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Wednesday May 16th Good Morning!

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  • Wednesday May 16th Good Morning!

    Good Morning! Mother Nature was bi-polar yesterday. It'd rain & sometimes storm, and then the sun would come out for a while.

    ​Yesterday wasn't as productive as I would have liked because I just HAD to finish the book.

    I'll be back later...heading to town.

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    And good morning to you Donna and all that pass this way.

    I had a nice visit and went out to lunch with a friend yesterday, bet it had been almost a year since we had seen each other, but that is how friendship goes, no matter how much time passes you pick up where you left off and promise to not go that long again.

    Got my grocery shopping done and some things put away, I have 'stuff' in the garage fridge that I will separate today and repackage in servings for two. Hoping no rain today so we can go buy plants to put in garden..maybe do a few loads of laundry not much else comes to mind besides cooking supper..

    Have a great day one and all...we really do have so much to be thankful for.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Good Morning.

      Well, power went off at 4p and came back at 3a. Didn't matter much, with cell phones, etc., but now the garage door will not work, so we are hoping someone comes along to help with that.

      John hauled out every light and lantern we've accumulated over the years, and most of them have dead batteries, of course.

      Expecting visit from roofers to get contract signed. Thank goodness our roof isn't leaking, since the job will probably be done in July.

      So no other earth shattering news.

      Have a good day, Everyone.


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        It rained here last night and there are puddles out this morning. I have the trash cans already back in and the lawn mowers will be here today...
        Noisy day, but with kids, what is a little more noise?
        The man who tuned the piano for Becky's birthday in Dec of 2016 texted me and wanted to know if I want to schedule another tuning. Now I just have to decide what day and what time. With kids and dogs it is tricky getting timing right: afternoon is nap tme but that is when the dogs are not wanting to go out so much. So, right after lunch will probably be the time...

        My brother and his wife got an airstream and I am thinking of getting some cute towels for the kitchen for it. When any in my SIL's family get married they do embroidered kitchen towels so I was thinking of some cute ones for her new little kitchen...or just buying some already done. I will be looking online today.

        I hope you all have a good day and the errands and appointments get done and you have some time for fun!


        • bethina
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          check amazon under hand towels for the camper

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        Good morning! This is the time I am normally rolling out of bed but today I am back home already. Car had an early morning appointment and the loaner he gave me is a new version of my car and it is not fair!! I love my car but this one is really bad I am making the car payments on Sierra's car. That is also not fair!!!

        Yesterday the derma froze another pre-cancer off my nose. The sins of my youth and years of sun worship. But that should be the last doctor for the entire summer. Sierra and I drove to Michael's in the morning and then had lunch home in time to drop her and leave again. Jon was in charge of feeding himself and his son and when I came in Andrew was eating ramon noodles. So glad he went out his way to make a nutritious meal. Tonight is ball practice so I will come up with something fast but better than a bowl of ramon noodles.

        Today I must run the vacuum and dust...have her work clothes to wash. Did I mention that she did not even say Happy Mother's Day? I was kinda put out over that with all I do for her. But will not make a a deal out of it although it still must be bothering me to mention this many days past. I make sure she has clean clothes and iron those work shirts...thought she would appreciate that. Anyway, this house is embarrassing and needs a good cleaning. It is not as embarrassing as the uncut grass is getting but I could not move Jon to cut it. I think he is not feeling up to par. This is his first summer being diabetic and I wonder if the weather isn't a factor...that and the fact that he is really sticking to this diet and it is an entirely different way to eat. Plus work is a hassle for the poor guy. Management should come up through the ranks and learn the job.

        The temps never got out of the 70s yesterday and already warmer today. Storms passed us yesterday but are again predicted for today. I bought two Martha Washington geraniums and one is not looking very good. I think I will replant it with fresh dirt even though both pots were from the same bag. Maybe let the roots soak a while. I dunno but do love the Martha's. Everything has been watered and fed and looking good. The jute I went back to walmart for is rotten and tears when pulled so need to get something else to hold that silly whatever it is plant up. The clematis is blooming with huge pinkish flowers and twining up the fence so pretty. For some reason the azalea is done blooming already and I see others that are still in full bloom. Well enough garden news. Temps back into the mid 80s today but I will be inside cleaning. I have been reading and getting nothing fact the doctor aggravated me when I got called in while reading the last chapter of my book. I knew who was guilty way back in the beginning of the book and you know how it will end but I wanted to READ it! Ya know?

        Need to get moving because I do not know when they will call with the car finished. Have a wonderful day everyone. Elaine isn't that always the way it is? We have a stockpile of batteries but Andrew is good for using them and not throwing out the old so we sometimes never know what we are getting. He also will never say when he has used the last of a size. But I do know that every flashlight has dead batteries because they always do when you need them.


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          Good morning. ☀️
          The temps here will be in the mid-to-high 90’s for the 9 days ahead. Good! The winds seem to come up in the afternoons, still. Even E feels the effects. I think they quit by sundown. I asked him to water the trees yesterday. You should have seen the little birds hopping and splashing in the minor puddles around the trees. (I could almost picture them wearing yellow rubber boots as they splashed in the puddles. Could imagine mama bird saying “don’t get in the nest with those muddy feet!”). 😄

          I’m not getting as much done as I expect. I just can’t be on my feet that long. I found a tote that has scrap yarns in it, plus a start of a granny square blanket....all one large square, each row a different color yarn, textures of yarn differing with each leftover bit of skein. Should be interesting when done.

          For supper I just made BBQ meatball sandwiches in hot dog buns, and green salads on the side. It was enough. I have chicken thawed for tonight. Haven’t yet decided how to cook it yet.

          Happy shopping, cookie. We need to go to the grocery store today, too.
          Yes, friends are fewer these days. We barely see each other any more, except in emails. One is not good at keeping in touch, one had moved to a mountain near “the Rim” a few hours drive away, and two are in MI where we lived just a few blocks apart when growing up.
          Elaine, it will be nice when you can get that roof repaired!

          Nothing much happening here. Oh, E did hear back from one of the schools that teaches electronics. They would like to have the gift of his electronic parts and our excess “office supplies”. Gotta get those boxed up. Yay!

          Janet, thanks for the words to “Buttermilk Skies”. Funny how the old music brings up old memories.

          To everyone, have a great day. 🤗
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            I got my DMV notice that I will have a Vision text!
            Need to make an appointment with the eye doctor...
            I know I will need glasses this time.


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              I would Fail a vision text, too


              • maxie
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                You are funny....that is another thing Sierra and I did the license stickers for both cars. Let me tell you that the State of Illinois uses any excuse to gouge its citizens! $100.00 per car. I was able to renew my last drivers license through the mail since it was just a renewal with no restrictions but I worry about having to someday take a test. I think I could pass a driving test but not sure about the written...been a lot of years since I was 16 which was the last time I had to take any test other than vision!

              • Paula A
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                Maxie! I will pay both your cars at 100 per car if you pay my one car they raised to
                Pray your IL gov does not start following after my CA gov!

              • maxie
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                Oh holy cow! Do not let the Illinois Legislature hear that!! We are so far in debt as a state that they would kill to raise the renewal sticker that high. I paid $2.99 for a gallon of gas today and was shocked...I am not sure I even want to know what you are paying for gas!

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              I'm baaaaack.......busy morning. Dropped the cookies off at the doctor's office and then headed to Sharp Shopper and Aldi's. SS is truly saving me some serious money. They had Oreos for $1.49 a pkg. I don't care that they have the Olympic symbol on them. I crush them up anyways. The Cool Whip is $.50 each and I use 1 1/2 per pie, so when you consider it's over $2 a carton at a regular grocery store, that adds up. I behaved myself at Aldi's after my SS spending spree. I LOVE grocery shopping!

              ​On my way into Aldi's, I saw my SIL Mom. She ask if I heard about SIL. No....why? She had to see a new Neuro doctor yesterday and I guess the news wasn't very encouraging. I called my SIL once I got home, but she was working and she'll call me later to explain. I told her I don't like hearing family news thru the grapevine.

              ​Aunt J came and scooped some grease balls & we had a nice chat. I put away groceries and then baked cookies. Will be taking Blaise to karate after dinner. I have such an exciting life....NOT! I like calm though. Just waiting to hear if my niece is truly graduating college on Saturday or if she's going to have to take a class online this summer. She's already got a teaching job lined up, so she's GOT to get her degree! I'm confident, but my SIL & brother are Eor (sp?) and believe she's failed. That's the power of positive thinking. Their negativity is sometimes draining.

              Hope you all have been having a good day.


              • Paula A
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                The Reservation field trip is the last 4 units Hanbah needed and she still walked with her class on Saturday.
                Good thing you are cheering her on, Donna!

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              see I missed signing in today... will catch you all again in the morning ... it is time to head for bed. with book in hand but fear there will be very little reading get done,, I'm sleepy... nite