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Hey has everyone left for church already? Good Sunday Morning

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  • Hey has everyone left for church already? Good Sunday Morning

    Good Morning...first of all I can't believe I slept until 8:00 a.m., that is unusual, of course I had one heck of a time going to sleep last night, why or why does your mind go from one subject to another when all you want is to go to sleep. And you know what? After all that thinking this morning all things are the same..The biggest one, my youngest sons SO is moving out, she is all for a much different life than he wants, she thinks he doesn't pay enough attention to her, that she is not his priority, he told her he has a house and other things that he has to maintain in the evenings after work and on weekends, life is not one big party and spending money...(his Dad told him that is why he married an 'older' woman, more settled down and wanting the same things in life) that was me... He said he was okay with it, she was at the point of complaining and starting arguments and he was just tired..

    Well now I have been packing my suitcase and more than ready to have a break from all things...getting a breath of fresh air I hope, (not contaminated with the flu hopefully) Looking forward to seeing the Grand Canyon and Terry Fator, he won American Idol years and years ago and we always said we would like to see him someday, well he own his own club now and we are going to see him, YEAH!!! another bucket list mark off..for now those are two things we have reservations for, haven't got a plan yet for the other things...we like to stay at the Golden Nugget, the old Las Vegas, much more laid back and enjoyable to us older folks..

    Will be cleaning out the fridge today and giving the house a dusting and vacuuming before leaving...Hope everyone is doing good...
    And hope we get the board where we would like it to be thankful to Nightstorm and Dave...

    Have a great day one and all.

    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good morning.

    ​Nope haven't left yet, but need to get ny rear in gear and get dressed. Got my shower and washed my hair at 5:30. Then it was on to studying my lesson.

    Went to the Lake yesterday to check on the camper. Then stopped by my cousin's house. Had his wife to put my place up for sale on Facebook. Just can't see spending what the owner wants next year for the lot, seeing as how I live so far away.

    Everyone have a good day.

    Sharon, I forgot to tell you that I hope you and Doug have a very enjoyable time and relaxation.
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    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Bible study was cancelled this morning. Pur main leader is on vacation with his wife. Leader number and his wife had a new baby this week. I am being lazy just watching tv.


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        Good morning! Looks like a yucky day out but maybe I just need to wash the windows. Jon is taking me north today to visit a big craft shop. He thinks if he does that I will go further north and he can go into an antique mall. I am not over excited but will go because everyone loves a craft, right? Besides his next day off he will spend in the hospital with me during the procedure so I will be nice about it. Being nice is such hard work!

        Last evening we had a great family night for a few hours. Sierra stayed in all night and did several hours of homework then watched the hockey game with me. Her dad came in and sat with us for an hour or so before he left to go out. Putting the tv in the living room was a good decision and it has become a gathering spot instead of each of us going into separate rooms to watch tv. Looks like even an adult family needs a place!

        Sharon your trip sounds like fun and you certainly deserve a good time after bring sick for so long. Adult children are still children and we worry. Jostoy does that mean you are going to move your camper? After all the work you did on the lot? what a shame..

        I have nothing else to say...need to call my sister this morning. Wish the weather would break and the sun would come out and the temps move up into the 80s and I knew that tomorrow would bring the same and the next day and the next.

        Have a great Sunday!


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          I'm selling everything. The owner got the cabin owners to put a lot of money into their cabins by saying we would loose our lease for the Lake, then pulls this stunt. At a special meeting in Dec. there were 14 of us who said they'd sale. I just hope I can get the biggest part of my money back.

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        Good morning, everyone.
        A lovely sunny morning for us. When I went out to get the newspaper, the sky was a lovely soft blue and the clouds and contrails were pink. So pretty.
        Just another busy day here. No plans except the usual.

        Sharon, if you plan to see the “glass walkway” over the canyon, you will want to go to the North Rim. My brother came to visit there, and we saw the scenic South Rim, and he asked where the walkway was. Wish he’d have said something sooner, but he didn’t have the few extra days to ride to the north side and visit there.
        Enjoy your trip.

        Hope you all have a beautiful day today.
        Hugs to you. 🤗
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          this is our year to have late church, so it starts at 11:00 and we leave at 10:40...I have to get there and put the hymn numbers up in the chapel and Becky needs to print some things off in the library. I would go at 10:30, but she uses every last minute getting ready.

          Later today at 5:00 I start a self reliance class on finances. It is a 12 week class, 2 hours each week for the class. I talked to Stuart and Jenni last night and was surprised they signed up for the class, too, up at their church. Surprised because they are the best in the family at saving and living within their means. and yet, they still said they want to learn to track their finances better and save more. Going over my statements for my taxes always shows me where I have spent a little too much. Except for their house, Stuart and Jenni pay cash for everything else, cars to appliances!

          Sharon, your trip sounds great! Good for you and Doug to take some time to get away just for the two of you. I hope you see wildflowers in bloom. I am not sure when they bloom down there. And the show sounds great! I will search him on YOuTube and listen to some of his songs. I haven't always watched Idol.

          I better go. It is a beautiful day out and I don't see any wind, yet.
          My tax appointment went well; I forgot a couple of things so I will lahve some numbers to call up to the office Monday and then Don said he would get it sent right off for me.
          Oh, and get this: He projected my Next Year's return to see how the new tax reform will effect me: not good! I lose. He said I was the first one he had seen that comes up with a loss because of the new tax guidelines from DC. I will have to see what I can do. Not able to make any more money. And I don't want to live on any less until I have to. Always something, right?

          I am sorry to end on a sour note. So have a great day and keep a prayer in your heart!


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            He's a ventrilogist but has a wonderful voice...

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          Hey all! It's snowing again here.

          ​Yesterday was productive, but if someone walked into my house, they wouldn't know what I did. Laundry got done, I just went about picking up stuff & putting it away. Dealt with all the baked cookies that were frozen on trays & ready to be packaged up. Cooked a real dinner. Watched a couple movies.

          ​This morning we went to church & SS. Took Blaise down to Kathy's afterwards. She's funny. I had him take his microphone with him for them to play with. She told me to NEVER bring it again, because it's too noisy. LOL! This is coming from the girl who had big woofer speakers in her car trunk & could hear her coming a half mile away. Right! Xander actually gave me a couple hugs. I'm now Grammy B to him. If they actually stay together, I will gladly treat this little guy like one of my own grandchildren.

          ​Now to get busy cooking some food for Cork this coming week. Not going to play cards tonight. Don't want to be out on those snowy roads after dark.

          Have a good one all!


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            Good afternoon everyone..

            We like to go to church..We had sleet and rain,snow..So we stay home..
            and i worked on some pillows...
            I hope we have nice wather tomorrow....