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Feb. 8th....Thursday

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  • Feb. 8th....Thursday

    Good morning all.

    Today is a rest day, but tomorrow I probably won't have time to post. Have to go to the Lake to take more pics. of the camper. Will also be meeting with my carpenter so he can put on the new vent cover.

    ​Too bad it's not warm enough to be able to sleep in it for the night. I will have to make the trip over and back the same day. It makes for a tiring day when that happens.

    Well everyone have a good and safe day.
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    Good morning, Jostoy, and everybody else.

    There isn't anything new to add to what I have been posting. I will be prepping my shelter dinner after daycare today and making a cake to take with the enchilada casserole, what I call Mexican lasagna. I make the kind with flour tortillas between layers of meat, sauce and cheese and beans. With a layer of black olives, too. One of the daycare parents gave me two cases of olives.

    I am in full allergy mode right now. I am hoping the Urgent Care can give the Kenalog shot, other than that, I have to take a day off or an early day to get to the shot clinic before they close...

    I hope you all have a good day!


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      Good morning. The city of Las Vegas never sleeps and it's true. See sights that make your eyeballs hurt. Everyday has been busy and my feet hurt from walking so much. Right now it is 7:10 a.m. And hubby is snoring away. Here they don't put coffee pots in the room so I packed my travel coffee pot and coffee 😬👍 so I have my morning coffee. BUT putting a bag of coffee in your luggage gets an inspection, they leave you a paper telling you your suitcase was searched. 😬 Not much time to check in but will when I have time and not to tired.
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        Checking in from work...its been a long week!! I need me time and sleep


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          Hi. Just checking in late. Made it to Phx.
          I’ve been sleepy all day (must be allergies), and we still have to wait for our hotel room, & eventually see our friend today.
          Then we see some of the kids through the weekend. We brought “stuff” to unload on them. 😂. But they did agree to it... well, most of it.

          Have a great day. 🤗
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.