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  • Good Morning Tuesday

    Good Morning, it seems my life has become a roller coaster of Drs. appts. and figuring out what to fix for supper..

    It is cold, we have a dusting of snow on the ground, we are enjoying more daylight, I detest having things go wrong with me when I am much more a right person, LOL..

    A worry for my oldest two children, it seems their Father had was is I would call a nervous breakdown, he is in a mental ward right now, he was having anxiety and was having suicidal oldest son has called and talked to me, my daughter has not, she is so distant with me and I have no idea why. Much more to the story but it is not mine to tell I guess. Worried for my children.

    I need to get out of this house today for something besides Dr. appts. but yet it is so cold...tomorrow I get my finger poke and my pulmonary Dr. appt.

    Last night I cooked smoked ham hock, green beans, and potatoes and made cornbread, pure comfort food..A lot going in the families and I am just feeling 'quiet' and looking forward to spring.

    Hope everyone is doing well, I need to read and catch up seems I am always heading out the door or doing something on here for the hubby.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good Morning! We got the dusting of snow too & you are's down right frigid out there.

    ​Yesterday wasn't super productive, or at least not as much as I would have liked. I spent the morning sorting eye glasses with the ladies. Went to the drug store to pick up my colonoscopy prep supplies. Apparently my insurance doesn't cover the prep liquid the doctor's office talked about because I was handed a gallon jug...grrrr! I'm grateful though I have insurance to pay for it. Came home and made up 10lbs of sloppy joes for today's luncheon. I did cook a real meal because I don't plan to for the next 2 days.

    ​Our church is in charge of cooking & serving the meal for the local Golden Agers at the VFW. I don't know if anyone else is showing up to help serve besides me & Donna C. It's only 40 people, so we'll be fine. Later this afternoon Kathy is suppose to come over after her State Farm appt, and I'm going to take her into the new grocery store in town. I've been telling her about the deals.

    Have a good one all!

    ​ surprises me a bit about your daughter when you two are always thinking of them and doing for those girls. KIDS! It's sad about their dad.


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      Good morning everyone.

      Sharon, do I have time to make it to your house for supper tonight? That meal sure does sound like my kind of food.

      ​Talked to my sister-in-law yesterday. It seems that this year is a real mess for both of us. She said she had gotten a few gray hairs over the weekend and a loss of sleep. She thought she had lost her folder of information, and was handing an identity thief all her info on a "silver platter". But fortunately, her folder was in the owners office where she had stopped for a few minutes on Friday.

      I finally got the letter yesterday from E. Jones to be sent with my taxes. So I guess we can finish mine up Wednesday afternoon.

      ​Nothing on my agenda for today. Everyone have a good day.

      ​P.S. You Ohio people and Pa. people...just keep that snow in your area. I DON"T WANT ANY!!!!
      Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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        Morning..sunny and cold this morning but we will heat it up when we are out shopping. When I shop with my sister we leave early and start with breakfast but Sierra wants to sleep in and then do lunch before shopping. Kids!!! I have a few stores I would like to get into myself and wonder if I will be 'allowed'. I do get to drive and pay for lunch so she is including me.

        Sharon, our children never out grow our worrying. Sorry you have this on top of the health aggravations. Will summer ever get here?

        Guess I will go take a shower and be all dressed and ready when the princess arises. Actually I am looking forward to the day. She never left the house all day yesterday except to meet the bus and her dad was also home all day hacking and coughing. It was nice to have a sit around and do pretty much nothing all day. Then the kid comes in and the entire atmosphere changes. He was outside and came in to announce 'ok, let the yelling begin' everyone runs to see what he had done. He had hauled home a metal something that was all rusted out and dumped in the yard to wait for recycling. So his dad did yell and they moved it to the back so at least no one could see it. OMG! he is such a junk magnet. Sometimes i swear he does not have a drop of us in him!

        Hope the weather improves for those of you freezing in the snow. The dwarf lilac does have leaf buds and think the snowball bush may have a little something coming up. Can we really hope for an early Spring? and a hot summer? One can dream!


        • Paula A
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          Maybe tell the junk magnet about tetanus shots? That might five him pause before he touches something like that again?

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        It is rainy and windy here and not really a good morning. Becky has to drive out in this stuff and the lights just flickered! Oh, please don't let the lights go out!
        But better before daycare than while all the kids are here. Like maybe some would stay home??? Kind of doubt it.

        Sharon, I hope you get out for a bit for something other than an appointment. Wish I had some idea to give you, but I am coming up empty. Maybe a phone call to just let your daughter know that you are concerned, too kfor her dad and just leave it at that. You are opening the door for any conversation, but we can't force anyone to talk or even open up...Or write a card if the phone is not an option.
        Prayers for you!

        It will definitely be an inside day. No big kids will be out even though they will try and talk me into it (I have boots...). ONe is 5 and the other 4 //2 and they have started trying to get away with things when they think I can't see them: rocks over the fence, or jumping off the climbing structure from the top...the one 4 1/2 year old boy broke his mom's rear window by throwing a rock at the car! I thought: that is it. We all go out together or no one goes out. And the weather today will be a good reason. something about the age around 5 that they realize the adult is not all knowing and they can sneak something by me...

        I am making spaghetti for the kids and better get going. And yesterday was a hit with food that one had requested: turkey sandwiches and pb&j afterwards!
        the time change did not make anyone grumpy or even sleep more than usual but they sure ate up lunch! But today is back to a hot lunch.

        The weather sounds pretty bad from the news. I hope you are all warm and safe inside!


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          Good Morning.

          Cold here, as well - 41 - but EVERYTHING is in bloom. However, after the weekend's storm, things are not looking so pretty.

          Today is day off for us. Going to go nowhere - talk to no one - do nothing, except cook lunch.

          Doctor yesterday and again tomorrow. Expecting a transfusion on Thursday. *sigh*

          Hugs to Everyone.


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            Good morning.
            Had trouble sleeping last night, got maybe 4 hours altogether. Canít believe itís my cold, as it seems to be a mild one. Lucky me, as I have an impaired immune system.

            Have a blood draw coming up Friday, and another one Monday, and Monday I see both doctors who ordered those blood draws. I just hope I donít need that bone marrow biopsy. Seems when doctors ďfixĒ one problem, that it either has become another problem or a new problem. And my problems then get new names. Right now itís a name I canít remember, but comes under an ďumbrellaĒ of many similar issues, but now it has ďfibrosisĒ at the end of it. If asked, I can give the name of my previous condition and just add ďfibrosisĒ to it, and theyíll know exactly what my problem is. So why do they mess it up??? Iím tempted to ask where they stood in their graduation, top ten percent or less?, but then there may be repercussions from that question. They have a dozen diplomas on their wall, but none tells you their actual rating. Go figure.

            Meanwhile, Iím waiting to see if my hairdresser will have a 20% discount going this week. Iím due for a haircut. But I can go another week if Iím so inclined.

            Iím glad to see my elm trees budding new leaves. The birds will appreciate that. I like the smaller birds that are about. The pigeons can go fly a kite, or disappear, and Iíd be very glad. I notice they arenít cooing on our roof this morning.

            Nothing much new here. No plans. Just do what needs to get done. Ho-hum.

            Have a great day, everyone. 🤗
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Good afternoon everyone...

              I want summer here...I know i do...
              this weather just get little old...It would be nice too see the sun.....
              Another day of staying home..I am getting cabin