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Good morning....rise and shine

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  • Good morning....rise and shine

    Good morning..I don't really have a good reason for not making it...other than most of the time I don't get up in time in the morning...

    Life has been has been work...

    I am excited that I might be able to get my trike out for a ride this afternoon....

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    Good Morning! No sunshine today.

    ​Yesterday was good. Called my Mom, and we went into town together. She still had a Khol's gift card, so that was our first stop. She tried on lots of tops. I kept bringing in different ones. She also found a couple pair of slacks. She's FINALLY getting rid of the double knit pants. Got her looking a little more modern. She wanted something the looked a little dressier to go to my niece's college graduation next month. Then it was onto Boscov's and lunch. Helped her pick curtains for her kitchen. We had a really nice time together.

    ​Came home and started working on the pies. Tried two new cream pie and Arizona Sunshine Lemon pie. Not too sure about either. The girls at the doctor's office said they'd be willing test subjects. In the meantime, my SIL called and asked if I wanted to go to the movies with them to see Miracle ???. It was good.

    ​Cork came home yesterday and said they'd be working on windows for the rest of the week, and he HATES doing the windows...boring..., so he took 3 days of vacation. DUMB! Whatever. So first alarm this morning he's nagging me to get up. I have a routine and it's NOT jumping right out of bed. I'll be heading into town shortly to deliver the pies, go to the bank, and grocery shop. Not sure what the rest of the day will hold.

    ​OH.....Kathy called yesterday and said she heard back from Blaise's birth father. He's very willing to sign away his parental rights. She ask for his address, and here he is on the other side of town! I ask her if she told him where we were living, and she hadn't. I don't want him showing up. He thought we were still in Ohio. For all he knows, we are, just not Kathy. How sad is it that he doesn't care about Blaise.

    Have a good one all!


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      Donna, does this mean that Kathy is planning on taking Blaise?

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    Good Morning to anyone else tired of damp, dreary, cold weather? I am just sick of it, I need some sunshine and warmth this is almost the middle of April...

    Got all things unpacked and put away, really need to wash the sheets on our bed today, always dread that job for some reason...also laundry to do, so with the nasty weather outside I might as well get something done on the inside.

    Speaking of laundry, my granddaughters ages almost 11 and 9 yrs. old do their own laundry, they have a chart of chores they are responsible for and that includes clean up after supper and dishes, making their own beds after sheets are washed, etc. and they do it without complaints and they have a reward system...that household runs like a well oiled machine...the girls get themselves up in the mornings for school (Mom checks to make sure) get dressed, brush their hair, put in ponytails, eat breakfast, their book bags are done the night before, they make their own lunches and fill their water bottles and catch the bus at 6:55 a.m. Mom & Dad are all organized about their mornings also, everyone is out the door by 7:00 a.m. and dog goes in kennel for the day and she loves it...and the house is pretty much spotless...

    Hubby is having back issues again, heard him get up in middle of the night and this morning found him in his lazy boy with heating pad and blanket and he is snoring away right now. He said he did it in the shower yesterday morning, propped his foot up on the seat of shower twisted a bit to wash is toes and he felt it happen...

    Tomorrow morning I will not be here as I have my heart shocked back in rhythm again I hope, has been almost 4 months since they tried it and still had blood clot, so first the TEE scope then hopefully the shock...They are saying if the clot is still there it has probably calcified and they will shock my heart if it my cream ready for my burn that it leaves from the patches front and back...and an irritated throat from the scope.

    Took the curtains down in sunroom will try and get them ironed and put back up this week...if not, no big deal...

    Well off to find something to eat, get tired of the same thing all the time, maybe some oatmeal this morning.

    Donna, sad about Blaise's Father, but you can't make a person love or care for a child if they don't....hope it works out for the best..also glad you and your Mom had a good day, those are important times for you and her. And as for Cork, wonder if he thinks everyone loves what they do, sometimes you just suck it up and do your job... And use vacation days on something worthwhile, LOL...

    Well have a great day one and all, I have written a book..
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Sharon, yesterday I had asked if you took the motor home or the truck to get the *toy* home. I had assumed from your comment about no electronics in the house that you had to stay in their house. I wonder what they do if they get a phone call.

      What has brought on all these rules that the *king* has laid out.

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      jostoy, to much kids on IPads, want them outside and doing other things rather than watching tv or playing electronic games, no adults playing on their phones either, he has also stopped taking work phone calls, family time around the kitchen table and prayer before meals, they have all been good changes, doing more things as a family...they went camping for 4 days and the girls loved over an open fire, walking trails, etc. they are just trying to be a lot more family I thought I should also follow their rules....and have to say leaving my phone and IPad in the bedroom didn't hurt a bit...hubby said when he was growing up pretty much the same rules applied in their house, no phone calls during meals..

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    It is still too dark out to see if the clouds are still around. We are to get more rain, but that was the report yesterday and I never hold them to what they say.

    I am not sure if all the kids will be here or if one girl will be home with mom. It doesn't make much of a difference. As long as the two 4 year old boys have each other they are happy.
    I got a call from the tile guy who got sick and cancelled but today is just not a good day for me to be without a stove. I told him I need a few days notice to be able to have a cold lunch and breakfast that is approved by the program people because I can get a visit at any time...Hopefully, he understood...

    Our garbage has been picked up and I need to go get the cans in.

    hope you all have a good day and I will check in later to see what all you have to say!


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      Paula I am sure he would understand, you are beholding to the a visit at anytime....hope you get things done soon.

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    Good morning everyone.

    ​Yesterday I did write a morning post, but guess I forgot to hit "post reply" before closing out the forum. I thought I was going to have a restful day yesterday. But E called and said she was going to "set a fire", which meant we were going to burn the big brush pile. I'm so glad that job is done. It's not hard to do, but the wind has to be just right. Anyway, we got it down to where we could go for lunch by 12.

    ​When we came back, we could get close enough to the hot embers to push it all closer together. Now she has an empty spot to start piling more sticks into a pile for next year.

    ​While I was out there, I put another stake in the ground for strapping the trampoline down. I wasn't able to strap it down very far as the ground is way too soft yet. We looked for and she bought the straps that can be ratcheted down tight. Before, her son had just tied straps on some flimsy stakes. Of course with the wind, they just loosened up.

    Today...a day of rest....I hope. Tomorrow I will be going over to the Lake for 3 days, so won't be around. I have a "showing of the camper" Thursday evening.

    Everyone have a good day.
    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Hope you get a buyer for your camper and lot area, would be a relief for you....

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    Good morning.
    The sun is shining, today will be another hot day. Tomorrow we drop 10, which will give us some relief.

    Cookie, at least Blaize will have a father-figure who cares about him, and willing to be a part of his life.
    Sharon, your granddaughters sound amazing!
    Paula, it sounds reasonable and simple to me, so surely your stove guy should understand the problem. Maybe you should make up simple, no-cooking me use for emergency days?
    Jostoy, good luck on the camper sale.
    Beth, hope you get your trike exercise today. Maybe that will be the pick-me-up solution to life's humdrum days.

    Nothing new here.

    Have a great day, 🤗
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      JoG they are pretty amazing and very well behaved, and they amaze me with their intelligence, and they take books in the car no matter how short the distance they want to be reading all the time...

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    The sun is breaking through so GOOD MORNING!!! Warmed into the 50s yesterday and suppose to do better today. Sierra left without a jacket this morning so hope she isn't a frozen lump walking into school.

    I have also hurt my back and have no idea how. It is lower back on the left side and is fine if I sit or lay but walking is painful. Sierra ran down to bring up the surprise meat package for supper tonight but I still have her work clothes to do later so will have to tackle the stairs. Ouch!!! I say surprise meat because Jon digs it out so I do not have to stand on my head in the freezer and I never know what I am getting until I see it. Yesterday I did not cook that pork roast and instead did swiss steak. It is my own doctored recipe...cube steaks, onion, tomato sauce, asiago of course!, seasonings in the the crock pot. Cube steaks are so tender you can fork cut them. So now today I need to do something with that pork roast and I may just BBQ it. It is only Wednesday and I feel like I have been cooking for a month straight. I'd rather dig a ditch than cook anything...but not today cuz my back hurts.

    Not sure I will do anything but baby my back today. If I knew what I did I would not be doing that again! Lots on the news this morning so I need to catch up. Cardinals won with a walk off home run in extra innings...exciting! I have learned how to add extra time to the dvr for games. Sierra came in the other night and said she enjoyed the game, grandma, right up the the ninth when it stopped recording! HeHe! So Jon showed me how to add time. This is all new fangled stuff to me. I remember when if you missed a program you waited for the summer reruns or just missed it...period! I always record the hockey and baseball games for her and then she watches while she does homework. WE never miss a game but just watch at different hours.

    Need to shower and get that meat slow cooking for BBQ. Cookie, I would hate to have a husband underfoot without a plan. Sorry for Blaise not having a relationship with his father. I wonder what is wrong with the grandparents not suggesting he take responsibility or wanting their own grandchild in their life? Not being as close to Andrew as I was with Sierra was one reason I moved here. I was only going to have two grands and I wanted to be in their lives.

    I am off to do whatever. Kinda limited with this darn back...


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      Good Morning.

      I was here earlier but nobody was about, so I decided to do some cleaning. Got that done AND made a nightgown. Three done this week.

      Cancer center this afternoon. May need a transfusion.

      Donna, it might be a blessing for Blaise to be without this guy. May just cause a lot of chaos in his life, which nobody deserves.

      Have a good day, everyone.