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  • Morning...1/11/2018

    Good morning..My birthday was ok...I had lunch out with friends....then came home and crashed and found out that my mom had taken my dad to the Urgent Care and they Had sent him to the ER. They were there 5 hours mom said it was a mess and packed.....They kept daddy. He has pneumonia. He was dizzy yesterday no so much today. His blood pressure went up high and wouldn't come down yesterday...he was out of it unstable on his feet...He stood up once and collapsed onto a side table and broke the table....Mom sounds some better she has something different...I am still not feeling great alot of ear pain and a sore sore throat...we are thinking drainage...I am hoping I don't end up needing to go to the doctor.....way to much nastiness going around.

    Today is

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    Good Morning! A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bethina!

    OK....time for more sunshine.

    ​Yesterday was good. Sue came & we cleaned & organized a row of cabinets. Sorted thru, pitched, and combined the assorted cookie decorations. Looks more organized now. We then headed to town to shop and have lunch. One of our stops was the thrift store. She didn't have much luck, but I came out with a boat load. I needed the next size up for Blaise, and got several pairs of jeans for now & even the next size after that. I don't want to be caught unprepared next year.

    ​Had several phn calls to return when I got home & had nice chats with them all. Quiet evening. I tried loading a template to make recipe cards on this new computer, but had no luck.

    ​This morning is Bible study. After that I'm stopping over at Sandy's for her to explain what I'm doing wrong with some of the eye glass Rx's. After school Blaise has his second appointment with the counselor. Still in the paperwork & question phase. He was suppose to have an appointment a couple weeks ago, but they canceled it due to a funeral Tessa had to attend. We'll stop at Arby's for dinner before the appointment.

    ​Have a good one all & I hope your parents & you get feeling better Bethina!


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      Good morning ,I am here ,sure hope it takes my post

      after a week of crazy sort of cold .. in my eyes and nose.. running like spigots... but thank the good Lord , it did not go into my chest, lungs.
      DAvid had his Dr. appt.. so Tuesday was a day of running for his meds . many stops.. today is my Dr. appt.. checkup.. waste of time. but have
      other stops to make and will have lunch out.. I hate shopping and stopping when it is cold.. I much prefer setting at home, reading . puzzling. etc.

      the guy two doors down cleared out driveway out on Monday.. with a gracious thanks.. then I call and ask his wife if He would do that each time it is needed... and got a "Oh yes".. however,I said, he has to except payment.. makes David feel better to have him do it for pay.. since he cannot it any longer and hates to admit it.. so , she was understanding what I meant.. and said ok.. One more winter problem solved. ..

      Happy Birthday Bethina.. and everybody..Donna birthday is just around the corner . like next Monday..

      better post and get dressed, fix hair and out the door to freeze, Have I said it lately ........I HATE WINTER!


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        Good Morning, they say it is 51 degrees outside, couldn't prove it by me, this high dose of blood thinners sure changes things, I am cold all the time, especially my hands. Got all my running and shopping done yesterday before my INR testing, came home unloaded it and rested for the evening...had enough leftovers I didn't have to cook....Think today will be pork chops and rice casserole and will add peas.

        Yes Happy Belated Birthday Bethina, I am hit and miss being here lately, hoping the blahs will pass soon... not really blahs just to many things going on around me..

        Donna I missed something with Blaise and going to a counseler, what is going on? Sure feels good when you get things organized...

        Well on to find breakfast and then all I am going to do today is watch movies and just veg out..

        Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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          Good morning.
          Yesterday was dreary most of the day. We did have a light, brief rain shower early yesterday. I don’t think it quite made 60į yesterday. Today should be in that range, though.

          It was also free pie day at the restaurant. So that’s where we had lunch.
          Then an errand took us near the airport. A large area there was cordoned off by the police. There had been some shooting, a DEA officer involved. The couple jumped out of their car and ran; the man tried to hijack a car with 5 people in it, the woman “disappeared”. The man was later caught. That’s that’s all we’ve heard about it.
          Meanwhile we found the place E was looking for, but it was a company headquarters for a company that no longer exists in Tucson. The store is supposed to recycle old electronics. So that idea was scrapped.

          Then we went to the movies. E said it had a good write up in the paper. We left early on. Teenage rebellion and sex are not entertaining. We do not recommend “Lady Bird” to anyone.
          So we went home and E dropped me off. E did some minor grocery shopping. I didn’t feel like having supper, but I reheated some leftovers for E.

          Beth, belated Happy Birthday wishes to you. I hope you and your parents feel well very soon.
          Cookie, kids do grow fast. It’s hard to keep them in clothes that fit well.

          Not much else going on here. Just the usual.
          Have a good day, everyone. 🤗

          Some of us were typing together.
          Maye, Iím glad to see your posts again. Am glad we donít have to deal with snow shoveling and that winter stuff. But we have other problems drought, very high heat in summer.... etc.

          Sharon, I know what feeling cold is. I usually try to keep socks on. I keep sweaters handy. Soups, hot meals help. Cold, or icy foods & drink chill me down quickly. Again, Iím glad I donít have to deal with frigid weather as well. Stay warm and comfy.
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          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Morning. it is such a depressing time of the temps are suppose to take a 30 degree drop and a winter mix tonight. Scott is driving in for a visit and I hope not fighting slick roads this evening. everything outside is so ugly. Why is winter so nasty and long!? Nothing bright in the news either. I do not normally get deep winter blahs but this is a test for me. Must be old age or just the reality that there is not much to be optimistic about.

            So much sickness around here too Beth. Sorry about your dad. Sierra is working a lot of hours because of call offs and these kids are suppose to bring in drs slips. Can you imagine? Some of these kids do not have insurance and even if they did a minimum wage job does not pay a co-pay. This McD's job opened my eyes to the fact the some of these kids are actually living off these wages and no matter how much aid you get an education is expensive. Family support is so important and not every one has it. Life is easy for some people and others will struggle for the duration of theirs. And that is not the only depressing thought I have for the morning but will spare sharing the others.

            For once the laundry and ironing is caught up. Dirt is running the halls unchecked but our clothes are clean and towels are in the closet! Need to hit the grocery again. Jon is off today and has an appointment this morning but I am hoping will help carry groceries. Also have some hamburger that needs made up into meatloafs for the freezer. Like to always have meatloafs and meatballs in the freezer because they make such a easy meal.

            Obviously I am not in the best of moods and need to get a grip. Need a few days in the hot sun and Mother Nature (or sleazy politicians) is not at all being supportive of my needs.

            Stay healthy everyone..hope you all have some sun on your heads today.


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              Maxie, they get the kids coming and going, they work the minimum wage job and take away from their student aide for how much their income "goes up".

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            I am trying to post at the table with kids around.

            It is not going to happen.

            I read all your posts and will send out warm hugs! I am sitting under the big heat vent!
            Jo, it sounds like your pie place is mine: Shariís which has free pie on Wednesday.

            No rain today but cloudy. I will gladly take it so we can go out, at least on the patio.

            Smiles and hugs coming your way!


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              Paula, our pie place is Village Inn, and itís a chain of restaurants. This monthís special pie is Cherry Dream. Itís a chocolate cookie crust, with a white cream bottom filling going up the sides, cherry pie filling, and more white cream piped around the edge with chocolate shavings. Yummy!
              As for meals, the breakfasts are outstanding, sandwiches okay enough, and the dinners I donít care for there. Luckily I can order any meal all day.
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.