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Good Sunday Morning to all

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  • Good Sunday Morning to all

    Good Morning...I just don't know were yesterday went away to...Got hubby off to his fishing trip, got all the sheets off the bed washed and another set put on, started cleaning out our walk in closet, Mother in law called talked for over and hour, went out and watered my tomato plants, and watched some birds of some sort devour a dead racoon, didn't see hide nor hair of the foxes, but this morning those nasty birds have surrounded the area where the foxes nature is something else.

    Today I plan on getting in that closet again (Maxie of old) and get it straightened up, been driving me crazy it is so cluttered, first I need to go buy a large plastic tote to put my winter 'stuff' in to make room for spring and summer clothes..that will be an all day task if not more, older and slower these days.

    Looks like we might get some rain here, got up today thinking it was Monday already, LOL...Love seeing everything turning green...even when its dreary out the green makes it feel better...well time for some breakfast and on to getting dressed and getting busy. Have a thankful day one and all.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good Morning! Yes, dreary here too, but like you said, the green makes it feel better. Also feeling human is great too!

    ​Yesterday was a busy one. Started out the day on our "date"...going to garage sales. The first few were a bust, but eventually we found a few good ones. Found one of those large trays commercial kitchens use, and they are perfect for when I'm putting the finishing touches on cookies and then freeze them. They aren't for baking for me. Dropped off Cork and headed down to pick up Blaise who was sick. My pool lil buddy. He slept most of the you KNOW he was sick.

    ​Once I got him settled in, I got busy putting the finishing touches on 3 kinds of cookies and got them into the freezers. I then decided to test a new lemon sugar cookie recipe. I think it's a keeper. Cooked a real dinner and then we all watched a movie together. Didn't even have to tell Blaise twice to go to bed, which is extremely unusual. This round of sickness is different than the one a few days ago. I was beginning to think it might be strep throat. If he's still sick tomorrow, I think I'll call the doctor's office. We'll see.

    ​Well Blaise & I are staying home from church & SS today obviously. He's settled in, and I'm starting to get stuff ready to cook. Need to make Corky's food for the week, and then I'm going to try a new chicken broccoli recipe for cards tonight. Need to also package all the cookies. I called & left a msg for the lady that ordered them. Told her if they'd like them earlier than Friday, they were available. Get them early (if they have the freezer space) and make one thing off their to do list for the wedding. Playing cards this evening at my SIL.

    ​I've got my boxes out to switch clothes over, but didn't get too far on that project yet. Maybe Tues. Tomorrow is already planned IF Blaise goes to school, otherwise I might be doing it then.

    ​Have a good one all!


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      Sierra usually does not talk to me for a long period since I am her grocery/walmart/clothes go to guy. Evidently my credit card carries a lot of weight with She did thank me for paying for her repair...that HAD to be prepaid but I am sure I will not be reimbursed as 'punishment' for the missent text.

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    Good Morning!

    I must not be living right. I don't switch clothes around, Guess I don't have enough clothes.

    Made a Mexicanish casserole for church to mark Cinco de Mayo. Other than that, church and back home.

    John is into soups, so I've got to find a few more recipes. Nothing heavy or creamy. Sure does limit what I can do.

    Well, have a very good day, my Friends.

    GORgeous weather here.


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      Editing a comment just don't have the very cold weather we do apparently. Winter clothes are bulky and take up lots of room....long pants, sweatshirts, sweaters. Now we breakout our shorts, capris, and short sleeves.

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    Good morning Well Maxie your Cards beat us again... Oh more game more chance..

    I am headed to Bible Study in just a bit...our meal theme is mexican..I had a dessert assignment..I wasn't feeling making anything so I just went and bought cookies last night....just not in the mood to bake..

    This afternoon I think that I will just chill.


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      Well, Beth, I was not going to mention it but we did beat those Cubbies again. It was a great game for excitement. One more tonight and we can get the broom out!!

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    Morning! Not a lot of clothes, Elaine, just limited closet space! I went from owning every closet in the house to being regulated to one. Plus, I probably do have more clothes than needed and that is why i need to get in there and do some switching and pitching!

    Again I am home alone and I heard then both up and heading out then went back to sleep. That is not normal but a nice surprise! Yesterday I actually did do nothing!! Emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it then picked up a book and watched the Cards beat the Cubs. Sierra came in around 2:00 after work and did homework while watching the game with me and I read until I finished the book last night. Only break I took was when she and I ran out for carry out. Today may be a repeat but not with her since bf is back in town and crooking his finger. Looks like rain so no need to rush cleaning that closet when it feels like a sweatshirt day.

    I do have laundry today to catch up her work clothes. Jon is off Monday so would like to get the rest of the mulch spread and the yard ornaments out. Blue birds have eggs and I saw two cardinals rustling around in the climbing rose bush next door. Did not know they would build that low or even if they are...they could have just been looking for a little privacy.... One lone hummer was flying by so need to get the feeder filled. I would like to hang a second feeder and see if I can attract more than two. My feeder was not on the A list last summer and we only had two hummers.

    Can't think of anything going on or even planned from around here. Need to check the calendar but don't think anything is planned for the week. Need to make a hair appointment but she is going on vacay at the end of the month for two weeks into June and I have a couple of graduation parties so need to get a game plan on hair cuts since I go every 3 weeks.

    Hoping you all have a sunny warm Sunday..may rain here and no sun but should clear out. Jon feed the azalea and hibiscus for me so they could use a nice gentle rain day.


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      So I take it Sierra is back to talking to you. LOL!

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    Good morning! Sunny and a bit cooler so we will have a great day!
    Yesterday was great! the Cinco de Mayo taco picnic was fun. It was overcast and humid, but a few of us who have kids back East or have lived there were saying we have no room to complain about humidity. And one of the husbands who heard us said, And I was a Marine in uniform in that humidity, too!
    So we were definitely empathetic to those of you who endure it well.

    After the picnic I went to my House of Design (favorite shop you are all tired of hearing me talk about) with the intention of finding a lamp on sale. Everything I looked at was so expensive that even with 20% off I just couldn't decide to put out the money. Win for my self reliance finance class, I guess. To actually say to myself I should look at some other places and then decide. And I am going to look at some yard sales and thrift stores, too.

    Then I took my mom fro a drive in her car to see how it does on the freeway. Wow! I got that car up to the 70mph and even higher and kit was fine. The higher was when I had other cars Pushing us from behind and one that just zipped around us...saw him a few miles outside of Red Bluff pulled over by the CHP. I kind of smiled at that...but I know we can drive to the airport on Friday in her car and not have to leave any earlier than normal. I was afraid her car wouldn't go over 60...We bought olives for my brother and for us. Garlic stuffed and jalapeno stuffed for Bruce and caper stuffed for us. I wanted the anchovy stuffed, but my mom didn't. Also bought a mufaletta sandwich for Becky and brought that home.

    I got some beautiful strawberries yesterday and will take some to our last finance class at 5:00 and make freezer jam with the rest. Between the half flats my mom buys and this flat my friend bought, I am doing a lot with strawberries and the daycare kids that like them are getting their fill, too. (How does someone not like a red, ripe strawberry?)

    Donna, is the lemon cookie the one from FAcebook? Now that you are giving it a thumbs up I will definitely go ahead and make it. I just need an event to take it to so I don't eat them all.
    Becky is making the chocolate chip pretzel and caramel cookies for her internship group.

    I also watched the Derby. The station had done a nice feature about Bolt d'Oro and so of course, I was hoping he would win..but good job, Justify!

    Have a good day! Enjoy the people in your life and treat yourself well!


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      Good morning.
      It is a sunny 91į this morning, going to break the 100į today when it reaches 102į this afternoon. The little birds are happy with a full birdbath, plus some suet hanging in the tree. Iíve only had to chase away 2 pigeons...E has them well trained 😃 so they scare off very easily now.

      Had my breakfast, and took my shower. Love how nicely my haircut goes into the ďdoĒ I like. Have to bring in bathe paper soon. Right now Iím resting, having been on my feet 45 minutes. After 30 minutes my back aches, and this seems to come from my new med. A small price to pay to halt the production of the fibrosis in my bone marrow.

      That lemon cookie sounds sooooooooo good. Iím drooling just thinking about it. I have Meyer lemons to use up. Guess Iíll look for that recipe, or one like it. I just got a recipe for a banana lava cake (banana bread recipe with sour cream in it, and ice cream bars you layer in at the last minute before baking...the ice cream makes the cakeís lava.).

      So thatís really all that is happening for now. Iím going to go outside and bring in todayís newspaper and enjoy my cuppa tea.

      Have a great day! ☀️
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Jo, I shared it again on my Facebook page to bringit up for Becky. I can send it to you if you need me to by email.

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      Thanks, Paula. Please send it by email.
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.