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Good Wednesday Morning

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  • Good Wednesday Morning

    Well did anyone get snow? They predicted snow but it must have missed us because the ground is brown...
    I have a finger poke appt, this morning but I will be cancelling that, it seems me and the john are buddies this morning, will need a new supply of Depends if this keeps us, yesterday achy and low grade temp, chills, woke up around 2:30 a.m. with chills and couldn't go back to sleep so I got up, well within and hour I figured out stomach is churning and I am not going anywhere.

    My plan for supper was to make chili for sure that menu will change, LOL..

    Hope to be back later to read...stay safe, stay warm, and most of all stay happy...
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    I didn't get any!!! I am so ready for spring to come and stay!

    Good morning everyone!! I didn't sleep real well but I still managed to wake up in a good mood!!!

    House work

    Is my day...and maybe salvation army trip..

    I cleaned out my closet yesterday and donated 5 bags of clothes and realized I forgot a couple drawers in my dresser oh well.

    I have decided I want grilled cheese for breakfast


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      Good Morning! We got your portion of the snow. I looked out at midnight before going to bed, and there was only a skiff laying and now there has to be at least 4 or 5 inches of snow.

      ​Yesterday was a busy one. I was lucky enough to be the first appt from Sears repair guys. He called at 8:10 and said he was out in my driveway but had to make a few calls first before coming in. Gave me enough time to get dressed and wipe the stove. He did nothing. He decided what parts to order and scheduled another appt. As long as they keep putting me in the morning rounds, I don't care. I then called the counseling place to see if they could take Blaise earlier than the original 4:15 appt since he didn't have any school now. We got a 10:45 appt. I also called & got a 4pm hair appt.

      ​After his appt, we went to Sharp Shopper. I ONLY PLANNED to get cream cheese if they happen to still have it. Somehow I had a cart full and it cost me $63. LOL! I also found some 2lb bags of pwd sugar for $.99 ea, bags of frozen strawberries for $.50 ea, Cool Whip for $.50 each plus a bunch of other little stuff. They did have the Phili Crm Cheese for $.99 and I bought the whole case since I've been going through it and the Cool Whip pretty fast lately. Good problem. We then headed to Little Caesar's to take home a pizza, and they were only accepting cash, so we went to Arby's. Stopped for our free ice cream cone at DQ on the way home. Funny...I kept telling Blaise he KNEW where Dairy Queen was, but when we were approaching it, he said, "I says DQ, so where's the Dairy Queen?"

      ​I came home and started working on icing the sugar cookies until Cork got home, and then I went for my haircut. It was each for his own for dinner. I had a taco salad. Got Blaise to bed after our movie, and I tried to finish the cookies. Unfortunately I left the hardest until last...the Easter baskets. I still have 2 doz of them to ice today. Also baked the bumbleberry pie for the doctor's office.

      ​This morning we'll leave a little early since it's snowy out. Need to deliver the pie then go for my diabetic eye exam. They can't do it at the same time as the regular exam. DUMB! Anyways, I be also picking up my new glasses I ordered last time. Can't wait! There is a $5 Aldi's coupon in the ads this week, and my mail lady is a gem. She got me 5 extra ads, so I have plenty of those coupons. I doubt I'll use them all, so I'll probably give a couple of them away while there to a customer that looks like they could use it. Will come home & finish icing those cookies.

      Have a good one all! Stay warm & safe. Feel better Sharon!


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        Good morning all.

        Sharon, that snow that was to go SE of me dropped a little in my yard. Didn't completely cover the grass, but will make picking up sticks a bit cold to the fingers.

        I was to go to E.'s to pick up the "winter" dropping of sticks today, but don't know if her hands, which are getting very arthritic, will be able to take the damp cold. She should probably stay inside out of the damp cold, but she won't let me work alone in her yard. I am going to take her a partial tube of Aspercream to put on those hands anyway. After she got through playing the organ Sunday in Church, her hands were hurting real bad, even though she had taken her Aleve.

        Time to get dressed and fix a bite to eat. All take care, and have a good day.
        Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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          Good morning, early birds....and all who follow.

          Sharon, I hope you feel better soon. Hot soups are probably in order. Chicken preferred for illness. Keep warm!

          No snow here. Just crazy weather. Mid 80ís today, 90 tomorrow, back to 80, then a week back in the 79ís and 60ís. Makes no sense to me.

          Beth, that grilled cheese sounds good!

          Cookie, youíve really been busy! I couldnít possibly fit all those things in a day.

          Oh, I just got news in my email that GD is going to have our great-grandson in August. That will make 10 ďgreatsĒ for us.babies are always exciting.

          Other than that, Iíve been sneezing for 2 days, as well as coughing. This morning itís upset tummy as well. We will be having chicken soup, too, I think. I throw veggies in it to make it a better meal.

          Have a great day, everyone. 🤗
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            It was a good bit of snow in the Maryland pictures I saw on Facebook yesterday. Spencer said it was a little tricky driving home for him and Nikki but they made it ok.

            good Wednesday trash day! I actually got both bins pretty well filled and with real trash not just things I would be taking to the dump.

            It is very wet outside although it isn't raining at the moment, but today and tomorrow show rain throughout the day.
            One toilet here is plugged and I will be waiting to hear back from the plumber. It happened later after Becky got home and I had to leave a voicemail for him. the one I have found that I really like is a father and son business and the wife of the father used to do daycare so he gets it about needing the toilets to work! I was thinking I need to replace one small area of pipe and was going to wait till it was better weather and then this! So far, the daycare bathroom is fine and I will wait to do my laundry till after this is all fixed.

            I need to go get the meat cooking for our lunch today. It will be spaghetti meat sauce over penne noodles. Much easier for the 2 year olds to eat, but I have one fussy 5 year old that may rebel at the different type of pasta...

            Have a good day. Sharon and JoG, take care!
            Jostoy, you are an awesome friend!
            Everyone here has become such a great part of my life! so glad Pat brought me into this wonderful group!


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              Good Morning, Everyone.

              Great weather here, although we do have the heat going.

              Back to cancer center today for blood booster shots.

              This morning it's laundry and general spruicing.

              SO glad law enforcement figured out who was making the bombs and killing folks around Austin. Now just worrying if others are still out there.
              Can't wait to be told WHY.

              Hope everyone has a good day. Hugs ~ ~


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                Typed the first couple of words and lost them that quick! Hope that is not an omen for how the rest of the day is going to go. At least it is starting out sunny and no one even predicted a snow flake for us.

                Lunch yesterday was just 3 of us and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. No competing or straining to hear...It was just nice and we stayed a long time!! I did all my running except the grocery store. Plain ran out of time. Have all the cards addressed and filled. Need to put a note in my thinking of you card. We ran out and voted after supper and the little place was hopping. Saw this morning that the governor survived his primary which is to bad because now we have to wait until the general election to boot him out. Going to be a dirty summer of politics! We have been filling the fire pit with crap every day. Then saw where the Texas bomber blew himself poetic...and then there is the normal stupidity from Washington and another storm in the east. Lots going on in the news this morning.

                Andrew ask for pancakes for supper so that is easy. Will run out for bacon and fix scrambled eggs to complete the menu. He has not been eating much and I wonder if he isn;t coming down with something? It is a slow start if it is a disease. Did not do laundry yesterday so have loads today but Sierra carried it down for me. Blues play tonight and I am looking forward to the game. We are close to making playoffs and I know baseball season is close to starting but I just LOVE hockey. We need to sit down and pick a family game to attend this summer but I just am not ready to give up hockey.

                Sorry you are under the weather again Sharon, hope John is feeling better today. I think a grilled cheese for breakfast sounds wonderful Beth. Morning to everyone and hope the sun is shining on you!!


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                  Maxie, I tried to boot our Gov. out in the Primary. So...that means I'll be trying again this fall. Sure don't want him for another 4 years. I voted Democrat my first time voting, and that was for JFK. I do think of myself as Independent. I vote for the man/woman opposed for the party.

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                Good morning ... it very bright outside. with falling snow..not fast, just gently building up.. My neighbor lady called early to tell David and I we were not to go outside at all today!!!!!... her husband is our snow remover, push it around ,sweep paths ,guy. and will be up this afternoon... I told her I had appt. with my PCP dr.. but cancelling . reschedule... I do not do snowy roads. and expressways. ..this was a routine appt.. so ..... we are staying inside or she may make me set in the corner. we were going to all this anyway.. but nice of her to call...

                Donna , I too went shopping (only I went on Monday), list was short. but I come out with $50 worth of Stuff. but now I don't have to worry about running out of milk and bread..
                I agree ... that Grilled Cheese does sound good.. tomorrows lunch...I have home-made spag. Sauce thawing for spag . dinner today..

                reading reading, and crocheting ... started to use up yarn in cupboard by making another Crib size afghan.. yarn is better in an agh.. than in a bundle in a box..and someone is sure to have a baby I can give it too..

                see you all later... will go watch our last ,Ihope, Winter blast..


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                  Well so much for my eye appt & delivering the pie. Got a half mile away from home & decided the roads were too bad & it just wasn't worth it. Turned around, came home, and called to cancel. Made an appt for tomorrow for me & Blaise at the same time. Kill two birds with one stone.