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  • Thursday one day closer

    Good morning I hit the floor going this today..I think I meet my new boss today...the production Supervisor got a promotion and will be going to a different store...A little nervous about some one new...but it will fine...I have the support on my coworkers and the Big boss at the store...

    This afternoon I volunteer...I come home and finish up straightening my parents and uncle will be here for the night and day tomorrow...Uncle P is doing some work at my step closer to done on their home...They are finishing up the master bathroom. Uncle P will add electric.

    This evening after mom and dad get here we will more than like go get custard at the place that E works...

    I must go and fix some breakfast I want to be sure that I am ready right on time....16 year old niece is the one picking me up for work...eeeek

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    Good Morning...looks like we must have had rain overnight, didn't hear a thing, slept like a baby...I can't believe all the medicines I have to take and get rid of, probably because I use mail order and when they send it is a three month supply at a time, and when you get switched from one med to another, well let's just say it really added up so I sat yesterday and marked my name off of them and bagged them, three grocery bags full...I have a clear plastic shoe holder on the back of my bathroom closet door and that is how I keep my meds prescription and store bought ones...easy to see at a glance..

    So got a few more shelves and drawers cleared out also, today I have a finger prick and hair appt. so not much will be accomplished hubby sounded disappointed I didn't come up for the fish fry last evening but oh well I have been disappointed in my life also... So this morning I need to hit the shower and get my day started...

    Elaine, I don't have that many clothes but I do have a walk in closet and it is rather full or was, just don't like to have to search for what I want...I have a lot of thermal shirts and flannel bottoms I wear here at the house and they take up a lot of room, LOL...

    Well onward and upward dear ones...I cherish all of you...
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Sweat pants!..need to go through them and throw out the thin. Thermal and flannel..sounds like we share the same clothes designer..

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    Morning Beth, looks like you and me. I had something all nice and so very interesting written out and lost it. Holy Cow, I hate that!

    Most important thing happening today is my haircut. I am in great need!! Hoping tomorrow morning to get up early and try for a pedi since I have been invited out for a Mother's Day BBQ Saturday and temps are going to be in the 90s this weekend. Have several stops to make today while home so dinner is in the crock pot. Everyone is suppose to be home for the first time tonight. Today is Sierra's last final and she is done for the summer. She has been doing so much running with work and school and studying with finals, etc. I do not know what she will do with free time. This is her first summer off in a few years where she will only have to worry about work.

    Andrew is not getting out for the summer until May 21. To many snow days this winter. Love the snow days but hate that it makes the school year longer by a week. Maybe I can get the kid to carry out yard ornaments today. I feel like summer came so fast we are behind and we are! Want to stop and pick up some filler plants and need a decorative shrub to fill an empty spot in my side landscaping. Hope I have time today which is why I am up early this morning. Lots to do and stops to make!!

    Cards playing on the west coast so game not until 9 or 930 tonight. I will have to go bed early to get in a nap before game time! Have a wonderful day everyone...


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      Who are they playing? I will see what channel the game is on for my mom...

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    good morning .

    house is back to normal.. just D and I and KatieKat.. . I did so little "housework" when Mike was here. so house is calling my name... (maybe answer it tomorrow, resting today ).

    Sharon. you are getting all of us in the mood to clean out drawers and closet... so much Stuff.. just needs pitched out.. old almost worn out clothes... things I called "paint shirts and pants.".. since I don't plan on painting any more major projects.. out they will go!... will donate shoes to Salvation army.. have some almost new ones with heels.. and I no longer wear heels.. not taking a chance on falling!!. What I need is a grandkid helper. to wash down my kitchen ,ceiling, walls and cabinet fronts.. I Pay good .. and they all need Gas money

    Maxie,. when my hair start growing out , I have learned how to snip the front and sides. but need help with back.. have two beauticians in the family who will come here and trim me up too... hope you gets yours cut and you like it .

    hi to all .. washing machine ,dryer , just dinged.. I better go change things around ... see you all later.


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      Hi Everyone.

      In a rush to get ready for roof contractor with paperwork this morning. Have to shine up the kitchen and eliminate the odor of sausage that John cooked.

      Hope everyone has a super day.

      Hugs to Everyone.


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        I need help with the ceiling over the stove and the top of cabinet doors, too, Maye. I thought using my Swiffer pad would do it, but it needs to be scrubbed. I actually want to try using the cleaning mix Elaine told us about. I will do it next weekend when Becky is here and I can use the step stool and a chair while she is here to call 911 if needed!

        I have too many things to do today to be ready to leave tomorrow, but I have a list and I am doing them one by one. And of course there is daycare.

        Beth, do you mean frozen custard???? I love it! I have been to only two, both out of state andit is a good thing I don't have one close by. I do think one would do well around here. We have a Baskin robbins ice cream and a soft serve place which has been here forever and is a local landmark, but a frozen custard would be perfect. We also have a frozen yogurt place but not well liked and I have never been...

        the closet and too many clothes is on my list to take care of. Becky wants to donate all of it to the summer yard sales and I just want to get rid of it! OUr local thrift stores aren't taking anything right now...and the place that took clothes to give away is closed. Not sure why; they called themselves The Church Without Walls and that is closed, too...

        Hey, wish me luck on getting my things done today and I will return the wish for all of you, adding a good luck on the hair appointmenst, finger pricks and dinner!


        • maxie
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          They play San Diego at 9:10 central time...

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        Good morning.
        I’ve tried on and sorted clothes. Goodwill will be eccstatic to get a big bag full of like-new clothes. Or certain customers will.
        Some will need to be replaced soon, as in July we have reservations to go to Michigan to visit relatives. I hope my energy improves before then.

        Still have lots of “stuff” to go through and sort. Looks like we all will be busy today.
        The ceiling fans definitely need dusting.

        Sharon, we looked up places around town to drop off old pills (or old electronics stuff). They no longer exist. Certain drug stores or pharmacies listed that took old pills, well they don’t any more. However I saw a drop box for old meds at the hospital pharmacy! We have a large bag full that needs to be dropped off. Still can’t find a place that takes electronics stuff......well, Best Buy will, but you have to pay them to accept it. No thanks, as they’ll make a big profit in reusing the parts anyway.

        Well, I want to get some stuff done today. Considering the resting breaks I need to take now, I need to start earlier.

        Hope you all have a great day!☀️
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          There are a few places that take and reuse or recycle electronics.

          A number of organizations accept used computers, monitors, printers, and TVs, and you can get a tax receipt for most donations.