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Good Monday morning...June 5th

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  • Good Monday morning...June 5th

    Good morning everyone.

    Like I said, it's Monday so that means mowing the 5 acers at E's house. First we have to pick up all the limbs the 2 storms last week blew down. She has Maple and pecan trees. So there are "bunches" to be picked up before we can start mowing.

    Hope everyone else has a restful day.
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    Monday the 4th of June

    Good Morning dear ones,, it is a cloudy, breezy day out...We got the cover off of the pool yesterday and can you believe it the company we call to add the water in it delivers on Sunday also...pool was pretty clear, never takes much to get it up and going in the summer, we drain down the water, add our chemicals and put the cover on and it is good for winter, and it looks great today, all vacuumed now all we need to do is shock it and put the ladder in, but first it must get warm enough to get in the water to put the ladder in, LOL..

    Got the laundry done yesterday and cooked supper, but never made it to the store, after my shower that is the first thing I am going to do, putting it off only makes it worse...

    My kitties have been driving me crazy since being back, they follow me everywhere and in the middle of everything I am doing, one even was at my bedroom door at 3:00 a.m. meowing, got up, went out to livingroom, petted him for a few minutes then went back to bed, he was fine...guess they hate being alone so much, but still much better than kenneling them, also cheaper..

    Had green beans frozen from last year still in freezer and a smoked ham hock so put those in pressure cooker and did that ever taste good yesterday, with some small new potatoes...along with marinaded pork loin chops.

    Can't believe how the weather temps have changed, in the 70's predicted with much cooler evenings and overnight temps, hard to warm a pool that way.
    Well off to take some meds for this darn headache, think it is weather related. Right now I have a cat sitting beside me licking my arm, pawing my arm, looking at me all way with his head, so must give attention, LOL...

    Have a super duper day one and all.

    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Good SUNNY Morning! It's cooler and definitely won't heat the pool this week. The pool water finally got to 84 and I'm sure after this week it'll be below 80. Dang!

      ​Yesterday was good. After dropping off Blaise, I came home and got busy. Did a bit of laundry and cooked. Made Corky's food for his lunches this week and made dinner for cards. I tried a new recipe. It was chicken pot pie filling baked in a crescent roll braid. Served it with mashed potatoes, apple sauce, and a tossed salad. Sandy brought potato salad, so we had that with the dinner too. The recipe is a definite keeper.

      ​While we were playing cards, we started hearing my brother talk out in the garage. Thought maybe he was on the phone, then we started hearing another voice too. Then there was suddenly a woman's voice too. Well here it was their friend Ken & Tammy who stopped by to see their brand new car. Tammy eventually came in and hung out with us. We only got one game of cards played. Oh well. Had a nice chat. Our friend Sandy was our 4th last night and it was great to see her. Her son Chay ALWAYS wanted to build roller coasters. That was his dream job. Well he's in college and this summer he's doing an internship at a roller coaster company. He's so excited and thrilled he's going to get to go to parks. He's living his dream, and that's great!

      ​This morning we got our first bite on our Fusion. I was just walking back from the bus stop and a guy pulled in and was asking all kinds of questions. Told him to call once Corky get's home from work. He kept asking why we were getting rid of it. We have 3 vehicles & only 2 drivers. We just want to get rid of 2 of them and buy a different one. Simple as that.

      ​In the meantime, I have to take the Escape to the garage and he'll have it for 3 days getting some rust spots repaired. Blaise has an afternoon counseling appt with a new MALE counselor. Hope the fit is better. He also has karate & swim team practices. Only 4 more weeks of this craziness. Next week is their first swim meet.

      Have a good one all!


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        Good morning.
        Another sunny day ahead. 😎
        Haven’t really planned out my day yet. But there’s always something waiting to be done.
        I ordered a book from Amazon ... like I need more books. But Bill Clinton & James Patterson have collaborated on a story, “The Missing President “. Maybe it will help me to understand how the government is supposed to work, perhaps some inside info. Heavens, every time I hear/read our current president ‘s name, I feel insecure or frightened.

        Well, I gues it’s time to get my tea and breakfast. I’ll figure out what to do with my day after that.
        Hope you all have a great day. 🤗
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good morning! Our first baseball game of the season is tonight...naturally a late game and the first of three this week. Going to be a wild month and this team has not practiced much. Sitting night after night to have a game called for the mercy rule makes for a long month!

          Started another book yesterday. It is one I have to read every word or I will miss something. This is one of those 'thinkers' my niece sent me. Lots of characters. Sierra and I watched the Cardinals play and read then watched Hallmark movies all day. She got lots of rest and is off today. Jon came in from work and took off fishing so I never say him yesterday. He is off today, too, so no peace and quiet around here today.

          Lots cooler today and temps dropped into the 50s last night. That will take any warm out of the pool! I am going at the end of the month to help my sister babysit her grands for a week and they will be in the pool and I want it a lot warmer for me! She will have them for over a week and then the other grandparents will have them a week while their mom and dad are in Spain for a cultural something. My bil will be home evenings but she wants another adult around the pool for that long day. Kids are 4, 6, 8 and all swim...somewhat but you cannot leave the pool for any reason without hauling them out and marching them in and well, you know how that goes. I will go for a while and Kate says she will spend a long weekend and then it goes right into our reunion weekend so I am looking forward to it. Just need a lot more warm nights to do some warm up in that water!

          I am not an Amazon Prime member. My nephew told me if I get the Amazon credit card it will give me the same benefits and I tried to apply for that but I am not very computer savvy. I am going to have Kate help me when we are together in a couple of weeks. I order more and more from Amazon and will take the longer delivery for free shipping. I have always hated paying inflated shipping fees.

          The morning sun has showed me I need to run the vac in the kitchen. The rugs are clean so no excuse especially since the vac is sitting out from when I ran it in the living room yesterday. I always intended to move it into the kitchen but never got there. Years ago I could clean an entire house and hang the laundry out in the time it takes me to get up and shower now. When did walking the laundry down the stairs become such a chore? Getting old has certainly interfered with my house cleaning! Plus I think I spend my entire time picking up after people. Sierra will eventually pick up her stuff but why was it laying around in the first place? Just put your crap away! I may not be as clean as I used to be but I am and always will be neat!!

          Time to get moving. Have a great day everyone!!


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            Good morning, Monday! It is our granddaughter's birthday! 17!!!!

            Jo, I saw that book advertised but James Patterson's books have got way too R rated for me, and then adding Bill Clinton to the mix...anyway, I doubt it will have much How the government works as it will have the ins and outs of the White HOuse. But, let us know how you like it. I read all of his earlier books, but some of the authors he started collaborating with were not my style of mystery writers.

            Our weather is getting hotter and will be in the 90's all week. We had one day of 100 last week, so anything under is a Plus for us.

            Donna, our pool is registering 74 but I am not sure I trust the thermometer. Like I said, when you first get in it seems a bit chilly, but as soon as I get my shoulders under the water it just feels refreshing! I had another friend ask if she could come some time and use it. Her legs were so swollen from some physical ailment that she was layingdown with her feet up. And the heat makes it worse. I told her I am not able to be out all the time but she is welcome to come over. I know it sounds silly, but it is hard for me to Not be out with someone and be the hostess, but during daycare it is not soemthign I can do and then when I am off, I have other things I have to getting that out helps me not to feel stressed.

            Talk about stressed: my mother called and said she wants to go to Florida for the 4th of July and wondered when Becky is flying. So, I may be taking my mom to the airport the same day and then going back to the airport each Saturday for two weeks. Becky will be gone for two weeks but that is too long for my mom to be gone (she says). When I retire none of this will be as stressful, but until then I am my mother's Uber, I guess.

            Sorry if I have been too negative for the start of the week.
            We are going through the books I was given and some will be going home with daycare kids and then the grade appropriate ones will be going to Hannah when she is ready to set up her classroom. the very nice Thank you note I received from her said she will be using my graduation check to get things for her classroom.. And that is how a teacher lives, my friends. So much of what was in Gary's classroom was purchased with our personal money. Extra posters, pictures, books, whatever that was needed that wasn't provided by the district....It made for a great class and a great teacher!

            Hope you all have a wonderful day and stay well and happy!


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              Good morning...walking out the door in the new few minutes...headed to the donut shop first...then the bus stop to go to the library..need to take books back...print something off and set my tablet up to barrow books from the lib.
              Then the post office and giant Schnucks for lunch..
              Then the shoe store for sandles..
              Hopefully by then I will have gotten a text from Brit...she is coming to get to get the cat litter that I like from the pet store...and maybe a new toy for Cori. The litter at the pet store is way cheaper and seems to be the best for cori.


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                Paula, I haven’t read Patterson ‘s books for some time. I did follow the Alex Cross stories, and don’t remember why I didn’t finish the last one. But I considered him a good writer.....turns out he’s one of the best, judging by how far reaching his books art in the world. Plus I like that he donates hefty sums to our libraries. I think Mr Clinton will be very conscious of his input in the book, and behave himself. He is interested in making sure that the true means of government accomplishments will be in order. Obviously the average person doesn’t understand how the government really works, in his eyes. Who should know better than a former president? And it’s the current president who has somehow sparked the writing of this book by breaking a lot of rules. I expect to find that there is more truth within this fiction than we would expect. Patterson has the writers’ formulas. Clinton has the government formulas. Put them together and smooth it out, and the book should tell an interesting story, and more. We will see. I just got notification my copy is on its way. 📖
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                  I ordered that new Patterson book this morning along with the Grisham book. We do not have a book store close and walmart seems to have a lot of silly romanace's. I am not a romance reader! Clinton was a good politician who understood politics and paid for the folly of his personal life. Patterson is a great mystery writer and I am looking forward to the collaboration. Notice I said nothing about our current potus....those books are yet to come!


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                    I agree. And I think this will be going down as a “black patch“ in history. See the article in Subjects of Interest forum.
                    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.