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MONDAY May 14th

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  • MONDAY May 14th

    Good SUNNY Morning! It's suppose to rain all week, so I'll take every drop of sunshine we can get.

    ​Yesterday was nice. Church, nap, a wee bit of cooking, and then party with family. We celebrated the May birthdays...Blaise & my SIL's. Blaise wanted a cake decorated like the back of a Pokemon card, and I thought it turned out pretty cool. Cleaned up after dinner & dessert(s) and then us ladies played cards. Most left, so there was just the 3 of us to play. My two brothers chose not to play cards, so they just hung out and talked.

    ​Not sure what today will bring. Nothing on the calendar until karate at 5:15. Lots of leftovers, so I'm not cooking. Think I'll strip the beds. Still some paperwork to finish up. There is always cleaning to be done. I have a couple cookie recipes I'd like to try.

    Have a good one all!

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    Good sunshine here, calling for thunderstorms with wind and hail, don't like reading that as I have to be out in it, finger poke to see if all the shots helped get the blood thinned back out, guess iron pills and lean Cuisine with broccoli in them is out, LOL...Had a nice Mother's Day yesterday, youngest son was here, hubby fixed baby back ribs in smoker, broasted potatoes and corn on the calls from both older my day was complete..Need to figure out what I will fix for supper one of those times when just nothing comes to mind..Also have a weeks worth of fishing clothes from hubby to catch up with...stinky!!

    Hope everyone had a good day yesterday...Donna yours sounded just seems so hard to get families together anymore..long for the good ole days where families lived closer and Sundays were a day of one had to work on Sundays.
    Have a great day one and all...see you later.

    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Morning..going to be hot again today then cool a bit with chances of rain for the rest of the week. Allergens are horrible...I heard because everything is blooming at the same time this year with winter moving straight into summer weather with no transition. Makes sense. Local paper says April was the second coldest on record then May goes directly into 90s. I don't think any of us were ready for that!

      Jon and Sierra got the pool up and running yesterday. Still listing to one side a bit but he tried to get help that fell through. Sierra bf showed up when the work was done and the grill started. Then announces he quit his job because of overwork. Loser! Plain and simple. Talking to him gave me a headache. He is the best at is like talking to a mentally lacking 10 year old. He told her he likes coming here because it is quiet. You betcha! We flee the room and entire area when he appears!! But I keep my mouth shut...screamed into my pillow, but kept my mouth shut!

      Cookie we also have enough leftovers for supper tonight. Not sure who will show up but not going to set much of a table anyway. Allergies have me feeling blah...funny how you can plod along then that one hits the air. Need to call the exterminator...wasp are all over the porch and now that the pool is up and running we need to start that. Jon normally does his own bedding but ask if I would wash his today so have that added to my list of laundry. If it is sitting in the laundry room! Going to stay home today and do whatever after laundry.

      Hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday and will have the same today!!


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        Maxie these work great, they look better than filling a large lunch sack with shredded paper and hanging them...
        The BF sounds like a real winner I know how very hard it is to not say anything, but sure hope he keeps doing stupid things, you don't say a word and she won't feel like she has to defend and keep him to prove a point, she will tire of him on her own...(with any luck)
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      Good Monday morning.
      Yesterday was a quiet one. We ended up staying home. It was a very windy day. Plus, my newest med says to avoid crowds. Being a holiday, that meant forget eating out.
      From here on into the foreseeable future, we will have warm weather, sunny, temps bouncing in the 90įís. I would love to have a good rainy day for a day or settle down all the dust and allergens that were stirred up by the few windy-as-heck days we have had. Though today my eyes donít feel so bad.

      More chores to look forward to today. Nothing exciting going on around here.

      Sharon, I think Purex now makes a laundry soap that specifically removes odors now. Saw a coupon for it in the paper.
      Cookie, Iím glad you had time to enjoy yourself. You donít get too many breaks.

      Everyone, hope you all have a good day today. 🤗
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Thanks for the idea JoG but vinegar soak works great...then add vinegar to rinse holder also..

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      good morning! It is good to be back home and it was good to have a few days away and be with family. I saw one of my college roommates for about three hours when we went to lunch after the graduation. It rained all morning so I was really glad I took my own umbrella. It cleared up when we were at lunch. We had a wonderful time that my brother kept us going everywhere! We also went up to my niece's house (a Florida niece) for a light supper. She had her front door decorated with a Congrats Grad and a big banner inside. She also made a cake and made her own chocolate numbers that she had standing on the cake. It totally looked like a cake in the bakery display! And really good!

      Bagpipes and drums lead in the faculty and graduates for the ceremony. I had forgotten that from the year I went to my nephew's graduation. This school really does a great ceremony and the speakers were interesting and it went well. I have pictures on my Facebook page...
      Our lunch was at Grand America...Unbelievable! The place and the food. the place more than the food, which is saying a lot. I have stayed at somevery pricey hotels but I am not sure this is one that would ever be in my price range. I will check it out later...

      Donna, Becky made the lemon cookies as a Mother's Day treat fro me and they are just as good as you said! She posted them on Facebook, so you can see how hers turned out. I totally agree with you: this recipe is a keeper!

      We stayed in a brand new hotel: Tru by Hilton. Different but the bedding was Awesome!!!! but it made me think of what a modern IKEA made hotel would be! No carpet, all laminate flooring, no tub, soap dispensers on the wall for shower and sink, minimal furniture and no drapes. Instead of drapes they had shades. No closet even! There were some hooks on the wall and a bent rod with wooden hangers...they had a great breakfast offered but no upholstered furniture anywhere. It smelled so clean when we walked in. That new smell!

      My niece who graduated got a teaching job! She will be a first grade teacher in a good district and is looking for an apartment near her school. She has used public transportation and wants to continue as long as she can.
      ONe last thing about all this: my brother bought an Airstream. Something my SIL has wanted and now the last child is through school...

      Ok, I am done and off to start the day.
      Oh, one last thing: Maxie, we had that awkward boyfriend at the ceremony moment. My brother does not like Hannah's bf, at all. I was introduced to him and could feel the tension...I feel for all of you!

      Happy to be back where I can jpost and read. I will read the weekend posts I missed later today!
      Take care and hope you can imagine my big smile at being back with you all!


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        Paula glad you are back safe and sound and had an enjoyable weekend..motel room certainly sounded different..I did see the lemon cookies, how sweet of her to make them for you..I am definitely going to have to try them.

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      Good afternoon everyone...

      Another hot day....

      I found my mother clothes yesterday...So i did alot of cutting...I am making stip quilt out her clothes...I am doing in remember of her..I am making twin size...


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        What a wonderful quilt that will be!

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        Paula A..It sure will...!!!.

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      good evening

      late getting here today, but slept a lot of the afternoon away. was up and down thru the night. I get spasms in ankles to the knee... hurts like crazy..

      SASSYGIRL . I did the same thing!... I took my Mother's clothes ,,,cut them into squares and made a quilt top of them..thirty years ago.. when I lay it on the bed. I smile and smile.. I can see her in those slacks with that is a wonderful memory!.... she also made a lot of her clothes and I found material at her house from the long dress she had made to wear for my sisters wedding.. you will so enjoy this!!!

      Maxie.. my daughter ended up marrying her Jerk, first boyfriend..and within 3 months realized she had made a mistake.. 9 months later she filed for divorce.. 2 years later married her now husband ,,,the Keeper.. I just hope,pray, Sierra doesn't have to go that route.... that her eyes open up and she sees him as he is and will be...

      hi to you all... see you tomorrow.