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Midweek day, Happy Wednesday to all

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  • Midweek day, Happy Wednesday to all

    Good morning, good morning, oh what a beautiful day...I got a wonderful feeling.....

    I do have a slight headache this morning (and it isn't the hubby) well it could be but the list is just to long from yesterday, I told him I need to train him for the household I run, LOL..
    We did get a lot done yesterday outside, the boxes are built for some of the plants we want to plant, all new top planting soil to put in them, bought myself some new gardening gloves and another bird feeder, still no birds on the first one...may need to move them a little further away from the house..

    Going to start on making the cookie doughs today so tomorrow and Friday I can bake them and make the potato salad and coleslaw for hubby's fishing trip. Allergies are getting to me, my eyes cloudy and itchy, nose dripping constantly, and now the headache, hope the allergy meds kick in soon.

    I have to get a haircut soon, time for the summer do...short and easy, no mess, no fuss....also need to call about the blood work later today if he has not called my afternoon.

    Well ladies and gents, its off to get busy...I spent a lot of time watching the Momma fox and her little ones play this morning...what a sight to behold..

    Have a wonderful, beautiful, fantastic Wednesday.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    A good sunny morning to you all!
    Today we will actually have a high temp of 71. Then it climbs again. Ny Sunday we should break 100. But the winds have stopped, and Im glad of it.

    Just another day, nothing outstanding going on. Chores await, though.
    I need to fill the feeder for the little birds. The nasty dirty pigeons can go fly a kite.

    Have a great day! ☀️
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good morning

      Sharon, more advice from this old lady... if you move your feeder put it sort of close to a tree or bush... so the small birds can set in it if the bigger birds chase them away.. also any noise will send them all to scramble to tree.. I have my feeder at the foot of the outside deck steps.. with a bush and tree its not the house they are ignoring . believe me , once a few locate a place for free food..... they will spread the news!!!

      probably make quick trip to library , and dollar store... need to pick out birthday and such cards for May and June.. almost forgot son #3 birthday is this Friday...
      going to be sunny and 70s last ..


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        Morning. Was a great warm up yesterday and may be close to 90 today. HOWEVER, someone got hot yesterday and turned on the a/c and it was not me but I will be the guy calling the repairman. It ran and cooled the house down then started to make a noise. Man, don;t you hate it when it 'makes a noise'? And why is 'makes a noise' so darn expensive?

        Tonight is Andrew's band concert and we have to have him at the school by 6. Does not leave much time when the kid does not get off the bus until 4:00 and last night he had a long math sheet..gotta get him fed and cleaned up and the school is still a 30 minute drive. Jon picked up clean clothes when he took him home last night so we can get him there semi clean anyway.

        Did not sleep last night so am not foreseeing a productive day. Cannot believe we went from sweat pants and shirts to 90* in just two days. Should take the flannels off the bed especially since the a/c is out of commission. That may be all I do.

        I am tired and have nothing to say. Have a great day everyone!


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          Good Morning!....oops, it's going to be afternoon before I hit enter. It is a gorgeous day out there, and I might be putting the a/c on too since I'll be running the oven.

          ​Yesterday was good. Was plugging along baking my ladylock (got a steam burn from one of them) and the phn rings....the school nurse. Blaise was sick. When he's real quiet & wouldn't eat lunch, that's a real sign that he's telling the truth. He had a low grade temp when she took it, but by the time I got him home, it was higher. He definitely was sick. He took naps...he NEVER sleeps during the day unless sick. He said there was only 15 out of 24 kids in his class yesterday, so this is just something going around. 24 hr thing.

          So in the mean time I came home & continued to bake the rest of the LL and sugar cookies.

          ​This morning I had Kathy come out to be with Blaise while I went for my doctor's appt. Since yesterday he's been running to the bathroom claiming he's going to throw up and doesn't. We he ran while Kathy was here & threw up big time, and now he feels all better. Figures. Today I was going to take him & a friend to the movies and to BK to celebrate his BD. Even though he feels better now, I'm not going to do the fun stuff....movies or karate.

          ​Now to fill the LL and ice the sugar cookies. I've got the thumbprints ready to bake. The lady called yesterday who ordered all these cookies for a wedding next week, and her sister decided she didn't have the time or energy to make the tiny sandwich cookies and ask if I could. I also talked her into some lemon delights...a lemon shortbread with a very lemony dollop of icing in a flower shape. Am I a good salesman or what? I picked up the needed ingredients for the remaining cookies with whipping cream being the main ingredient I was lacking. I need to get the 2 doz cupcake shaped sugar cookies iced for Blaise's BD class treat tomorrow.

          Have a good one all!


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            Checking in to say it is a nice day and we are outside with popsicle