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Tuesday...May 8.

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  • Tuesday...May 8.

    Good morning everyone.

    Got home Sunday about noon. My yard looked really "ratty", so I got on the mower and "whipped" the yard into shape.

    ​Was very tired when I got home. At my sister-in-law's house I couldn't begin to tell you everything I did up there. I just know that it was work every day. Some was not as hard as others. Like digging up old shrub bushes compared to putting a new screen and knob on her sliding patio door.
    ​Got her new "garden box" built, which I showed her how to drill and put screws in. My brother never showed ANYONE how to do anything.

    ​Went to Church Sunday evening, and while picking up E. seen that her yard needed mowing. So got that done yesterday. We went to lunch and got back to her house, she mentioned she had bought 2 Asella bushes, and wanted me to help her plant them. Well here I go again digging up bushes, but this time it was dead rose bush roots. One came up pretty easy, but the second one gave me a real challenge. You know the kind you have to take a rest. Anyway the new bushes got planted.

    Today I go to my spine specialist, and not a day too soon. ​ The appt. was made as a follow up from my last injection. Will probably be getting another injection real soon.

    Now you know all my "missing in action" tales. Hope you all have a great day.
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    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.

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    Morning all...Cori came and got on the bed just as my alarm went off....made it hard to want to get going...She has been really snuggly lately

    Had a some issues with my anxiety early on yesterday but taking an extra anxiety pill helped...I did get to go to main street yesterday...I got some more tea...Lemon this time and was able to finish up my mom's mother's day gifts..

    I got a text yesterday at some granny will check in to the nursing home for in patient rehab...She is hardly able to get around and has fallen again...We all knew it was coming its just a circle with her They will help get get her strong then she will go back to her old ways..we are glad that for awhile we won't have to worry so much about her she is in a place that she likes and wants to be....getting the attention she wants...

    I am off to find food..not sure what I will have for breakfast...I MUST go to the store today...not a thing in the house that I want to eat.


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      Good Morning, looks to be shaping up to a good day, since I had to stick close to a bathroom yesterday never got the motorhome done, so hoping today is better...the closet sure is looking better..

      jostoy, your poor spine isn't any wonder why it never gets or stays better, you work it way to hard...sometimes you need to sit and just enjoy life, LOL...
      bethina, hope your anxiety is better today and your granny gets stronger.

      Yesterday was rather comical, it was a windy day, but not a really bad wind I opened up the umbrella on the deck table to get it so light came back in the house, sat down at the computer and I hear a really funny bang and go out to see what it was, well here my umbrella took 'flight' and landed on the roof top, first it would blow forward, then twist a little, come sliding down, get hung of the gutter, etc. I knew I had to stay out there to make sure it didn't take flight again and end up in the street or in a neighbors yard, well it finally came down with another bang.. Sent hubby a picture of the umbrella on the house and he said, "did you have the umbrella open"? I know dumb to do on a windy day but yes I did, didn't think it was that windy....While the cats away the mouse will play.... put my bird feeders in a different spot and within minutes I had birds..hope they comeback..

      Well time to get dressed and go vote today, my right as a registered voter and citizen...if you don't vote, no right to complain if you want to.

      Hope everyone will have a simply amazing day, even you Maxie,
      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Good SUNNY Morning! Yesterday was gorgeous.

        ​Very productive though it didn't look like it if you walked into the house. It takes longer than you think to package up a bunch of cookies in a way that they won't get damaged. Mission accomplished. It feels good to have that all done & out of the way. I called to see if they'd like them earlier, but they don't. No freezer space. Friday it'll be then.

        ​Got all the laundry washed. Now to put it away. I got my clothes and Blaise's switched over. Eliminated a whole big blanket box of Blaise's clothes. Will pass them onto Kathy for Xander....IF they are together that long. She was suppose to come up yesterday to get her Christmas gift...lawn mower...but she was sick in bed. Cork & I pulled the tarps off of the pool and he worked on getting the motor running.

        ​Another guy at work put his 2 wk notice in. Corky's buddy who is done this Friday went and talked to the plant manager yesterday. He told him they better take care of Cork & Jim, or they were going to lose them too. In February Cork THOUGHT he got a raise, and then the next day found out that the starting wage was what he was raised to. There 2 yrs and he was making the same as the guy that just started. Not right. There are items that they assemble that are technical and only Cork & Jim know how to do them. They don't keep people long enough to learn the jobs, or they hire people who don't care or listen.

        ​It's nice not having anything I HAVE to do today. I'm going to work on catching up on paperwork. Need to run to the library to return a book and hit up DG for a few of their sale items. There is a $2 off coupon if you spend $10, which I will btw the cereals and laundry detergents I plan to buy. Will cook a real dinner.

        Have a good one all!


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          Hi Everyone.

          Yes! A day I don't HAVE to do anything - just what I want. Have another pantry shelf cleared off and drying out. Moved some stuff out I don't use.

          Not I'm heading to a closet to bag up everything I haven't had on in a year and haul it out. Feels good already.

          Weather here is perfect, which helps the mood for sure.

          Hugs to Everyone.


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            Good morning.
            Yesterday started out okay for me, but I gradually started to feel my new med side effects which gradually kept getting worse. I posted how I felt last evening.
            When E got hope from his errands he ordered pizza for supper. He brought me a colorful bouquet of flowers, because he sensed I wasnít feeling great and wanted to cheer me up. I took the chicken out of the crock pot, and will cut it up for salads today. I tried to pour the broth from the cooking bag into the container but my hands got shaken and I got all over the counter. By which time I got awfully dizzy, so he helped my back to my chair and he cleaned up the whole mess. I never felt those effects so badly.

            Well, today is another day. Iím feeling back to normal, but will take it slow and easy today. But I do have chores in mind to be done.

            The little birds in the backyard are so happy, dancing almost in the bird bath. Plus they have the suet to eat.
            There has been plenty of wind here lately, just not the horrible gusting winds, so the weather app doesnít mention them. The temps will remain in the low 💯į through Thursday, then back to the 90įís again for the weekend and into next week.

            Jostoy, I agree with the others here, that you work too hard. Itís nice of you to be helpful to others, but there comes a point where you must slow down and take care of yourself. Donít make your back get any worse off. Do you have a back support item you can wear when you are doing those chores?

            Sharon, you are sounding so much better. Yayyyyyyy! 😄

            Cookie, you really are caught up with your baking jobs? Amazing. Iím glad you can take time for yourself.

            Beth, glad you have something to help with your anxiety. Now lets hope your grandma recovers well.

            Elaine, itís good to be where you donít ďhaveĒ to do things, isnít it.

            Hi Maxie, Paula, Janet, Sassy, and whoever is typing /posting with or after me.
            Have a great day, 🤗
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              A summer day with sun and heat and baseball practice and the Cards play this afternoon. Should be perfect but yesterday was the day from hell and today is the cleanup.

              Jon had horrible news at the dentist and has a broken front tooth below the gum line that will need pulled and a post set and a fake tooth. AND all of this could take about 8 months because of healing etc., and two dentist he will travel back and forth to. Then Sierra calls while he is in the dentist chair to say her car is acting up and she is taking it to a garage her bf recommended. I tell her to take it to the dealer because it could be warranty but this bf is a genius and a specialist. They tell her wrong type of oil and go ahead and drive it until she gets it to the DEALER. So Jon swings over and grabs her car to take it to the dealer and they kept it. Not safe to drive and not sure what is wrong until they get in there but when scoped several things showed up....might be warranty work. So I drop everything and run to pick him up and he has a tooth ache from all the prodding and I am bitching up a storm over this bf just making him more miserable. Sorry! But there is more. He takes my car to pick up Andrew and they come in in a knock down drag out fight. Jon seldom loses his temper but the boy hit a nerve yesterday and he had to force him out to cut the grass when he told his dad no because it wasn't his grass and that started the fight. AND then he hit a rock and bent the mower blade. And then Jon tells me that your check engine light came on at the bus stop. So we are sitting here 2 cars down and a broken lawn mower, Sierra and I have had it out via phone over that loser and poor Jon is in pain. Andrew is actually happy because he gets corn dogs for supper again. Sierra calls and got off early so they run out for a mower blade, get the grass finished, run Andrew home and he is not coming tonight since we will be, hopefully, picking up one car and getting mine scoped. Sierra is in finals and will drive my car with the check engine light on because she has no choice. I had dinner with a friend tonight that had to be cancelled, a hair cut cancelled, no car today and then Sierra says she cannot afford a big repair bill and could we help. Well, no matter how mad I am at her I would not expect a college kid working a McD's to pay a repair bill and she did apologize over the bf thing. I tried to tell her that I know she is enjoying this managers job and taking it seriously and willing to put in the hours and the maturity she is gaining is visible yet she is holding herself back with this dead beat loser. What ya gonna do? Most of what I think of doing is illegal!

              So today i will shower and dress and wait for the dealer to call with her car. Last night I went to sleep at 9 and slept until 4:30 and was up only twice. Stress and anger wear me out! Jon ask for scrambled eggs tonight and his tooth is still sore. He thinks it was broken one night he and Drew were wrestling around. Plus he had that splinter dug out from his hand in the ER Saturday night. The had to cut it out and left an open incision to let anything else work out so he is just a mess and does not deserve my ranting. He needs to call the dentist for pain meds. Sierra is up and getting ready to leave...pray that light is only being pretty.

              Jostoy, what you do by accident is 10Xs what I do on purpose. No wonder your back hurts. Sharon the umbrella story is funny. Mary Poppins! I know I missed greetings to many people but I am thinking of each of you and sending good thoughts to all.


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                Oh my goodness! I had to change my schedule this morning because yesterday a dad showed up at 6:50 and I had not done my hair yet... so this morning I did everything not sure what time that little girl would show up but of course, she is not here yet. To the dadís credit, she was dressed. Mom brings her later and in jammies.

                Maxie, as a mom who had to endure two boys with girlfriends we did not want them to get serious over, it was when we ignored it that it got better. The best thing is Sierra being in college and being in management! She is probably surrounded with a lot of examples of people making good choices and others making bad ones. If there is a way to
                Be silent and not make her think she needs to defend him or protect him maybe she can start to
                Really see him. Faults and weaknesses as well as whatever first attracts him. I know how hard it is to see our kids making bad choice.

                Here comes the little girl.


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                  Yes Paula I know you are right and I am getting the same exact advise from my sister who spent many years in mental health. She does dig in and defend him. Ok, Lord,give me strength!!

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                Good afternoon everyone...

                I was so busy..Doing house work...And making supper...

                I bought fabric...I was cutting and sewing...And making pillows for the Cancer Center..Then kitting hats..
                They day just flew by