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Friday the 13th

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  • Friday the 13th

    I was beat by the time I got home then worked in the yard for a couple hours...I fell to sleep by 815. Pretty much slept til this morning....woke up with sinus crap...a mild sun burn and hives from the sun! I was wanting to get more of my yard stuff done today but I won't be able to be out in the sun...I am going to look for a light weight long sleeved men's dress shirt at work today to wear when I out in the yard working or sitting out side with my clients at the adult day care....Yesterday was just a good day there....

    Today work and rest...will take a benadryl when I get home....can't take it and work or do anything else.

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    Good Morning world...suppose to be a beautiful day here today, sure hope so I want fresh air and sunshine..

    Beth I have to wear 50 SPF sunscreen when outdoors because of medication, I buy the spray kind, easy for me to apply, the idea for a man's shirt sounds perfect..

    Yesterday was pretty much an all day affair, heart shock put me back in rhythm, the clot is still there it will continue to be a part of my heart, it seems it must have calcified and to remove it is a big ordeal so unless it causes me problems, leave it alone, just a small part of my heart that is no longer functioning...the big question yesterday was if the TEE found that it was still there did I want to continue with the heart shock and take the risk of it breaking lose and causing a stroke, the Dr. did not seem to think that would happen but could not say one way or the other, I said "let's for it" and I woke up with all functions, no stroke...Love how they all say they love seeing me and how pleasant I am to have there, the anesthesiologist said he was actually sad to put me out because he was enjoying to morning he said you would be surprised by the ones he couldn't wait to put asleep, LOL... So for now we will see if my heart stays in rhythm this time, if not, we get more aggressive the next time or I learn to live with it, lots of people do, it just makes me so short of breath, between that and COPD. Well enough of the downer stuff, how about that beautiful weather some of us are having?

    I am going to cook something on the grill tonight, we love cabbage, onions, smoked sausage with some butter and Morton's Nature Seasoning sprinkled on covered in foil in a disposable foil pan cooked on the grill and I like some cornbread to eat with it, so that is our supper tonight...and I think we will be able to eat on the deck since hubby brought out the furniture yesterday.

    Well time to round up the trash and have hubby up an at it to get this day started.

    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Good SUNNY WARM Morning! Yes, we went out to the bus stop with no jackets on. Whoop Whoop!!!!!

      ​Yesterday was good. I went to Bible study and that took the whole morning by the time I unloaded the stuff I took for tomorrow's meal prep. Came home & puttered the afternoon away. When Blaise got home I sent him right back out to start picking up sticks. Cooked a real meal. We finished watching Greatest Showman. Wasn't what the guys were expecting...a musical...LOL! They suffered thru it with me. I loved it!

      ​This morning started with a bang. A few minutes before heading out to the bus, there was a large POP! Here Blaise stuck the meat fork in the plug. DUMMY!!! That was his first valuable lesson this morning. He didn't get hurt, but it shook him up.

      ​Today I need to make up more Samoa pies. Made 7 oreo crusts last night. Also need to bake several carrot cakes for the freezer. I made 3 last week, and the restaurant text late yesterday that they need another one this week. Good problem. So I'll be icing one this morning & taking it down there. Getting together with my Aunt P & cousin L to play cards tonight...IF I ever get a hold of my Mom. I called several times during the evening & got no answer. My brother R is off today, and I'm betting they went down to the casino last night. At least I hope that's what happen. Cork is going to take Blaise down to Kathy's for the night, and she'll bring him home tomorrow sometime.

      Have a good one all!


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        Good Morning.

        Oh dear - NOT Friday the 13th. That does not bode well for the severe weather we are expecting right after noon and into the morning. It's going to be a rocky ride.

        Yesterday's roast was AWFUL. It was so tough I could hardly cut it. I don't care much for roast, but I had to have something for John so had to do the best I could.
        This morning I googled and apparently I'm not the only one with the problem, so found lots of suggestions. So I have it sliced super thin and in the crackpot.
        I know it was the meat because I always cook the same cut of roast the same way and have never had these results.

        Sharon, so glad you are back to normal. I have a niece and a good friend who deal with this same problem. Apparently is is becoming a common thing these days.
        We have 4 cardiologists in this little town. Never had any at all before.

        Well, gotta run to drug store.

        Have a lucky Friday!


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          Sharon, you sure made me lol with the anesthesiologist's remark about putting some people out!

          Happy Friday! I made the lasagna last night and then started worrying that two won't be enough. Becky assured me it will with the smaller numbers but if for any reason they need more food, we will go buy something...I think I will send over bead and deli turkey for sandwiches anyway. the church they are using is far enough away that it is a problem for some to get there. A van is supposed to drive to pick up spots and get people. there is something off this season that people are not using the shelter as much. I think it is the woman in charge, but I am not on the board and when concerns were brought up a couple of years ago not much was done by the board members...they do work quickly to help families in need who become homeless. And mothers...

          I f you know anyone thinking of moving to Florida, I shared my brother's home that is now for sale. On my Facebook page and asked Pat if she would share it on hers, too. She did and two of her Florida friends did, too.
          Spencer was surprised at the price. Way below what they are paying in Maryland and my brother's home is very nice, in a gated community, and bigger than what Spencer just bought. Really surprised me at the difference in real estate prices. Although, living in CA, nothing should surprise me!

          I am with you, Maye. I have cooked so many meals for family and daycare that I am just tired of cooking. We have friends coming for dinner on the weekend
          and I thought I had enough to make two lasagnas. I did not buy another ricotta cheese so I will be doing that tomorrow when I go shopping. I thought I would have two birds, er, meals with one prep time last night. Cooking for one or two gets boring.
          I did write down what you do with the cabbage and sausage on the grill, Sharon. That sounds good and we are about ready to start doing that on a regular basis. If the wind would just stop!

          I better get going. I don't have a set day for any cleaning and usually keep up with it until I don't! Which means more than one floor needs cleaning and more than one room needs major dusting.

          Hope you all have a day with some sun and fun!


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            Happy Friday to all.
            You would not believe our weather yesterday. The morning winds were nothing compared to the rest of the day. The tress were really shaking, the younger ones bending so I thought they would break, and if birds were nesting in the big tree out front those nests are now gone! (No lovely chirping there this morning.). “Blowing Dust” warnings were out on Interstate 10 from Phoenix to here and beyond (past Sierra Vista). Lots of traffic accidents because people try to drive through it instead of pulling over to the side and stopping til the visibility returns.
            The winds are gone today, and it is beautifully will be only 71į out.

            Beth, when working in the yard, do you have a wide brimmed hat that will protect your face? And Sharon is right, sunscreen is a must, too. The men’s shirt is a good idea, too.

            Sharon, I’m glad you are doing better now. E has an appointment on Monday to see if his arm needs more surgery. When he uses his right hand, he spills things. Despite his therapy exercises 3-4 times a day, his right arm doesn’t function quite right. He “was” right-handed, but now more often, he must use his left hand. So it is an awkward thing for him. But he plans to turn down that surgery. He would have to be sitting up while it’s done, and at his age (a serious factor in surgeries) the anesthesia would cause a fast and deep decline in his blood pressure, which could easily kill him.

            My next appointment is on Tuesday, so they Cancer Center docs can see how I’m faring with this new medication.
            I’m sure they will want an MRI or whatever sometime in the near future to check on the fibrosis situation.

            Cookie, Blaise was lucky to not have gotten hurt with that fork stunt. The cakes sound so good!

            Elaine, that crockpot is a good solution for that roast. Leave it in there long enough with extra liquid (broth), and you can probably turn it into a “pulled” meat dish. Great for sandwiches.

            Hi Paula. You do a lot for those people at the shelter. I wonder how you manage to do as much as you do, what with the Daycare business.

            Maxie has probably posted while I was reading and typing. Hi Maxie. Or not.

            Hi Janet, am looking forward to your post, too.

            On to breakfast now, and then get a few things done, as much as I can.

            Have a good - and LUCKY - Friday. ☀️
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            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Good Morning. 85 Yesterday and pure sunshine! Gorgeous!!!!! Today close to 80 but severe afternoon storms heading in from Elaine's direction. Always gotta pay for a beautiful day. Yesterday I sat in the sun on the patio and talked with my sister while she sat on her patio in the sun. We had a wonderful visit soaking up the sun. Weather guy said that was the warmest day we have had in 6 months. Can you imagine? He also said March and April were the 4th wettest in history. That I can imagine!!

              Today is take out Friday. Taco Bell was the requested eating establishment. It was Andrew's turn to choose and I can eat Taco Bell...his dad sorta moaned but he had dragged us to some joints so he will go quietly. Last week I chose Pantera's and both guys groaned but loved it. Only place I can get french onion soup with a great turkey sandwich. Andrew loved the grilled cheese which was big enough to feed a small army. Oh, my I must be hungry!!

              Last night we grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and brauts with assorted salads. Delish! Even ate off of paper plates in honor of a summer day. Oh heck, it was in honor of I did not want to clean up anything. By evening my back is aching again. It hurts mornings then works out and after being up all day it is back . Be glad when it is finished with it's act. Beth, I have a little spot of pink on my arms too. During the summer months I use sun screen as a moisturizer on my face and arms because of the skin cancer scare. Sharon I think the spray is to greasy for every day but use it around the pool. For my face I buy Nutrogenia and can even put on a little makeup over it if necessary....nah!!! Just use it after my shower every day and have had pretty good results until this nose thing. Heading back to the dermatologist in May for it.

              Sierra head out to babysit her boss's kid early this morning and is back already because grandma showed up. They paid her but it was a waste of time. She likes this boss and she and a friend volunteered but the grandmother thought it took advantage of employees. Sierra did not think so and would not have done it unless she wanted but nice to know someone has ethics.

              Well think I get moving and start the day. Hope the storms miss us but that is a part of spring. Maybe it will then bring in a long hot summer!!! Did not realize it was Friday the 13 until someone mentioned it. Not superstitious but now it will be in my mind. Kohl's sale starts today so may shower and go browse. If my credit card goes along Sierra may too.

              Have a wonderful, safe, sunny, storm free day. Need to start on my allergy pills today...tis the season!!!!!


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                I cav d in to my More is Just Right philosophy.
                Made a second pan of lasagna and still had time, energy and easy kids to make cookies.
                Can you believe I could not find the recipe I used last week? I did not pin it or takeva screenshot.
                Finally found one close enough and used the numbers I remembered last time. They turn d out well, and I will have 2 1/2 doxen forvthe shelter and 6 for the kids. They are large so I guess that will do.
                Oatmeal chocolate chip with raisins.


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                  We have had Pantera's and a wonderful shopping trip at Kohl's. Found some shirts that were cotton and long! Now I really need to try on those pants. Coming home we had words about her bf again. I wish she could see how he is hurting our liking him. He has to think about coming here then decides we are judgemental. Beleive me, that boy had never heard the word judgemental until Sierra told him. He is just immature and impossible to talk with when he is around. AND he is never around unless we invite him out to eat then he is first one there and then never comes back here but heads back home with my granddaughter in tow. I have so many dirty minded things to say to that piece of work. I know I am not patient and seldom apologize but then I usually have nothing to apologize I hate that when I am alone with my child we have to fight about his worthless carcass. My sister says she will grow up but I hope it is before it is to late. Anyway...we had a wonderful morning shopping and lunching and saved a lot of money and had our fight over Mr. Worthless so hoping for a pleasant afternoon before she leaves for work.

                  Wind is picking up and temps are rising so guess storms will be blowing in. Ahhhhhh!


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                    good afternoon..

                    I got absorbed in a book. and never stop until The End... so.. Im here.

                    Elaine..... the rough roast.. since you have it actually "cooked" .. I would chop into piece and put through the meat grinder... mix up a batch with mayo.onion, some pickle, maybe even a hard boiled egg. and call it Beef salad for sandwichs... make up the sandwiches and take to church.. .
                    Hugs to John,, David ask about when he knows I have posted on RT..

                    Sharon,, you brave soul.. may all those technicians and doctors take special care of your heart...

                    Well spring got here today... lots of wind but temp. went to 80.. halleluia....and we stay home all day.. I did ,at least, David took car to the car wash ( couple miles away, ) all by himself... I semi held my breath until he was home again... he puttered around a bit in the garage .. and then had back ache deluxe all afternoon...

                    son Mark was here earlier.. made a deal with his Dad. that HE would take of our yard this summer... and he was to keep his Wallet in his pocket.. did not want paid for doing it.... He will be officially retired from his present job end of April.. so can pick his time to mow..

                    Jo G. David also has "dead" finger on his right hand.. being right-handed it is super annoying to him... eating biggest problem .and he will not try to use left , (yet). his is numbness due to nearopathy ..probably caused by diabetes.. he gets really fighting mad when the fork flies out of his grasp..

                    Maxie, makes me so sad to read the Sierra has such a piece of crap for a boy friend,, hopefully she will get to see the light, and dump him one of these day... my dear daughter got married to b.f...who became first husband, piece of crap.. finally a year into the marriage she saw him for the Jerk he was , and run home one dark night. Divorce proceeding started right away..... 3 years later she married a great guy.... but somehow she had to go through that, to break the spell the "JerK" had over her.. but it hurts to set back and watch it happening..

                    so hello to all of you .. hubby is wanting something to eat... will check fridge for some leftovers... see you later..


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                      Maye, E doesnít have a ďdeadĒ finger, but he forgets he has to concentrate on using his hand or arm. Because of some deadened nerves, or the fact they canít get that shoulder bone back into itís socket. It feels normal to him til he has to use it. Ergo, the spilled whatever. Even an individual salad bowl. Fortunately heíd cleaned the floor, but unfortunately the bowl broke. (I made salad with honeyed chicken and lemon zest in it.).

                      Iím pushing myself to get through a book....I would swear I had read it before, but Amazon says I didnít. It is as if this author took someone elseís story, and put in a page here, paragraph there, different person added, maybe chapters altered a bit. But the basic story....well it sure seems I have read it! Why finish the book? I want to see how this one ends. 🤯.

                      I have 2 of my 5 kids still with their original spouse. 3 had 2nd spouses. 1 is now widowed, and 1 still with 2nd hubby. That leaves 1 now single (we didnít like either of her spouses), but she hoping a nice guy (preferably rich, as the 2 jerks left her with nothing). I would like her to find a really nice guy who can take decent care of her.
                      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.