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Friday ~ 12/29

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  • Friday ~ 12/29

    Where is everyone? I stayed in bed until 7 and did not want to get up, although John already had the fire going.

    Had to get out yesterday to get medicine for John (blood pressure), and I went into the local market, it was BUSY! They did have some beautiful veggies, so I stocked up on some.

    Friend brought a trailer-load of wood yesterday. All hand split oak. Almost too beautiful to burn; looks like we should make some furniture out of it, but I'm sure we will burn it.

    Chicken on deck for lunch.

    Have a very good day, Everyone.

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    Good Friday morning! The last daycare day of this year. Who knows how many I will have today? The one school boy will not be here; I had to text his mom to come get him. His coughing was so bad and all over! I was trying to keep the baby and myself out of the direct airway. After he left I got out my bleach water and then Lysol wipes to clean every surface I could and put his blanket and pillow in the wash. I was taking Zicam and Airborne cough drops...His dad brought him late in the morning so it took me a while to realize how bad he was.

    Today will be more bagging up to give away and bagging up for the trash. Paper clutter is real, folks! But the worst for me is the souvenir, small gift and cute item clutter.

    Soup sounds good to me today. Maybe vegetable beef since that would help clear out the refrigerator.

    Elaine, around here oak is the common wood everyone has and is pretty inexpensive as wood goes. but anytime you get a trailer full of free wood...that is such a blessing! I love the smell of cedar burning. We don't use our fireplace; it is inefficient and too much work to clean for no heat put out.

    I still have things to do to get ready for the day. One child will be her at 7:10 (usually here at 7:40). Hoping he is well. He was playing right next to the cougher. I told his mom to dose him up with orange juice and vitamin c...

    Stay well and I hope your sun shines.


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      Good morning.
      I slept in, too, LB. Til after 8!
      Our days are fairly warm, but nights are still down in the 40ís, and Iím snuggled down in my blanket.

      Still havenít gone to the store. E hasnít felt like shopping, and I can make do with whatís on hand. But today weíre at the end of the milk carton. I can shop while heís at PT. Iím easy. My time has never been so flexible.

      Otherwise, nothing much new here. But in a few daysí time it will come to pass that the New Year will be upon us.
      Where has this year gone already? We have no celebration plans; no doubt weíll just sleep through the changing year.

      Hope the kids are okay today, Paula.

      Have a good day, everyone. Sharing some sunshine with you, so help yourself: ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good frigid cold morning here in Northwest Ohio, but compared to what Erie, PA is dealing with, no complaints here. I did get out and about yesterday just to Dr. appt. a quick stop at grocery store then back cousins daughter had a fire at their home, and they deemed it a completer loss, so sad as she has 3 children and they lost all the toys from Santa, well they pretty much lost gave monetary gift to them through go fund me, then had her stop by the house for pocket money, so many intimate apparel needed for all of them and other privately needed things.

        All the decorations are down, boxed and back where they belong until next year, all except the outside lights and window swags they won't be put away until the weather warms up a bit...We have hubby's family Christmas to do tomorrow, don't even get me started on that fiasco, then it will be another Christmas season put in the books...and trust me I am more than happy to let it all be a thing of the past. Debbie Downer here reporting in, LOL.....

        Baby its cold outside, but hubby got me some boots for Christmas because I did not own a pair of boots, but older, colder, and blood thinners will surely change all of that...and I still have a blood clot in my heart, he doesn't think it will ever dissolve but will probably calcifiy..the meds they changed and the one they added have helped a lot.

        I also got a heated throw from the hubby and I love it!!! Talk about cozy warm and so relaxing also.

        Well looks like everyone had a pretty decent holiday but sure hope no one gets sick from being around so many others..

        Time to go and collect the trash and get ready for the trash man. Take care one and all.
        Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God
        Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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          If I was a tattoo kind of person I would have that last statement would get inked!
          Will copy it on my desk calendar to remind myself.


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            I agree,,the last statement says it all. Well said!

            I was up early for blood work then on to meet my brothers and sister for breakfast at my youngest brothers. On nephew from Wisconsin was there with his rowdy family of 3 boys and a niece from Washington DC with her two girls and husband. It is nice and we may see more of then since my brother has decided to retire this spring. They are still debating about staying in Texas or moving back to the midwest. Today's weather did not help them to move any closer to any of us up here!

            We have had a heat wave with temps in the 20s this afternoon but coldest weather yet to come this weekend with highs in single digits. Enough of this already! Wish someone would have gotten me a heated throw but I would hook it up to an extension cord and wear it everywhere!! So tired of some part of my body being frozen.

            I have gotten more Christmas cards after Christmas than we got before...all from family and I love that family pictures are printed. Lets you keep up with how the kids grow. Also received my sil's letter..hate those things but will admit their life is more exciting than mine if world traveling is your thing. I do love to go but am beginning to think the planning is best for me. Takes less energy than actually going anywhere. Oh my, when did I get so old? I have certainly let myself go down hill.....

            Have laundry started and the dishwasher running so am thinking of calling Jon to meet up for Chinese. Then It will be jams and hockey. One more tote to be taken down and the tree is still up but I will be home all day tomorrow. My sis made a beautiful door wreath and I want to hang it for a while so the candles will stay in the windows. Never have I taken Christmas down this early! Used to be nothing came down until the kids were back in school. The good ole days. Now I just want normal...and summer.

            Take care everyone and stay warm and geeze stay healthy. Hacking kids would drive me nuts Paula. My hosting brother has a terrible cold and Jon has had one but managed to keep it to himself. I would think parents would keep their kids home if only to keep them warm and comfy to get over it. My family laughs at me for using the wipes on carts etc but I do not want anything anyone else has. I have sanitizer in every pocket!


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              Iím a staunch believer in chicken soup (preferably homemade) when coughing, colds, and flu are going around. The chicken fat in homemade soups are a nice throat/stomach liner to relax the inner parts of your body and help you feel better, I think. Plus youíre helping with the necessary hydration. Paula, a small up of warm chicken broth with kidsí lunches or snacks might be helpful.

              Maxie, with the temps currently in the Midwest, theyíd probably be mighty uncomfortable there after leaving Texas. Plus all the snow shoveling back east! At this point in life, I couldnít move back to the Midwest and deal with the extra months of frigid temps. For as little time as family actually keeps in touch anyway, Iíll stay here where we are comfy.

              Stay warm, stay healthy, stay happy, everyone. 🤗
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.