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Thursday, Dec 21

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  • Thursday, Dec 21

    Good morning!
    Looks like a frigid couple of days and tomorrow will be in the mid-50’s, tonight it’ll get down to 29° with hard freeze warnings til Friday morning. But the sun will be shining! ☀️

    No appointments today, so we will stay home and get more stuff sorted and picked up or tossed.

    Had a nice talk with youngest DD who lives in WA. There’s a virus going around, not the flu, but it hits harder. Her family is over it, but she just came down with it and took some time off of work. While home, she’ll be looking on the web for other jobs. Her current one is a big factor in her stress and depression.
    Maybe late spring we’ll go visit with her. I miss her quite a bit.

    Well, I guess I’ll get my day started. Hope you have a Zippity Do Dah Day! 🎶🤗😁. (Love that old song!)
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    Quick good morning to all...have to be at the hospital by 8:00 a.m. and if my INR is good they will hook me up and then scope me to see if the blood clot has been dissolved, if it has been they will then proceed with the cardioversion....had an appt. with the heart Dr. yesterday and he said he sure hopes it has but if not they will have to increase some meds I am on and also add a water pill as I am really ballooning out with fluid build up can hardly walk from point A to point B so short of breath...I did manage with hubby's help to finish up the grocery shopping for the holidays. Have not heard from my daughter, long story, guess that happens with children of divorce, they feel like they have to make a choice over one parent or the other...will go into more detail later.

    Well time to head out the door....peace and love to all.

    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Good Morning.

      Hi Jo! Wow you are up early. I need zip today. Company coming at 11 and then chemo shot at 2.

      Getting lots of lovely cards. I feel terrible for not sending them anymore. I used to love doing it, but just lost my enthusiasm for some reason.

      Our nephew is newly divorced, and his only son does not live around here. I planned to have a Christmasy meal for him on Saturday, so I bought a ham yesterday. We got home from town, only to find a Honey Baked Ham on our porch that someone had sent him for Christmas. (He gets his mail at our house). So now here I am with a very common ham, and a very fancy one arrives for him. What to do? How much ham can a person eat?

      Have sugar cookie dough in the refrig ready to slice and bake. It doesn't sound like much after what Donna creates on a daily basis, but it's big for me. LOL

      Well, hope all is well with everyone.

      Hugs ~ ~ ~ ~


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        Good morning..Yesterday was so Longgg I am glad that its behind me! My parents arrive this evening..I have a group tonight they will be here when I get home....I am also going to lunch with my sister and nieces hopefully the girlies will be close enough to done with school to have lunch! I will be so glad to see my parents!


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          Morning. Sierra is having a friend over today and they are going to bake cookies. That means I have to be up early to unload the dishwasher so I can reload it and get the utensils out etc. I am not the one baking but am and will be the one with the mess! Andrew was to go to his Uncle's after school but that plan change has him coming here AND bringing his cousin with him so I will also have two little boys for several hours. No one ask they just do and I would have said ok but sometimes it is nice to be ask. I am really not the nice person they think...ya know.

          Need to grocery shop for the last of the dinner items but would like someone to carry bags so may have to wait until tomorrow. Who wants to be in a grocery store this close to Christmas? Do you know that a week from now we will taking these trees and decorations down? I cannot believe it has come this quickly! They say time passes faster the older you get and boy is it flying by! However, any time summer wants to make an appearance I am ready...

          Guess I have nothing to say or contribute to any conversation. Sharon hope everything goes well with your doctor visit today and Donna read that they know what your sils issue is. Beth enjoy your lunch and family visit. Elaine two hams is probably a nice problem to have. I know people swear by Honey Baked hams but it also a plain old ham ham for us this year. No sun today and possible snow flurries for the weekend with much colder temps coming in..teens next week. Wish we could dial our own personal weather every morning...never be any gloom of cold around here!!


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            Good morning! It sounds like it is cold all over. Just when I start to mention the cold, though, I read how cold it is where some of you or other friends live and decide I don't have it too bad. It is all relative, though, right?

            Jo, I bet your daughter will find a job and have her choice. Is she interested in a hospital job or a physical therapy business? Dignity Health (Catholic hospital services) has great pay and friends of mine who are RN's and other staff say they will never leave. I hope she finds the position that will be right for her. Do you think the WA weather adds to her depression? Sorry about all the questions: I know how we love and worry about our kids.

            Oh, today is not an early day and I am so glad...just to have a few minutes here and able to read and chat. I am always surprised at how some people parent. The little 2 1/2 year old girl is very verbal and is running the show...I am not sure if her parents worry about what I will think if they just pick her up and take her out when she says (like yesterday) I don't want to go home...or what. I have learned not to get into the conversation. I just go about doing what I need to do and let the parent know they are the ones in charge when they are in the door. I want to say, (and I have to a few) Who is teaching whom? Either the parent is teaching the child or the child is training/teaching the parent how things will be done and who is in charge. I never say use force, but I do tell them they can call as soon as they pull away and I will put the phone and speaker and they will har that all is well and the crying was all for the parent...they are good to go and happy as soon as they find the drama did not work...

            Sharon, I am praying all your medical things work out for you today...clots dissolved and water retention can get going.. Don't push yourself; groceries, chores, can wait or someone else can do it. What would we do without You?

            My DIL in MD saw the photo of my decorated table for the church Christmas dinner and remarked how much she liked my quilt tablecloth...I was concerned I didn't have enough for her for Christmas and got a great idea: called a friend to hem the quilt top and I will be sending it out with Becky for Nikki. As much as I love that quilt top, it will be too long to quilt it and she thought it was good as a tablecloth.

            A package was just delivered. I have so many now that have been delivered in this 6:30 ish time . USPS si really going all out!

            Hope you all have a great day, and Elaine, give your nephew the choice of which one he wants youto cook..


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              LB, I bought a spiral ham from the grocery store for Thanksgiving, to E’s delight. (I am absolutely NOT a fan of ham! I put a small slice on my plate, boosted up with veggies or potato, so E thinks I’m eating a portion of it.).
              So I have enough leftovers of that to last to Christmas, maybe New Years as well. The turkey is still in the deep freezer.

              Sharon, none of my girls of former marriages have had any interest in their Dad’s. Both were abusive in different ways.
              Nor did the Dads deserve a relationship, as they never contacted the kids, no presents, no child support either. My son asked once, and I asked him to forget it......I didn’t want his dad to locate us, as the man expressed more interest in getting back with me, and that boy couldn’’t keep a secret. If he ever visited him, he’’d certainly have told the guy anything (that dad was an alcoholic and druggie, and filling his son’s baby bottles with beer wasn’t funny!). So I think I had good reason. E adopted all my kids and we had one of our own. The “ex-dads” were never missed. The other “dad” took them where I couldn’t see or hear, and beat them. For no reason.
              So it’s an unusual feeling I have when DD (picture posted a couple days ago) has get-togethers and Ex-hubby and that set of grandparents show up. They are friendly for the childrens’ sakes. I detect no uncomfortableness there. Her “blood sister” was also twice married. Her ex-hubby has never been nicer, and considers the child not his as an equal to the children they had had together. He’s there when needed, helps her out if needed. It’s odd the way things can work out .... or not. But these days kids don’t have to choose, they can enjoy both families.

              Maxie, I hope Sierra and her friend make an effort to clean up their kitchen mess. It goes with the territory of cooking and baking.

              Beth, enjoy your family to the fullest!

              Paula, I think DDs job has most to do with her depression, than the weather. She does take Vitamin D, the “Sunshine vitamin”. She’s a very intelligent young woman, no doubt easily MENSA material. She works in computers...first for AT&T then T-Mobile. Both are demanding....especially since companies have been cutting back on personnel to get better profits. She has covered for 3-4 jobs at times, working in the office, plus being on call at home. That’s too much.
              The doctor prescribed a medication for her, but after a year refused to renew it. Luckily, her pharmacist understood and he himself wrote a refill prescription, so she could properly wean herself off of it. She said her head was finally clear, but she feels she lost an entire year, she doesn’t remember hardly anything of this past year.
              I think she will find the right job in the right place for herself before too long. I just want to see her happy again, not so overworked.
              E said there’s a place in OR where we can take her on a river cruise for total relaxation, come late spring. (I didn’t mention our springtime and her springtime are quite different!). I’d also like to visit the woods up there known for the “Twilight” series setting; I hear it’s absolutely beautiful.
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              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


              • Paula A
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                I got mixed up! Sorry, I thought this daughter was a PT.

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              Got sliced and diced Tuesday morning. Then, unlike Humpty Dumpty, I got glued back together. Now the healing starts. Have had very little pain. Any pain that hits, I just reposition the arm and it goes away. Don't like taking pain pills of any kind. Won't know until Jan.2 when I see the surgeon if he got all the cancerous cells this time.

              It is a really pretty day here. The sun is shining and very little wind. But the W.W. say that will change tomorrow with rain and a cold front coming in. Will be real cold they say until after the new year.

              Everyone have a great day.

              Father Murphy walks into a pub in Donegal, and asks the first man he meets, 'Do you want to go to heaven?'
              The man said, 'I do, Father.'

              The priest said, 'Then stand over there against the wall.'

              Then the priest asked the second man, 'Do you want to go to heaven?'
              'Certainly, Father,' the man replied.

              'Then stand over there against the wall,' said the priest.

              Then Father Murphy walked up to O'Toole and asked, 'Do you want to go to heaven?'

              O'Toole said, 'No, I don't Father.'

              The priest said, 'I don't believe this. You mean to tell me that when you die you don't want to go to heaven?'
              O'Toole said, 'Oh, when I die , yes. I thought you were getting a group together to go right now.'

              Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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                My #3 daughter is the PT.
                My #4 daughter works in Hospice. (She’s in the photo I posted the other day.)
                My #5 daughter is my “Baby”, she’s the computer expert, a real whiz at it, and she built the 4 computers her family has.
                My eldest daughter (kid #2) has been following her daughter’s medical studies (on-line classes), and considers herself an A student, and considers herself equal to the doctors.........but I will say she has a way with handling her autistic GD; but I just wish she wouldn’t “diagnose” family & friends, and suggest meds or treatments. I told her I’d stick with my doctors’ suggestions.
                My #1 kid is my son, and I have no idea what they read I’d listen to, but his wife is trying to convince me I need cannibus, Vitamin B-12, or strange mixtures of things. I tell her what I tell #2. Plus, I notice she’s not doing great herself.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.