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Saturday April 14

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  • Saturday April 14

    GOOD Morning!

    Glad I can say that. It was rough around here last night. Had 2 storm fronts hit us about 5 hours apart. Lightening our of control! Our rain gauge rolls over at midnight, so not sure about rainfall, but it was a LOT.
    And the fact that we are waiting to have our roof replaced because of the hail from the last storm keeps me watching the ceilings for leaks. LOL
    This morning, everything is bright and beautiful - and clean!

    So about the roast. Did the crackpot thing. We did eat it for lunch, but the disposal got most of it. No more roast for a LONG time!

    Since I had the crockpot out, I loaded it up with pinto beans this morning. Gotta use that Easter ham somehow.
    My niece suggested a ham pot pie. Never dreamed of that, but that is happening for church in the morning. LOL

    maxie, no kids here, but I lived through 30 years of high school girls with their bad romances and broken hearts. All works out in the end.

    Hope all is well with everyone.

    Have a lovely day.

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    Morning I just got up but am going back to sleep for an hour or so...I will leave in a couple hours for my 1 hour work out program....I am not excited about like I was last week..but its good for me.


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      Good Morning to all the nice weather has left us, but yesterday was wonderful, sun was shining, nice breeze, windows all opened, cooked a pan of cabbage, onions, carrots, potatoes and smoked sausage with Nature's Seasoning on the grill, loved today, rain, dreary and cold outside. So today will be mashed potatoes, beef and noodles, green beans and rolls...

      Elaine glad you guys are safe and no more damage, sure hope they get a new roof put on for you soon...

      I was a busy, busy woman yesterday, started early and was at it all day. Make homemade sausage patties from 4 lbs. of pork loin. Sliced beef for jerky and mixed the marinade and put in bowl. Started at the bottom of my bed and washed all things on it, two mattress covers, sheets, pillows, blanket...that was an all day process...the mattress we have now is an amish made one and instead of having to turn the whole mattress the t pillow top unsnaps and can be it...

      This morning removed frozen sausage patties from tray and put in freezer bag...put beef slices on dehydrator trays and got that started, hubby fixed breakfast and cleaned now I have some bill paying and ordering to get done...having some energy is wonderful.

      Need to check and see where Nascar is today and check the time...

      Hope everyone is doing good....Maxie so glad I don't have to know about what will go on with my grandgirls, LOL....

      Have a great day one and all.

      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Not a sunny morning and slept in so not sure what type of storms we had but I went to sleep with lightning and thunder. Jon just told me there is water in the laundry room because the gutter blew off the side of the house. Like how did that happen? He has already reattached the gutter and has left with a friend for the day so that leaves me with sweeping the water so I can get to the wash machine. I have not looked but he assures me it is a broom job and I will not hip he merrily goes out the door. We never have water.

        Watched some of the news on the air strike before coming here this morning. Scares me to death! Wish we had more competency in charge. I always worry about bringing back the draft. A small volunteer army and the National guard cannot patrol the world and the entire southern border of this country. Just my opinion of course.

        Have a mound of laundry today since I did not do much yesterday. We were home from shopping just a short while before Andrew came in because of early dismissal. We did eat at Taco Bell...omg I suffered that later!..and took the kid to Penney's for shirts and shorts but he refused to look at shorts. Did pick out shirts and a swim suit. he even picked out 2 cotton button down shirts which surprised me. What will not surprise me is when he comes in and those shirts have been worn without ironing. That is just a peeve of mine maybe because I do iron and it does not bother me to iron and I will iron anything laying around that has a wrinkle. He refused to look at shoes. REFUSED! Somebody ask if they can buy me shoes..please!

        Tried on my summer capris and am happy to report they fit! I was worried about the ones I save back for clean up. My new tops are cap sleeve and I have not worn a sleeve that has not gone to my elbow since the skin cancer surgery. I do not know if I was protecting the scar or myself but this year I am back to letting all the arm fat hang out! Just need a hot hot hot summer!! Maybe after this weekend since they are predicting nighttime lows back into the 30 tomorrow.

        Sierra is working evenings today which is new since she always works mornings on the weekend but she is in manager training. She has no classes to take this summer so will be working full time. She came in last night in a good mood and even ask when she should schedule her vacation. We are not taking vacay this summer but planning day trips or overnight trips etc. I wondered later if she was sounding us out to see if any of this would interest her bf. Why would I haul him along as an added expense when we supposedly creep him out as much as he creeps us out? Car time does not always bring out the best of this group. I admit we are not a perfect family but normally it is not anything that a food stop cannot change. Fast food all along the highways love when we set out for a road trip!!

        Have not heard any new weather so do not know if more weather will be blowing in. Do know we have BlueBirds back at the bird house and the dwarf lilac is full of buds. Everything is beginning to peek their heads above ground and the flowering trees are blooming. Amazing what a couple of warm days will do! Have a wonderful Saturday all!!


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          Love the food stop remark!

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        Good morning! I need some of boffler's energy! I bet the house smells great with the jerky!
        I was thinking that all my days sound pretty much the same: another Saturday with dog grooming (a different dog than last time), shopping for food, and cleaning the house.
        But, since it is Round-Up Kick Off there are some extra things added to the list. Chili cook=off starts the week and that is today. Lots of contestants and you can buy a ticket for 10.00 to taste and vote on your favorite chili. People come from all over to enter. I am planning going up between some of the errands and just enjoying the atmosphere...Candidates for local positions will have booths and chili and I am going for that more than the regular contest.

        Our Parade will be next week and I need to buy a new lawn chair to take to it. The Grand Marshal is the women's national barrel champion and she is the aunt of one of my daycare girls. Lives right up the road on the family ranch.

        So this week I daycare will be a lot of horse and Western activities and art. And I have to get the room decorated with my horses and western stuff.

        Bacon is cooking in the oven for the egg cups like the ones at Starbucks.

        Sunny today but the next few days we have rain.
        I need to pick lilacs and lilies for church tomorrow and need to do it Before it starts raining!

        Hope you all have a great day!


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          Good morning.
          We have a sunny, clear day. It should be 79į today, then 90į tomorrow. More high winds forecasted for Monday. Did I mention I hate those big winds? I still donít hear our little birds outside today. ☹️ I do hope they will return.

          Nothing much new happening here.
          I have lean ground beef thawing, so maybe pasta tonight. Iíll just cook up all the meat loose with onion and bell peppers, and use it for a couple more dishes later on as well.

          Elaine, I am glad your roof is holding up after more stormy weather!
          Beth, yes workout programs are good for you. Exercise is good for both fit bodies, and for maintaining a good state of mind as well. Do you workout to music?
          Sharon, glad youíre sounding so well now.
          Maxie, wish I had a friend or family member to shop with. E doesnít like shopping for clothing, so will just drop me off.
          Paula, do you have a special chili recipe for the kids? For my crew, I cooked ground beef, diced tomatoes and other small cut veggies, pork Ďn beans, a spoonful of taco seasoning (which isnít as spicy as chili mix), and BBQ sauce. Cornbread goes well with this, as does green salad.
          Hi Janet, and Sassygirl.

          Have a great day. ☀️
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Hello, poking my head in. We are back in the freezer, the interstate is closed west of here. We don't have much snow, but ice and wind.

            Yesterday was grandsons 16th birthday. They had his party at a pizza buffet place, then cake and ice cream at other grand parents house. The boy was in tears when he got his gift, both sets of parents went together to get him a "new" car, a mustang.


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              Great to hear from you Darla, hope life is going well for the sounds of a pizza buffet...great gift that he got.

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            Good evening

            a funny long day... lots of napping since D. had me awake and up , at 3 ;30 Am... went to pick up books at library.. 5 books. . checked out coat closet and ask David to give me the ones which are too large now... he has lost weight in the last two years and no chance he'll put it back on. so all those good, but large coats can be given to the Rummage sale at our church..(coming up first weekend of May).. I ended up scrubbing the collars and cuffs and then washing them . all three items are London Fog. and in good condition.

            will continue through the house looking for more items to pass on.. and maybe even get to just throw out a bunch of stuff...hey,,,,,,Maybe I have started spring house cleaning??????...

            Sharon ,, slow Down girl....( gotta nag someone today,, your it )... don't want to use up toooo much energy!

            you folks with bad weather ,,,, stay safe.. wind is a powerful weapon from mother nature..

            see you tomorrow

            Hi SassyG.


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              Aunt Maye I was trying to use before I lose it, LOL...