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Tuesday April 17th tax day

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  • Tuesday April 17th tax day

    Good morning. Work this morning...hoping to get my full scheduled time...we shall see I actually got my time yesterday..followed by a trip to walmart...came home fromcwalmart and prepped some food for the week. Then took my shower and head to bed early!! Only to get a text from mom she and Daddy will be her Sunday night...we have insurance inspections on the house on Tuesday..I will start a deep clean from top to bottom when I get home today

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    Good Morning Beth and all who follow...Beth sounds like you had a busy day yesterday, those are the best, makes the day seem not so long....yes get your place clean, your adult responsibility, we all have it.

    Well no rain, dreary cold morning here, now it is white, wind, cold and snowflakes falling...I am sooooooooooooo ready for spring, sunshine, warmth, morning coffee on the deck, etc., etc. At this rate St. Augustine warmth will feel great next month...

    Today I have a call with Medicare support team to get me all signed up and ready for June 1st, very nice that hubby's place of employment he retired from offers this service to a person, plus pay a little over $2,000 toward your supplemental is a phone call which will be on speaker phone with hubby included so if he has questions he can have them answered...after the phone call I am off to get my weekly finger poke, Dr. says after a few weeks of that he will probably go to once a month, sure hope so, summer is coming and I want FREEDOM!

    I had plans to stop at Hobby Lobby and Big Lots today but that can wait, nothing important just wanted to roam through the stores to see if there was something that caught my eye and couldn't live without, LOL...My shipment of cat products is due today from, love that convenience, cats are on prescription cat food which the cost is outrageous, only one cat needs it but since I have two cats they both eat it, to hard to try and separate them, $47.99 for 24 cans and they eat one can a day total, 1/4 for each in the morning, 1/4 for each in the evening, plus I buy dry food and treats, all geared toward a cat with urinary problems...guess they are my kids and I must take care of their needs, LOL...I have been using a new litter which I love from Arm & Hammer called Slide....a whole lot less mess around the box for sure...

    Well now that I have bored everyone with my cat 'tails' I will move on.

    My day is planned for me, so will start with a good breakfast...have a great day one and it makes your inside feel better and your outside more pleasant. Be nice.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      I am going to look for that litter!

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      What a wonderful service your husbands company provides. That research is mind numbing. Plus a $2000! I pay my supplemental monthly and it goes up every year but I would not be without it. I have racked up a lot of medical bills in the last 6 months and the supplemental has been wonderful!!

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    Good Morning.

    Hi beth! Hi Sharon!

    Cold here, too, but headed for warm sunshine this afternoon.

    Wish I could buy cat food anywhere but at the Vet's office. We use a urinary formula, but nobody else carries it. Glad I only have 1 cat to deal with. Must look into Arm & Hammer Slide. Not familiar.

    Well, first to the market, then home nurse, then niece and I on to cemetery to dress graves.

    Better get hopping.

    Have a good day, Everyone.


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      Elaine which formula does your cat use? Mine use Hill's C/D for urinary presccription, the first time I ordered it they contacted vet clinic and from there it is kept on file, so I order through them instead of vet clinic.
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    Good Morning! The flakes are stilling falling, though no real accumulation expected.

    ​Yesterday was good. It was fieldtrip day with the 2nd graders. We went to Heinz History Museum. Very interesting. Didn't know so much started in the Pgh area. I'm one of those terrible moms who leaves her kid at school instead of bringing him home with me. We got back an hour before school dismissal, so I went home and made return calls. Got a couple baking orders. We ate as soon as Blaise got home because he had his first karate lesson. He liked it, so I signed him up for 6 weeks. He also got a uniform with his fee, so he won't stick out next time. After I got the guys to bed, I baked 4 carrot cakes.

    ​This morning I've got to get one of the carrot cakes iced and delivered along with 3 pies which I already had made in the freezer. Then it's into town to pick up a few groceries. Need supplies for the 100 cupcakes & a smash cake for a birthday party. That will be my project for tomorrow. Today once I get home, I'll be working on the pies for the doctor's office order. I'm going to make a new recipe for some sort of choc pie...looks good. I'm also going to make them another baked lemon pie. Last week's pie included the entire lemon minus the seeds. Well I tried it again this weekend, and I zested 2 lemons then pealed them. I put 1 1/2 lemons in the food processor along with the rest of the ingredients, and it was 100% better. Smooth with no bitter rind. I'm also going to work on the mountain of laundry.

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning one and all.

      Today is ALMOST the same as yesterday. The exception is I'll get dressed as I have to go to the bank.

      ​Everyone have a good one.
      Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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        My mountain of laundry is being worked on as I type. 6:29am and the washing machine is working away. Before I start using the surface as a diapering area.

        Good cold morning! 35* here and it is going up to lonely the low 60* range... By the weekend it will be in the 80's! And sunny, so we will be watching the parade with sunscreen and sunglasses! And a visor if I can find a cute one. Where we always watch it there are trees for shade, but we are facing East and the sun does make a difference if you aren't prepared.

        Sharon, that 2,000 towards your insurance is awesome! I pay my supplemental quarterly. And monthly; who knows? I have a good agent, and that made all the difference. Can the government make it any more confusing?

        Spencer and Nikki signed on their new house yesterday. Big milestone after having been in Japan for 14 years and no credit history in the US.

        I hope we all start getting some warm days and blue skies!


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          A sunny morning! But it is cold...25. Where oh where is spring?

          Today is haircut day and that always brightens my mood. Thinking I am getting my summer cut. Calendar says summer cut time but the weather is still wanting my head in a stocking cap! Jon will be picking Andrew up at school early for a dentist appointment and Sierra comes home between classes on Tuesday so he will feed the boy and I will feed the girl. That means no cooking!! A no cooking day this early in the week is like a holiday. It will be coming to an end soon with school out for the summer May 18. Then my cooking will be what and when I please for the summer.

          Finished the ironing and even did some picking up around here. Ran a fast vac to pick up the chunks but need to mop the kitchen. After my hair I will run into the local grocery. I always stop at the Dollar Store when home and then the bank and gas. Yesterdays ball game was cancelled because of weather in Chicago so need to see if they play tonight. Now that hockey is over for me I need my daily baseball fix!

          Nothing new around here. We are dull and boring and cold. Need to refill the wall smellies so we may eat at the mall where I can pick up a Spring scent. The dwarf lilac is just full of buds so hope this cold has not hurt it. This was the first year of a full bloom! Please let winter finally go away!


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            Good morning !
            Doctor day for me, starting with the blood draw before my usual. We will see how my new med is working. I have no or very mild side effects, fortunately. Itís either gotten used to me, or I got used to it. I will assume that my doctor will pop in to see what is happening with me (my appt is with his assistant, whom I like much better)... my doc has been out of the country for an extended period, so I havenít seen him since last autumn.

            Iíd better kick E out of bed soon, so he will be driving me to my appointment. As much as I hate being in todayís traffic, I do miss the independence of driving by myself. Neuropathy in my feet has taken that privilege away from me....I barely feel the carís pedals. Iíd be a threat to myself as well as others.

            Today will get to a mere 76į. Pretty cool for us. But itís fine. We will be back to the 80ís and 90ís soon enough. But we havenít hit the 100ís yet, and Iím glad of that. I do wish for rain though. Yesterday afternoon the winds kicked way up again, and after that we had a Red Flag alert, that the extreme dryness can cause fires and the winds would make any fires spread faster. Yesterdayís temp was in the mid-90ís. Feel free to send your excess rain and snow to us at any time.

            Well, gotta go.

            Have a good day.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.