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Happy Groundhogs Day / FEB 2 2018

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  • Happy Groundhogs Day / FEB 2 2018

    Will the Groundhog see his shadow today?

    Good morning.

    Am up early today, couldn't get back to sleep. Am waiting for my tea to cool a bit.
    Have laundry to do today.
    Otherwise it's another ordinary day around here.
    Yesterday E dropped another load off at Goodwill, and came home with a package of Dove dark chocolate hearts for me. Yay!
    Tomorrow is my haircut day.

    Have a great day, everyone! 🤗
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    Good Morning! The darned GH didn't see his shadow (it's snowing), so it's 6 more weeks of winter. We got a nice clean coat of snow overnight...pretty.

    ​Yesterday was another productive day....didn't think it was going to be though. I went to Bible study in the morning & was so tired. I drug myself home and was going to take a nap. Well I thought I better get the apple pies in the oven first and while doing that, my energy kicked in. Got a call from another person wondering when I could make them a German Choc pie. I had the dough made & the oven was getting hot for the apple pies, so what's one more pie? Got the apple pies delivered to my doctor....funny thing...I went to his office & he had a gray stubbly beard. I said, "Excuse me, I'm looking for a bald, clean shaven man." He laughed.

    ​Came home and the folks for the GH cookies started showing up. I then baked 3 carrot cakes & put the finishing touches on the 10 doz German Choc cookies. It was a good day! Sent Corky with a cute arrangement of some of the GH cookies for his crew that he works with.

    ​Blaise got motivated this week when he heard he only got a rating of 7 out of 10 for last week's behavior. He want a 10/10 this week and it seems he is succeeding. He want to know what his reward would be. I had to think. I came up with pizza, popcorn, and movies until 11pm tonight and he was so excited. Easy! No baking for me tonight.

    ​This morning I want to ice the 9 mini carrot cakes, make a cookie plate, and bake off some of the pumpkin cookie & choc cherry pecan cookie dough. Want to include them on the trays. Want to take samples to my new customer. She may then want to offer CC at her restaurant. I'm meeting my friend Debbie for lunch at a newer Chinese restaurant. We have a lot of catching up to do. We saw and talked to each other more when I lived far away.

    ​Have a good one all! Stay warm & healthy. Don't do anything silly to hurt yourself Jostoy!


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      I'm trying real hard to behave myself, cookie. It is easier to do that during the winter.
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    • Paula A
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      I just read that Your PA groundhog, P. Phil, did see is shadow, Donna. Maybe your resident GH will be a better forecaster and since it is snowing and he didnt' see his shadow....

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    Good morning everyone.

    ​It's to be cold again today with clouds. Tomorrow the sun is to shine and be in the low 40's.

    Think I might drive over to the Lake and check on the camper. Need to check to see if the covering that my carpenter put on the broken vent is holding up for the winter. I bought a new one as well as the vent covering that allows you to have the vent raised and not worry about the rain getting in. That will come in very handy this summer.

    ​Since I don't have anything to do today, I might do the laundry and get that all caught up. Hope all have a very good day.

    P.S. Please check the "Red Alert" post.
    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Morning..sunny but very cold this morning. Yesterday the radio told me the temps would drop to 30 by 5:00 and it was noon and the temp was only 27! Someone was way off but the temps did keep dropping! So tired of winter...

      So very tired of seeing doctors. Now I am going to have a heart cath and if there is a blockage it will be fixed then and there. HOWEVER, the doctor beleives I may be that percentage that shows a bunch of problems but when they get in there and dig deep, there is nothing wrong. Since we have come this far and since there is a chance of a problem I will complete this last test and then I can stand up and yell that I do not have heart disease just a bunch of anomalies. But in the meantime I have an appointment with the derma on Tuesday just in case there went a few days without seeing anyone in the medical profession. Is there any doctor I have missed in the last 6 weeks?

      No kids today so no cooking. I do have to do work clothes for Sierra and have never made that pot of cream of broccoli soup. Ran the dishwasher before I went to bed last night and I see someone washed up last nights sink pile so that is a nice surprise. Sounds like a lay a round day for me. Sick of this cold weather but happy we are not sick... Take care and stay healthy everyone.


      • jostoy
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        Maxie, I haven't read where you saw a gynacologist.

      • cookielady
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        Or a Proctologist.

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      Letís all hope that Mother Nature overrides the GH this year and gives us a beautiful early spring.
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        I always thought if the GH sees his shadow we get 6 more weeks of winter because he is afraid when he sees is shadow...
        I always tell the daycare kids California groundhogs are not afraid of a silly shadow...because we almost always have a sunny day around this time of year.
        So you can go with the CA GH, or Donna, check and see what happens if P Phil doesn't see is shadow.
        anyway, the violets are coming up and at my mom's you can even smell them: she has so many growing all around her yard.

        Funeral this morning at 11:00 and I am meeting at 10:30 (the best we could do with all of our schedules) to practice! I have been singing this morning and trying to warm up my voice, but since I am always singing in a lower key, I am not sure how much good it does. The organist is going to adjust the organ down a bit so it should go well, but that is why we have to practice...too low and it will be crazy. The other thing about all the preparation for this funeral is my friend's mom died on Monday and the funeral, obviously, is today so it is all happening between Sunday services and getting the word out and food assignments and such is a bit harder...and then there is another service tomorrow that we all lhave known about and signed up for food so it is a bit of double duty.
        I made the Million dollar spaghetti last night: spaghetti noodles with a layer of cream cheese/cottage cheese and sour cream in the middle, topped with the meat sauce and then shredded cheese.

        I really appreciate my daycare parents for arranging their schedules for my day off. I am not taking any day off for president's day or anything else as a way of making it up to them. I had thought about a day in March for some medical appointments, but I will wait and see what the month looks like.

        I have to get going and will check on the REd Alert, jostoy.
        Have a good Ground Hog day and I wish I had a cookie to celebrate, Donna!


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          Good Morning, been a busy one already, trash day, bill pay day, get the luggage ready, fix some breakfast, etc., etc. and the only way to get that done sometimes is to just not get on the computer...

          Jostoy, I read the Red Alert and commented, hope everyone reads it..and I more middle person for the 'money' and get a comment of what we have paid and for how we can have it in writing not by word of mouth...

          Cookie you are way busier than I could be, youth has its advantages, LOL...

          Maxie I understand just how you feel my life has become one big Drs. appt. Even with all my heart issues I have never had a heart cath, the TEE shows them my heart and whether I have a clot or not, guess from my symptoms they aren't concerned with the arteries YET! Jostoy your funny, or were you not trying to be funny about the gyno statement to Maxie, LOL...

          Paula, the spaghetti sounds great, I don't do funerals very well, or for that matter being around when others are sick or must have some really great parents that they understand and are agreeable.

          JoG what a wonderful thing for E to do...Didn't like the news about that darn ole groundhog...folklore

          I also have some laundry to finish up on, find the weather reports and pack accordingly...

          Have a good day one and all..

          Nightstorm, sure appreciate all of your help and time a little extra to compensate you would be in order also if I knew an name and address to send it to.
          Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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            Peeking on, not a lot going on around here, I go from ball game to ball game, Grandson is in basketball season now, I think it is the one he enjoys the most. I love seeing him going down the court, when you can tell from the look on his face that the only thing that exist is him, the ball and the basket.

            Got a call from my friend Sheryle, could tell from her voice it wasn't just a catch up call. Her husband passed away. He had been so sick for such a long time that it wasn't unexpected and was all most a blessing.


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              The groundhog around here saw his shadow and that is the last we saw of him for six weeks. So it looks like 6 more weeks of winter and with the temps. down to 11 this morning I can believe it. See you in the Spring, I hope.


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                You know, when I lived in Texas they used to have Sidewinder Sam (rattlesnake) instead of a GH. They hoped it would catch on for the Southwest in general. It didnít ! Who the heck is going to get close to a rattlesnake to see if it saw itís shadow?!!! 🐍
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


                • maxie
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                Geeze, Jostoy, do not give them any ideas because the gynecologist IS the only doctor I have not seen! I will tell you I will never turn 70 again. It has been one thing after another ever since that day. And I never even got a cake since I had the thyroid surgery on my birthday!!

                Went looking for Sierra's work clothes and could not find them so when I called her she was wearing the dirties. There was a clean set in the dryer but she brought in food when she came home last night and all thoughts of laundry went right out the door...seems we only communicated over food last night! McDonald's is so cheap they only give these kids two shirts (they provide their own pants). Sometimes I get so mad at the times I stop and support that darn fast food place but addictions are hard to break. But on the bright side we will be eating cream of broccoli soup this evening.

                I went an read the Red Alert and agree totally. If someone will just send out notice on how much and when I will be glad to put my check in the mail. This site is very important to me and my mental health. You all know my warts and political views and even why my teeth are grinding down to nothing.

                As for the GH...he is always telling us 6 more week of winter every year and he is normally right. Gotta go tell the thermostat I am home nose is cold! My son needs a more grandma friendly ignores me totally!


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                  Good afternoon everyone
                  Six more week of "SNOW"..NOOOOOOO.!!!

                  We are see the sun to day..It was cloudy..

                  And i am making the windshield for the car..It take time..
                  It was busy at Wal-mart..People was buying..And the car was full..


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                    Hey....animals are picking their choice of winners for the Super Bowl. See Subjects of Interest...
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                    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.