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May 1..Tuesday

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  • May 1..Tuesday

    Good morning everyone...

    Rise and shine...

    I thought i would be last..I over slept this morning...

    I just finish up with all my chores...and supper in the crockpot...

    I got coffee...All i need it is good donut....

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    Good Morning to all. Such a sight this morning, foxes all around the neighborhood...saw one running through my yard, watched it go through, across the street to the empty field, it kept stopping and looking back, while watching it I saw another one in the field just sitting and watching, after the first fox went out of sight, the second one went toward a tree and there I saw about 4 more foxes, looks like they have a den across the street at the neighbors house by his shed..amazing sight to see.

    Had my coffee and breakfast early Drs. appt. went great yesterday, EKG showed I still got rhythm, He says it that should change and I go out of rhythm he would shock my heart again while in hospital and start me on a medication that requires a hospital stay to get you started on it...sounds good to me...and I mentioned to him what happened to me on Sat. and he knew I had a blood test for another Dr. so he called and ask if they had enough blood to run a thyroid test on, luckily they did, so will know today or tomorrow what the results least that is a starting point, if that isn't it, a check of vitamin & mineral levels. I like my cardiologist..

    Well the sun is shining, doors and windows opened, I am going to enjoy some outdoor time today...

    Maxie, I understand exactly how you feel about Sierra's boyfriend, so hard to be cordial and keep ones mouth closed just to keep peace and harmony and losing her...
    jostoy, safe travels and not working to hard (yeah right) she is wearing herself out...
    Maye I come here to moan and groan about all my feelings, so glad I can do that, no where else I can do it...all is well really, just little things that add up to big ones, LOL...learning to share my house and clean up behind him all the time, so much for a nice neat, clean house..

    Have a good day one and all.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Wow, Sassy, you did a lot while over sleeping...I can get up early and still end up doing nothing!

      Going to be in the mid 80s and in the 80s for the rest of the week but rain maybe tomorrow. I may have to be thinking about my first pedi of the season now that I can take my feet out of socks. Andrew and his father decided we are having chicken kabobs on the grill tonight and even shopped last night. The corn they are shipping in has been so sweet and bought a cantaloupe at the veggie stand and it was so good! Will be going back and try a watermelon. The girl did not know where the country the fruit was shipping from but early season they get everything from Produce Row in St.Louis. Back when the boys were little we would drive down on Saturday mornings. It used to be all open air with fresh flower stands, hanging river fish, every type of fruit and vegetables...we would shop and then take the boys to the McDonald's boat on the river for lunch. Long time ago. Nice memories...makes me happy to remember we did fun things as a family.

      So supper is planned and all I have to do is cut up veggies and but the kabobs together...Jon cut up the meat and it is marinating. Looks like he did not clean the do you cook your corn? I ended up microwaving it in a baggie but Jon showed me how to cook it in water and add milk and a stick of butter. Never in my life had I done that and it is so good I do not butter my corn anymore. Sierra and her dad cut it off the cob (can you imagine?) and Andrew has butter running down his chin which I think is the correct way to eat corn on the cob!

      A walk on the beach with hot sun on my head would be wonderful...a cabana boy with a tray of cool drinks would be really nice but all I see is a vacuum and pile of dirty laundry. If I go out today I am buying a lottery ticket...I deserve a better old age than dirty laundry!

      Going to be gorgeous here today and I hope each of you have a sunny warm day...Enjoy!


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        We All deserve a better old age than dirty laundry!

      • sassygirl01
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        Maxie,Tell me about...I sure did..

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      Maxie, I am just waiting, thinking Sierra will realize she is working harder and smarter than the BF and start seeing the future as not that bright with him...
      I hope she realizes she is worth so much more than what she is getting out of this relationship.

      I am going to buy the briquettes so we can start grilling. I grew up seeing my mother and grandmother cook corn with milk and a little sugar in the water. And Elaine (I think) told us how to microwave it in the husk! I will have to try the butter in the water...but only because you say so. It sounds like trowing away a cube of butter, but we have a lot for our baking...

      It is a good day! May snuck up on me, but I am going with it...
      Today Becky was all excited because she was chosen (one of 10) to meet with a congressman and talk about some issues. He is from the Napa area and she is just so into politics and was deciding wha tto wear and what to ask and had been reading up on him and his area and the issues he is working on. She will be informed, for sure.

      Tomorrow is the trip to the prison and that will be a totally different kind of excitement! She is pretty much in control of her anxiety that used to control her, but she said she is going and can do it.

      I hope youy all have a good day! I have to be more like Sassy and ge tthings doneearlier.

      take care and pick yourself a flower for May Day!


      • sassygirl01
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        Paula A..I wish i did..Got things done early..

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      Good morning.
      Today is going to be sunny and windy again, about 82į today and 70ís tomorrow. A small chance of rain tonight. We will see. Itís trash pickup day. Hardly anyone bags their trash any more. Guess where the winds will take the trash that gets caught in the wind? Yep. E has to pick up what blows into our yard tomorrow.

      I had a Senior Moment sometime in the past month. I forgot to order more checks. And I have birthday cards to send out! Itís a hefty price to get a rush order, and experience says it will not be much quicker. So by weekís end they should arrive. Then Iíll order an extra set. This automatic ordering only allows one set of checks at a time. Oddly enough, 100 checks only half fills the box they come in. Why donít they just fill the box with 200 checks?
      I counted that we have about close family members (kids, grands, greats, spouses, and SOs), toss in our siblings who are still with us and their spouses. Then the friends and relatives we just send cards to. I keep the USPS in business, I think.

      Sharon, Iím glad to hear that your docs are keeping an eye on you. Soon they will have you back up to par. The retirement issue will soon fall in place. It just takes time. But I can fully empathize what you are feeling right now.

      Well, time for breakfast and starting my day.
      Hope you all have a good one. ☀️
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good SUNNY Morning! It's suppose to be in the high 70's today.

        ​Yesterday was very good. Not productive, but I had a nice shopping trip with my Mom. Picked her up and we headed right for the thrift store. I hit pay dirt and got Blaise 10 pr of jeans of different sizes. I'm ready for his growth spurt. Picked up a bunch of t-shirts too. Mom found puzzles to build, which was her goal. Then she found me a couple nice table clothes. Everything but furniture was 50% off yesterday only. We then went to Eat N Park for a late breakfast, then onto Boscov's. I had spent my wad, so I helped her spend hers.

        Came home and eventually took a nap then started in on mixing up cookie dough. I got a nice size order for a wedding next Friday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to order. Took Blaise to karate and Cork mowed the yard.

        ​This morning I'm working on the ladylocks. They go fast when you have two working on them, but much slower with just one person. I hope to also bake off the sugar cookies. They are for Blaise's class treat for his BD on Thursday. I'm making them in the shape of a cupcake. Want to cook a real meal for dinner...we'll see. Glad I don't have to go anywhere today. Also need to bake a cherry pie for the doctor's office for tomorrow. I had an appt there at 9am, so I have to get the pie baked tonight.

        Have a good one all!


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          Good late afternoon... where did the day go???..

          part of it went for a trip to Aldi's and walmart... moving slow this morning... nice that is was warm and sunny.... like donna ,,I only had a few favorite things on my groc . list for Aldi's and came out with 3 times as much.... actually was stocking up on favorites.. because we don't always go near that store..
          .... got some laundry done.. and crocheting ...
          Sassy girl , love the picture... I have a kitty that opens desk drawer , help herself to pencil. erasers.. fortunately , she does not like many people foods..

          Sharon ,I too come here to moan and groan,, D. and I eventually worked out his retirement schedule... but this old age , memory loss , taking meds is another whole new ball game... I am now practicing my " be patient" skills... and since he is a stubborn "man".. its hard... he falls so easily.. and using a cane would be a safety feature.. I don't understand his reluctance to use a cane.. "pride"???.. aren't we lucky we can share with our friends and know they listen with kindness in their hearts..

          JoG. Senior moments?... my senior moment is when I can't remember where I keep the checkbook .

          Maxie . my only daughter Married her BF.. the first stupid Turkey.. and discovered about 4-5 months into marriage what she had married!!.. took another little while till she came back home, , eventually filed for divorce.. later married the Right man.. I guess she just had to get the First Jerk out of her system the hard way...hope Sierra wakes up sooner!..

          hi to all the rest,, "someone" is calling for me.... now what?..


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            Aunt Maye..your daughter...Had to kiss alot of frogs to get to the prince..And she will..

            What are you making with croching..?? i am kitting and making hats...Thank-you....!! cute...She want to "HELP" out too...Mine like to play with yarn ball..And they like to take turns...