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January 30 ~ Good Morning

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  • January 30 ~ Good Morning

    Is 2018 going as fast for some of you as it is for me? I think January has just evaporated.

    28 degrees here, and the flu rages on. Now I have nephews in Dallas with it.

    I think John would feel better with some new blood, but his hemoglobin was 7.5 yesterday, and they don't like to transfuse above 7. However, the big decision for us was to stay away from the hospital, so we are trying to hold on to what we have for a little longer.

    I must get out and about this morning, so I want to hit the market before everyone else wakes, so that gives me about 30 minutes to get out of here.

    Hope you all have a good day.

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    Morning...I too am trying to stay away from the hospital...I totally feel like I would feel 100% better with 1 or 2 bags of iv fluid...I am so head just won't stop hurting....and the antibotics are not doing my stomach any favors

    Headed for work...then groceries...then I don't know but probably my bed


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      Good morning.
      Elaine, I think you’re absolutely right about January! Am glad to hear that you & John are doing better.
      Beth, I hope you start feeling better soon.

      Yesterday we had lots of wind .... again. January is “going out like a Lion.” Is at that supposed to be a feature of March.
      The weather app has 80° weather forecasted, going to the mid-80°’s next week. 🌵 This weather has me stymied. Guess I can pack away my sweaters now. I have a bit of sinus pressure when the winds blow —- the winds are pretty strong.

      Our older girl surprised us. She is the legally crippled one; her pain management doctors are amazed that she’s not in a wheelchair. She’s helped herself by exercising to strengthen her body, with an exercise program she worked up for herself, and follows regularly. Her knees still show up badly on x-rays, but she shuns the doctors who want to re-do the surgeries she has already had.....she had one doctor confirm that her surgeries were experimental at best, and did the most harm. ANYWAY, needing extra funds (income from SS doesn’t cover a lot of things, and she’s a widow), so she went to see what jobs are available. The owner of the delivery service has her working 3 days a week, mostly at lunchtimes.... she delivers lunches or Starbucks coffees to workers. The foods are already ordered/paid for in advance. She picks them up and delivers, and is given a delivery fee and hopefully a tip. It’s minimum wage, apparently, but it’s something. And if she needs extra time off for doctors or just for pain, they don’t give her a hard time about it. Her kids (all adults now) aren’t happy with her working, but I think the really good thing is that she’s not looking at herself as a cripple any more. She’s functioning better and taking advantage of it, and covering her needs as best she can.

      Well, I’m not trying to write another book here. I guess I should close, and get my day started.

      Hope you all have a great day. 🤗
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good Morning! A 2 hr school delay here. Just couldn't get through a week w/o one. It's beautiful looking though.

        ​I've been around, just not posting. Too many interruptions.

        ​Yesterday Sue came out & I had her work with me icing dozens & dozens of ground hog sugar cookies. They are cute. I HAD planned to finish up the valentines cookies after she left, but that didn't happen. The restaurant called & needed some pies & a carrot cake. That took me the rest of the afternoon until my guys came home. After dinner, I finished up the last of the eyeglasses I had to get Rx's on. No more of those now until after next Monday when we sort more at Sandy's. It feels good to get that project accomplished.

        ​Today I think I'll finish those sugar cookies & put the finishing touches on the other cookies I baked the other day. I want to get that done & then start on all this paperwork that's staring at me. Of course there is always laundry and supper to cook. I did call my Mom last night & offer to come over today & put up her new curtains, but it's a two person job she said & she no longer can get up on a chair due to her lack of balance. My SIL had a doctor's appt today, so she can't come.

        Have a good one all!


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          Good Morning to all...glad to see we are still here....I had no luck at starting a page on Facebook so forget that idea...

          No plans but doing some laundry today, temp is 15 degrees out but feels like I have no need to go out, LOL...Been trying out some new recipes I am finding on the internet, was just getting bored with the same old thing all the time...nothing outstanding yet.. Hubby said growing up his Mom was not very creative could almost tell by the day of the week what she would be making most times. Growing up Mom was a creative cook, we canned and froze most of our foods, nothing better than fresh meat, pork and beef and always something to go with it...we had big gardens and had to work in them, most kids looked forward to summer vacation, my sisters and I dreaded it because we knew it meant WORK, WORK, WORK for us, along with house cleaning duties also.. It built character.

          JoG, your older daughter is showing what can and should be done when handed a bad hand dealt to them, know of a person that I am associated with that has a shoulder injury and has had it for over 30 yrs. now and her favorite line is, "I can't do that, my shoulder", can't work more than four hours with her good side because it makes the other side hurt, etc., etc., her Mom kept her and invalid child, not she is 50 going on 10., so sad. So congrats to your daughter for showing so much spunk and not letting her kids make her an invalid.

          Elaine, I sure hope John can hold off before heading to hospital. The lady that owns the real estate company he works with her husband just went through something similar, had the chemo, and other treatments, and also doing the blood transfusion...what is the name of John's diagnosis? In my prayers you both are, a lot on your shoulders, but then again you are a strong woman and so much love between you and John.

          Well time to find some nourishment, this nasty chest thing just won't let go of me, but I am going to Vegas no matter what, my husband deserves some fun in his life and not just taking care or worrying about me all the time... Does anyone remember Terry Fator from American Idol, I have always wanted to see him and I shall... Prayers and good thoughts to all of you, sure wish we could find Dave so we could keep this page going.
          Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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            Sharon, I think you got a page up and running on Facebook. I saw and Liked it...anyway, it will be there if we need it. I will try and post there and keep it active.

            So far, I have managed to stay out of the way of the coughing germs. Two kids are coughing: the one who was last week and another that is usually right next to her...I am trying to keep the baby and myself out of the way. I really think my probiotics help and all the hand washing, of course. When I picked up this bottle at the pharmacy, the tech told me I am the only one buying it! They order a bottle as soon as I buy it so I will have has to be kept in the refrigerator.

            One thng I asked Sharon is if we can make the RT group on Facebook private. I am in a couple of widows groups that are a closed group and you have to ask to join. I will ask how to close a group if we end up not being able to get here.

            Yesterday morning I got a text that a wonderful family friend had passed away. It was her 93rd birthday and we knew the time was close. Becky and I had been to see her last week and said the things you hope to be able to. Her funeral will be Friday and I texted all the moms when I heard last night when the funeral will be. She had asked if I would sing at her funeral and I just hope no one gives me any trouble. Two kids don't usually come on Friday and the one who Ithought might have a harder time getting it off, I told her about the possibility (before the funeral time was set) and she was fine.

            I better get moving and get my day ready. Love our morning time and all the other times, too!
            Jo, your daughter is a good example of finding a way to get things done.
            Have a good day!


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              Good sunny, but cold morning! Sunday it was sweatshirt weather and yesterday I was driving in snow flurries! And yes this month has flown by! We were just talking about how the looooongest month of the year has whizzed by. I thought it was just my old age speeding things up but glad to know others are feeling it too!

              Came in pooped yesterday so we had a carry out night and ate pizza. Tonight Andrew ask for taco salad so that is easy enough even though it means a trip to the grocery store. I have never made that pot of broccoli soup so may get that on today too...I do have the ingredients for that here. Saturday my niece brought in a new cookie...pistachio nuts, white chocolate chunks, yummy, but the taste that was so prevalent was the burnt butter. OMG! They were to die for. I have the ingredients for them on my list but need to be in the mood to bake before trying them. Recipe says they are better if the mixture sits in the fridge a day and up to 5 before baking. Unlike Donna, the super baker, I need a mood to come over me along with a burst of energy. Andrew baked some horrible peanut butter cookie last night 'all by himself' and they were certainly peanut buttery! I do not like peanut butter in anything other than a piece of bread with jelly and had to try one...they were peanut butter all right. He was so proud and they were so gross! But if he wants to cook I can do that. Jon was cooking at this age. I never discourage anyone who wants to cook but do draw the line at being the sole clearner upper..

              Sierra's bf was here all afternoon and coming in to seeing him made a long day longer but I had a smile and made nice talk. I swear I am going to order that tee shirt shirt that ask "Did I roll my eyes out loud?" Jon is the best eye roller of all times and he must have had a headache after the kid left. But I see a lot of rolling in our future, unfortunately.

              Yesterday's stress test went fine and showed no problem so I am anticipating that the echo will show the same nothing. It was a very long day but now over never to be done again! Need to call my sister and see how the funeral went since men do not notice things or pick up on gossip, at least my son does not. Then off to start laundry and hit the road for groceries. This is a very busy day for me. Praying all the ones still feeling poorly are well soon. Such a mean flu bug this year!