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Thur May 17th, 2018 Rise & Shine Cupcakes!!!!!

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  • Thur May 17th, 2018 Rise & Shine Cupcakes!!!!!

    Good Morning! A dreary one here this morning. The sun popped in & out yesterday with sprinkles in btw.

    ​Yesterday was nice. Got to do one of my favorite shop. I LOVE finding good deals. At Sharp Shopper they had fudge kits for $1.49. Well I opened it last night to see what the contents was and was blown away. There was a full sized bag of Nestles choc chips in there along with other ingredients that I can easily use for other things. Guess who's going back today and buying at least 20 more if they've got them? ME!!! $1.49 for a bag of chips is fantastic and I use lots of chips. Oh it takes so little to make me happy. LOL!

    ​I eventually got all the made up cookie dough baked off. I texted back & forth with my nieces yesterday. GREAT NEWS....Makenzie is graduating!!! When her Mom called and told me, I got to say....I TOLD YOU SO! Also got to hear about my SIL doctor's appt with the new guy. She's not dying like her Mom made it sound. My SIL got her negativity honestly from her Mom. Love them both, but geez! I know at times I'm overly optimistic and am super disappointed when it doesn't work out, but I like to cheer people on. OK...the exception is my Kathy and she's burned us way too many times for me to be optimistic with her. In fact, I'm a bit miffed with her right now.

    ​This morning is our final Bible study until September. We are all bringing in food and we are going to watch the movie War Room. Excellent movie! Then it's home to do a few things before it's time to pick up Blaise from school and go for his counseling appt. We are going to Arby's for dinner afterwards and then onto Sharp Shopper. No other plans so far.

    ​Oh, did I tell you all about Blaise & the new treadmill? We he SWORE he could go 10 mph. He called me in to watch when he was going 5 mph. Told him no higher that he'd get hurt because he wouldn't be able to keep up, but hey, what do I know? Apparently he continued to raise the speed and couldn't keep up and fell. Man did he get messed up. Both knees have "road rash" and a few toes got dinged too. The world was ending because he was so hurt and was going to die! He was being so overly dramatic with his expressions that I started laughing. That got him laughing too...btw tears. He's going to have some awesome looking scabs on those knees. He's never got hurt like this before. He claims he'll NEVER get back on that stupid machine it is IT'S fault. DUH! We'll see.

    Well, time to get lil man up and moving. Have a good one all!

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    Good morning...I realize I haven't been here all week...Work has been stressful and I have been sleeping later in the late as possible!

    Last night we had a bad scare with my granny! Just as a I was leaving church to go home I got a text from my mom...Granny had been taken from rehab to the hospital with stroke type symptoms. Mom and my uncle were on their way and would update when they could...Surprisingly granny is ok. Mom said when she got to the hospital granny was completely out of it almost non responsive...but all her test came back fine and granny came back around and was just as good last night as she was yesterday morning..and that's not the greatest. Apprently when the staff found her she was slumped over in her chair....we aren't sure if she was maybe sitting in a way that restricted oxygen...or maybe choked on something...I am just relieved that granny is ok...

    Work they put the biggest bully hardest to get a long with employee in my department with me first thing in the morning...not good...but apparently she was completely annoying the big boss and wouldn't leave him alone wouldn't listen so he made her help in department...which really upset me because I don't much like her and I don't share well. I told my supervisor that I don't share well.


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      Good morning all.

      ​Donna, I love it when you talk about Blaise and his escapades. I really think that you and Cork will have a boy until he reaches the age of getting out on his own.

      ​I'm with you, it's better to "build some one up" opposed to be putting them down. Congrats to your niece.

      ​Today is another shot in the back. Will have to leave here in 15 min. Sorry I haven't been around, but I've really been busy with things. Actually today is 2 Dr. appts. Just hope that my injection is over with by 9 as I only have 45 mins. to get to the next one. Will be glad when I go to bed tonight. At least at this time, I don't have anything on my schedule for tomorrow.

      Hope all have a great day.
      Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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        Howdy, All!

        WHY must there always be mention of cookies, cupcakes, chocolate morsels, etc. every morning????

        You don't understand that these are triggers for me.

        Donna, Blaise dodged a bullet with that treadmill . He could have had some serious, long-lasting injuries. Wow!
        jostoy, good luck with your injections.
        beth, I don't think I share well, either.

        Electricity off caused the garage door not to work. Got lucky and helpers showed up at 9a to move mobile home, so with John's instruction, they got the door back in operation. Nothing like having your car locked up when you need to use it.

        TODAY the roofers are coming with the contract - so they say. We'll see how this turns out.

        Got my waffle iron ready to go, so better get busy.

        Have a great day, my Friends.


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 rain yesterday and the sun is shining in between the slats...going to be a good day. The exterminator comes today and hopefully will persuade a colony of wasps to move on. Actually I hope he makes dust out of em! I have to start painting and we must finish this project and those wasp are a hindrance!! And when will these allergens wash away? Today I have a clogged ear and stuffy nose plus the blister on my nose from the derma so now I wear a band aid so I don;t hit it while blowing my nose and making a bigger scab.

          Yesterday I DID run the vac and dust and even mopped. Wow being an early riser can get a lot done before I am even awake! I am up early again this morning because Jon made the exterminator appointment for 8:00 and there is no wayon his day off he will be up and dressed at 8:00 so someone will have to answer the door and that someone is me. Sierra is also off today so someone should be around to haul in groceries. Sorry Cookie but grocery shopping is a pain to me and I love to shop just not grocery shop. I especially hate going to one store for this and another for that so I don't. I am also the type of person who sometimes decides a meal the morning of so need to run to the grocery for ingredients. I am so out of meal ideas that it is a good thing school is over in a couple of days. Andrew will not be here every night during the summer and I really only cook for him. That is not as bad as it sounds but Jon is a better cook than I am and Sierra is never here and cannot be counted on being here when she is not working. And speaking of the funny boy....this is the last week of school so they are doing all these fun things and he needs money everyday. Ice cream truck came one day and today they are grilling hot dogs and hasn;t his lunch been paid for once? But he makes it a game and who can pass on that smile? The last week of school comes but just once a year and the kids love it.

          Need to listen to the weather and catch up on the news. Work on the grocery list, wait for the bug guy. Jostoy nice to see you, Beth glad granny is ok. Donna, kids have to learn themselves and sometimes it comes with an OUCH!
          Have a beautiful day all....


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            Good Thursday to you all! I am here earlier because I skipped a bit of my morning routine and we will see how that works out for the day.

            Maxie, just to make you feel good about your fill up: our gas was 3.49 yesterday...the good news is no more daily trips to Chico (47 miles each way) and then next Fall, her last semester, only two days a week! That raise in gas prices started before any of the present mess with Iran, etc, because our gov. put it all in place. There is a repeal petition going around for the Nov. ballot, but I swear, we could all be riding bikes by then!

            This week is going pretty fast. I am planning on shopping out of town (so much for complaining aobut the price of gas!) on Saturday. Macy's and then Trader Joe's up in Redding. A friend told me TJ's has peonies at all their West coast stores! That makes me so happy,; you have no idea!
            The only other place I have been able to have any is when I went up to Stuart's at their Farmer's market...just one whiff and I am transported back to Maryland in elementary school.

            I have laundry to get going this morning before the kids come. And some of the things I am donating to a yard sale for the homeless shelter need to be cleaned and boxed up. They are starting to collect and that means they get the biggest and the best of our donations just because I need to get my space back! The Christmas tree in the office corner has got to go!

            Oh! One last thing! I found hand embroidered kitchen towels on for my SIL. It has a cute Airstream on it and I decided to order it rather than embroider one myself. I am going to get two others in a complimentary color and send them off.

            Beth, you can do what my Dad always told me: kill them with kindness! Or what Gary would say: just smile and make them wonder what you are thinking.
            Donna, tell Blaise I know those scrapes hurt and hope they heal up soon...I see lots of different scrapes and ouchies, and I know!
            Elaine, the roofing business must be good all over. when I signed after finally getting the guy to come by, it was three months later that I got the roof work done.
            They sure did a great job and even trimmed up my tree and cleaned up every day after they left. My neighbors even remarked how well they cleaned...not sure what they were comparing the work to, but I was happy no one else was upset.
            Jostoy, take it easy and I hope the injections help your back. You are a great friend and role model!

            I have to get moving. It is so easy to sit and chat but it isn't making the work disappear...
            Take care and hope your day is good and the sun comes out!


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              Yikes on those gas prices...thought ours were bad enough! Yes it is all political and I heard the Iran thing was going to make the area unstable enough to raise the price even more. My peonies are getting ready to open and I have been looking for another plant but they are hard to find this year. It is like a lot of plants have been discontinued! LOL!

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            Good morning and I say that sincerely, sun is shining, windows are open, birds are singing, ahh life is good, (except for this high dose of blood thinners, makes my cheeks so red). Hubby and I go a lot done yesterday, we got the vacuuming done, dusting all done, went and bought plants for the garden and got them my seed potatoes cut and letting them dry out so they can get planted, bought a couple of flowers for shaded area, and bought a mosquito plant for the deck. Got all the meat seperated, pkg. and in the freezer, and made taco's for supper.

            Today is laundry day and cutting up the meat and veggies for kabobs on the grill, got the pineapple cut up yesterday. so it will be red onions, chicken, pineapple and gr. peppers on the barbie.. Maxie I am with you on the cooking thing, running out of ideas...night before I did and italian thing, rotini, gr. peppers, onions, mushroom, pepperoni, spaghetti sauce, put half in bottom, made a cheese like for lasagna put that in the middle, covered with the rest of the items, covered let bake until center was bubbly then added cheese to the top and finished baking...garlic bread sticks..yummy.

            Italian bake, salad and garlic bread sticks

            mock filet mignon on the grill, half a baked potato, broccoli

            pork roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas

            bacon cheeseburgers, fries

            beef patties with provolone cheese melted on top, brown gravy from the jar, butter a piece of bread top and bottom, brown in skillet, put patty on that and cover with the cheese and gravy, coleslaw.

            chicken cordon bleu, pound out a chicken breast, lay a piece of deli ham inside and a piece of swiss cheese, roll up tucking sides in, use toothpick to hold in place, roll in seasoned bread crumbs and bake. asparagus spears wrapped in bacon sprayed with Pam either bake or do on grill.

            Cook chicken breast on grill, cook some egg noodles, put chicken breast on top of noodles and cover in alfredo sauce, broccoli.

            chili over spaghetti, chopped onions, cheddar cheese, and oyster crackers..

            meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas or corn

            smoke sausage, onions, cabbage, potatoes all layered in a disposable pan, 1/2 stick butter sliced and layed on top, Morton's seasoned salt, cover and put on the grill...I like cornbread with mine..

            kabobs of your choice on the grill

            Well now how about others posting some ideas...

            Donna glad you and Aunt Maye got to spend some time together
            Elaine glad to hear no leaks but those roofers must be real busy..
            Bethina, glad you grandma is okay...sitting in a chair that long will cut off blood supply of the main artery in the groin area...had that happen while I was pregnant, it scared me really bad.

            jostoy, busy day for you for sure..
            Paula glad you found the towels you wanted, such a nice thing to do...

            Well the first load of laundry just completed so off to put in dryer and get another load started and get the veggies cut for kabobs.

            Have a wonderful day to all of you, sure look forward to coming and reading what every one is doing, may not always speak to each of you, but I do care..

            Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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              Good morning, all you beautiful people.
              I slept in this morning, as we were up til midnight reading, joking around, and even crocheted almost 2 rounds on the granny square blanket. A few more rounds, and it will be done as a baby blanket. It has so many colors and textures, each round being different from the last.

              This morning E is taking me to the hospital pharmacy to get my prescription. They question me when they call me about getting it, then again when I pick it up. E said he’d go pick it up himself, but I told him that the pharmacist would have questions for me. Besides, I like to get out of the house now and then.

              We did our grocery shopping yesterday afternoon. I kind of felt rushed, ended up forgetting eggs. So on the way home today we will get the eggs. I might have him stop at a clothing store or two. I need to try on pants....I want capris, and perhaps walking shorts, for summer.

              Cookie, Blaise was so lucky to get just those scrapes on the treadmill. But some kids only learn by the experience of their mistakes.
              Jostoy, I don’t envy your shots. Hope they work quickly and well for you.
              Paula, I’m glad you found the right towels already decorated!
              Beth, am glad your granny is okay. I always smiled when having to work with anyone who was unfriendly-at-best, and kept a calm voice when speaking to them. As Paula says, it makes them wonder what you are up to. 😃 It was my office, my job, my rules, and if they didn’t comply their work (for typing) went to the bottom of the pile to be the last, unless they fixed their mess. We had FBI agents in one day, and they were impressed with the efficiency I controlled my workplace and how I dealt with the big man who was trying to bully me. My office mates were on my side, which helped.
              Hi Elaine. Glad the repairmen are finally coming around. It is a very good thing that the damage wasn’t worse.

              I need to get some breakfast now....meds need to be accompanied by food.
              Hope you all have a great day today. Don’t worry, be happy! 🤗
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                Hi Sharon. Didn’t see your post when I posted. Boy, I’d like to over-eat at your house. Those meals are sounding so good!
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                  One last post and I’m done for the day.
                  We finally ventured out about noon today. I got my prescription at the hospital.
                  Then we tried to find someone to take our toy contribution in the “children’s lobby” but nobody was manning the desk. So we went to the Cancer Center and E took the toys to donate there. My doctor’s receptionist Mike took them, saying he’d be more than happy to find a hospital donation area, or else the MacDonald House nearby.

                  Then E took me to KMart. I knew that since Sears is closing it’s stores, there would be sales. I bought 2 pair of “capris”,a size larger than normal. Yea, the new med did a weight/size number on me. But I’m also shorter now, and they’re a bit long. Not sure if they’re “clam diggers “ or “capris”, whichever is longer. E paid the bill while I sat by another register. My lower back was hurting.

                  So it was about 2 or a bit later than I thought. We went to a nearby restaurant for lunch. E ordered a sandwich, and I ordered a spinach/tomato omelette. It was filling. We won’t be having supper tonight, maybe light grazing if we do get the nibbles.

                  Then to home, and he actually remembered that we need eggs at home, so he stopped at the grocery store and got some.

                  E is hearing more from several teachers who want his electronics and donations for the local schools.

                  Well, time to go now. See ya tomorrow!
                  Create a beautiful day wherever you go.