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Sunday ~ April 15

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  • Sunday ~ April 15

    Income Tax Day AND my Mother's Birthday! Can't believe she's been gone 26 years.

    32 here and it is super windy. These ridge vents in the roof don't help. Just amplify the sound. Awful!

    Well, I am trying a ham pot pie this morning. Never made one but have everything ready to go. Not sure anyone will be showing up for church.

    Take care. Stay warm and safe.

    Hugs to Everyone.

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    Good Morning Elaine and all who follow...32 degrees after the warm weather you had must feel horrible...we have another nasty cold, rainy, dreary day here...we are heading up to visit our son in MI today, I have only been there once since first of the year...making a few treats to take with us...

    Let us know how the ham pie goes and if it is worth making again.

    Well like I said it is nasty weather here today, but will be going out in it to head to MI to visit our the beef jerky made yesterday, been a long time since I made any, the hardest part of it all is clean up of the glad I now have low sodium Worcestershire sauce and low sodium soy sauce to use in it...Did some clothes ordering yesterday want to have some added things for our trip next month to St. Augustine, also got the prescription cat food ordered, that stuff is so EXPENSIVE!! So was another busy day yesterday...just glad I at least have half of my energy back again.. and it won't be long before hubby goes on his week fishing I wrong to look forward to that time alone?

    Well time to make some SOS for us for breakfast and to take some to our son, also going to make some no back chocolate cookies, and take beef jerky.

    Have a great day one and all, and remember to enjoy the small things in life..
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Oh my no! Time alone is your time and a week of it would be heavenly. You have time to do any cleaning you want and then time to sit and do nothing!! You go girl and enjoy every moment of it....alone!

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    Good morning! Cold here in the 30s also and rained all day yesterday. Have not been up long enough to listen to any weather this morning. Oops, just heard a freeze warning into the 20s tonight so there goes the magnolia trees. Those pretty babies are just to delicate to make it most years.

    Yesterday I finally purchased the air fryer! Been reading and found that the one from walmart was by far cheaper and had the most and best reviews. I have learned that you probably should not buy the most expensive when you are debating. i have given away a lot of things I just had to have! Had to call for help to get it down and they sent a little old guy...I was more physically fit to climb up to grab it than he was. But he did tell us his wife used the same one and they love it. Naturally the first thing we made was french fries but there are evidently all kinds of stuff. We will see. French fries were good.

    Sierra was home all day since she was called off work for having to many hours. Which was fine last week but they have hired new so she gets her hours cut. She didn;t care and did homework and we watched the ballgame and then NCIS until bedtime. Bf was working but she is going to him after work today. I just cannot get through to her that he is not normal and no I do not use those exact words. But he is not normal!! 'Your family judged me on the very first time we met so I never want to see them and be judged again'? Really? Oh, but if they invite me out to eat or go someplace I will put my feelings aside and take advantage of their kindness. Because that is just the kind of jerk he is!

    Today I am going to finish up the laundry and change my bed. Maybe iron. Or then again I may just sit here in my chair most of the day and get up for food. Texted to my sil to see how she is doing after her eye surgery and she says my brother is reading to her. Can you imagine? I think that is so darn sweet. She has been laying face down for the last week to repair a hole in her eye caused by scar tissue. Miserable.

    Since everyone was home last night the kitchen looks like they had a feeding frenzy so I can start the day cleaning that. Ballgame later today. No hurry in dragging out my short sleeves since I am back in sweats today and the furnace is running. Spring was just a tease around here. Have a wonderful Sunday every one.


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      Maxie the second full week in May is my alone time, feel free to visit, LOL

      I know how it is when your child is with someone you know is not good for them my youngest just went through that, and she was soooooo good at it which tells me she has done this before...she had us all fooled but my doubts were still there and she really, really used sweet of your brother reading to her... I just ordered an air fryer yesterday, LOL they say reheating pizza in it is wonderful.

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    Good morning...I haven't been up out from under the covers for long...I plan to get back under them and read a book on my tablet later...I am feeling like poo...I can't decide if its just a cold or a sinus infection..what ever it is my ears are involved...with an on again off again head I will rest today..I don't want to miss any work..I am not getting all my hours as it is....I have getting an average of 3 hours hours a day instead of the 3.5 some days I have only gotten 2 hours..they say things will pick back up..I hope so...I don't like not having my fun money!


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      Good morning.
      It is 54į right now, but heading to 91į this afternoon. The weather is dry enough that I’ve had bloody sinus for a few days now...not to mention the high allergen count.
      Otherwise, nothing much new here.

      Glad to know you are feeling so much better, Sharon. No, it’s not wrong to enjoy time alone. People need personal time sometimes.

      Elaine, I am looking forward to hearing how the ham pot pie went.

      Maxie, keep us updated on your air fryer use, please. Iím interested in what cooks well, and what doesnít.

      Beth, hope you feel better soon.

      To all, have a beautiful day! ☀️
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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good Morning! It's dreary here now & the rain is suppose to be rolling in here soon.

        ​Yesterday I spent the first half of the morning prepping for the City Rescue Mission for a town about an hour from the church. There were 7 of us and we knocked it out in no time. Came home, and Cork & I ran a few errands and checked out the flea market & a garage sale. I got 2 brand new Pampered Chef stones...the 9x13 and the cupcake one....they were $10 or she would sell me both for $12 total...that was a no brainer. Also got a stack of large cookie trays for $2. Stopped at another table & she had med sized foil roaster pans....was going to offer her $2 for all of them and she wanted $1 each...walked away from her.

        Got home & Kathy wanted me to meet her half way to pick up Blaise. I thought she'd be bringing him out here early evening. Guessed wrong. Got home & then Becca & Ollie came for the night. Cooked a real meal and then we went for a walk on a local trail.

        ​This morning was church & SS. Had a meeting for the new church directory. A lot of changes since the last one was done 3 yrs ago. I'm having Cork pick up Becca's favorite kind of pizza for lunch. Not playing cards tonight, so not sure what the rest of the day will bring. I've got stuff measured out to make 4 carrot cakes for the freezer. Like I always say....if you are going to make a mess, you might as well make a big one. is NOT rotten to enjoy some time together. I've heard some little old people say they've been married 50 some years and they've never spent a night a part. REALLY? I can't say that. Actually we've spent a couple months apart during moves.

        Ham pot pie sounds good. Anxious to hear how it turned out.

        Have a good one all!


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          The ham pot pie sounds good! but most of the weather does not. I hate wind and always have to check the fences and the trees...I know my neighbor and I will have to get our shared fence replaced...and while I am still working would be the best! As soon as it warms up I am talking to her about it.

          I made a lasagna for today and also brownies. The Nestles recipe is one of my favorites. We also bought a new ice cream (to us) Monster cookie by Tillamook. Garlic bread, green beans and salad will be the rest of the meal. Almost exactly what we took to the shelter.

          I saw a guy selling flats of strawberries yesterday! A true sign of spring around here. 17.00 and they were big a red, but I don't have time this weekend for strawberries. I will get some next weekend. Freezer jam and just eating...the daycare kids love them and they are jus tpretty on the plates!
          Driscoll is the grower and they have fields in the area. Ship all over, too.

          Rain is predicted today. I have my flowers cut and ready to take to church. too bad they are all in the back yard. My geraniums are blooming and the lilies I bought for out front are still doing well. I ordered some Black Susan seeds and they arrived yesterday. I am having the daycare kids plants some and take them home as well as planting around here.

          Hope you all have a good day and know that I am thankful for all of you!


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            Paula, with Motherís Day approaching , you might want to consider the kids can plant a few seeds in dirt-filled eggshells. The shells can sit in an egg carton in a sunny window. Then cut the carton segments apart so the kids can take them home to mom. Mom can plant (sheíll and non-styrofoam egg carton) it in a pot or her flower garden. Start now and the seedlings can sprout before the kids take it home. A strip of paper with the childís name on a toothpick will identify which belongs to each child. Make a few extra, just in case some donít sprout.

            That used to be a popular Motherís Day gift.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Boy have I been busy....Sharon that new energy of yours is catchy!! Balanced my checkbook then paid some bills. Credit cards will be high this month with buying kids (and myself) summer clothes. I have not really bought myself anything is a long while. Told my sister I am dressing worse than I ever have! I think moving here and not knowing anyone makes me not care. Plus I think I really do not care much anymore. Keep my hair cut and get my summer pedis but other than that I am a mess.

              was stripping my bed when Jon came in to ask a question. 'Mom, most old people keep guns under their pillows but you have a pile of candy wrappers'! Well, that is why I have him to protect me even though there is not one weapon of any type but my mouth in this house. Sad thing is I can no longer throw jelly beans at burglars because I ate them all...

              I have filed away papers, gone through my jewelry box and put some thing in the lock box. Had dug out my car title thinking I would look for a new car but that was 6 months ago and have changed my mind so locked it back up. Cleaned the desk and now will iron. Cardinals are playing in Cincinnati and are in rain delay. While digging through the desk I found two books that are not Patterson. I knew I had bought a couple of books a while back.

              Jon is down working on the train table but has already ask what we are eating. I am seeing Chinese in my future. I do not have to dress up for Chinese but I do have to dress so heading in for my shower then switch out the sheets and remake my bed. Looks like the flannels are still in season!

              So coffee break is over. Now back at it.....