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Feb 9/ Friday

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  • Feb 9/ Friday

    Good morning.
    We are in Phx. Yesterday we visited our friend in her Senior Living home. It is very nice, the people here (including gate guards/security) are quite friendly. We did ask questions about it but this is very high end and expensive. Lots to do there. Don’t know what she paid to “purchase” her apartment, but her monthly cost upwards of $3,000. So we will continue to keep looking. We still have much to do before we can sell our house.
    Today through Sunday there are daughters to visit. And give “stuff” to. The mornings will be ours, I guess. Will see them afternoons or evenings.
    The weather here is almost the same as Tucson, perhaps a couple degrees warmer.

    We had a bit of an experience with the hotel we had reservations at. Holiday Inn was not ready when we got there. So we went and killed 2 hours in an electronics store. I read their current magazines in their coffee shop, then put them back.....of course E found a few small things to buy. Went back to the hotel, and they STILL weren’t ready, but we waited for another hour. The clerk was checking in other people, so we patiently asked our room.....the maid still hadn’t cleaned it up. A3 hour wait and it STILL wasn’t ready! We cancelled our reservation. Took note of the clerks name. So we drove to another hotel a half mile down the road. After E checked in we had to stop and get him a new shirt, as his coffee cup lid popped off and spilled on his shirt. He changed shirts at the store, and we were just a few minutes late in finding our friend’s Senior home.

    Nothing else new.
    Hope you all have a great day!
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    Good Morning! It's snowing again, but not suppose to be much.

    ​Yesterday was not a productive day at all. Went to Bible study in the morning, but had a wee bit of difficulties before getting to leave the driveway. The Escape wouldn't move, so I had to shovel & put down some kitty litter before I got it to move out of the frozen rut. So when I came home, I parked it on level ground and had the same problem. GRRRR!!!

    Blaise had his first counseling session yesterday. Don't know how productive that was. He's a goon! Arby's is right across the road from there, so we had a quick bite to eat before coming home. I came home & took a nap....doing nothing is exhausting! LOL! Once I got the guys to bed, I spent the evening doing eyeglasses.

    ​Today I don't have a single thing on my schedule...YEA! Of course there is plenty to be done here at home. Think I'll spend the morning at this desk doing some much needed paperwork. I might mix up some more cookie dough later.

    ​Notice when we went out to the bus stop that it looks like someone drove through our yard....again. Not sure if it was a vehicle or a snowmobile. Probably the later because I thought I heard dirt bikes last night and it was probably the SM.

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning to all. I awoke this morning to a bit of windburn on my face and lips from riding up top on the tour bus. Rode through Las Vegas yesterday only to find out the different areas are not all Las Vegas, NV😁😉 also got to go inside the pawn shop from the TV show Pawn Stars looks a lot bigger on tv. We finished up the day with dinner and R & R. Beautiful weather here, we will be doing the Grand Canyon tour on Sunday well that's if the government doesn't shut down. Well once again time to get a move on. Take care one and all.
      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Morning! Moving slow this morning with restrictions and a little sore but all went well yesterday. No blockages or sign anything will block. I have an abnormality and it will always show as a problem. Cardiologist told me I was just one of those people. Everyone was super nice but it was a long uncomfortable day and really boring for poor Jon. He was glad when we left then came in and checked on me all evening and even made me a sandwich. So two doctors have given me good news this week and I see the endo next week for my thyroid so maybe she will release me and I can be my old healthy self. Am I actually seeing an end to this medical junk? No one believes you when you say you are healthy!

        Driving home yesterday both Sierra and Andrew's mother called saying Andrew was in lock down at school. There was a shooting in one of the small towns around here and they put this entire school district into lock down until the culprit was caught. The crime is creeping into these rural areas and I do not understand why. You would think the criminal element would be happier in the city...however, when you go around shooting your mates I guess that comes in any area. People have no coping methods or self control. What has happened to civilization? I truly feel we are in the era of the rise and fall of the American society. Jon talked with Andrew last night but I was dozing so he didn't bother to wake me and hear ANdrew's view of a lock down. Anything new is exciting to him!

        While laying around in the hospital yesterday we talked vacation and maybe taking a couple of days in June and driving to the beach. Andrew has been wanting to snorkel and that was something his father loved doing. We would rent a boat and the kids and my bil would snorkel and my sister, niece and I would swim around the boat and then have a sack lunch. I still hang sand dollars on the Christmas tree. Something to think about. I did put snorkels in their stockings last Christmas but snorkeling in the pool is not the same or so his father says. Andrew was offered a trip to the beach this Spring with one of his aunts and cousin but he turned it down then ask us to take him. We had no plans to do so but maybe...will have to see how vacations go and we will certainly miss my sister not having her pool in this summer. What good is a new house without a pool? But they have already told them it would be fall before it could be in so they are on a list..bummer!!

        Looks cloudy out but suppose to warm up. I have certainly been cold a lot lately and am guessing the thermostat is telling me I am not home this morning. Damn that thing! Need to shower before Sierra leaves this morning then will be alone until late afternoon when Jon comes in. They wanted someone here for 24 ours but it just didn;t work out for us. She leaves at 11 and Jon will be home at 330. My bed is warm and the remote works great!

        Jostoy so sorry about your camper and summer camping. You worked so hard and appear to be still working on the camper and site. Sharon have a wonderful time and JoG enjoy your kids. We have waited while vacationing for rooms before and it is an inconvenience. Enjoy your kids and have a safe trip. Cookie a nothing day to you is a week of work to me! Take care and stay healthy all of you. Winter will end soon and the sun will shine back on my head...right? They keep telling me that!!


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          Good morning... and almost 10 is still morning
          Snowing in a lazy way, but trying to be serious, outside..our country road does not look too great but highways are probably cleared..

          Daughter Karen has had... surgery on her heel about 9am.. started out as bone spur.. but it grow to a point and the point fractured off.. had to be removed.
          .... Bill says she is out of surgery.. will be home as soon as she is truly awake.... she will have 8 weeks of wearing a "boot"..

          will slowly get the necessary jobs done today... bathroom already sparkling.. kitchen floor and sink tops all cleaned .. David is sleeping in the chair..
          he complains about not sleeping at night. getting awake at 4am,ect ect, .. then does this long sleep from 7 to 10.. adding up the hours in a 24 hr day .. he sleeps about 12 or 14 of them.. ....I prefer to read.. or puzzle ..

          so good to be able to get back on without a struggle.. for two days now I have not had to re-log in.. yea!!!!!.


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            Have not heard from Ladyebug for awhile. Hope she and John are doing well. Update, please. We worry, otherwise. 🤔

            Also, Sassygirl and Beth, hope you’re doing well.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Morning checking in from work...daddy continues to is is busy! I find myself coming and going alot..when I am free I enjoying just being with coriander...she has been wanting to snuggle a Lot and I am loving that!!


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                Good morning! My house smells like enchiladas and I have three pans of casseroles for the shelter. I am using 9x13 pans because I can’t carry the big toaster pans full of food or get them in and out of the oven. Carpal tunnel is just too much.
                I will have the surgery when I retire.

                Two kids and waiting for a third. My 2 1/2 year old who comes with her iPad! And of course, leaves it all over!
                I told my 5 year old she can make the choices today!

                Jo, I hope you post a review on Yelp and Facebook


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                  I had to stop writing because a parent was coming in.

                  Maxie, our schools had a lockdown this week and they were under their desks for an hour!
                  The drug related crime seems to be just as bad here in my rural area as in the city...

                  Ok, saying Have a good day to all of you!
                  Give a hug and get a hug!


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                    Talked to Elaine, and it's been doctors, doctors, and more doctor appts for them. They are OK, but have been better. She hasn't forgotten us at all, and will be back when things slow down a bit. She sends her hugs & love to us all.


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                      Thanks, Cookie.

                      Paula, if E doesn’t post them, I will.
                      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.