an 18 month old bought it. So hopefully they can enjoy it for a few years.

      Well it's another day of rest for me, at least as far as I know right now. I have really been tired lately. Have no idea as to why, unless it's my old age.

      Everyone have a good day.
      Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


      • cookielady
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        Have you had your thyroid level tested lately? My doctor upped my med dosage by 25mg, and I don't feel the need to take a nap every afternoon now.

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      A sunny morning will bring in a warm rain. I will need to sun to shine on my head and dry it out since I have caught the disease Sierra had. I hate clogged ears!! Last night Andrew came up to his mom for a throat lozenge so it is going around. At least in this family!

      Was home early from the game...we are going to give that mercy rule a workout this season. Sitting on the losing side you see things differently from the winning side but they sure seemed to enjoy smashing a team of scrubs. Then they get a lecture after the game on team work and playing your best and what does he think? ..that these kids like being killed like that? Maybe he should put his kid in the field and not on the pitchers mound? I just feel sorry for those kids. They are 11 and 12 years old and know that they stink. Even the grandmas sitting in the stands know they stink and it is pretty hard to get a grandma to admit that her grandson stinks. But I can rest up because we do not play again until Friday.

      Think I will make a big bowl of tuna salad for sandwich's for tonight. Sierra is not coming home after work and Jon gets his stitches from this tooth pulling removed after work. I have a loaf of wonderful smelling rye bread and with a tomato that sounds like a feast to me.

      Have a mound of laundry and someone did carry it down this morning so that is a testament to how high it was piled. But I like that I am home alone today. I spend so much time picking up after people and when I am alone I can pick it up and it will stay put for a few hours. But I am not ready to start the day yet and will head out to read some news.

      Hoping you all get good news and have a day doing what you want.


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        good morning! I have been outside bringing in the trash cans, watering a few pots and getting the hose rolled up for the lawncare couple. He is also my dump run person and even though Becky thinks I should try and get someone who will do it for free, I haven't found that person, so I will jpay this guy to get rid of the things I need taken to the dump.

        Thanks for the encouraging words...It takes me awhile to come to my senses, but I have and I am going to relax and just run the daycare as I have and if the new mom wants to find another daycare that will be ok. One size does not fit all, especially in daycare.

        That said, I am going to be rearranging and changing a few things. Summer is a good time to rethink and restructure. Gary was always about changing things around in his classroom and then in the summer he would do it here. Oh, the little things that come up in my memories...

        I hope you all have a great day! I had one errand that had to get done after daycare and Becky said she would do it for me: go to the bank. So all is well here.
        Maxie, I have had a number of those team years...thank Heaven we were all social enough in the stands to have a good time no matter the score.
        Hope the team gets a win sometime!


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          Good Morning! So far it's a dreary & chilly one here this morning. Yesterday it would suddenly get real dark, dump a bunch of rain, & then the sun would come out.

          ​Yesterday was good. Made 4 pies....2 for today's orders, 1 for an order, and a small baked lemon to give out as samples. When I was delivering the pies to the Bistro, we were talking about her restaurant name change and the change in made in the pizza dough & sauce. Well she ended up making me a personal size one & sent it home with me. Very good. My SIL stopped in to get some goodies for my niece that I made/picked up for her. Then as she was leaving, Linda from the farm stand stopped in to try the lemon pie. She wants to carry it this summer along with cupcakes. We are expanding our offerings. Actually cooked dinner last night since swim practice isn't until 7:45. Man was it chilly sitting there waiting on them and even colder for the kids once they got out of the pool.

          ​This morning I already made a coconut banana cream pie w/meringue. Just mixed up some Cottage Cheese bread dough. Going to leave after breakfast and deliver the doctor's office pie and stop by the car dealership to deliver their pie and see if they are willing to give us more for our Fusion. Otherwise I'm taking back our deposit check. Going to make a quick trip to Aldi's and then home to make cinnamon rolls to go along with the pie I made this morning. I'm also giving her a sample of the lemon pie because I know she loves lemon. Once I get all that made & out the door, I'm going to bake the cupcakes for Friday's order. Won't decorate them until tomorrow. This evening is the rat race....karate & swim.

          ​Had to leave for a bit to run the errands. Stopped to get our deposit check back from the Ford dealership, and the manager said they'd come up to our asking price for the trade in.....I'm getting a "new" used Escape tomorrow! I'm so excited. It's called sunset red. Didn't get all my stops made, so once PJ comes for all her goodies, I'll head back into town. Right now I'm making her cinnamon rolls.

          Have a good one all!


          • jostoy
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            Cookie, my Dr. raised my thyroid mcmg about 5 months ago, and now I'm to get another blood test to see if it is at the proper level. I went for years at 25mcmg, then something went haywire and now I'm up to 100mcmg. He did a "feel" of the thyroid last week and didn't feel anything wrong.

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          Good morning.

          Looks like I slept in this morning. I just finished my breakfast so that I can take my meds. Brought the newspaper in as well. I’ve already done the crypto-quiz...a tricky one today. It took just a bit longer and I had to correct only two letters. I do the quiz’ in ink, and it still looked neat, so I’m happy with it.

          Got a call from the clinic yesterday. They already pushed our PCP appointments to nearly the end of June, now they say our doctor there will still be on medical leave, and had to cancel. But we had the option of seeing someone else.... had a choice between two NPs. No doctors. E especially has questions to be answered, so we will see another NP for now. They put us down for Tuesday next week. Meanwhile, E will be looking for another clinic that has actual doctors in it. Monday next week, I have appointments with two doctors...both are serious follow ups.
          Meanwhile, this week....tomorrow morning....I have a dental appointment. Ugh.

          Well, yesterday I did get laundry done. Today I want to make a macaroni salad. If I put tuna in it, it’s a meal. But I think I am out of tuna.

          E has stuff that needs to be recycled, and Target collects it in their special bins. So I hope to be shopping today.

          You all seem to be having a productive day already.
          Hope it’s a super duper one for you. ☀️
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.