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Good Morning everyone, I have returned...4/10/2018

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  • Good Morning everyone, I have returned...4/10/2018

    Good Morning, back from GA were the weather was frightful there also, was hoping for warm and sunshine instead got damp, rainy, chilly weather....did get to enjoy the grandgirls, took them shopping, to the movies and saw "I can only Imagine" which by the way was a great movie, my 9 yr. old Granddaughter even cried...she is such a sweet girl. Took them out to eat afterwards at a place called Butt Hutt which had delicious smoked pork of all kinds, the girls had heard about it but never ate there so I found it through Google on my phone and also directions so off we went, the girls loved it.

    Made for a long trip, we had out son in law pick up a golf cart we ordered through him with upgrade to seats, tires, etc. Club Car so we can take it camping with us, they live on a golf course and we enjoyed the ride late at night letting the girls drive, LOL. So yesterday was a 13 hr. trip back to Ohio.... Today I will need to unpack, do some laundry and also make out a menu and go grocery shopping...Thursday is my procedure, TEE first then hope the blood clot is gone so they can put my heart back in rhythm...they say if it is still there they might go ahead with it since it probably calcified..

    For some reason my back is hurting really bad this morning on the right side, hard to sit in my computer chair....

    Well hope everyone is doing fine, missed everyone, they have a no electronics rule in the house now so I stayed off of my phone and IPad, but really stayed busy most of the time while there...

    Have a great day...will be back later.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good Morning.

    Welcome home, Sharon! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

    It is warming up here - headed to 70.

    I am in the process of making night gowns. I can't buy what I want so I am forced to make my own. Haven't made anything in years, but it is still fun.

    Hope everyone has a very good day.


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      Elaine I use to love to sew many years ago, actually many, many years ago, loved making my daughters sun dresses...then halloween costumes for youngest son, and quilts. I have lost all interest in sewing, don't have a place to sew were I can just close the door and go back to it, if I leave it on a table the cats get into everything, noisy things...I would love some 70 degree weather, so ready to sit on deck or front porch and enjoy my morning coffee.

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    Good SUNNY Morning! Snow floated in the air most of yesterday, but didn't start laying until after dark.

    ​Yesterday was sort of busy. Had no real plans when I posted here, but got a call from my PCP and he wondered if I had time to bake him 2 doz assorted cupcakes for a meeting he was going to today and then the restaurant called too, so my morning was spent baking. Came home and had very little energy left. Cooked a real meal for dinner. Kathy & Xander popped out for a visit. Kathy needed paperwork. She also ask Cody about signing away his parental rights. Apparently her & Matt are talking marriage, and if that happens, he wants to adopt Blaise. Cody hasn't seen or spoken to Blaise since his 2nd birthday party, and his 8th BD is coming up next month.

    ​Had a nice chat with my niece late last night. She officially accepted the teaching position near DC. She's so excited. I'm so proud of her. My SIL & brother aren't thrilled, but they'll deal with it. My brother is so financial minded and wants her to have her whole life & retirement planned 21. Let her spread her wings first. Just be thrilled she has a job right out of college. I'm a saver too, but I'm also realistic.

    ​Not sure what today will bring. Need to wash our bedspread since a cat threw up on it. Might run into town with my Mom. Need to make the pie(s) for the doctor's office for tomorrow's order.

    Have a good one all!

    ​Sharon....I tried calling you yesterday because the WWP was worried! I'll catch up with you another day.


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      donna, what town will she be living in and what school district will she be teaching in? Tell her I am excited, too, as the wife of a teacher and the mother of one!

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    So glad to hear all the happy news from you, Sharon! And I am impressed that you found your way around to take the girls to the restaurant...

    It will be a day with showers in the afternoon and more tomorrow. My calla lilies are in full bloom and the lilac bush has lilacs on the top of it so we watched the butterflies hovering around and over it. At times there were so many it looked like the whole air around it was in motion.

    Finally, school is back in session for all the kids. It will be just the regular preschool and toddlers today.

    I don't have much to say, just a floor that is calling my name and some clothes to take out of the dryer and put away. Blessed by work, to quote a line in a favorite movie, Return to Me. so, sorry if I sound like I am complaining at times (parents, not the kids!), because I know there are many people who do not have enough.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day and keep smiling.
    prayers for you all and your loved ones!


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      Welcome back Sharon...glad you had a good trip and enjoyed those grandgirls.

      Good morning everyone! It is a gloomy cold morning but suppose to warm up sometime. Jon built a fire to burn some old wood last night and the kids grabbed the forks to roast marshmallows ..then came in to eat them because it was to cold to stay out!! I just stood inside and let them bring them to me. So I watched a baseball game where the players wear face mask and gloves to stay warm and eat marshmallows that are brought to me because it is to cold to stand outside in front of a fire. What an April!

      We threw fox urine granules around the young starts coming up yesterday to scare the rabbits. I do not know how the rabbits will react but it smelled pretty bad and the wind blew the stink into the neighbors yard and their dogs set up a howl and tried to dig under the fence. Coincidence? Maybe but if the dogs reacted maybe the rabbits will think twice about munching my greenery. If not then we will take harsher steps. Varmints are not cute! Especially with young plants starts hanging from those front teeth...

      Had grilled pork chops for supper last night and they were delish. I think he told me he set out a pork lion for tonight. What is with all this pork? I may have to go dig around for something else. I found a recipe for Spanish rice but my printer will not print for some reason and Sierra is not home or awake long enough to look at it. I love the rice in Mexican restaurants and the white cheese...yum! This one is on pinterest and had a lot of good reviews.

      Looks a little foggy out this morning or the windows need washing. They do but it is to cold and even though they pull in it is still a lot of work so this morning we will call it fog. Still waiting for the warm up to come matter what the weather guy said, it never left the 40s here yesterday with a cold breeze.

      Have to figure out a meal and always laundry. I am getting tired of no food in this house. I shop and they eat and when I go look for something all I find are empty wrappers and boxes. Love it when they leave one cookie in the bag. Or not enough milk in the bottom of the jug to fill a glass. Come on, anybody has room for that last cookie. I would never leave just one and am pretty sure I have saved the world by riding it of that last cookie and not leaving it to taunt a weak human being!

      Looking more and more like this is going to be a whatever day. I am in a whatever mood. Leaning toward a sarcastic style of whatever. Probably still ticked over that one cookie thing.

      Hoping the sun shines and the temps rise for each of you and someone leaves you more than one lousy cookie.


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        Good morning.
        Sharon, welcome back! Glad to hear your trip turned out so well, and you enjoyed your time with the girls.
        Elaine, I havenít sewn in a long while. But I want to hem my muumuus and maybe sew a couple of things as I have some gorgeous fabrics in the closet.
        Cookie, you are seldom if ever not-busy! Wish I had your energy.
        Paula, you certainly arenít a real complainer or whiner. Your Ďcomplaintsí are tempered down and gentle. Always a positive tone from you.
        Maxie, sometimes I miss the chaos of having family around. Those marshmallows sound good! Yum! But yeah, I remember finding ďa shotglassĒ (about an ounce) of milk left in containers. 10 Cheerios left in a box. Etc. but nobody ever left just 1 cookie.

        Today we hit 97į, tomorrow 95į 🌵, then back to the 80ís & 70ís. Thatís according to the current forecast.....but that changes frequently, too. Yesterday we had to turn on the A/C finally, because the house got so hot and stuffy. Last year we didnít need the A/C til May.

        No plans for today, just do whatever. E has 2 bags for Goodwill, and willl probably drop them off when he gets his haircut today. I can go for another week or two without one. The hairdresser sends out monthly reminders. I go every 6 weeks. She has 20% off this week, so itís tempting, but still too soon for me even for just a trim.

        Well, Iíll just wish you all a great day. Hope you cold-weather people get a break soon, and Mother Nature will allow your warmer weather come in. 🤗
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.