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Good Tuesday Morning

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  • Good Tuesday Morning

    April showers bring May flowers, geez I sure hope so, could use some 'brightening up' around here...this dreary, dark, rainy weather sure gets a person down...

    I have two appts. today so will be a busy day for me...going to get my veggies done before I leave, going to have beef fajitas today...sounds yummy and also quick dish to fix.

    I will also do a bit of shopping for my grandgirls today, so with that said, I best get off of here and get my shower and get busy.

    Have a good day one and all, and remember, before long flowers will be bloom where you are planted...
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    GOOD MORNING! Yes, it's dreary & very wet here, but THE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL TODAY!!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!!! They didn't settle on a contract though, so we may be going thru this again. Idiots!

    ​Yesterday was good. The only major thing accomplished was cleaning up the kitchen & dining room first thing in the morning. Becca stayed the night again, and so my Mom & SIL came for lunch and cards. Kathy wanted Xander to meet Ollie and she stayed most of the afternoon too. Once they left, it was nap time. Even the puppy was exhausted. They left about 5pm.

    ​Got Blaise on the bus and came in the door to the phone ringing. It was Sears repair & they'll be here around 9:30 he said. At least my whole day won't be shot. There is so much that needs to be done around here now that I don't have to be baking constantly. Need to bake a pie for the doctor's office visit tomorrow. I was to have an appt with him tomorrow, but I called & rescheduled it this morning. I forgot to go get my lab work done in time for the appt. It was a wee bit busy the last few weeks.

    ​All I've got to say is it's a good thing Blaise was going back to school. His attitude is very poor. He lost his DS privilege last night for the next 2 weeks.

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning! I am here a bit earlier...I still have things to do but I am not doing them now.
      I have to put the scones Becky made in freezer bags so I don't keep eating them! the vanilla bean ones are all gone but the lemon blueberry ones need to be put out of my reach and eye sight!

      Sharon, I am shaking my head over that sister and your son in law...the grandgirls are worth everything you have to put up with, but I just can't imagine how someone can be so openly petty! You have such a great attitude that I am sure the girls will always know who loves them!

      Today is the egg hunt. I opened the Amazon box of plastic eggs and guess what?! I had to put them together. They were all open and stacked inside each other, so the one school girl and I did that yesterday (12 dozen) and today the two school kids will hide them for the little guys...I am not filling them, but will give out candy and little prizes when we are finished. I have found there is too much crying and fussing and fighting when someone finds way more eggs than others...

      Also, no baby today and I am hoping I can get some toys sorted and books, too, that I want to donate from the daycare. He is so much happier now that he can crawl Forwards, but I can not look away for a minute when he is down and the others are walking around, too.

      I better get the rest of my prep started...
      Oh, talking about flowers coming up: my cala lilies are all stating to open up but my lilac bush (big and old) is not putting out much leaves nor any blooms. I am so sad. I am going to go to a good nursery this weekend, up by the Redding airport and see what the owner has to say and also buy a few more lilac bushes.

      Have a good day and do something good for yourself!


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        Good morning...
        Not much happening today.

        The past couple of days I crocheted a baby cap, and am finishing a matching small blanket (just larger than a washcloth) which I plan to attach a pacifier and small toys on the corners, that GGS (when he is born) will be able to hold onto and play with in his car seat or stroller.

        The weather is nicely warm and sunny here, tainted only by the frequent winds that stir up a lot of allergies. Breezes would be much nicer, but I really hate the winds.

        We fired our weed/insect control guy. We leave the gate unlocked on the days he sprays, and that's the only time our yard is open to anyone. He locks up when he is done, or suppossed to do so. But those are the times that our yard and garden tools disappear, and anything left out on the small porch refrigerator, plus a bottle of champagne and some wines given to us had disappeared. Now we need to find someone else to do that.

        I think I'll have to be extra careful when walking around, as periods of lightheadedness are with me during the day. At least I'm aware of the problem. And I'm hoping it will eventually go away. Meanwhile, I keep a cane within reach. It does help. I see the NP again in 2 weeks.

        So, that is all that is happening here. Time to grab some breakfast and tea.

        Have a good day! 🤗
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Morning...yesterdays rain melted the snow and this morning it is very foggy and looks wet. When I feel asleep last night it was lightning and thundering and storms were forecast for some areas...not sure if we were one of those areas or if we had storms because I fell instantly asleep and did not wake until 4AM! We are not going to have Spring flowers because they are all going to drown!!!

          Andrew is back today so need to fix a sit down meal. Yesterday I made a casserole and they ate when they wanted. I sure hope meat was brought up so I have a starting place for this meal stuff...I have no idea what to fix. I need to go to the grocery store also but not eager to get out in this soupy weather.

          Washed the sheets for Andrew's bed but need to replace them now. Washing was the easy part...his bed is so hard to make up. Blues lost again last night and it will take a miracle for any post season for us. Just wish the sun would come out and stay for a couple of days. Hoping for a bright sunny day for all of you. Ain't happening here....