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Good morning....Jan. 29

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  • Good morning....Jan. 29

    Good morning all.

    ​I am so glad that nightstorm let us know what was going on. Sounds like, even paying our past and present "dues" may not get us out of the "hole".

    Nightstorm, I personally want to thank you for all you have done for us here on the board. I'm not sure if any of us who actually use the board has your e-mail addy so we could contact you when there is a problem even if the "guy" keeps the site.

    ​Well got all "gussied-up" yesterday for Church, and when I got in the car and turned the key didn't even grunt. I just bought that battery last April from the Ford garage. So guess what I'm waiting for? Yep 8 o'clock so someone can bring their behinds out here to either to check the battery or give me a new one. My neighbor checked it yesterday and his meter said it was "bad".

    Hope all have a better day than what I expect to have.

    A Forester and a Lawyer

    A forester and a lawyer were in car accident and showed up at the pearly gates together. St. Peter greets them at the pearly gates and takes them to the homes ​where they will spend all of eternity.
    They get into St. Peter's holy vehicle and head on down a gold road, which turns into a platinum road, which turns onto an even grander road paved with diamonds, to a huge mansion where St. Peter turns to the lawyer and says, here is your home for the rest of eternity, enjoy! And if there is anything you need, just let me know.
    Then St. Peter took the forester to his home, back down the diamond studded boulevard, down the platinum highway, down the street of gold, down an avenue of silver, along a stone alley and down an unpaved footpath to a shack. St Peter says "Here you go" and goes to leave when the forester says "Wait a minute!, how come the lawyer gets the big mansion and I get this shack?"
    St. Peter says: "Well, Foresters are a dime a dozen here, we have never had a lawyer before."

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    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.

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    Good Morning to all that will pass this way today...kind of a sad day...I think I can start a Facebook page for us if anyone is interested....

    I have coughed so much and so hard not sure it its a rib cracked or pleurisy, had to sit in my computer chair...

    I will go to Facebook and start a family page for us because I think you are right, Kim is the owner of the other one and haven't seen hide nor hair of her.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Morning...I would hate to see us shutdown and lost. Face book is sorta intimidating to me. I have a page but do not post much because I think it is so public and anyone can read it....but I will also admit to not having the computer savvy of most of you.

      Today Jon is upholding this side of the family's obligations and going to the funeral of our uncle. I have to finish the scheduled heart tests and am so glad he was off today. He even grabbed the check off the table for the flowers...Sierra's morning class was just cancelled and I know if she had time she would have gone with her dad. She came in last night and said her bf was coming today and to set another plate at the table. She has been seeing this kid for over a year and we have seen him a few times...and yes he grinds my teeth but we have encouraged her to bring him here. But this was not the day to invite him here for us to cook for. Jon will grill hot dogs and hamburgers and if Sierra is not happy that we have not dropped everything to prepare a feast tough! There is just to much running today plus the drama and stress going on right now without trying to play happy face. I know I am always negative but sometimes life just throws you a bunch of crap that you have to wade through and I for one would like to wade through it without someone I do not like sitting here. Ok, you can say it...get a grip and cook the damn hamburger right?

      Well I am off to shower and get out of here. Need to stop at the bank first and you never know how long that will take. Thank you to anyone who takes the infinitive to help save us. Hope all the ailing are feeling better. Happy Monday to all!


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        Good Morning, dear Friends.

        I am so sorry that I have been out of the loop. Things at home have changed the way I operate, unfortunately.

        John and I are both over the flu, but today we are back to the cancer center, and I know his bloodwork is going to show he needs a transfusion.
        That means back to the hospital, where we got the flu in the first place.

        The funny thing is, the flu wasn't really much of a thing, but John was put under home health so they could monitor the possibility of pneumonia, which they treated him for. Injections everyday, plus ten days of antibiotics and other meds.

        I guess the handwriting on the wall as far as our board is becoming clear. I can't blame anyone for not trying to keep it alive, when they have no interest in it. We do have to thank Nightstorm for all he has done for us.

        We have had a great run, and we do have FB.

        Sharon, can our FB page be made private so the whole world can't see it? * I LIKED it this morning, BTW*

        Anyway, I wanted to say HI and let you all know I'm still thinking of each of you and hope to stay connected in some sort of way.


        • Paula A
          Paula A commented
          Editing a comment
          yes, it can be Private, a Closed Group and people would have to ask to join...

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        Oh, please do whatever it takes to keep our group together! If I need to send one of you a check let me know.
        And I agree with what Jostoy said to you, Nightstorm: I appreciate so much all you do and the rescues you do for the board and just Everything!
        I see some of our members on Facebook so if we can't use the board, Sharon, a Group would be great...but this Board is such a comfort.

        After church yesterday Becky and I took some food to the Men's transistional house. I had been given a lot of canned goods to use for PATH shelter dinners and there were items we won't use or too much to use. The men and women both have a transitional house but the women get more in the way of assistance and both are sponsored by PATH (Poor and the Homeless), so we dropped off that and a bag of oranges I had bought. The kids just arent' big orange eaters this year.

        then we took some yardsale items to a friend who is having a sale for her neighbor with cancer. They have to drive up to REdding for chemo and lots of extra costs involved with her treatment. My friend took us into her craft room and showed us a gorgeous crazy quilt type applique she is making. She tats and some of her pieces of fabric were edged with tatting. She also does bobbin lace. Lost arts! Well, DawnMarie is doing her best to keep it alive.
        One more stop to do an errand for my mom, then we came home and Becky made Whoopie Pies.
        Donna, they were a little bigger version of your Gobs. I like your filling better, but I didn't say that to Becky... Nothing like the aroma of chocolate to make a house smell cozy!
        We had already had dinner so it was a nice dessert and there is a Rubber Maid container on the counter with the rest. We called some friends and told them to come by and get a yummy treat.
        For a day of Rest it was pretty good.
        Now, on to this week!

        I really hope we can get the Board set and not lose contact with everyone.
        Have a good day and stay healthy or get better!


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          Good Monday morning.
          I do appreciate all that Nightstorm does for us. I hope everything is settled soon for the RT. I hope I can get used to the Facebook page. Iím not at all good at navigating Facebook. Because of incidents in the past with them, Iím not very confident in our individual info staying private and secure.

          It sure feels to me like our springtime is about here. I donít know what February will bring, the weather can still go either way. But if night temps start rising, I know that will be the start of spring here.

          Elaine, Iím glad to hear you both are over the flu.

          Jostoy, sorry to hear of your car problems. Hope they fix it today.

          Boffler, if you can privatize a page for the RT on Facebook, thatíll be great.

          I wonder whatever happened to Kim, anyway?

          Well, E will be up shortly, and itís time to start my day. Tossing stuff, basically. Iím beginning to like this!
          Have a good day, all. 🤗
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Originally posted by jostoy View Post
            Good morning all.

            ​I am so glad that nightstorm let us know what was going on. Sounds like, even paying our past and present "dues" may not get us out of the "hole".

            Nightstorm, I personally want to thank you for all you have done for us here on the board. I'm not sure if any of us who actually use the board has your e-mail addy so we could contact you when there is a problem even if the "guy" keeps the site.
            I am the "guy". Rounders runs on my server... the only critical issue we are facing is the renewal of the domain name, which needs to be handled by Dave. If someone has his contact info, and can check with him that he will be renewing the domain, we are fine.


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              OMG! I just checked the weather app, and our temps hit 80į for today and the coming week! Wow.

              Oh, and I should mention that on the morning of Jan 31st, it’s the Eclipse of the Blue Moon! It should be a red-hued Moon.
              On the east side of the nation it will begin before sunrise a little after 6 a.m. Anyone here on the western side of the nation will have to get up around 4 a.m. to see it. You can google the specifics if you want to.

              Hi Nightstorm. Thanks for the update. No, I donít have Daveís contact info. Never did. But if there are any fees, please let us know. We very much appreciate what you do for us, and Iím sure weíd like to help make your work as easy as possible.
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              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.