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Another Month begins, closer to Spring 2/1/2018

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  • Another Month begins, closer to Spring 2/1/2018

    Good Morning folks, yes time to start a new with another month gone from 2018, just brings us closer to spring...things I enjoy about spring, waking to birds chirping and sun shining, flowers peeking out, and grass turning green.

    Had a good day yesterday, told hubby to stay home I wanted to go alone, got my finger poke then went to Walmart and got my hair done, went for the gusto, hair colored and highlighted, haircut, feel so much better now...after getting home within and hour it was time for supper so I said, "let's go out to eat", so we did, to a pizza & pasta buffet never been there before and it was GREAT!! So many choices and the salad bar was excellent also, hubby and I both ate for $17.00 and tip...

    Today will be laundry day, need to play catch up, hubby goes through a lot of clothes, me, if I don't go anywhere or work up a sweat, wear them for two or three days, lounging clothes I call them... Well time to get this day started...thanks for being here, appreciate all of you and like Maxie said, amazing how you have never met in person but have made such close friendships. (I did meet Tinker and she and I always clicked) Smile and see if others smile back...
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good Morning!

    ​Yesterday was great! So productive. Started my morning off by running into, groceries, etc. Had a little hiccup to start though. Lifted the one wiper blade to scrap the snow off, and it came off in my hand. Popped up next door to the camper sales place, and the guy said I broke it...bummer. Stopped at Advanced Auto because they'll sell ya it & then put it wasn't broken & the young man fixed it for me for free. BLESSED!

    ​Met my SIL at my Mom's, and we put up her new curtains, then we went out for lunch. The place is now being run by a new owner (same name & recipes though), and she came around and checked on everyone & introduced herself. She was telling us about the new style of menu she's going to have printed, and I ask if she needed any desserts. She said, "YES!" So when I got home, and grabbed 2 of my frozen pies & a plate of cookies, and headed back. I think I have a new customer! Went home and started baking off the sugar cookies & german choc cookie doughs. After dinner, I iced the ground hog cookies. Rolled out a couple pie shells, and the FINALLY headed to bed. Very productive day!

    ​This morning is Bible Study. Will come home and bake 2 apple pies for my PCP and deliver them. They are entertaining at home tonight & he thought to call me for their dessert. All Ground Hogs will be picked up later this afternoon. Whew! Next I'll have to put the topping on the German Choc cookies, and will deliver them tomorrow morning. It's been a good week.

    ​Now if I can just get my caramel before anymore Samoa pie orders. Can't find the ones I like this time of year, so I had to order some online & it's going to be a little over a week before it gets here. Crap!

    Have a good one all!


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      Hard to believe it is February but glad to see January Sharon said, another month closer to Spring. Tonight we are heading back down to temps in the teens or lower and a chance of flurries. This winter is certainly up and down this year!

      I drug out pork chops yesterday because I couldn;t tell what they were in the baggie and no one marks anything around here but Jon came home and grilled them so pork was good yesterday. Also had him throw a package of hot dogs on to grill so I have lunch for today! No kids today so no cooking besides I have another doctors appointment. Hoping today I get the reason for all this running around and once they know what the problem is they can fix it or give me a pill and I can stay home and run around when I want and where I want.

      I am trying so hard to be positive and up beat but do you know how tiring that is? It is just not my natural self I guess. Why work at being complimentary when sarcasm comes so naturally? Sharon, sounds like you may be feeling better? Hope so! And cookie just goes home and throws out a couple of pies and a platter of are a wonder! If you lived closer I could just pop in and visit...and sample!!

      So I am off to read the news. The news could be the reason I am spending so much time with doctors... raises my blood pressure!
      Have a wonderful day everyone. No sun here but maybe it is shining somewhere and will reach a head or two from here...


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        Good Morning!

        Sharon, and Donna, you both sound so good this morning. Yay!

        Went with niece Nancy to take her brother to doctor out of town (semi-annual thing), and we ate out and had a great visit. 2.5 hours in the car. NIce to do something different.

        Massive clean out this morning. Got a bunch of plastic bags and going around the house the trashing everything I don't need or don't want to clean.

        Bought a ham for $8.91 cents Tuesday (.99 cents #), and we had ham and eggs this morning and now must figure out what to do with the rest of it. Yikes!

        So, onward and upward. Warm enough today not to have a fire, so the hearth is the first place to clean.

        Hugs to Everyone! Have a super day!


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          Good morning everyone.

          ​Monday wasn't a totally good day. I called the Ford Garage, and told them about my "NEW BATTERY" being dead. So the guy on the phone says he'll come get the car as soon as he gets a guy freed up. Should be 9-10 he said. So at 10:30, I call back and the girl said they just left heading your way. So they jump start it head for the garage. About 11:10 they bring my car back with a new battery in it.

          ​So as soon as they left, I get in the car to go pay a bill and go to Walmart. Then I notice my ambien temp is not showing the outside temp. So I go by the garage to inform them it wasn't working and I had just replaced that in Dec. Well it turns out there is a button to push for it to show. So now I am feeling real good about my car being all in good working order.

          ​Well low and behold, when I turn m y left hand blinger on to turn into Walmart, yep you guessed it, the thing started blinking real fast inside the car, which is an indication that I have a bulb burned out. So after I got to Walmart parking lot, I checked to see which bulb is burnt out, front or back. It was the back light.

          ​Knowing that I have a replacement bulb in my glove box, I didn't worry too much about it. So yesterday after it got to 50 degrees, I went out to the garage and changed it out. On my car, the whole assembly of the tail light, brake light and blinker has to come off. So it got the bulb replaced and the assembly put back on the car.

          Since my neighbor seen I was or had worked on my car, she asked if I'd put her new plates on her car. Her husband had always said he'd do it the next day. I didn't mind doing it for her as she and her husband do a lot for me. She watches the house when I'm gone, and he does my lawn mower when it comes to more than I know how to do.

          Now that I've written a novel, I'll bid you all a good day.
          Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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            Good morning.
            I slept in a bit longer than usual today.

            It sure feels like spring is nearly here. Night temps are still in the 40s, so our 80 day average is only for a few hours in the afternoon. The winds here have been blowing pretty hard here, keeping allergies stirred up. My eyes itch a bit from whatever the winds are carrying around.

            Were coming across lots of things we didnt know we had. The girls are asking for some of it. The Goodwill people welcome E when they see him coming. The trash cans are full by pickup day. And weve only made a dent in it. The garage is probably the worst, but its Es area.

            Sharon, you are sounding so much better. Im so glad about that.
            Cookie, congratulations on gaining another new customer!
            Maxie, hope youre done with the doctors soon. I hate seeing them frequently. I hear you about the news situation!!!
            Elaine, youre sounding good, too. So John must be doing good too. That leftover ham should be good in a Mac & cheese casserole.
            Jostoy, that was a bit of fiasco with your thing after another.

            Wishing you all a good and beautiful day. 🤗
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.