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Monday April 16

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  • Monday April 16

    Good morning..I guess I have the cold that others at work had last week...I feel yucky! I want to crawl back under the covers...I barely left my bed yesterday..

    Work and walmart today...prep my lunches for the week...I haven't decided if I am going to prep suppers ahead this week...

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    Good Morning....not raining but it sure is nippy outside...Went to MI to visit youngest son, even though it was rainy and cold we still had a good visit and went out to eat..took him some beef jerky, SOS and no bake cookies, he was a happy man. Later he texted and ask me to give him my recipe for the beef jerky, type of meat I use, how it is sliced, etc., etc. he said, "it's the best".

    Today must be a laundry day, time to catch up, and since I have not fixed those beef & noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls, will make that today.

    Glad to report since having my heart shocked back into rhythm my blood pressure and heart rate have been great, I have to check it every day and take the list with me when I see the Dr. it tells him how I am doing and what if any adjustments to my medicines need done...honestly I can tell a difference, I at least have some energy and breath better..

    Hubby will go to the office until 1:00 p.m. today, which for me is good, gives me some 'space'. So no other news from me, hope everyone is looking forward to some truly spring weather...Smiles and hugs to all.
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      Good Morning! Dreary here too & cold. Blah!

      ​Yesterday didn't go as planned, but that was fine. Came home from church & SS planning to bake the carrot cakes. My SIL called about 11:30 and ask if we wanted to play cards. She called my Mom and they came here at 1pm. That's how we spent out afternoon, which was fun. My SIL really dislikes animals, but they seem to gravitate to her. LOL! Her & Oliver had a good time. We died laughing when he sneezed on her feet. She was totally grossed out. LOL!!!! I had made a pot of soup the day before, so we had a lite supper together. Once everyone left, I took a nap. Once the guys got to bed, and made Corky's pasta dish for his lunches this week. A good day all in all.

      ​This morning I'm taking Blaise to school and we are going on the class fieldtrip. After dinner I'm taking Blaise for his first karate lesson. We'll see how that goes.

      ​Have a good one all! Hope you feel better once you get moving Bethina!


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        Good Morning. Good news! Ham pot pie BIG success. They cleaned out the dish. YAY!

        Cold here, as well, but bright and shiny morning.

        Have a load of laundry going and am trying to get the last 2 nightgowns knocked out today.

        Donna, it's nice to read that you are having fun instead of baking all day.

        Sharon, so glad you are feeling so much better.

        beth, I like your meal prep idea. I should have used it when I worked.

        Be good, Everyone. TTYL
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          Good Morning! April 16, temp is 30 and high will be in the 40s, snow flurrying as I type. I will be willing to bet that we will not be having much of a summer. Bummer!!

          No plans for today but ironing. Do not know when the rain delayed game started yesterday because by the time I thought to check back it was in the 7th inning. Tonight they are in Chicago. Any St.Louis sports fan dislikes all Chicago sports so will crawl under a blanket and watch the die hards freeze it out in Chicago. You will
          not see me live at a game until June....I need a warm night.

          Yesterday Jon grilled two steaks and cooked green beans in the air fryer. It was wonderful! He then made a salmon patty for his lunch today. He loves it! I think it is pretty darn big but have a feeling it will be one of those things that will have a permanent spot out. I like that he cooked meat and a veggie and there was no mess. Only thing is he could not cook the meat and beans together since there is no divide in the basket. everything was very tasty!

          No idea what I will be cooking today. Need to check if there is meat out. Maybe chicken breast? Need to wash her work clothes and run the vac. So tired of the cold and snow flurries. This weather is the worst because in the winter months you expect cold and snow and you do not expect it to continue on into the summer!

          Stay warm and hope some of you receive sun and temps above 40...


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            Good morning everyone.

            ​Maxie, we have snow showers here also. I really doubt the ball game will be played in Chicago today or night. The radio this morning said it was really snowing up there. Sounded like they were getting accumulation of snow and not just flurries.

            ​Started adding more meds to my morning last Friday, and it is really kicking my butt. Makes me feel like a drunk. I am afraid to drive for at least 1 1/2 hours after taking it. I'm hoping that in 2 weeks it will straighten out. It is for my essential tremors.

            ​Nothing on my agenda for today, but will lounge around in my jammies. Did my laundry up Saturday after getting home from the Lake. Those were really 3 nice warm days.

            Everyone have a great day.
            Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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              I am a bit later this morning, but just trying to do things in order and not rush...the Avon lady wanted to bring my order by this morning, but she comes before 7:00 and I texted I wouldn't be available until after her work day. I don't have kids coming until after 7:15 and for once I thought, I don't have to go with everybody else's schedule.

              I wanted my time and I got it. So, here I am.

              It is going to be showers and cooler temps today. And it is overcast now so not sure what that will mean for the daycare. Whatever out door time we get will be run around to stay warm, I think.

              I hope you all have a good day and get whatever you need done...or get someone else to do it!


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                Good morning.
                Sunny day ahead again. It’s 56 right now, supposed to get to 90 again; tomorrow the high will be only 76. What season is this?
                E has a doctor appt today. Tomorrow is my appointment. I wonder what my lab test will reveal about my new medication. I think Ive gotten pretty much accustomed to it. No more startling side effects, anyway.

                Tomorrow is trash pickup day. We put the barrels at the curb tonight, ‘cause you never know if they will come by very early or later in the day.
                No particular plans today, but time to get more stuff out for Goodwill since E delivered a trunk full of stuff just the other day.
                Also need to get stuff in boxes to take to the kids one of these days.
                I’d like to go shopping sometime this week. Hopefully E won’t mind too much.

                Maxie, I sure hope warmer weather gets to you soon.
                Elaine, I’m glad to hear that the ham pot pie was a big success. Will you post the recipe please? E loves ham!
                Donna, am glad you will have a day of fun time, instead of working.
                Sharon, am so happy you’re feeling so much better!
                Beth, hope you get well soon.
                Jostoy, sometimes it takes more time to get used to new meds.
                Hi Paula, Maye, & Sassy.
                Have a great day, everyone!
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                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                  where did the day go zipping by me????... David up at 3 am .. woke me, with Tv. running . so got up and read read ,, David had to get Lab work today.. the local facility opens at 7am.. and after a 12 fast , we were there at 7:03... he was in and back out in about 5 min... got home. was raining, and very chilly.. 30s. so we each found a recliner and read and snoozed pretty much all day........ I did go visit daughter for an hour. caught up on family news.. after lunch we read and snoozed some more.. a very lazy day.... but thankful no new Crisis appeared... nothing had to a "be taken care of"..

                  so.. read all your posts and am caught up on this "family " news... gives me great pleasure to come to Round table and have familiar names of friends and read what you all are doing.. so I will see you tomorrow...
                  btw.. I was shut out yesterday.. think its my computer /or keyboard.. not this site..