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Tuesday June 5th

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  • Tuesday June 5th

    Good Morning! It WAS sunny a few minutes ago, but the dark clouds have rolled in....rain today.

    ​Yesterday was busy. I actually caught up on all the laundry and did some cleaning. Baked nothing. Then the rat race began...took Blaise for his first counseling session with a male counselor, and I hope it'll work. He wants to see him once a week to start with, so we'll be back next week. Then it was onto Arby's for an early dinner and to Sharp Shopper to pick up my Discover Card that I left there last week. I couldn't find it all weekend, and looked to see where I used it last. I called them and sure enough it was there. Thank you Lord!!!! I knew it wasn't stolen because there was no weird charges.

    ​Came home, got Blaise changed for karate, and went there. Came home again, got changed, and eventually went for swim team practice. I don't like running that much. Talked to another mom who has 4 kids, & my head just spun listening to all their activities. Found out her husband is a hand surgeon. Interesting. So she can't count on him consistently to help her with the running around.

    ​This morning I have to bake a lemon pie and raspberry pie. Will make one delivery today. Might bake the cupcakes for another order later this week and put them in the freezer naked. We'll see. Blaise only has swim team practice tonight, and if it's still raining, he's not going. Last night he didn't want to go to either practice, but it all boils down to him just wanting to stay home and play on electronics. He's quit other sports, and he's not quitting these two. He does very well when he focuses.

    Have a good one all! Glad you are home Sharon!

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    I went to a hand surgeon for my carpal tunnel...
    Good Election Day morning! I was up early to help Becky get things into the car before she left at 5:30. She didn't want to leave anything in the car overnight so that is why we were loading it up this morning.
    She won't be home until late, either. the polls close at 8:00pm, then she and the other Inspector have to take the ballots to the Elections office together, so theya re car pooling this morning. The other guy is the dad of one of her high school classmates, who is now a DA in Shasta county. She said the police will be leading them into the underground parking and escorting the ballot boxes upstairs to the office where they will be recived. I told her mos tof the candidates and their close friends will be hanging around there, too. Quite the party for some of them; the losers, not so much. The close races are the DA and sheriff races. And it is lheated!

    Ok, on to my other hot topic: a new daycare mom (bringing her child June 25) was asking to visit again...not to change her mind, but just to ocme. I was thinking I would have to hustle around the daycare because we are still going through the books I received. I finally just said no. Fridays are the day that I have always used for visits and I am sticking to it. I texted the mom before she could come by Friday for a 20 minute visit if she wanted...She was here once already for quite awhile and I am already wishing I were not one of her aunt's friends and customers (my hair and nail stylist) and as soon as Becky gets a job I am retiring!

    I can't even type straight this morning thinking about all this. I lost a lot of sleep last night, but that could have been the stress eating I was doing, too.

    I promise I will be in a better mood the next timeI post and hope none of this rubbed off on you!
    Have a great day! I amgoing to put my flag out time where we used tolive, we put our flag out on Election Day and an older couple came to the door asking if our house was the polling place!


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      Paula, your downer is better than my normal! This mother sounds like she could be a pain and you handled it fine. I am sure you need to keep rules and schedules in your line of work and she should be happy to know your attention is on the kids and not her insecurities. are much nicer than me...I should take lessons on diplomacy from you.

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    Good morning all Haven't been here in quite a while and just wanted to pop in and say hello.

    Just returned from a trip to the Orlando area to visit friends and spend a few days with my sister. Had a really good time. (Sharon, let me know the next time you'll be in the area - we will try to meet up!)

    Chris earned straight A's in school and has one more year before he gets his Associates degree. Erin graduated from high school - actually finished in January, but didn't walk the stage until last week. Also Erin received a scholarship to the local college - this is quite exciting as it was very unexpected!

    Otherwise, all is status quo. My job is great and life is good.
    The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.


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      Welcome back! Sounds like life it good.

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      Hey, Pat, you need to pop in more often. YOU know there are some of us who don't get on Facebook.

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    Good Morning. Plans were to go grocery shopping when Candie gets off work today, that was changed as granddaughter has her first ballgame of the year tonight, so will be there watching her.

    Candie messaged me from work, neck bones for .10 cents a pound. Smallest package was 25lbs, so I had her stick them in the freezer until I have the energy to cut them up and repackage, they were already frozen.


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      Good to see you Darla!!!!

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    Good morning.
    Another sunny day ahead. A small chance of rain this weekend, so they said the monsoon season will be starting early this year. We still have been getting fairly strong winds in the afternoons for a while now. It stirs up pollens and allergins. That messes up my sinus’ pretty much. Otherwise I’d say the weather was nice.

    I have a dental appointment this week. Thursday I think. I have a somewhat sensitive tooth. I still get nervous about dental appointments. My last dentist did a procedure, then mumbled a lot afterwards that he shouldn’t have done that. I quit going to him shortly after. But my nervousness comes from my very first dentist. I truly think he and his assistant were Nazis during the war. They both scared the bejezzus out of me. They made horrible threats to me, too. When I was old enough, I went to my friend’s dentist by myself, filled out the forms and said to bill my parents. They probably called my mom first while I was in the waiting room, I’m sure. But I can’t help but be wary of any dentist to this day; I just know they are necessary for dental health.

    Well, getting stuff done here is slow. I get tired so quickly, and my back hurts then. Then I forget to get back to things right away. Two weeks to see the doctor and asking about reducing the dosage to my new med. oh, I also have to call my PCP to see why she tried to get in touch. I hope she isn’t quitting the clinic, or changing my appointment again. The clinic is always understaffed on doctors. For a while she took care of all patients because she was the only doc there....actually, she’s a NP. But she has been the best PCP we have had.

    So that’s my news today.
    Gees, cookie, you have a really busy schedule! I don’t see how you keep up with customers, kids, and raise Blaise.
    Paula, we are here to listen and support you when you need it. Stick to your normal schedule, and don’t let friendship-related people start to dictate. You have to stick to your boundaries. That’s funny about the older couple.

    To all, have a really good day. ☀️

    Hi Pat,
    So nice to see you back here. Congrats to Erin. And to Chris. Such good news!

    Hi determined. Nice to see you posting again, too.
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    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      The dentist...probably one of the most dreaded doctors in the world! lol!!

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    Morning...nice to see you Pat! Cookie is is a sunny a morning here and suppose to be warmer than yesterday...another night it dropped into the 50s. We are going backward here!

    Did not get home until 11:00 last night then straight to bed. Between sitting in the night air and then the a/c in the car I was frozen. Tonight's game is at 6:00 and home so I can be home in plenty of time to watch the finish of the Cardinal game. Poor Drew has exactly 9 players on his team and one was 'ask' by the umpire to leave early due to disrespectful language. And we lost 15 to 2...going to be a long season. The boys mother sat in front of us and said she has already had it with him this summer...poor lady...going to be a long summer for her! The coach sat them in the dugout after the game and gave them a lecture on team play and they cannot afford to give in to anger or crap because they do not have enough players for that luxury. Will not be a great playing season but maybe they will learn something from this coach.

    Can't think of anything I did yesterday that was productive or even nonproductive. I am pretty sure that other than a couple of loads of laundry I just sat and read and watched tv. I ran the vacuum in the kitchen and then there were people all over so did not get the floor mopped...since that was my one job to do I just gave up. Sierra is on the mend and I want to run to the mall but she doesn't want to, but she wants to bring that bf of hers to the game. OMG! he sat behind me and just does not shut up. My goal is never to see or hear him again but then there he is behind me sucking up my oxygen and making me crazy.

    Talked with my sister yesterday morning and she is not happy with the pace of the house showings. Scott had an open house Sunday and did not get a nibble either. Thought the housing market was hot? My sister will move when their house is finished weather the old house sells or not but Scott is tied to selling his. I remember going through that a few years ago. Stressful! Next time I move it will be packing a suitcase with the clothes I want and leaving. Simple!!

    Well, no one is on the kitchen floor now so maybe should get it mopped fast. Another game tonight then free until Friday. Great to hear from you Pat and happy to hear about Chris and Erin are doing so well. I agree about letting kids quit sports Cookie, it may not be what you thought or wanted but you stick it out until it is over. Wow, Paula, what an experience for Becky. But it is along day for those people. Have a wonderful day everyone.


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      Good morning dear ones, been a busy morning here for me also, phone calls to make and out of the way, I am all straight on Medicare, supplemental insurance, how things are a little different yet the same, and I will be going to a different place for my infusions, will go to a cancer center now as it is considered a 'chemo' drug that they use....a tv and wifi moving on up in the world, LOL...

      Got my shopping done yesterday and cooked dinner...seems like the day just disappeared as most are doing these days.

      Pat, yes I will most definitely plan better next time I head that way...would have been great...actually I have always wanted to visit Panama City. Glad you stop by to visit us here, you are missed..sounds like life is going your way for a change and that is wonderful.

      Darla good to see you here also, miss your stories of old.

      Pool is now open but the temp out is only 71, weird, weird June you should be swimming...hope it warms up next week and the week to follow, my cousin is coming up from Indiana and we are camping at the lake....going to try out our new wheels, (golf cart) it is an awesome one, beautiful red color, big tires, nice comfy seats...she is happy about it and so am I, we are only a few months apart in age and even though we lived in different states always looked forward to and enjoyed visits.

      Well time to run to a Save a Lot and buy a big pork butt roast to put in the smoker tomorrow and get what I need to make smoked mac N cheese...have a really good day..and Paula, you are not a downer, that is why we love this place, we can be up or down and share it here and not be judged...I like that you are sticking with the rules, I am getting a bit fed up with those that feel 'entitled'.
      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Good morning..not a lot planned for today...hopibg a check comes in the mail today


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          Just I was sitting at the Arby's drive though waiting for my chicken salad wrap which was taking forever since they were mixing up a new batch, and went through the walmart receipt. I had been slightly surprised at the amount I had spent of just a few items. Just out of curiosity, what are you paying for a gallon of milk? Mine was .98 cents and I wanted to get in there cents. 98 cents for a gallon of 2% milk! Milk has been pretty cheap around here lately as opposed to the 1.60 I paid for a dozen eggs and 2.62 for a big can of tuna. But I gotta tell you that chicken salad wrap was worth the money!!


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            Milk is over $3/gal depending on which kind. In PA the price of milk is regulated. It can only be so cheap. I get a half a gallon of 1% for $1.70 at Aldi's. Now the price of eggs varies depending on where you get them. This week Sharp Shopper has lg eggs for $.69/doz and Aldi's has been around that price too, but Giant Eagle charges closer to $2/doz. Not sure what a large can of tuna costs, but I know Aldi's brand (which I think is the best I've found) is around $.79 for the small can.

            Around here Walmart is being slammed because they are no longer carrying local dairy farmers' milk, but rather opening their own dairies and selling only their brand. This is dairy country and that has not set well since it's going to put some dairies out of business.