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  • Let the weekend begin with Saturday

    Good Morning to all...beautiful morning out there right now....going to Mom in laws for a cookout, the sister in law who now controls everything made this decision (like she does all others) When Grandpa passed away he left a freezer full of hamburger patties from Omaha steak so she has been using them of course, so she says "I'll bring the hamburgers what is everyone else bringing"? LOL I bought hot dogs, buns, made coney island chili sauce, I have onions chopped and sliced, lettuce ready and will slice tomatoes this morning, a pan of brownie...I do all of this because she just doesn't get it, she has become a real 'bitch' in her older years...really a whole lot since Grandpa passed and left her everything, his house on the lake has been totally remodeled with the money he left her...she has a superior attitude and it makes, and everything we do know revolves around her schedule and oh yes, her step daughter and granddaughter...we can only go out to eat where they like she chooses everything...just so happy my family is not this way...I did ask hubby if she had a plan for what she wanted to get his Mom this year, after the sneaky stunt she pulled last year...she didn't have any suggestions, why? because I had not mentioned a gift I thought was a good idea. I bought his Mom a beautiful hanging basket. So today will endure her and get on with life tomorrow,

    I have no plans for Mother's Day, will probably receive phone calls from kids, well I hope so anyways, otherwise just me and the hubby...sometimes I think I am not appreciated think parents will be around forever..hubby got home last night and as he was backing out of driveway with boat on the back he hit our mailbox and down it went...I figured one day he was going to do that as I have been watching him get closer and closer but telling him that was met with a dirty look and I know what I am doing he spent the evening digging out a new hole, going for concrete and another pole to put it on..

    Well time to get motivated, wait for hubby to get up so I can make the bed and get my shower...Have a great day one and all...hope I didn't ruin anyones day by spreading my SIL dirt, LOL..

    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good Morning.

    Sharon, we've never had the problems that come with families. But then we haven't had the joys either. We hosted John's entire family for 25 years for everything, and now we've all had enough and nobody cares about getting together anymore. I am happy with that.

    I took a big leap last night and ordered hair trimmers to do John's hair. We don't go to a barber shop. We go where we have to make an appointment. He doesn't always feel good enough to go at an appointed time, and I thought for the the price of 2 haircuts I can get my own equipment and figure it out. Plenty of videos to watch.

    Lots of graduation and wedding announcements coming our way. Must get a bunch of cards to send $$ since we no longer get out into crowds. I am happy with that, also. LOL

    Have a bread pudding planned for church. Really don't like bread pudding, but I had everything this required, so here goes.

    Have a lovely weekend!


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      good morning

      Sharon ,I was the family hostess for picnics for many years.. then we finally broke into smaller get togethers.. now I have turned over, gladly , to daughter or whomever wants it, the job of having everyone in for Christmas or Thanksgiving.. Easter, etc etc.. I don't mind impromptu gatherings on my deck in the summer , everyone pitches in for that.. and cleans up afterwards... but I'm just too darn tired to take on more ...

      Elaine .I have cut DAvid's hair for all our married life.. and cut the boys when at home...and it needs done today... not hard to do... his hair is really thin now.. and he likes it very short.. ...I also snip and clip at my own hair.. just can't do the back .. the left shoulder won't bend that far...( and im left handed).. so either go to saloon or get Karen to do it..

      curtains back up in kitchen .. IF the energy shows up again.. will try to wipe down the remaining cupboard fronts.. if not . there is always Monday..

      a ~~~~~ hello to you all.. be back later..


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        Good morning.

        Have been trying to post this morning, and couldn’t because of “images” not being right. Except for simple emoticons, I wasn’t posting images!! Darn.

        Yesterday was Military Spouse Day.....I didn’t know that, til one DD texted me good wishes. E looked it up and said it’s always on the Friday before Mother’s Day.
        We have made no plans for Mother’s Day. I may or may not get cards, or emails. Maybe. I will send them all texts tomorrow. But might ask E to check the movies playing and maybe have dinner out. Depending how I feel.

        Yesterday the winds began about mid-morning, and gusted all day. I told E that I would not be surprised if one of the trees was uprooted and bringing a China-man up with it. Today’s weather should be much the same with some cloudiness.
        🌡 In the low 90’s today.

        Cleaning up toys today, two granddaughters will get some for their kids or prospective kids....the bulk we will take to the hospital children’s unit. We had collected about 2 bins full. We have another big bag full of clothing to drop off at Goodwill.

        I used to cut my kids’ and my own hair, and did very well using just scissors and a comb or my hands. For years! Never did men’s hair, though. My son’s, yes....he got like a “buzz cut” as his hair grew in very thick and curly, a “Polish Afro”. Had a nice book on family hair cutting.
        I only quit after the kids left home, then my health problems set in.

        I’ve never cared for bread pudding, either, Elaine.

        Guess I should have breakfast and tackle a chore or two.
        Have a great day! 🤗
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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Morning! Going to warm up into the 90s and I am going to a BBQ where it was requested I bring nothing. Now that could mean please! do not cook anything but I am taking it as you are our guest. Looking forward to it. Going to wear one of my new summer tops and show off my shrimp colored toes. Tomorrow it will be just Jon and me but Sierra says she will come home after work to help him get the pool up. Received a card from Scott and Jon's dentist sent a rose bud home with him for me. We share a dentist and I gotta tell you sometimes a small town is the best in thoughtfulness.

          Went to walmart yesterday and found I was missing two items. Not especially a big deal since one was a ball of jute to tie up the climbers and the other a tube of hand cream but I had paid for them. So I traipse back to see if they were turned in and they had not but replaced them free on my word. I was kinda surprised even though they did not total much over 10.00. The nail place was so busy there were no parking spaces...naturally with this being Mother's Day! I had to wait an hour but they were so nice and happy. I am amazed at what people do to their fingernails. Beautiful works of art! But how do you do any work with those long things? One gal had these gorgeous nails done in three swirling colors then corresponded her big toe to match. I watched this transformation and was glad to not have to pay the bill. I may not do much around here but whatever I do do those long nails would be in my way. Even sitting around they would bother me!

          Sierra has been in a good mood. Stress of finals is gone and now the college kids are coming back home and back to McDs. I am loving when she says this guy or that guy is coming back for the summer...maybe she will notice maturity and a little intelligence? But I say nothing!!! Sharon you can go on about your sil...this is the place and I use it regularly expressing my thoughts on someones bf. You are much nicer than me but I do understand where you are coming from. I have two we dearly love and who joins us when talking about the other. My brother is a recently retired VP at a known insurance company...they are on this country tour visiting all their children etc., and keeping us 'in the loop' with their family news. This is the sil who sends the Christmas brag letter. She never drinks and is so stuffy with no sense of humor and can drone on and on with no interest in your life.

          Should get up and do something but not sure anything is pressing enough to require my attention or use my energy on. Looking forward to this afternoon. Could not find any white daisy yesterday so if we pass a nursery today will have Jon pull in. I want the type that grow high and not those weenie short ones. Have a beautiful Saturday...


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            Hey all! We had storms last night, but so far it's been a gorgeous day here.

            ​Yesterday was good. I met Becca in at the Verizon store and we got her off of our bill and she now has her own acct. We both heard Apple Bees calling our name, so we went next door to that for lunch. Just couldn't get too motivated in the afternoon. Took Blaise for karate. Once I got the guys to bed, I made the baked lemon pie for today's order.

            ​This morning we headed out early to check out the local garage sales. The first few were a total bust, but the last one we hit was jackpot. It's the couple that bought my Aunt & Uncle's house from them 31 yrs ago. Lots of memories in that house. Anyways, she was just trying to get rid of stuff, and one of our big deals was a treadmill for $10. Now if we'll really use it. LOL!

            ​Came home and started cooking. Got Corky's food made up for his lunches. Started on ingredients for the potato salad & mac salad & deviled eggs for tomorrow's dinner at my brother's. Trying to get as much done today as possible so I don't have to work too much tomorrow. Worked until it was time to take Blaise to karate. I then took him to Arby's for lunch and then onto his Mom's for the night. They'll come to my brother's for dinner and we'll take Blaise home from there.

            ​Now I'm home and trying to get motivated again here in the kitchen.

            Have a good one all!