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Wednesday Hump Day!

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  • Wednesday Hump Day!

    Good morning...yesterday was a text from my mom that my granny didn't get to go to inpatient rehab...she should go today or that is the plan. She is just old and weak and needs them to help her regain her strength and stability. It will be nice for a while to not have to worry quite so much about Granny. Mom is worn out and frazzled from it...I could tell when I talked to her last night. :/

    Work then I don't know what my afternoon will be...then church tonight.

    Have a good day everyone..

    I just remembered a sale day at work...:/ I am hoping the crazies don't show up...some of them came yesterday.

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    Good morning everyone.

    ​JoG, yes I do have a back brace, but my biggest problem is spinal stenosis. Now I'm not saying that sometimes my back is aggravated by some of the work I do, but I'm not the type of person who can sit around and do nothing. I feel better doing some kind of physical labor. AND yes I know the day will come when I can't do some things. But until that day comes, I will continue to plug along.

    Yesterday the specialist put some "hemp oil" drops under my tongue. Now they have removed all the "high" out of it. Maybe by 10 minutes later, I had no more pain, but it doesn't help with the controlling of my legs. The drops lasted me until I got up this morning. The downer of the drops is that it costs $100. for a 7 oz bottle. I was not willing to pay out $100. until I knew if it would work. Insurances will not pay any part of the cost. He did say that it would work on several problem like migranes, and even my essential tremors. Next week will be another injection.

    Today will be to mow my own yard again as I had to mow a little high Sunday in order to not have grass laying on the yard like "cow paddies". Will be able to mow it lower today.

    That's all I have today. Everyone have a good day.

    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Good SUNNY Morning! Lovin' it!

      ​Yesterday was good. I got the rest of the clothes sorted & organized. Cork just throws his work clothes in a pile, which drives me nutty. So I sorted them into types and put them away. Had phn issues and got that problem worked out with the help of the phn company. Got my ckbk balanced. Just did little odds & ends. Text the ladies at the restaurant asking if they wanted anything special for MD, and I got an order for yesterday from the one. While I was out delivering that, I stopped at the library and DG. You REALLY have to watch DG receipts. I thought something was wrong, and once I got home I found the problem. Will go back today and get it straightened out. Cooked a real dinner. The pool is looking better. Cork worked on it for a while last night. I had to go down and backwash it and put choline in it. Need to stop today and get the algaecide.

      ​Once I got the guys to bed, I baked 3 fudge cakes and a blackberry pie. It was a nice end to a day. Also made plans with both girls to all meet and have breakfast later. I'm calling it MY Mothers Day, since neither of my girls will be there.

      ​Got my shower & hair looking decent. Just waiting for Kathy to arrive, then we'll head into town and meet Becca. Need to deliver the pie before going to the restaurant. Then Kathy & I are hitting up a couple grocery stores. She finally has some money to shop at Sharp Shopper. I keep telling her that place will stretch her budget far. Of course they'll be a stop at Aldi's. Hope to come home and pay some bills now that I've got the ckbk balanced. Have a 3:15 appt to get my hair cut. Now, if Blaise is feeling good, he's going to karate tonight. Hasn't been there since last Friday due to illness.

      ​Jostoy....I've heard a lot of good about those oils. If it truly works, it would be worth it. Now you might be able to find another source for it since I'm sure your doctor has marked it up considerably.

      Have a good one all!


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        Good Morning to all...another beautiful morning...I am still working on my bedroom closet and drawers and also getting rid of old medicine, many is that ever a job.. I have been switched, changed, etc. so many times and I do mail order 90 days at one time, so lots of meds that are older. And clothes drawers, junk drawers all need attention so attention they are getting.. Good thing to accomplish while hubby is not home and in my way, have to make a mess to clean a mess and a mess I have created, but Friday is trash day.. Hubby calls every night told him he doesn't have to but he always has done this when away which I think is very sweet..probably talk more over the phone than we do when he is home, . Fishing is going very well for them, tomorrow night they are having a fish fry and he ask me to come but I don't do night time driving so told him I would pass on that, I know its only a little over an hour away, but if they eat at 6:00-6:30 I could only stay about an hour and then would have to head home..doesn't seem worth it. Nice of him to think of me.

        I just had a breakfast omelet, so good, one egg, one egg white with canadian bacon, salsa, cheese inside...and a piece of whole grain toast...will top that off with some OJ now. Been eating different since hubby isn't here and when I want to eat or not eat I do.

        jostoy I hear a lot of people that truly get behind the oils for healing and all sorts of things, might be worth checking into if it helps...I know yoou are a work horse, hard to find someone that can and is able to do all you do, I wish my health allowed me to do more, in my mind I still think I can until I go out and try it, LOL...I have not been blessed with good genes when it comes to health..

        Well time to get dressed and get busy, so nice having my bed made everyday...get up early, make the bed before leaving the room...oh how I wish, LOL...

        Have a great day one and all..JoG hope you are feeling better...and Maxie the hardest thing in the world to do is keep our opinions to ourselves and let children/grandchildren live and make their own mistakes, trust me I have a really sore tongue when I am around some of the 'family'. It seems the more you say the more the worse it pick your fights and not make a battle..
        Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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          Hi Folks!

          Cleaning here. Still on pantry. Sharon inspired me to go through the clothes and I could only find one thing to dispense with. Don't get me wrong, I have LOTS of things that don't fit, but they keep hope alive, so I hang on.

          jostoy, what kind of a doctor do you see? I must look into this hemp oil business. New to me.

          JoG, hope you are feeling much improved from yesterday.

          maxie, just read yesterday's post. OMY! Your village is out of order, for sure. Hope Jon has good dental insurance. Implants are NOT cheap, but thank goodness they have them.

          Donna, Paula, sounds like you two are doing your thing.

          Well, no news from here. Really beautiful days.

          Hugs to Everyone.
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          • jostoy
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            Elaine, this is my spine specialist. I've been going to him for 5 years now.

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          Good morning! It is garbage day and the cans are already back in the back yard and just waiting on the recycle truck. And the lawn mowers. My yard has clover and all sorts of grass that starts to look overgrown and needy about three days before they come. the neighbor on one side has all Kentucky bluegrass and his yard always looks so nice even up till the day his mowers come. Oh, well. It is what it is and I am happy it is green!

          Because I am leaving Friday for Utah and my niece's college graduation I am starting today on the weekend chores. Bedding and deep clean of the floors, for one. Grocery shopping tonight because we have friends for dinner tomorrow. I am making a light meal of chicken salad on croissants with a fruit salad and ice cream and cookies for dessert.
          I have started packing because I am taking walnuts to a friend and another niece who is hosting us for dinner. I did see yesterday that her baby is pretty sick and both she and her husband have been will not bother me at all if she cancels.

          I use an essential oil blend called On guard (DoTerra oils) on the bottom of my feet every night as a preventive measure. I don't use many others but have friends who swear by them. I did use an expensive one on a cut I got when travelling and it was the Fastest healing cut I ever had! Way faster than using Neosporin.

          I hope you all have a good day and the sun keeps shining!


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            good morning,

            sun is shining and I hope the temperature gets higher.

            Michael goes back to colorado today.. been one very full, busy, happy ,sad week.. ...I did not do much housework beyond dishes and a little sweepering .. guess what ,, it didn't matter. did it?.. there is tomorrow for that stuff.

            going to read up on the "hemp" oil... would like to find something that would give D.relief... if it don't help the legs tho'.. which is one of his biggest problems now.. he probably would not take it. .

            Bethina ,,It is work being a caregiver... so I was always really nice to them when we would visit Bonny..
            Hi to you all.. be back later. better get my thoughts together , enjoy Mike time with us a little more


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              Morning...rainy morning here. Sierra woke me up to say a storm was coming in so I laid there and when it started making noise I rolled back over and slept until just now. Sky is black around me but it is suppose to clear up and then move back this evening. No Andrew today and after work today Jon will see both is dentist so driving here then driving there for him means I do not have to cook again!

              Just as we started to cook last night the dealer called with her car. Under warranty! Aren't those the sweetest words? But it was to late for them to scope my car so the check engine light is still on. I am going home tomorrow for a haircut and banking and will run into the local used car dealer and have him scope it. The three of us ate scrambled eggs and pancakes and noticed that we each eat our eggs different. I put salsa and sour cream on mine, Jon uses just sour cream and Sierra ketchup. Andrew is the only one who eats scrambled eggs plain! I know tonight will be a take out night even if Sierra brings home McDs after work. After two dentist working over that sore tooth I doubt Jon will be chewing much of anything tonight.

              I want to thank those of you with the advice you have given me. I have let a lot of dislike overtake my feelings and am going to make a special effort to keep my mouth shut. Last night she was with her best friend who is home from college but just for a week then back to work the summer. It would be nice for Caroline to stay longer and maybe see some things she could point out...they talk every day but seeing is better. But on my part I am going to try to bite my tongue and be more looking for things to dislike or making her defend him. Going to try!

              Hope the weather clears up because today is class trip day to the zoo for Drew. yesterday the starting band made the tour of the other schools promoting band and music. Kids got a free lunch in the park and no classes! He was looking forward to that. But not the zoo to much. We have a world famous zoo in St.Louis but they run these kids through it so fast that it is not a fun day. Lots of new babies were born over the winter and that would be fun to see in the children's zoo. I do not know why they don't take them up in the Arch for something new. Again no one asks me...why is that?

              Maybe I will run the vac and mop a floor or two. Need to unload the dishwasher. Was invited to a Mother's Day BBQ for Saturday. Jon is off so he can drive to St.Louis. My niece is very good at these little celebrations and her little ones are so entertaining. And having a driver is even better because I can have a drink if i want and I normally want..she always promises mimosas! Sierra is out the door and Jon home late, no Andrew and one stuffed pepper left for my lunch...could be a relaxing day. Wishing the same to all of you! You are probably all wishing I would shut up when I get depressed but seems I just can go on and on........


              • Paula A
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                I never want you to
                Write less!
                I have almost become a baseball fan, have lots of memories come up of when my kids were little as I read about your grandkids and Donna’s, and love hearing of your life!

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              Good morning, everyone.
              I feel stable again today. ☺️ That’s surprising, as I didn’t/couldn’t fall asleep before 2 a.m. I have fixed 2 eggs waffles with butter and cinnamon sugar, and my mocha. I’m ready to start another day when E wakes up.
              I did accomplish quite a bit cleaning out my half of the closed. My winter things are in bins, and summer things on hangers. I worked in short spurts, with resting periods in between.
              Inside, I feel younger with pent up energy. But I feel like I’m trapped in a body that doesn’t respond to that. I shouldn’t tire so easily.
              Today I will be trying on pants and jeans, to see if they’re keepers or not. Some still have price tags attached. This new weight gain from the new med, I’m stuck with it. I have clothes I really love, in various sizes. But I’m going to discard what’s no longer comfortable. So far, I have discarded either for GD or Goodwill, about a half a bin worth of stuff. E found a huge bag of stuffed toys in the garage. I’ll be “air-fluffing” them in the dryer to remove any dust, and divide among kids’ families or donate.

              So that’s what I’ll be doing today. E watches me closely, concerned. He’s a good caregiver, I’ll say that. He makes my jobs easier, often keeping him from his own activities or jobs. But it’s nice that he is so caring.
              On the other hand.... he is “nutso”! He uses a world of accents, or mimics John Wayne or someone, or makes up foreign-sounding languages (great for using on people who think our number is someone else’s and keeps calling back. The other day when he ordered pizza, he spoke like The Hulk, finishing the call with “Hulk Happy now. Hulk have tip for delivery person.” Then hangs up and talks to me like Johnny Cash. When we were first married I would hang up on him because I didn’t know the stupid voice. (These days 95% of our calls are scam crap. He wrote an answering machine program that lists the caller/number that doesn’t let those numbers come through. ——- so if ever anyone we know calls, I hope they have Caller ID or leave a message so we know who is calling. Cannot memorize everyone’s number. We have alerted family and close friends about that, as if they pay attention.).

              Well E should be getting up any minute now. Guess I’ll start his cuppa coffee.
              Have a good day! 🤗
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


              • Paula A
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                I need to call so I can hear one of his voices!
                Wish we could hear what the pizza people thought!!!

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              Good afternoon everyone..

              I am last again...LOL...I been busy..Going house work...
              and working on supper...I just finish up did alot of cutting on the fabric..And it took three days..Then i have little helpers...


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                Paula, I think the pizza people thought “oh, him again!” I think all the supermarket people have seen his “Pride & Joy” picture. (At first they expect to see a pet or grand baby, but it’s just the cleaning products by that name.). He enjoys being funny. He doesn’t always answer the phone that way, but it depends who he is calling. And he won’t do a voice or accent on command any more. He has to be ready for it. (His vocal cords changed after retirement.) When he spoke fake Polish to my mom, she was absolutely positive he was Polish....I asked her what he said, and she assumed it was just a different dialect she didn’t understand. It was simply gobbledygook with an accent.

                Oh, and I agree with you that Maxi should never write less. She is as good or better than most TV sitcoms! Love your sense of humor, Maxi. You can easily surpass Maxine with your wry view of life.
                Kids are difficult enough, but mostly so when they are walking the tightrope between childhood and adulthood. You can guide them, but in the end they will make their own decisions. How many times my girls came back and said, “You were right, Mom. Go ahead, tell me you told me so.” (I didn’t rub their nose in it. But they paid more attention to reasoning things out, after that.). They learn from their mistakes..... just like I did!

                Jostoy, I meant to address you earlier. Hemp oil is supposed to be safer than Marianna. Don’t be afraid of asking your doctor (if he is a caring person) or pharmacist about better pricing. Or maybe your insurance company can direct you to find an affordable source. My doctor’s head nurse got my new prescription, which goes for $200 a pill, for $28.00 for a month’s supply, and I take it twice a day.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.