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Monday....Winter 2018

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  • Monday....Winter 2018

    Good SNOWY Morning! Yes, snow. We probably got a good 6" overnight. They predicted 1-3"...WRONG!

    ​Yesterday was nice. We started the day out by going to sunrise service though the sun didn't show it's face until the afternoon. In fact, on the way home it was spitting snow. Came home & everyone but me & the dog laid down for a nap. It got the hams on and then TRIED to take a nap. The pup kept jumping up and giving me a face bath and wanting to play. Finally gave up and started in on the rest of the dishes I needed for dinner. Becca got up and helped me. Corky kept up on the cleaning up of the kitchen sink.

    ​It was crazy at my brother's for dinner, but great. We combine her side & ours. We had tons of different foods, but not tons leftover, except for desserts...lots of those leftover. Her side left first as they usually do. We stayed and helped clean up. We had planned to play cards, but we were just too exhausted. Came home and watched a movie with Blaise, then all headed to bed early. Even the dog is still sleeping.

    ​This morning I've got to clean up the place. Sherry & her girls and my Mom are coming over for lunch and cards. My nieces will leave after lunch to go back to college. Becca is still off today, so we decided to just play cards today. Now hopefully the snow doesn't scare anyone away. It's suppose to be in the high 40's this afternoon, so most of it will be melted.

    Have a good one all!

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    We got snow yesterday...about three inches of snow on top of sleet and temps in the 20s. We also had a wonderful Easter but the weather could have been nicer. Jon went out and shoveled last night! Bet he has shoveled like maybe once this winter! Right now the sun is shining and looks like the roads are melting.

    Today I have to change Andrew's bed and catch up on laundry. Put any Easter decorations away but did not drag out much. Holidays seem to come on me! No Andrew today so may make a fast tuna casserole for supper. He hates it and it is not a big fav of mine but Jon and Sierra love it. Sierra says her bf enjoyed yesterday and we are all soooooooo happy...did you get the drip of sarcasm? Things to do today so better get going.

    Have a great first Monday of the month! April is 30 days closer to May.....


    • Paula A
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      First: the only
      Tuna casserole I like has crunchy Chinese noodles and cashews in it!
      Sscone: Montgomery county and Callaway County
      Readsville Methodist church cemetery come up a lot!

    • Paula A
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      One interesting thing I found in a newspaper article attached to a grave notice: Mr. Crews owned the celebrated Boone Hays place in Callaway county.
      Maybe I can find some information through deed records.
      And another item I have to go back and find was a James p Crews saw service under Gen. Sterling Price in the Civil War.

      We have others in the family who served in the North and my g-g=grandfather who served in Texas and we have his Discharge papers form the Army of the Confederacy.

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    Good morning.
    I hope everyone enjoyed Easter/April Foolís yesterday.
    I canít believe youíre STILL getting snow in the eastern states.

    We had a quiet day. Iím still getting used to my new med here. The general dizziness is gone, but if I turn my head or strain to see something (like try to read the thermostat), then I get lightheaded again. Donít know if my red-ringed eyes are from the med, or if the allergy warnings being extremely high, are the culprit. Time will tell. Meanwhile my eyes feel heavy, and I get to feeling sleepy, but that might not last longer than the dizziness did. We will see! One of the things with this med, Iím supposed to be washing my hands a lot, staying away from crowds or sick my immune system must be involved. Iím just waiting to see how this works out, not complaining.....then will talk about it with my NP and the doc if he pops in to my appointment in a couple of weeks.

    Yesterday I did pig-out on my Jelly Bellies. Love those things, except for the hot and the espresso flavors.
    We didnít get TMC, so E ordered my movie ďEaster ParadeĒ (Judy Garland & Fred Astaire) on one of the movie rental channels he pays for. We both enjoyed it a lot.

    Just before watching the movie, I grabbed some chicken tenders, Asian veggies, and potato pierogis out of the deep freeze. In my crock pot, I put half of the frozen chicken cuts in the cooking bag into the crock pot. Made a turkey gravy mix with twice the water, and poured half over the chicken. Dumped all the veggies over that. Added some of the pierogis on top. Poured the rest of the gravy over that. Cooked it on high for an hour, then turned it on low for another hour. It was completely done when the movie was over. We ate while we watched our regular shows. E said it was one of the best dishes ever that Iíd come up with. Yay! We had a servingís worth left over, which went into the freezer for soup add-ins.

    The weather here is nice, getting warmer. Mostly in the 80ís now, and will touch into 90įa couple of times this week. (Hoping some of this will influence the weather in the east now.).

    Well, stuff to do. Iíll finish my mocha and reading, and get my day started.
    Have a great day! ☀️
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good morning everyone.

      ​I slept in, and it felt good. Since I had gotten up at 4 yesterday morning, and didn't go to bed until a little after 10, I felt better sleeping in.

      ​We also have about 2 inches of snow, and it looks like a winter- wonder- land out there. It really does look pretty with the snow on the bushes and the trees. AND would you believe they are calling for more snow next Sunday with rain. I guess we will have 7 Sundays of snow. You know the saying about rain on Easter Sunday, well I'm beginning to wonder if the saying includes SNOW. Sure hope not.

      ​Have a pork roast in the crockpot. Will add potatoes and carrots later.

      Everyone have a great day.
      Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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        You guys, the snow just sounds awful!
        When I was in college in Utah we made up a little poem:
        Two great mysteries
        Weíre always not knowing:
        Where the Ten Tribes are
        And Why it keeps Snowung!
        Sorry to the more literate here, but snow in April is just wrong!
        When Stuart graduated the end of April, in Idaho, yep!
        I was wearing my CA dress and shoes and no umbrella!
        I salute all you hardy souls who put up with the weather and people like me complaining about my once in awhile bad weather.
        Kids are having fun today and enjoying the sugar high of their weekend and the cupcakes our birthday girl brought.
        I ate too much on the weekend with Easter goodies and I am passing up the birthday treats.
        We are outside and posting on my phone. Hope it works.
        Have a good day!


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          Readsville Mo is in Callaway County which borders on Montgomery County. The county seat is Fulton and you may get some info that way. I did find that the Methodist Church burned in 1943 but was rebuilt. Interesting note is Callaway County was founded November 25, 1820, by James Callaway who was a grandson of Daniel Boone. I think that is so should dig further.


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            Good afternoon everyone..
            i am late again..
            It been crazy weather here..It cold..But that wind it is wicked..No goo hair day..and cloudy...
            Paula A...You are right..It is not right too have snow in April..It is not right...
            I found this nice little poem...
            My mom taught everything except...How to live without her...


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              No snow on the ground here thankfully...we had our Easter on Saturday at hubby's sisters house, they have now remodeled and moved into Grandma & Grandpa's house on the lake...Grandpa left it all to her and her husband and enough money he said for a good life. I'll never understand people treating kids and grandkids so differently...

              I have had a busy day, got out of the house, still short of breath but otherwised feeling stronger...did a little grocery shopping and put a pork roast in the pressure cooker for pulled pork tonight..had a quarter of cabbage and made coleslaw and some baked beans...pulled pork on texas toast butter and baked in the oven.

              Picked up some things to take to the grandgirls this week, tomorrow is booby squeeze and finger another busy day, will stop at Kohl's to buy the girls and outfit.

              Just glad I am finally feeling better, hope it last a little longer this time...

              Just paid some bills and transferred money over to write a check to son in law for the golf cart, plus it was a 4 1/2 hr. drive round trip for him to pick it up and he charged us gas also, LOL...gas and mileage I believe...I want to see my grandgirls but I am sure dreading being with my daughter and son in law.

              Well time to get dinner on the table....see you tomorrow sometime.
              Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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                Sharon! Iím so glad youíre feeling better.

                Grandpa took the cowardís way out, didnít he? He doesnít have to see the hurt feelings he left behind. All the kids and grandkids should be made to feel special in one way or another. Some memento, even a small but meaningful one would have done it.
                Or maybe SIL was meant to divide things, and somehow misunderstood. ??? Whatever.
                Oh well. Thatís how many families are.

                Time to deal with dinner here, too. Chicken again, with different veggies.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.