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Anyone use an air fryer?

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  • Anyone use an air fryer?

    Last time I ask for a recommendation I ended up buying a food sealer and we have used it several times with good results...I'll let you know next winter when I thaw the corn I am going to freeze this summer! Now I wondering if any of you have an air fryer. I do not fry is not very healthy but the real reason is because I am a lazy cook and why fry it when I can throw it into the crock pot. Anyone have any comments?

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    I’ve been wondering about those, myself, Maxie. Also, the new “ minute cookers”?.....or is that just a pressure cooker?
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      Jo I think they are bringing pressure cookers back...see them advertised a lot. I have NEVER used a pressure cooker....scared me to death! But the ad I saw for the air fryer had a pressure cooker was right underneath.

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    I haven't acquired one YET, but those that do have them, love them. The only complaint I heard was from those that got one that was too small. I'll probably wait a couple years and get one at a garage sale when someone is getting rid of it. LOL!


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      Pressure cookers actually scare me. I’ve heard too many horror stories about them. My mom would not let me use hers, as I learned to cook. In fact, she hid the lid and pressure gauge, so I could only use the pot for cooking puddings ir potatoes.
      I know people who love their pressure cookers, and tell me they are safer nowadays. But the old fear, I cannot shake it.

      Cookie, that is good thinking. But maybe someone will get you one for Birthday or Christmas?
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        I don't have an air fryer but my kids do and they love it, my sons SO says she loves ir for reheating foods, keeps them from being soggy like they would be in microwave....I love my electric pressure cooker they are so much different than the ones you use on the stove...everything digital, you don't have to mess with the giggler, etc. I took a frozen roast out of the freezer, put in in the pressure cooker and set it for 90 mins. and it was shred automatically goes to warm hold...I also like doing beans in it, bag of beans, 8 cups of water and 30 mins. you have tender beans and you can continue cooking them..
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          Well, I have a pressure cooker - have had for about 10 years. It is digital and I use it all the time - meat, vegetables - soup. Nothing to be afraid of.

          Also have an air fryer. I don't know what to say about it. I have cooked steak in it - OK, but if you are cooking for a family, not much room.
          It works well for frozen rolls and biscuits. Have tried frozen fries, breaded fish, onion rings. Anything you would buy prepared frozen to cook in an oven works well.
          Yesterday I did a few frozen breaded green tomatoes - OK.
          My most successful is those tiny frozen tacos. I eat those a LOT.

          I guess what I am trying to say is that you just need to experiment. I breaded some fresh okra once, and it cooked in a big lump. Also tried to bread a chicken breast and it came out looking like a snowball.
          I bought pans for inserting. Made cornbread once, and John said it was tough (I don't eat cornbread, so I don't know).

          Bottom line for me, if it doesn't have some oil and grease already coating it, it cooks but not very palatable.

          I am sure it works well for many things, but I haven't tried enough of those things to know.


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            Thanks ladies... was thinking along the lines for the kids to use it. French fries, toasted ravioli, pizza rolls, etc. I bought a toaster oven once to cook those very things and hated it so wondered if the air fryer would be better. Still thinking!


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              Go for it!