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Dec 22 Friday - And the weekend shall begin....soon!!

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  • Dec 22 Friday - And the weekend shall begin....soon!!

    Good Morning!

    I don't think I checked in yesterday. My feet hit the floor running and they went right out the door.

    Wednesday I felt so much better and more like myself. Sue & I busted butt and got a dbl batch of lady locks made & sold. We then made up close to 30 different cookie trays/plates. We then boxed up and bagged cookies that I had a lot extra of. Hoping they'll sell when customers come to pick up their orders. I took some small cookie plates to the local nail salon & we'll see if they go there. Also Sue made up my pie dough while I was finishing filling the lady locks.

    Things were going good during Wed afternoon for my SIL until about 3pm and then she had 2 episodes/mini strokes. Their guy finally read the angiogram and they think they've figured out what is wrong. They now have Sherry laying back and up only to go to the bathroom & eat. There is a vein that spasms & collapse and that's when she has her strokes. They now WANT her BP up to keep this vein open until it gets stretched. This may take weeks. She's finally resided herself that she's going to be in the hospital on Christmas.

    Yesterday I went for my first visit with a new Endo doctor. I'm now going to take different insulins and once I learn to count carbs & get my levels level, he'll talk pump with me. I liked him. We'll see how things go. After my appt, I made a couple cookie deliveries in Saxonburg, then met my Mom & cousin Beth. We went down to visit Sherry. Glad I took some different foods, because my brother was hungry for something other than hospital cafeteria food. We had a nice visit with Sherry.

    Came home, cooked a real dinner, then got busy in the kitchen after a little nap. Got goodies ready for Blaise to take today. Yesterday was their party & today is the movie. So instead of sending anything for yesterday's party, I offered to send in popcorn & cookies for the movie. Spread the fun out. Also made up the goodies for his teachers and bus drivers.

    This morning I'll be baking carrot cakes & rolling out pie dough prepping for tomorrow's pie baking. Customers are coming in among all that. Hope I don't make any mistakes. Need to pop into Aunt J's to get some frozen peaches to make filling for a couple pies. Since Cork & Blaise are both getting home early, I think today is the day we are FINALLY getting out tree. I don't know if I'll be going along or not. Hope so.

    Have a good one all!
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    Good morning...My feet hit the floor running this morning..I got to have coffee with my parents and am already dressed almost ready to go out the door...I am usually just getting up..I will take the extra half hour and make a good breakfast for my sister and I....eggs with taco sauces and cheese.

    Working today...They have been sending me home early not sure what today will bring..will try to work until 11:30 to help get what I can done so those that are working tomarrow can get out early. I am not working tomarrow..having Christmas with my parents and sis and her family.


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      Good morning.

      No pain at all yesterday. The incision area is starting to turn that pretty purple color.

      May do laundry today and cook something to eat. It is nasty out today with fog and prediction of rain.

      Hope all have a productive day.

      The Preacher's Mule

      A man bought a mule from a preacher. The preacher told the man that this mule had been trained in a special way. The only way to make the mule go, was to say, "Hallelujah!" The only way to make the mule stop, was to say, "Amen!"

      The man was pleased with his purchase and immediately got on the animal to try out the preacher's instructions. "Hallelujah!" shouted the man. The mule began to trot. "Amen!" shouted the man. The mule stopped immediately. "This is great!" said the man. With a "Hallelujah," he rode off, very proud of his new purchase

      The man traveled for a long time through some mountains. Soon he was heading toward a cliff. He could not remember the word to make the mule stop.

      "Stop," said the man. "Halt!" he cried. The mule just kept going. "Oh, no... Bible!... Church!... Please Stop!!" shouted the man. The mule just began to trot faster. He was getting closer and closer to the cliff edge.

      Finally, in desperation, the man said a prayer. "Please, dear Lord. Make this mule stop before I go off the end of this mountain, In Jesus name, AMEN."

      The mule came to an abrupt stop, just one step from the edge of the cliff.

      "HALLELUJAH!", shouted the man.​
      Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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        Lol! So funny I actually laughed out loud!

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      Morning! Tomorrow is our Christmas Eve and we will be spending it with my sister and her family so I need to do all my prep for Sunday's meal today. Jon is off the weekend and said if I do the running and cleaning today he will work in the kitchen after work this afternoon. Sounds like a deal! Andrew will be here early today so I will make him pick up the toys he and his cousin dragged out yesterday after school. Scott will follow us home tomorrow and stay over. Jon will be working Christmas Day so this is it for us!

      The girls did a good job baking..made the cutouts a little fatter than I like but I did not have to do it so am not complaining. Caroline took some home and Sierra took some to her boyfriend and two little boys came in and ate so there are not many left and after Santa takes his cut that should be the end of the cookies. Good...none of us need that temptation!! Jon is having a hard time with this diabetic diet and I am hoping to get through this weekend and onto some healthy cooking before he ends up with more health problems. Damn holidays make it hard to control diet!!

      Want to wish you all a Merry Christmas if this is the last time I get here this weekend. I must get the chores done today since I no longer have the time to procrastinate...I really worked that until the end!! Have a small last store list but also want to stock up for next week so I do not have to leave the house unless I want. Tomorrow night Santa may come but I will still need to bake a couple of pies when we get home.

      Geeze Donna you go until the very end! Beth I want my eggs scrambled with salsa and sour cream mixed in. That sounds yummy. Jostoy glad you are not having any pain and able to use your arm...sounds like it is healing fast.

      Merry Christmas to all of you. We will be finishing up our holiday while some of you will be starting yours so have a great one!!!
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        Merry Christmas!

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      Hi Everyone.

      Donna, glad they have found Sherr's problem. Hope fixing it will be easy on her.

      I bought John one of those bacon rack things. Gave it to him yesterday and got up this morning to find he had it loaded ready to go in the oven. Anxious? I'll let you know how it works.

      Haircut and market for me today.

      Hugs to Everyone.

      Jo, glad you are pain free. That's a blessing.

      Have to good day.


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        Good Morning to all, I woke up around 3:00 a.m. and could tell I had a temp, I was miserable chills, shaking, head just plain ole miserable, got up took some Tylenol, turned on the heating pad, got some warm blankets and settled in on the shocking or getting my heart back in rhythm yesterday, after the TEE test still have a blood clot in my upper left chamber of my heart, not much they can do about it....changed some of my meds so I am not so swollen and short of breath, hope they help...Christmas Day dinner might just be my youngest son his SO and hubby and I....have no idea if or when daughter will be here...grandgirls texted me last night they were at my oldest sons house and were staying there and said she was anxious to see us year I am leaving on Christmas, can't deal with all the stress....and it all comes from my daughter...sadly.

        Got all the furniture dusted was hoping to use the steam mop on the floor, guess hubby will have to do that...and clean the bathrooms...

        jostoy so glad you aren't having pain right now, just don't push it and hurt yourself...loved your read this morning...."man over cliff"

        Time to get back to the couch just feel lousy...and if I am not back again, Merry Christmas my friends, I cherish each and every one of you...
        Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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          Oh, Sharon, I am so sorry you are not feeling well. Prayers and hugs for you!

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        Good morning, everyone.
        Today I’m a slowpoke, but was awake about 1-a.m. for a while.
        Another cold day ahead, mid-50’s (with sunshine), but should get to the high 60’s tomorrow.

        I put the big container of DD’s cookies in the freezer. Don’t need that temptation staring us in the face. Now our fruit drawer in the fridge is full, so we can snack from there. If we snack.

        Today I’ll be mopping floors. Going through more recipe magazines and books, which my girls will also like to do, so very few of those get tossed. I’ll have a trunk load of stuff for my girls. Will be sorting small appliances soon.
        I told E I won’t give up my piano, nor my sewing machine.

        Cookie, I’m glad they found your SILs problem. Christmas in the hospital is no fun (BTDT). Hope she has many visitors then.

        ((((((((((Sharon)))))))))) Wish we could count on Christmas miracles.

        Well, nothing really exciting is happening here.
        Time to start the day, I guess.
        Hope you all have a wonderful day. ☀️
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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good morning everyone...
          We have another day of rain..And we are getting some heavy rain..
          I wanted everyone to be safe on the road..


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            Yay, sassy girl! Good to see you!

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            Paula A.(HUG)..I am glad to see you too...

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          Good morning! I am sitting here with one child.. well, that just changed and another came in. It will be a very low census today.

          A good day to go through toys to donate or toss!

          I am on my phone so I will wish you all well and speedy recovery!

          No, I keep, Share and re-read my food magazines!

          Merry Christmas to