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Thursday ~ May 3

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  • Thursday ~ May 3

    Good Morning.

    Did not make it here yesterday Did the dumbest thing. Friend told me about mixing cleaning vinegar and Dawn and what a great cleaner. So, I ordered the stuff online and yesterday morning mixed a quart.
    I was carrying that quart jar around and hit it against the granite counter. Glass everywhere was bad enough, but that mixture was like an oil slick. I sopped and mopped forever. Won't be making anymore.

    This is a nightmare week for John. Blood draw on Monday. Transfusion and first chemo shot Tuesday. Another blood draw yesterday and chemo shot. Today nurse is coming and back for another shot.

    Beginning to get hot here, too. Weather very unstable. Don't know what is coming in the way of storms.

    Have a good day, Everyone.
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    Elaine my heart goes out to John and all that he is having to endure, it has to be so hard on him...and you prayers continue.

    We have a rainy morning here, but I love seeing all the greenery the warmth and rain is bringing with it..I had to turn on the AC yesterday, glad I had better luck than Maxie did when someone turned hers on...went from heat one day to AC the next...seems a lot of us are having to do that.

    My plans today will be baking off the cookie doughs I made yesterday...have my cookie sheets and cooling racks all ready...hubby will not be here for half the day which means the kitchen is all mine...yesterday I told him he had to stay out of the kitchen while I was making cookie dough, he listened and got a lot of things done. He took everything out of garage, sweep it and also hosed it down, looks so much better, and he also gave my car a good cleaning inside and out...guess he redeemed himself, LOL

    Donna hope Blaise is feeling better and no one else in your house catches it..I think that is what I had last weekend, 24 hrs. and all was better.

    Well time to get a bite to eat, have a cup of coffee, and then get busy..

    Have a wonderful day one and all, look for that silver lining.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Good morning everyone...

      Rise and shine..

      I had my morning chores this morning..It is too late to go to the store.

      What busy day..And did not leave the


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        Good SUNNY Morning! I know the sunny part is going to be short lived because rain & storms are predicted and a few dark clouds are starting to appear. The a/c is going on today. I have to bake and I don't want to do it sweating bullets.

        ​Yesterday was good. Kathy came and watched Blaise while I went for a doctors appt and then Aldi's. After she left I got busy making 4 different fillings/icings. Blaise was feeling 100% better by the time I got home, so I sent him outside a few times. He then helped me decorate the "cupcake" sugar cookies for his birthday class treat for today. He did the sprinkles. I then filled 15 doz ladylocks. Who knew it would take that long to do? I think it takes longer to keep filling the icing bags. Probably doesn't but it feels that way. Cooked a nice salmon dinner. I love salmon! Once I got the guys to bed, I baked off the thumbprint cookies.

        ​ case Aunt Janet/Maye doesn't get here today, her SIL Bonny passed away yesterday afternoon. She said they had peace with it since they got to go visit her last month and personally gave their love to her then.

        ​Today is Blaise's 8th birthday. Hard to believe. It's gone fast. Since he missed going to the movies and dinner with his friend yesterday, I ask the mom if the boy was available today, and he is. So I'm picking the boys up a wee bit early from school so that we miss the bus crowd (unexcused absence) and go see Sgt Stubby and then to Burger King for dinner afterwards. I canceled his counseling appt for today so that we could do this. I sent him on the bus with the sugar cookies & choc chip cookies...hope they make it in one piece.

        ​This morning I'll be mixing up the final 3 kinds of cookies dough for the wedding order. I hope to get them baked off today, but if not, I'll finish them up tomorrow. I just want to get it all done & out of the way. I've got the icing ready for the thumbprints and the tiny wafer sandwich cookies, so I should be able to get both of them done & in the freezer. The only icing I don't have made is the lemon one. I also have to get Blaise's BD gifts wrapped & ready for him once we get home from the movie. Got him a book, a pug stuff animal (he LOVES pugs), and a tether ball set. I was hoping Cork would have it set up for him, but he doesn't. He told me he needs to dig a hole & make up some cement. I was telling my cousin Karen about getting the tether ball & how I read dogs love them too. Her eyes lit up and she said she may have to get her pup one of those since she's so full of energy. I'm anxious to see if Becca's pup plays with it.

        Have a good one all!


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          good morning

          a quick post .. thanks Donna... we are still getting plans straightened out.. son Mike is flying in from Co.. he was a favorite of Bonnys.. tomorrow the funeral home in our near little town will have Bonny for a 3 hr viewing for her friends, relatives around here .then they will transport her back to her home in Salisbury.. mid Pa.. for Sat. funeral in afternoon... we will go out there.too.. .but lots of other details to work out....

          behave one and All...
          Sharon , you got it under control now... ... and got a lot of good things cleaned .. ..


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            Good morning.
            Itís a sunny day here, too. The high temp yesterday was 71, today it shoots to 79, and tomorrow to 90. We look to break 100į this weekend. 🌵 No signs of any moisture or rain, so Iíd better remind E to water the trees today.

            Our neighbor says her church collects book for their sales. So we have an outlet for taking our used books. I was surprised that libraries wonít take them, even in like-new condition.

            E took me to Applebeeís for dinner. They have a new dish on the menu, Sweet & Sour stir fry chicken. Donít believe it.
            They donít know S&S from teriacki (sp?). It was not S&S ny a long shot. Itís a glazed sliced chicken breast on a bed of dry rice and a few broccoli florets with roast red pepper for color. Nowhere near stir-fry or S&S. 😝

            Laundry awaits me today.

            Elaine, Iím sorry that John has to go through all that.
            Sharon, Iím glad things are getting back under control for you.
            Cookie, Iím glad Blaise is doing better. Hope you get caught up on the wedding cookies.
            Hi Maye....a bittersweet weekend ahead for you.
            Hi Sassy, and whoever is posting with or after me.

            Have a good day!
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Morning..rainy morning here. Storms last night and maybe more this afternoon. The new plantings needed a good soaking rain...I know it rained a lot but not sure how gentle it was.

              Last nights band concert was very nice and very hot in that gym! 5th and 6th grades bands played and then the choir sang. Could have done without the choirs but I am sure their parents were very proud. I sang choir and can say with some certainty that not every choir is great or even very good and I know that because my mom told me. But the bands were very good and those parents and grandparents were very proud! Hot in that gym!!

              My sister called this morning and was complaining about the a/c being out and I told her to get a grip and my being without a/c is a bigger crisis then hers being out. They are waiting for a part but may end up replacing the entire unit and our repairman does not come until tomorrow and already told Jon how old his unit is and to consider the alternative or the reality. Reality is pretty darn expensive!! Was hot sleeping last night and then we had to close the windows when the storm came though. We never open windows because of the allergies so it gave me a flash back to being a kid and sleeping at the foot of my bed with the window fan bringing in the night air. Flash backs are nice but the a/c running would be better!

              Have no idea what supper will be tonight but Andrew ate the last of the corn dogs last night so they are out. Just kidding...he did have corn dogs last night but we had a time problem but I still have no idea what we will do for tonight. Maybe make this a carry out night. Changed the sheets yesterday and now need to switch out the closet. I normally use the one year method where if you did not wear it last summer you don;t need to carry it over this year but I have noticed that my taste is changing and am going back looking for things. Or finding things that are suddenly my favorite. Which probably just means I have a hard time throwing clothes out.

              Need to get moving...really starting the day late. In the dog house with my granddaughter since I responded to a text from her father and sent it to her by mistake. She objected to my calling her bf a not so enduring name. Oops. Not the first time I have been in the dog house over that a**. But I would not have said it to her face and feel bad but will not apologize. I'll just tell her he is sucking up good oxygen that I need to keep my brain clear. LOL! or am I really laughing? I do know he is affecting my mood and this sudden heat and no a/c is not helping.

              Enjoy the rain those getting it and enjoy the heat and sun those needing it.


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                Good morning! Kids are around the table working. We will see how l g it lasts.

                Jo, when a waitress friend told me there are 13 microwaves in our Applebeeís I stopped going.

                Donna, are the cookies for a cookie table like I read about? They called it a tradition a Pittsburgh cookie table.

                So sorry for your familyís loss, but grateful for your visit and Faith to know she is in a much better place.

                Elaine, I have made that solution to clean cabinets. Sorry for that time consuming mess!

                Becky had a good trip and talked a lot about the Prison. My Delta brother said he couldnít wait to tell
                The flight crew his Bruce just got out of Folsom Prison...

                Warming up here and I am watering g 3 times a week.

                Have a good day!


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                  Paula....yes, these are cookies for the traditional reception cookie table. I'm making the mother of the bride's cookies that she's to donate. I normally get ask to make the fancy ones that nobody else wants to make. Now, I REFUSE to make the peach flavored cookies that some seem to love. They are gross as far as I'm concerned. They are in the shape of a peach and use fake peach flavoring. Blah! I won't make something that I personally wouldn't eat or promote.

                  ​Elaine....hugs for both you & John. I'm sorry it's a rough week.


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                    Elaine I heard of that recipe and thought about trying it but have decided it might not be worth the trouble after your experience! Sorry you and John are having a rough week.

                    Maye you have written about Bonnie and her illness and sorry about your loss. Cookie, Happy Birthday Blaise. Time is flying entirely to fast. Hope those birthday treats made it on the bus...and I agree about not making something you hate. There is no way I am cooking anything I will not eat myself. Peaches are best over icecream or whip cream!

                    Paula what an experience for Becky! Folsom Prison is notorious all across the country. JoGee have not been to an Applebees in Years. Guess I am not missing anything! Hello, Sassy!!

                    Hope I have remembered everyone. Jon is off today so we bought some groceries and have decided sloppy joe and friench fries for supper for me and Drew. Jon is on a strick diet and needs to get serious with his diabetes. He has to do this himself and will be easier once Andrew does not come nightly this summer. Of course I am sitting here eating a bag of strawberry licorice and that should not be on anyone's diet but I am not the diabetic. AND I do have horrible eating habits which is the one thing I passed down. But he has to regulate himself and control that night eating.

                    So have not heard from Sierra because she is mad even though I did what I was ask and took her necklace in for repair and even had to pay in advance so all she has to do it pick it up and put it back on. Besides this guy sucking my air I am not getting any! Still rainy and temps in the 70s but house is warm. How did we live through our childhoods without a/c, furnace heat , microwaves and refrigerators that make ice? Maybe that is why I am warped...I was deprived as a child!