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Tuesday ~ March 20

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  • Tuesday ~ March 20

    Good Morning, Everyone !!

    Set my alarm for 5a so we can get to hospital by 6. Didn't need the alarm. I've been awake since 4.

    Transfusion this morning. Hoping it helps this weakness his is experiencing.

    Got the check from the insurance company for the roof replacement. Now to find a contractor to do the work.
    New roofs going up left and right, but we need the right person and don't know anyone.

    I hear John stirring. Time to get pills and breakfast down.

    Have a good day, Friends.

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    Good morning everyone...
    Rise and shine...I have the coffee pot on..

    We had long night..We had some storm..The lighting..And it rain hard...

    And the kittys did not like the storms..Keep me up..Half the night..


    • Paula A
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      The news this morning says almost everyone is getting hammered by storms! Take care of you and the kitties!

    • sassygirl01
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      That is for sure...I am getting the second round...And i will....
      You too...

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    Good Morning! Yesterday was a beautiful day, but today we are back to winter weather. Cold with snow starting around 10am they said. Sunday I looked at the extended forecast for the week, and it was suppose to be in the 40's all week, but yesterday that all changed. God is still in if he ever wasn't.

    ​Yesterday was good. Had our taxes done. Ouch! This year we could no longer claim Becca plus there were a couple other things, and our refund was only about a third of what it was last year. I'm thankful we got that though. Picked Blaise & Mom up, and we went to Arby's to meet Becca for lunch. It's always nice to see her. Came home and took a nap. Finally got started on icing the sugar cookies. At the end of the day I think I had 8 doz or so iced. 12 more doz to go!

    ​This morning I'll be icing more cookies. Teachers still on strike. Blaise has a 4:15 counseling appt. Sears is supposed to be coming out to work on my stove AGAIN, and if they come this morning, I'm going to call the counselor's office & see if they can take him earlier.

    ​I was texting with my oldest niece. She's a Senior in college and her degree is middle school teaching. Graduation is soon! I'm so proud of her. She's had a couple teaching interviews. The one is in VA near DC in a big school district. The principal who interviewed her, both of his parents graduated from the college Kenzie goes to. Makenzie is very involved with Young Life (a Christian out reach to HS students) and the Principal is/was very involved in it too. She's very hopeful for this job. Her parents aren't thrilled because they think she should be getting a job close to home & live there to save money. I say let her spread her wings and experience life as a young adult. She's excited and I'm so excited for her. A friend also interviewed with them, and they would find a place to share for the time being. She said they may also be able to live with Young Life families. God is good!!! I told her I didn't want to find out about her getting the job on FB or from her mother. She is to let me know. I've always been a believer in her and in her corner.

    ​Well, better get that stove looking presentable. Get the cookie crumbs wiped off and ready for the repair guy.

    Have a good one all! Happy Belated Birthday Jostoy!!!!! Great news JoG!


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      Good artic cold morning. Sitting here with flannel bottoms, thermal top, fuzzy socks and a heated throw. I am freezing my hands are like ice cubes. I might just have what hubby came down with yesterday, staying making some chicken noodle soup. Have a good day one and all.
      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Good morning. The news just said so many of us are having storms or waiting for one to come in. (That would be me)
        I got up a little later and I am sitting here with wet hair...but then when I am finished in this room I will make my way out to the other end of the house and finish getting ready.

        I have some calls to make today during daycare and hope the baby and kids can be quietly engaged for a bit...

        Stay warm and dry and keep the soup on!


        • sassygirl01
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          Please..Be safe....
          i had to finish up with my washing...And did some ironing....I hate that job...

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        Morning...and Happy First Day of Spring!!

        Today I am lunching with the school chums. Jon received a notice from his loan company with a corrected tax form so I will take that in for him, need to stop at the bank for me, get gas, pick up some meat from the grocery and then do lunch. Since we are rural and I have to drive miles and miles to vote I will do that on my way home. The crock pot will cooking supper!

        Cannot think of anything going on around here. Sorry John has to undergo another transfusion. I did not hear if JoGee needed a bone biopsy.

        Yesterday it started raining around noon and we ended with almost 2 inches of rain. Andrew came in sopping wet and said he had to stand in line to board the bus. What was in front of him? a bunch of turtles? I mean he was wet and cold when he came in and I was kinda aggravated that they would do that to kids. Oh well, betting it won't take much to aggravate me with this cold crappy weather.

        Need to get moving so I can leave early and do my running before lunch. Have a bunch of birthdays so need cards but will run into the Dollar Store for them. Plus I think cards are getting hard to pick out...either I do not understand them or they are just plain dumb.

        Wishing good weather on all of you. Spring! Now tell Mother Nature to bring on some heat!!


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          Good morning everyone.

          ​In case none of you checked yesterday's post, I did thank all of you for the B.D. wishes. I got several phone calls, a text and a card for my B.D. E. treated me to lunch after I got out of the Dr,'s office. But his nurse did bring me and E. a cupcake a piece while we were sitting in the waiting room. That was a surprise as who would have thought a Dr.'s office would acknowledge your birthday like that.

          ​Anyway, today is my only free day, and at that I have to go get some wrist weights and a few groceries. So the day isn't entirely free.

          Nothing much to tell, at least nothing that I want to tell at this time. Hope all have a good day on this COLD first day of spring.

          A 6-year-old was asked where his grandma lived. "Oh," he said, "she lives at the airport, and when we want her, we just go get her. Then, when we're done having her visit, we take her back to the airport."
          Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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            Good morning.
            No, Maxie, I didn’t need that bone biopsy. 😀 . She considered gibing it anyway, but E said if it wasn’t really necessary then yer invasive procedure could probably wait til it was necessary. I posted it (with more info) last evening, just before Aunt Maye’s post. Like maybe a new medication if she can get them to drastically cut the price.

            Hard to believe today is officially the First Day of Spring. 😱

            I have a bunch of birthday cards to write out, too. When did family and friends expand so much? I keep a birthday calendar to keep up with them all.

            We never got the forecasted storms here. Not sure if we are lucky or not. Today and tomorrow are forecasted for 80, than it’ll be mostly in the 70’s for at least a week.

            Sharon, I hope what you’re catching won’t be long lasting. No fun! Lots of chicken soup.
            Elaine, I hope the transfusion helps John.

            Well, it’s time to grab some breakfast here. Have to decide between tea and mocha.
            Would love to share this sunshine with all of you!

            Have a great day. 🤗
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            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Good morning..checking in from work...not feeling great today and I don't think Cori does either..she didn't eat all her breakfast. Work is going ok. No plans for this evening