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  • Friday!!!

    Morning...I am headed to work in a little bit...beyond that today is up in the air...possibly going to my sisters for lunch....possibly having lunch at work...getting what I want for the weekend at the grocery store then coming home...I just don't know yet.

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    Good morning everyone.

    ​Bethina, I would gladly exchange places with you this morning. I'll work in your place, and you go to the "boob smasher".

    ​This week and next is Dr. appts. I hate it when they all pile onto me like that. Especially when I don't feel sick. Well except my injection next Thursday. I went here in town to the "vapor" shop and got the 500mg. of hemp oil for $65 instead of Doc.'s $100 a bottle. I took about 1/3 of a medicine dropper full Wed., and that stopped the pain in it's tracks. Haven't taken any since. I have no intentions of using it regularly. Only when the pain gets real bad.

    Hope all have a great day.

    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Well Jo I say if it works do it, life is to short be endured and putting up with pain all the time..I know you would never abuse it...I think some natural things could make a world of difference for a lot of problems..

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    Good Morning! No sunshine for the next few days....rain.

    ​Yesterday was good. Went to Bible study in the morning, then came home to work in the kitchen. Had only planned to make 6 samoa pies, but got a call for some Gobbs, so made a batch of those too. Cooked a nice salmon dinner. That is the one fish both guys will eat and I love it. Aldi's has a 1lb pkg you can get for a little under $4. Made up a couple cookie trays. Cork took one to work today for Big Ray who is leaving. Cork is going to miss him. Ray keeps asking him to quit and come with him. The other plate is for a bride to taste test this weekend when she's home to visit her of my customers.

    ​This morning I'm meeting Becca at the Verizon store to finally get her off of our bill. Since we don't have smart phones or use data, our bill should drop dramatically. Think we are going to AppleBees for's next door to Verizon. It was calling our name. I love AB. Think I'll come home and work on some paperwork. At least that's the plan. Blaise has karate tonight. Found a undershirt for him to wear under his uniform. Last time he kept holding the front shut, so we'll see if this helps. Waiting to hear from Kathy if she's going to have him for the weekend since last weekend's time ended very early since I had to pick him up because he was sick.

    ​Jostoy...glad you found the oil more reasonable and got some relief.

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning

      got a decent nights sleep for a change... broken a bit by the bathroom trip but I will 7 hrs sleep anyway I can get it....
      should be able to get a cupboard or too wiped down and sorted out .. I will do them piecemeal. over the next couple days,...

      and hope David does not want to GO somewhere..

      Donna . should get a time to make Lard balls for you soon!... I miss our female conversation time ..

      Jostoy .. wondering if the hemp oil would help Davids back pain?. wish he had something that would help instead of just vicodin..

      Bethina,, may your day end up a great one.

      better get moving .. been reading and crocheting ( donna, B. Afghan 1/2 done .don't tell her tho')..

      see you all later today..


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        Maye I think you should try some of that on David, might be better than Vicodin all the time..

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        Aunt Maye, more Dr's are using the hemp oil (CBD) in place of opiods. You should be able to find it somewhere, but not at a Pharmacy. It works on many types of pain. I got the 500 mg. bottle. You'd just have to experiment as to how much he would use each time. Myself, I'm not use to using pain meds, so it doesn't take much for me.

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      Good Morning.

      Beautiful morning here. Temp should stay around 82.

      Worried about the yard and someone showed up and mowed it. Can't get much luckier than that. I just can't ride that mower anymore. It just bangs me up all over.

      Nurse this morning. Last visit. Sure do like her; will miss seeing her.

      House clean and trash awaiting pickup so I'm heading to the market.

      Hugs to Everyone.


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        Morning! Going to be another summer day! Sunny and hot..yesterday I had to go outside to warm up so had Jon turn the A/C up a bit. Every time I open the back door the scent of lilacs hits me and I love going out. The dwarf lilac is full of blooms. It is suppose to bloom again this summer but last year only produced a couple of sickly blooms. Maybe this is the year it hits hit maturity.

        Did my running yesterday but only half of it. It was one of those days where you just turn around and know the person behind you and behind them! I spent more time in the nursery than I had allotted so never made the grocery...but I did get my hair cut and she cut it short. Also have an appointment in two weeks for a shape up before she goes on two weeks vacation. The car has an appointment next week but it is not a serious problem. They even turned the check engine light off since it was serving no reason other than making me nervous. Today I am going early and see if I can squeeze in a walk in pedi. No Andrew and Jon is back at the dentist after work today. This tooth thing is a lot of running between two dentist and not well covered by his insurance. But what you gonna do? Anyway. I do not have to cook today. Andrew is going into summer mode...when his grandpa is free he is wanting to be there. They work in the shed and take junk apart and put it back together and are the family repair people. I was just going to take him out for fast food anyway so the only difference is I am going alone.

        Cards won last night..I think..kinda gave up and gave in to sleep but can try again tonight. Same team same late night. Sierra came in last night upset. She did not work yesterday but one of her girls texted to say she was fired for stealing but did not take the money from another's purse. Nothing Sierra can do but she liked this girl and does not believe it...she does not like the accuser at all but can't believe she would make a false statement. I am glad she was not involved in making a decision but this is the life of a manager I guess. Hard lesson.

        Hopefully I will have pretty feet today. Yesterday haircut and even got my brows shaped...they are getting more colorless and I cannot see up close...or far away for that matter...I am going to be an outright beauty tomorrow. Lol! May even iron one of my new shirts...oolala!! But back to reality and a load of laundry and groceries to buy. Have to iron her work shirts. Finals are over and she came in last night with nothing to do but watch the game. No homework for several months and she is all registered for fall. Two more classes then her internship! Shame it has to be spread out like this but I actually think she needs a summer off. Next year at this time it will be big girl job and forever!

        Think I will take my second cuppa out to the patio and smell the lilacs...silly bluebirds will not go into the nest when I am out there so sit and stare. There is a rabbit with a nest under the shed and she comes out to eat the clover...squirrels run by. But no mole! Have an absolutely beautiful day everyone out there. Summer is here and it came overnight...hope it just warms up more and more. HOORAY!!!


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          Maxi I had a hydrangea that just would not bloom I mentioned this to my sons SO and she said to buy miracle grow for that type of plant, I did that and it bloomed now I do it faithfully... Got my hair done yesterday, wonder how they like another 'old' beautician telling them how and what she wants, maybe because I know my hair...I don't like longer bangs my forehead is to short, I don't want the blended grey that is popular now, etc., etc. just do as I say, LOL I already had the top cut so she could go from there and blend it in..

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        Good morning.
        Today will be cooler, in the 90įí fact it is supposed to bounce around in the 90ís for the coming week, at least. However, we will have to deal with gusting winds today and tomorrow.

        No plans today. No particular plans for the weekend.
        Those little birds sure eat a lot. I was surprised to see a chickadee among the lot of them yesterday.
        The sun really evaporates the birdbath water quickly, though. We have to fill it in the morning, and again before evening.

        Jostoy, you might want to check out Amazonís prices on hemp oil.

        labbasgle, thanks for the info. I googled recycling sites for the tucson area, and two out of three are closed up, and the 3rd we couldnít find. But I checked for our county, and found a page full of sites. I sent the page to E. He is eliminating the ones that require payment to tak it. But there are a fair number left for him to check out. Thanks for the heads up.

        Canít think of anything worthwhile to add here today.
        Hope you all have a great day. 🤗
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          I am getting ready to leave in about an hour for the airport. It is beyond windy this morning and it started sometime in the night and woke up the dog who was panting and all full of anxiety and waking me up...But I have a weekend trip and that is fun enough. My brother has it a bit overbooked for my choice, but he will be driving us everywhere and I can't complain.

          Maxie, I started getting my eyebrows tinted and now use an eyebrow product I got at the store...a slanted pencil at one end and a brush at the other end. My eyelash and eyebrow lady knows I don't want really dark brows so she does them perfectly.

          I woke up to some very sweet messages on Facebook. today is Provider Appreciation Day and one of my past daycare moms Never forgets! the ones I have now don't even know...Holly, the parent who posted, is a nurse. I cared for her children while she was working, going through a divorce and then through nursing school. Truly one of the best stories of a welfare mom who used the help as it should be, and is now making a huge difference and giving back. She has remarried and moved away, but will always be such a good example of working to realize your dream!

          I am hoping to be able to post over the weekend. I remembered to put my charger in my purse this time! Now to add my umbrella..hopefully, having it will reduce the chance of rain.

          Enjoy the day and stay well. I love the comfort of sitting with all of you!


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            Paula safe travels and hope you have a marvelous time...what a nice thing to wake up to, nice to be remembered...I also look forward to coming here and visiting with my friends...amazing how close you can get to people you have never met.

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          Good Morning, yesterday was busy all day...first stopped at greenhouse to get Mom in law hanging basket, then on to get finger poke which is usually very fast BUT not yesterday, blood level to low so they had to go down and talk with the heart Dr. I now know what a diabetic goes through to give themselves injections, I am doing a Levenox bridge which is increased blood thinner, so last night I did my first one, those burn and hurt so bad for about an hour and bruise a person like crazy, the ugliest black, blue, etc. does it ever end for me. Left there went to get my hair roots touched up, well she touched them up so good they covered my blond streaks so she had to foil me with some blonde, haircut, style then out of there...on to a little grocery shopping, finish that and then head to pharmacy to pick up my 'shots' just having to do this for 4 days...and go back Monday to see if it much broccoli, and it was just what was in Lean Cuisines!!! So sick of not eating the greens I like but it is my life..Without insurance the meds would have been $600 with it was $100.

          Today I need to make some hot dog chili, slice and chop some onions and make a pan of brownies, cook out at Mom in laws house and since hubby isn't here I am the gopher, LOL...

          Well time to get busy...
          Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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            I have gone to this girl for 30 years for hair. She knows the colic' the one in the front that is now snow white and even more out of control. When you know your hair or go to someone who does why would you suffer a bad cut?