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Wednesday Jan 10th

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  • Wednesday Jan 10th

    Today is starting with a fine mist, but the patio is dry and I will take it! The trash bin is back in the yard and I am almost ready to start the day.

    Yesterday was good: the baby was late and so was one of my 2 year olds so that gave me a bit of time to put up the Christmas books and things I still had out in daycare.

    I have to buy ham for the shelter dinner and went to one store to price after daycare yesterday. The numbers are not as high at the shelter right ow so I am baking the ham and one friend is doing the beans and another is doing cheesy potatoes, the fourth is doing a salad and the rolls.

    This Saturday I am taking my mom to the airport and then getting a non-passenger pass to take her to the gate. She is a fall risk now and the last time my brother flew through Sacramento he said there was a new way of going through TSA and he didn't think my mom could do it on her own...then my other brother will do the same when she comes home the following Saturday...two trips to the airport in a week. When the brothers were deciding on the dates I told them they had to give me a break between the two times I went to the airport for least these trips will be in the daylight.

    One thing about the trip to the airport for Becky on Christmas morning: I saw a color of hot pink as the sun was just coming up that I have never seen before. Usually when I see the sunrise it is a rosy gold and lighting up the sky. this was just a small moment but so striking it was worth the trip! Absolutely beautiful!

    It was so good to see Maye's post. And thankful for good neighbors!

    Take care and stay well!!!

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    Morning...another foggy gloomy day but temps will reach the 50s! Then tomorrow winter is back with another cold front into single digits this weekend and snow and ice. Winter sure seems long and since it is olny January, we still have a long way to go!

    Lunch was very nice with the aunts yesterday. One of my uncles, a brother in law of my mom's, stopped by to say hello. My sister drove here so we rode on together and arrived at the same time as my aunts. One commented that we had the same shoes on and we laughed and told her we were not going to turn around so she could check out the jackets. We had the same Columbia jacket in different colors! Our kids have accused us of morphing into one person and they may be right! We do share a brain for sure.

    I did cook spaghetti sauce yesterday but the guys ended up eating leftovers last night. I was not hungry after lunch out and they were fine with cleaning out the fridge. So today i just have to heat the sauce...easy peasy!

    Nothing going on. Cleaning, laundry..things I should do but having an energy problem. It is always the same thing. At least when the weather is warm and sunny you can sit out or look out and see brightness. This weather just magnifies any worries you may have and I can worry about most anything. Need sun!!!

    Good to see you back Maye.


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      Good morning.
      As of yesterday today was supposed to get only to 53. Today the forecast reads 60 with a 90% chance of rain. Must be itll happen (the rain! Yay!) because it is a very gray and dreary day already. We do need rain for our water tables here.

      Yesterday E had the blahs all day. He could have been worn out from all the PT and chores hes been doing, or he could have been on the verge of being sick, so I told him its was a do-nothing-except-relax day. Hes not awake yet this morning, so well see how hes doing when he gets up. Its a good day to dress warmly.....sweater for me, maybe sweatshirt for him. Ive got a pair of nice warm pants for myself. We do have an errand to run today, and theres a movie hed like to see... and theaters do get cold, so I want to be ready for that.

      So thats today for us.
      I should go outside (its 50 right now) and bring in the newspaper. And grab some breakfast.

      Maye, it was good to see your post yesterday.

      Paula, I wish I could have seen that sunrise! Your taking your Mom through TSA should make travel nicer for you. Last time we flew, I went through in a wheelchair, the chair pusher took me through, E had to go in a separate line, the pusher left me at a spot by the detector frame everyone goes through. Left me there. Just about the time I was ready to panic, as it seemed a rather long wait, someone came and pushed me through the detector none to smoothly, where E was waiting and rushed me to my gate. I bet that guy pushed my chair over every bump there was. I do take a cane for balance, but a security woman had called for a chair for me due to the long lines and the long wait. The chair pushers are supposed to keep track of their chairs, nobody else can push. Unless you get the wheelchair from the check-in desk and a family member or friend can take you.

      To everyone, have a good day. 🤗
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


      • Paula A
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        I am glad you mentioned the wheelchair option!
        My mom has a question: should she tip the pusher like you do the outside guy who checks your bags??!

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      Good Morning, life sure has been busy lately not only that my mind and body are much slower...even though it is 41 degrees outside right now it sure is windy and cold out...have to go back to the Drs. office AGAIN today for my weekly finger poke will be stopping at the grocery store to get those dreaded staples in that everyone clears the shelves for later...with all the nasty weather predicted I plan on getting what I need today while I am out...its also time to make and can vegetable soup. Dread going out but my chauffeur will be driving Ms. Boffler... Take care if you are out and about...

      Barb how are you doing there in CA?

      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Afternoon everyone! It's a dreary & semi warm here. Yesterday afternoon we actually had a bit of sunshine.

        ​Yesterday I spent the entire day here just puttering away. I found the dining room was under all the accumulated stuff that got stacked there. I also tackled Blaise's room.

        ​Got a call from his one teacher. He's been coming to class unprepared....homework not done (because he didn't bring it home) and no pencil(s). He called him out on it, and Blaise was insulted, so went back to his desk & put his head down & pouted for half the time in there. He called to tell me about this & that I would have to sign a paper, which I did. His teacher is very nice. I ask Blaise why he pouted, and he said the teacher was acting like a parent, and that he didn't have the authority to do that. I told him that the teacher most certainly did have the authority in his classroom.

        ​This morning Sue came and we cleaned out a few cabinets. I swear her family knows when we have plans together. They call every single time. So we had to cut our time short. We went into town and shopped at Boscov's. Got a few really good deals. Then onto Arby's and the thrift store. She then had to go to her son's house & get the grandson's swim trunks for swim team practice. We had a nice time together & caught up on all the news. Not sure what I'll do with the rest of my day. Got LOTS of good buys at the thrift store. Blaise had suddenly grown, and needs the next size of pants. I wasn't prepared for that, so I did find several pairs of jeans and even a few for next year.

        Have a good one all!