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Monday Already???

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  • Monday Already???

    Good then home...then rest...allergies aren't the best today....

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    Good morning everyone...

    Rise and shine...i need another cup of coffee...

    thanks to my two wake up call...I will be making those hats to day..


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      Good SUNNY Morning! Would you believe it's suppose to hit 60's today after being in the 30's yesterday & snow floating in the air? Whatever....I'll take it!

      ​Yesterday was good. After church & SS, I dropped off Blaise. Came home & cooked for Corky and for cards. Thought I was done & then got a call that Kathy was bringing Blaise home earlier than normal and wasn't feeding him dinner, so I made up taco meat and a plate of food ready for him once he got home. We had a great time playing cards and even laughed one time we almost cried. I love my family. We are so blessed!

      ​This morning I'm picking up my Mom and we are going to the Thrift Store for their 50% off sale. We each have certain things we are looking for. Then it's breakfast at Eat N Park. When I came home last night, there was a msg to call a customer, so I did that at 8am, and got a nice size order for a Friday. So you know what I'll be doing for the next week. I didn't have any other orders on the agenda, so God blessed me! Cork plans to come home and mow, and I'll be taking Blaise for karate.

      Have a good one all!


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        Good Morning.

        Weather is divine. Cleaned out ashes from fireplace and hauled all the "stuff" to the shop. Got the garage swept. Now to vacuum the fireplace. All fixed for the coming year.

        Cancer center all week. Chemo shots begin tomorrow, so it will be a rough one for John.

        Have a good day, Everyone.


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          Good looking forward to this beautiful day even if I have two appts. with Drs.
          Elaine will keep you and John in my prayers...Donna, happy you got blessed with a money making order..How is Blaise liking karate?
          Sassy like your wake up call.
          Beth allergies are bad like every year, but meds take the edge off.

          I think it is time to make an appt. with my endo Dr. two years ago they found nodules on my thyroid but nothing to worry about at the time, but lately I am having all the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, my face and nose are so cold all the time, can't grow fingernails they are thin and peel, very dry skin, my body temp is always low, and Saturday I got sick right after breakfast, my temp was so low it wouldn't even read on the digital thermometer and I had the chills really bad, had to use my heated throw on highest setting to get warm, then later in the day I got I know they don't like you finding things out on the internet but I did a search for extremely cold face and nose and went from there..My face & nose always feels like I have been out in the cold and it is red.

          Well I also have to stop at the grocery store after my appts. need to buy the makings for potato salad, cole slaw, and lots of cookies, this is what I do every year before the fishing trip, the guys all love my stuff and look forward to an added thing this year my son volunteered me for sausage gravy and biscuits, so I have that to do also...

          Well time to hit the shower and get myself ready.

          Have a great day one and all.
          Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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            Good morning! Sunny and going to warm up. 80s predicted for later this week ...we will see

            Came out yesterday to find my pots had been planted. They look very pretty but I was going to wait for a warmup. But I am not complaining about a job I do not have to do! The transplanted hibiscus is looking puny but hopefully will perk up. I would hate to lose both of them and did not see any in the nurseries we were Saturday.

            Today I will put on the pot of green beans and potatoes. Really need to run the vac and dust. Need to get moving and get those beans on. I hope you all get out and enjoy the sun and warm and the beautiful flowering trees.


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              Like beth said: Monday already? I would add And the End of April already???

              It is a good Monday morning here, too. I have sprinkler going out front and will be getting another hose for the front yard. I thought that hose would be good for another year but it has another spot in it that is about to break...

              I am making spaghetti for the kids and hoping with the weekend and a pasta lunch they will all nap! One is getting back form a Disneyland trip and we are all excited to hear about it. Mom surprised them with the trip!

              I hope you all have a great start to the week and a good end of the month. I will be making out the bills today, today and mailing afte rdaycare because I am out of stamps! I could have bought them this weekend if I had thought of it. Now I have to wait and I like mine to be out by the 1st....
              Elaine, I hope the week and the shots go easy on John.
              Sharon, I am so glad you re able to do all you do with everything you deal with. Your food sounds so good! those guys are blessed by your efforts!~
              Everyone, I will read later to see how your day is going and who checks in.
              have a good day!


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                Good morning.
                A gorgeous sunny day here. The high temp today is only 84......tomorrow 81! The A/C won’t be kicking on much, so I will be happy. I expect another windy afternoon. Tomorrow is forecasted for windy, but I noticed those winds start practicing on the day before. Speaking of allergies, they will be on the rise again. Last time I checked allergy meds, they contain some form of aspirin; unfortunately, the aspirin affects my meds and can cause serious problems. I’m hoping to see rain clouds that will bring some much needed rain in the near future.....I can dream, can’t I?

                Yesterday I just fixed salads for supper. I had diced leftover Parmesan Chicken, a herb egg in mine and pickled egg in E’s salad, with lettuce and tomatoes. It was enough. Tonight, the meat loaf patties.

                Elaine, I hope the chemo won’t be too rough on John. You both are in my thoughts.
                Cookie, I’m glad you got a wedding order. That’s pretty short notice.
                Boff, I hope the doc can give you quick relief. I hate feeling cold like that. Generally my feet, I can’t tell if they really are as cold as they feel (the neuropathy), but if I feel all-over cold I know I’ll have to see the gastro docs again.
                Maxie, I usually add Miracle Grow to iffy-looking plants. Also peat moss or mulch to protect the root system.

                Well, it’s time for a bit of breakfast, then get my day started.
                Too many things waiting to be done.

                Have a great day! 🤗

                Paula, we were typing together today. 😄
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.