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Good Sunday Morning one and all

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  • Good Sunday Morning one and all

    Good Morning and a chilly start it is, after being in high temps and hot it was almost a welcome change, but we need the warmth and sunshine for the garden.

    We returned from FL late yesterday afternoon, got all the things unpacked and put away, always harder to unpack than it is to pack....had a wonderful time while on vacation, spending time with my daughter and family in GA then spending time with my sister and her hubby...they also came to my daughters house and she also saw for her own eyes what I have shared with her that my daughter has changed and the differences she makes in her two girls and that my son in law is an a hole, LOL...she said she was so disappointed in her I agreed...I told her I love to visit and see the grandgirls but each time I do the time gets shorter because I find myself getting angry. The bedroom we sleep in is the farthest from the unit and the room gets to be about 80 and I just can't sleep it is so uncomfortable, do you think they would try and make me more comfortable, heck no....I looked forward to getting in the car with the AC and going out to eat, LOL...I think it is worse if you aren't use to the heat...oh well, such is life, short visits are best..and they have the oldest one so spoiled I call her a brat, oh yes and 'melt downs' as they call them, I call them hissy fits to get your way.

    I loved St. Augustine, and also went to Daytona Beach to be on the boardwalk, I loved it there also...only had one day of rain but we passed the time by playing cards...we are already planning our next trip, I want to go to Myrtle Beach or the Outer beaches...I even recorded the sounds..

    While we were gone the ladies taking care of my house and pets called to let us know the generator was running when they came to feed the cats, guess I forgot to tell them about the generator and why it runs, electric was out, so I explained to them what it was for and how it comes off and on and that the clocks, stove, microwave would be flashing....had a storm move through...also they sent me a picture of a fox sitting in front of our garage one evening when they came...we have foxes all around us now, I would be afraid to have a small pet out and morning one came upon my front step...I am more alert about it now also.

    Will be catching up on laundry today and also a trip to the grocery store...hubby has a lot of mowing and racking to do also trimming...on Monday we need to call the water supplier to put water back in the pool that you drain out to close it for winter and buying what we need to open to pool...

    Sorry to read about John, he and Elaine are sure going through a rough time.
    Maxie your life seems very full right now with your family, and hopefully Sierra continues to see that you do in her fellow.
    Donna, hoping Kathy continues to grow and mature...
    Was good to see that hrhouse contacted Determined with info about Nalani, wasn't sure just exactly where she was either..and good to know hrhouse and determined still stop by here. So many we no longer see on here and few say anything anymore and they are missed.

    Well on to get my day started, first off if coffee, news and then shower, also need to make a list of menus to shop for..

    Have a great day one and all...good to be back but in another week a camping adventure for a week with my cousin coming to share it with us.

    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good morning everyone.

    Welcome back Sharon. Glad you had a good time. No vacation scheduled for me this year. Unless you call going to F.W. and doing things for my sister-in-law. My brother never taught her or the kids anything. My nephew is volunteering for Housing for Humanity to learn a few things. I'm really proud of him for taking the time to learn so he can do some things for himself at his house.

    Men just don't figure that women need to know some "men things" so they can do for themselves when they pass on. I will be going back to F.W. around middle of July. There are some things that I can't do anymore such as work on my back. So she will have to hire someone to replace about 3 faucets for her. When I was "younger", I could lay on my back to work under the sinks, but no more. So WOMEN, get your man to show you how to do a few jobs around the house. Somethings sure can save you a lot of money. Especially when the job doesn't entail a lot of knowledge.

    Well it's Church day. This afternoon is our Church anniversary, so there won't be any evening service. Hope something good is on 60 minutes tonight. I've always liked that show.

    Everyone have a good day.

    People are funny: they want the front of the bus, the middle of the road, and the back of the church.
    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Jostoy, my Dad was one of those men before I came along. My brother treated me more like a younger brother than a sister, so he taught me how to do things, in fact if my Dad was leaving for a few days he locked up the power tools. When he could no longer see he gave in since I was his eyes and hands to work on stuff. Then to add to I was always the light holder when Uncles were doing electric work so they told me what the were doing and why

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    Good morning Bible study this morning I am on the list for dessert this morning...I made lemon bars

    I am not what I have planned for my afternoon. I am finding my wanting to sleep and be lazy alot. I am so sick of not ready to be doing something everyday.


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      Well, good Sunday morning to all! I am sitting here with wet hair but wanted to post before the morning got away from me like yesterday.

      After all the errands and such were done Becky made a chicken sandwich she found in the Food tv magazine. It was the first time she had ever marinated chicken and then fried it...Of course, it did not look like their picture but was so good! I told her the best thing I have eaten in a long time (meaning better than the restaurant meals in the last month and better than the drive through). She made the homemade coleslaw recipe that was with it and it was as messy as it was good.

      The drive thru wsa a new sandwich at Arby's: a Bourbon steak which I found I do not like the taste of bourbon...their brisket with barbecue sauce is so good, though.

      Today is church and then pretty much free. I have some thing si want to do, but not sure what really will get done.

      Friends called (had their kid call) and asked to swim yesterday. That was fine; I told her we had already been in but they could swim. I usually feel like I hve to be out with anyone who is over swimming but I am trying to not feel pressured. If I have time, ok..

      Sharon, your trip and the beach sounds wonderful. ANd your future plans for more beaches, too! I miss the back East beaches so much.

      Have a great day, Everyone!


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        Good morning, all.

        Yesterday we met nephew & his wife at the salad restaurant. It was “Senior Specials”, and we saved a whole $1 each on our meals. E & I don’t have big appetites, so we settled with a salad, which was filling enough. Nephew & niece really piled their plates high, and both brought plates of bread and cornbread as well.
        After the meal we met again at the theater. E & I found the show pretty boring, there is only so much you can do with a story like that. One actress, though, was pretty funny, playing a spoiled brat....imagine a young woman who seems to still be living her “terrible two’s” with her tantrums. (My middle daughter could play that part, in fact has done so on occasions, for many years, even I can actually see my daughter playing out a tantrum when they do it. DD has never seen these shows!)
        After the main show comes an Olio. A short show. Thank goodness it wasn’t their usual CW program with the lame old jokes. Instead, they played the Beetles, with Sgt Pepper, and the whole magical tour bit. It was great. They looked and dressed like the Beatles. And had a terrific background done movie style, part of it being underwater movies to coordinate with the Yellow Submarine portion. Great job....that alone was worth the show ticket prices.
        All in all, it was a pretty good day.

        Today will be hot again, about 107°-108°,depending on which source you choose to believe. 🌵 But what difference will 1° make. No big plans today. Just the never-ending chores. The AC kicked on at 7:30-ish, far too early for me.

        Sharon, I’m glad you had such a wonderful time on your trip. I don’t blame you for making return plans!
        Jostoy, you have a really good point there. I’m told you can find a lot of instructions on You Tube.
        Beth, don’t get too much into the laziness habit. You should plan little trips on your bike every day, til you find another job.
        Paula, when it’s done right, you shouldn’t taste the bourbon in the meat. But the meat should come out very tender.

        Thinking about Elaine and John .... miss the updates. It’s a tough patch they’re going through right now.

        Wonder how many might have posted as I was typing. 👋
        Have a good day! ☀️
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good morning! Slept in this morning but only because I did not sleep much last night. Sierra called off today and is suffering, rather loudly, with whatever she has. Allergies, cold, pretty sure it is not fatal, but for some reason she is not handling it well. I know she is sick because she called off and she hates that and she is off tomorrow so maybe two days in a row of just resting will get over it. Thank goodness her bf is not very attentive at all so we do not have to worry about looking at him.

          Good to see you home and glad you had a good vacation Sharon. 'Meltdowns' are referred to as hissy fits here too! Jostoy, I was amazed at what I picked up by watching my husband work around our house. I did a lot of repairs myself or could tell the boys how to do it when I could not. I saw two women down the road replace porch spindles the other day and I am betting they were mother and daughter. I do like Arby's but have gotten hooked on McD's iced coffee so am driving through there. Got my sister hooked now and we are McD's biggest fans if iced coffee NO FLAVORING!

          Finished my book yesterday while watching the Cards play and have another to start. Paula, Camino Island was a good read and not at all like most Grisham's I have read. Going to look for the Rooster Bar.

          House feels cold so that darn thermostat is acting up again. I got cold last night and came out to check it and it was 7o and still running..burr. I wish he would replace that blankety blank thing or learn how to set it.

          Reading, ball game and nursing the sick on for today. Maybe I should make a soup run? Sure not cooking any! Losing sleep is my contribution to healing the sick around here. Temps are going to drop this week into seasonal areas so that is something to look forward to although i will be digging out jeans for those late games.

          Have a wonderful Sunday each and every one of you....


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            Do you have Amazon Prime? We got it for the Bosch series before I ever thought I would use it for all the items I buy!
            We just finished The newest Season. I have read most of Michael Connelly's books.
            If I had more time I could post here all day with you guys!

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          Hey Everyone! The sun is FINALLY starting to peak out today. Yesterday turned into a gorgeous day.

          ​We had a fun morning together going to yard sales. Cork was happy with his few finds, and so was I. Of course mine were kitchen related & his were tools. Came home and iced the 5 doz cupcakes for today's bridal shower. After that Blaise & I went down to the pool for a bit before we had to get ready for our picture to be taken for the pictorial directory at church. Blaise kept making goofy smiles & faces, and Cork would yell at him. Well when we looked at the pictures taken, Cork wasn't smiling in a single one of them. Old grump-a-puss. We just puttered around then. I ACTUALLY pulled some weeds.

          This morning was church & SS. Took Blaise down to Kathy's for the day afterwards. I'm going to get busy cooking here soon. Food for Corky's lunches and food for cards tonight. Going to try a new recipe.

          I've been reading books by Kristin Hannah. I'm normally a slow reader, but her books keep me wanting to read more.

          Have a good one all!


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            good evening .

            don't know if anyone comes in and reads my late in the day entrys... but...yesterday,Saturday, and today have been full of Girls, Baton, ( loud music).. today was Karen and girls. do a photograpy session,, doing glamor shots.. for almost 3 hours... the lady Photographer had a make-up lady there, to do face and hair on each of us... the Photog. must have taken hundreds of pictures.. ...I came home with make up, hair spray, false eyelashes. painted on eyebrows... then David and I went out to eat... ..... really had a fun time time getting out with the Girls... taking a chance on leaving old guy at home alone. but he survived .. I'm always afraid he will attempt to do something and fall..

            will have to go find Elaine's response, see whats going on..
   hurts when you visit ( or have family company,) that makes you "uncomfortable".. been there and done that ... but in spite of it.. I always wanted to keep in touch.. because as we and they get older, we do change ,and sometimes for the better ...

            my favorite month is here.. I will just let each day fill me , things are green & growing. flowers. warm , even rain on the roof.. Farmers planting, fields of corn, hay. and I love the long days!...

            see you all tomorrow.. behave, be good. God is Good..
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              Hi Maye,
              Yes, I for one peek in just before bedtime. Sounds like you’ve had quite a weekend, and a fun time. Another memory to file in a brain cell, to be cherished in future times. 😄
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.