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Jan 4th thursday..

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  • Jan 4th thursday..

    Good morning everyone..
    Rise and shine..
    We are getting some storm here..Our town it is close...We have to stay indoors.
    and everyone stay warm.Be safe ..

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    Good morning....its so cold here...makes me want to call in to work and go back to bed..I am meeting myself coming and going these is extremely stressful but I am greatful to have a job and watching my aditude...we have a new volunteer in the store and he needs to learn and I need to be patient with him but its so hard when the other employees don't have the patients and gripe to me..makes it easier to be less patient.


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      Good Morning and yes, the cold snap continues can't imagine what the heating bills will be...I have not felt well the past few days just kind of blahza, just have no get up and go....did make the potato soup the other day but it didn't like me to well and made a second is finger poke day and hubby's day to be at the office for 4 hours...Hubby bought me a heated throw for Christmas and I love it, and my son got me a dual control heated blanket so I am all set to stay a little warmer....and I got word last night that the lady I know is mixing me up a batch of magnesium cream to use on my legs, darn cramps are getting me...will let you know how they work, did a lot of reading about creams vs pills and actually better reviews on the word this morning that another Uncle has passed away, my Dad's brother...out of 13 there are only 3 left now...time changes things...we age, we die..

      Well that's all folks...have a good day, stay safe.
      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Good Morning! No school delay today....yea!

        Yesterday was kind of a lost day. I got up early and made 3 doz cupcakes for the doctor's office. I had an appt late morning there. Stopped at Aldi's for a couple things and ended up with a cart full. How's that happen? Took a nap once I got home. My get up & go was also gone. Did make spaghetti for supper with a few side dishes. Real food. Felt good to sit down as a family.

        Today I should be going to Bible study, but I don't think I'll be going. I may change my mind in the next half hour. I really need to catch up on the laundry and find the bottom of this desk. We'll see.

        Funny how now that I don't have to meet myself coming & going, I don't have any energy. Why is that? I did get the last of the Thank You letters to customers mailed out today. Finished up the pantry yesterday, so I guess I can cross two things off my to-do list.

        Have a good one all!


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          As a customer I need to send you a Big Thanks!!!

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          Boy do I understand going in for one item and filling a cart! Why indeed!! Or buying a few items and getting a huge bill. Once you get Blaise off to school put your feet up and relax..a lazy day is a good thing. Like a kid taking a snow day!

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        Good morning everyone.

        ​Yesterday I cooked all day. My neighbor lady always give me the ham bone when her family get-together has a ham. This year it was too big to fit in my crockpot, so I fixed it in my large pot and added navy beans to it.

        ​I also fixed a pan of brownies. Then it was on to fixing 1 pan of cornbread. I still have to fix another pan of cornbread for E. and I. Then around noon I'll deliver all the food to E. and a large container of ham and beans, and 1 pan of cornbread to her daughter.

        ​Between all those "fixings", I had to fix something for my lunch. Anyway, I'll now have food already to nuke.

        It is cold in my area also. We have windchill advisories until noon. Supposedly it is 25 to 30 below zero. I really feel sorry for the homeless and the animals that can't get in where it is warm. Even the south has very cold temps this year.

        ​Everyone have a good day and stay by the "fires".

        When my grandson asked me how old I was, I teasingly replied, "I'm not sure." "Look in your underwear, Grandpa," he advised, "mine says I'm 4 to 6."

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        Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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          Good Thursday morning! Because of the holiday we had a one day delay on the trash pick up...whichis fine until it is time to take out a diaper and I forget and keep walking out back to where the garbage cans usually are. I heard them come by a bit ago so I will get the cans in when I finish here.

          I also promised waffles today so I need to get that batter going and make a few to get started., I just have the Mickey Mouse design. More like a pancake because it doesn't have all the up and down spaces like real waffles but the kids like it. One boy got one for Christmas and keeps asking his mom to make some for him to bring to daycare. She was telling me and I just said, No problem. I will make them her and he can help.

          Sassy and all in the path of this horrible cold front: stay in if you can and stay warm! Warm soup! I made a turkey vegetable soup and it was so good. And really warmed me up, but I amnot talking cold with what you all are experiencing.
          It rained here last night and is still coming down lightly now.

          Hope you all have a good day and stay dry and well!

          Remember I said because of Donna giving a gift to the bus driver my son gave a card to his boys' bus driver? When they went back to school yesterday, he met the bus to pick them up and the driver thanked him again and said he put the card on his mantel! The driver said no kids ever talked to him before Boone and Hal and now Spencer said he sees a few other parents talking to the driver because they have seen him talking to did we get to such a place where people become so cold or whatever it is that we don't see others around us?
          Anyway, thanks Donna; the ripple effect of your kindness is still going!


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            Back to school here...all school districts around have cancelled because of the cold and because we are so rural but Andrew is in school and I have a stew cooking. Yes I made a meal!! It would be nice to make it a family meal but Sierra has an early morning drs appointment and then is meeting a friend and then on spending the rest of the day/evening with her bf.

            Wind chill temps were minus 12 this morning and with a weekend warmup they are using four letter words like snow and icey. The river is full of floating ice and this morning Scott posted a picture from 1905 where you could walk on the ice flow from St. Louis to the Illinois side. That is cold! I do like to watch the ice flow and may have to drive down this weekend. I know, it is cold and it is just ice but an ice flow is something to see, or so we think anyway.

            I may get out and do some running alone today. Have a return to make and will be close to Big Lots so need to check what Springy door hangings are coming in. Also want to check curtains at Bed Bath Beyond but that is a longer drive so will leave it for a shopping day with my sister. I know what I want so there is the problem again. I will never find it and I saw exactly what I wanted on a commercial the other day. So I have a quest for the rest of the winter...curtain shopping!

            Need to shower and do some laundry. Back on schedule with school starting and that may be a good has been out of control laziness for the last week and I have loved it!! Stay warm and be glad you are not living on the east coast. Yikes!!!


            • Paula A
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              I love those kind of quests!
              Next time you see the commercial take a picture of it if you can pause the screen.

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            Good morning.
            Yesterday was overcast a good part of the day, and pretty darn windy most of the day.
            Today it looks overcast again, but not so much wind. Temps are mostly in the mid 70ís. I wonít complain. Nights are still in the 40ís.
            Since my surgery in early December, Iím not feeling chills as much as I did before.

            I still have one more errand to run. Couldnít find any tooth powder in the stores yesterday. Darn. I finally ordered some from Amazon......although they didnít have the familiar brands. Had to laugh, as there is actually one brand named DIRT, but I didnít want that. Thereís another brand that includes charcoal. Yuck. A brand I used to get that was really good had a price of $250 or more on it. Forget it. I forgot what brand I actually ordered, but it wasnít outrageous in contents or price.

            We did end up having dinner out yesterday. It was free pie day at that restaurant. For E it was free meal day. He ordered meatloaf, which turned out to be mostly bread. The waitress asked if heíd like a fresh plate, he said no but heíd just eat the sides. She said Good Choice, the other meatloaves were probably exactly like the one he had, and took it off our bill.
            I have learned that this Village Inn restaurant has the best food in the breakfasts, but the sandwiches and dinner meals are not all that great. So I stick with breakfasts there.

            And speaking of breakfast, itís time for me to get mine. I bought some Constant Comment tea yesterday for a change-of-flavor. Our Kurig has been acting worse since yesterday, and you canít tell if youíll get hot water with or without a pod. I finally nuked my water yesterday.

            Hope you all have a very good day. Keep warm! ☀️
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.