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Jan 2nd day closer to spring!

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  • Jan 2nd day closer to spring!

    Good Morning! It's almost 11am, and nobody is here yet....bunch of sleepy heads! I'm busy cleaning, but I thought I'd take a moment to pop in. I'll add more later.

    Taking a small break from organizing my disastrous pantry. I've just been tossing stuff in there for the past month & it was a landmine in there. LOL!

    Yesterday was good. Slept in and then had to hustle my buns to get food ready to take to my brother Tom's for our New Years traditional meal with family. My girls weren't there. My SIL looked worn out, but was so glad to be among family and eating real food. We all left a couple hours later so she could rest. She didn't tell the visiting nurse yesterday that she had 2 episodes the day before. She said she'd rather die than go back to the hospital. NOT!!!!! My brother is making her drink lots of water, which she hates.

    This morning I slept in again. Been working on the pantry. After lunch I'm taking Blaise to the theater. He got a gift card for there, and it's $5 day. He left his winter coat at Kathy's last week, so afterwards we are stopping over to her place to get it and go to Arby's for dinner. Tomorrow he's SUPPOSE to be going back to school, but after looking at the forecast, there will be a 2 hr delay every day this week, but hopefully not a cancellation. The morning lows are in the negatives. BRRRRR!!!!!

    Have a good one all!
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    Good morning.
    Iím up now, and also have some cleaning waiting to be done. However, I feel quite a bit short of energy today. And Iím not lamenting that my oldest offspring has turned 56 today.
    E is dealing with our stupid Kurig of these days we may go back to the CuisineArt brand, which worked great, faster and quieter than this thing. Yesterday and today I canít get it to heat water for hot tea. But no problem for my mocha pod. (I donít use tea pods because I like a weaker tea.).

    Hope you all have a good day.
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      If you have a reusable refillable pod then use a tea bag. You put tea bag inside of the reusable pod brew like you would any other pod. M and both LOVE green tea some this waym

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    I actually was here earlier, but then something else needed my attention and I am now taking a break from sorting clothes and am back.

    I am trying to donate all the excess in my closet and try to keep only what fits and I like. I have tried on so many things this morning and realize if I haven't been wearing it there is a reason. some just don't fit well enough and others just are not my style and I don't like I how I look in them. In the catalog they might have looked great on the model, but not on, now I am hoping the church I took things to last week will take these, too. The jeans I don't fit or Becky doesn't like are really good. I have a friend who makes quilts out of old jeans, but these are all really good condition and that is my last resort.

    I texted daycare parents last night to make sure no one was going to show up this morning; sometimes dads pick up and don't read the notice on the door, I have found. I used to write notes and send home, but more than once I have found the note in the diaper bag and the parent saying they knew nothing aobut whatever. I really make sure to say See you next WEdnesday, but I also realize working parents have a lot on their mind.
    I am ready to not have a day off for awhile. February will have one because I need a doctor day to do a mammogram.

    Jo, I made potato/corn chowder on Sunday and that was how I welcomed in the New Year.
    On the way to the airport yesterday I had to make a stop to buy olives for my mom and then another hour down the road I was hungry so I stopped and had a hamburger. Nice to stop but it sure made for a much longer day.

    Oh! Just got a text from my new child's mom: You're not open today? See what I mean???? And I am Closed with Pay. A few times a year, 5, I am closed and they are still required to pay. All the days around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. There are daycare providers who take off way more time than I do. One of my friends took off two weeks now and also takes a week or two during the year. I just stress over a parent getting really mad and leaving, but that hasn't happened, yet. And this parent had a different provider before me that something happened and then they were looking and heard of me...

    Ok, sorry I went off on that negative If parents would just think of how stressed they would be if I had to quit and they had to look again. Right now there are not enough providers in town and especially for kids under 2...ugh, here I go again.

    I have a funeral service Saturday. I am going to make the layered cornbread salad.

    My temperature got up into the high 60's yesterday! So, sorry to all dealing with the cold, and like I said on Facebook I am not even going to complain about the heat this summer. I hate being cold and we don't get the kind of cold here, so I cannot complain.

    Hope your day is warming up and the tea or soup is ready.
    Stuart and Jenni have been posting the most delicious pictures of waffles with the waffle maker I sent Jenni (she asked for it).
    It's a good thing I don't have one!


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      It's still morning, so I will say good morning to all...a very cold, cold day here also, right now it is -4 with -24 for real feel outside...going to make some potato soup today, this cold weather makes me think of soups and stews...not much happening here, staying in wearing my flannels and staying under my heated throw and finding a few good movies to watch...Have a headache, probably from weather, so doing as little as possible..

      Happy New Year everyone and may it be the beginning of a good year for all...(I am hoping and praying for better health)...Have a good day and stay safe, and I am thankful for all the friendships I have here..

      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Good late morning. I was up at the regular time and did what I do on the computer and when no one was here I just showered and started the day. Something I should probably do more of is starting the day earlier which would be a good reason to finish the day earlier instead of just not getting going at all which I am famous for.

        I also put on a pot of chicken soup and will make sugar free jello for Jon later on. He takes it in his lunch and I eat it because I can spray whip cream on it and add a little sugar for me. He worked a double last night so will fall into bed this afternoon but there will be soup if he needs a bite. He had been hoping for a little overtime with holiday pay! Sierra worked overtime yesterday but McD's does not pay overtime...they will, in fact, cut her hours later this week to make sure she is not over...and they never pay for holidays. Minimum wage is exactly that at McD's.

        Did start the morning off with good news...last weeks blood work is perfect. I still have an appointment with the endo and the cardiologist and the dermatologist this month but whatever they find will not be associated with any bad blood.

        Paula, I took inventory of my closet in the fall and found I was lacking in clothes...period. None. If it were not for sweats, jeans and flannel I would be nekked! My clothes go on to my sister who is a size behind. She made a haul with jeans last time. This year along with the traditional pj's we give each other for our birthdays she send a sweatshirt, too, probably sick of seeing my dress sweat I really should check out the sales and pick up some blouses. I know Sierra wants a trip to the mall since she made a haul in gift cards for Christmas (she ask for them), so we may go this week. Although if she saves them for Spring it would save me a bunch of money. Girl thinks nothing of abusing my credit card! And Andrew we force clothes on and that is the difference between boys and girls.

        Rearranged the living room yesterday and it is very cold in here. Need to put up some wall hangings and want to add pillows to the couch to fluff it up a bit. I am glad we did when the tree came down because it accented the bareness and is actually giving me a total start over. AND I may save the old tables. They are almost antiques anyway! We bought them in 1989 when we finished the remodel of the last house we did together and they sat in the sitting room unused for years. Good wood is worth the price but you sure can get sick of them after so many years. Anyway it is cold and bare in here and incentive to brighten and warm it up a bit.

        Temps this morning were below zero again but highs may reach the teens this afternoon. Sun is shining bright but it isn't fooling is damn cold out there!! Not suppose to reach above freezing until this weekend. Winter sucks and I think that is all that comes from my mouth...'winter sucks and whats there to eat?'

        Guess the bathroom floor is dry now so I will take down the Christmas shower curtain and rehang the back to normal one. Seems we are all in a cleaning cold for windows but they sure could use it. Smelling the soup so will turn it down and add a handful of asiago. Yummy!!!!

        Stay warm all...


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          Good Afternoon!

          2p and we are headed out the door to the cancer center for blood test. 25 degrees and waaay too cold for leaving home, let alone heading to a clinic full of sick people.

          Will have to take time to read posts later.

          Hugs to Everyone.


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            Beth, thank you. I hadnít thought of the reusable. Now to hunt them down. I donít think E gave them to the kids. ☺️

            Elaine & John, keep warm! Hope you have sanitizing hand wipes to use at the Cancer Center. Or else use the sanitizing dispensers the nurseís use in the clinics, in the hallways between exam rooms.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              That 25 seems so warm! We are just in from lunch at 2PM and it is 11...not even going to make it into the teens today. I saw hand towels at Penney's that said Aloha Summer..oh I remember summer...a long time ago!