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Good Monday Morning!

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  • Good Monday Morning!

    Good Morning everyone! It's warming up and the snow is melting.

    Yesterday started good. Went around in circles during the afternoon trying to get something done. A couple people came & got their cookies. Watched the Steelers game off & on. What a nailbiter. They were robbed of that last TD. Got everyone to bed & then started mixing up some more cookie dough.

    About 9:45 my brother called crying. My SIL had another stroke. I stopped everything, pulled on some jeans, and out the door I went. There isn't any lasting effects as far as being paralyzed, but there was some bleeding on the brain. A small vein broke from her BP being so high. She's having an MRI this morning. She's in ICU. She thinks she's getting out today. I laughed.....NOT! She has 5 houses to clean and a party to get ready for on Christmas Eve. Got home about 2am.

    This morning I need to make an Aldi's run. May pop in to see Sherry while in town. I've got 5 people come to pick up this afternoon. I need the space since it's going to be warmer this week, so I can't store my completed orders out on the little porch. Dang!

    Have a good one all!

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    Good Morning haven't posted for awhile. Yesterday spent making cookies with granddaughter and the brother of grandsons brother. They are very good friends and share a brother. We made sugar cookies and chocolate chip, were going to make peanut butter but they got bored and granny's back started having fits.


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      Good morning.
      Cookie, I'm so sorry about your SIL's condition. She and your family are in my thoughts. Keep us updated.

      Well, it's been a busy and lovely weekend, visiting with all the kids, the grands, and great-grands. Little Alora w as here yesterday, she's 1-3/4 yrs old now. She's still got a little ways to go mastering the spoon to eat, but you should see her attack a slice of quesadilla with her little teeth. She's funny, energetic, smart as can be (avoiding being caught if she wants to go in a different direction from where mommy says), and just all around beautiful and fun. She let me hold her this time, for a while. She fell in love with my musical dancing Snoopy Santa doll, so I gave it to her to take home. (E always buys me an outstanding stuffed animal when I'm in the hospital, and this Snoopy was it this time.)

      Just about packed to head for home now. May the traffic be sober today, and no hangovers either. 🙄

      Stay warm. Have a wonderful day. ☀️
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good Monday!
        It is Becky’s birthday today. How did she get so old (37) and how old does that make me feel?
        Luckily, not as old as it could! Ya!

        Running through to say hi and will check in again later.


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          Morning...two days of 'maybe' some rain but not enough to wet under the lawn chairs. Looks like our dry spell will continue and if that means no snow then let it be dry!!

          Went through cookie recipes for Sierra and made a grocery list. I thought if I mixed up a batter or two she could bake them off at her leisure. Walmart had totally empty shelves! Not a fan of walmart and the way they treat their employees but I kinda felt that they had taken a huge advantage of us the customer yesterday by not keeping baking shelves stocked. So today I will run to shop n save.

          But to move back into the Christmas spirit...Andrew has his program tonight. This is his first band concert and then the 5th and 6th grades classes will sing. Lots of after school rushing rushing for about 10 minutes entertainment. But would I miss it? Absolutely not!!!!! Need a fast eat and cleanup meal for tonight...

          Everyone is home today but house is still quiet with them all sleeping in. Gives me time to dress and start the day. Need to hide that darn elf but then if you think about it...this is the last week. Yikes the time is flying! Going to be a mostly warm week. Glad your visit was a success Jo and have a safe trip home.


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            Good Morning, all the snow has melted and it just looks dreary out there again. I am almost done with my Christmas wrapping, and need to get a few gift cards yet and money envelopes...sent a goodie tin with hubby this morning, and have the ladies stopping by that take care of my cats when we are gone, have a grocery gift card and a money card for them, and also a goodie tin..

            Trying to clear the cobwebs from my brain and get organized today and tomorrow, and get my grocery list together for all I will need during the holidays...

            Donna so very sorry to hear about your sister in law, sounds like she just needs to sit back, relax and get herself calm...

            Think in life we all need to slow down and smell the roses, I looked at all that I had bought for the grandgirls and thought to myself, its like I am trying to feel that same joy I felt when my own kids were younger...that just doesn't happen anymore..hubby and I talked and decided kids are the ones that truly make Christmas, yes we also know and are thankful in the birth of Jesus and the reason for the season, but I am talking the 'real' stuff you can see...

            Maxie enjoy all that you can with Andrew it passes so fast...I also found our Krogers to have a lot of empty shelves on Friday afternoon....pretty sad...not only that they are getting rid of so many items I use, they are pushing their own brand...makes me so mad...and with this little town that is all we have besides a Save a Lot...

            Well time to find a bite of something to eat, get a shower, then start on this house...

            Peace, love and kindness to all.
            Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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              yesterday was a long difficult day. It was good to be among friends at Bible study but so hard to begin processing and picking up the piece blake left behind...tomarrow is the visitation...Wednesday the funeral.


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                Hi Everyone.

                Wow! So much news when you come in later on.

                Donna, so shocked to read about your SIL. Sending prayers for her recovery.

                Jo, so glad you had such a great weekend. You and Ellis are due.

                Paula, I had no idea your daughter is 37. You look 37 yourself! Happy Birthday to Beckie.

                maxie, if I were to hide an elf, I would never find it to move it again. Wouldn't work for my brain.

                Darla, I do wish I had someone to back cookies with. Sounds like fun.

                Sharon, it's true about children and Christmas. I am sure I would feel differently I had any, but I watch my niece drive herself crazy buy gifts for 6 children and 6 grandchildren and then go the extra step to find something they can all give her. It's crazy. So many places to put that money to good use instead of filling up their homes with stuff they will never use and certainly don't need.

                Well, it's almost time for lunch. American's Test Kitchen told me that cooking a steak frozen is the only way to go, so that's what we are having.

                Hugs to Everyone.


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                  Editing a comment
                  Elaine, I am with you on the Elf! I put so many things in a safe place or some place I think will be so easy to remember...right now I am looking for a set of commemorative stamps that I bought for a daycare school girl! It is a standing family joke from way back that there is always a few presents to celebrate After Christmas Day when I finally find them all...
                  Thanks for the kind words!

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                Hi again!
                We left Phoenix early enough to get home mid-morning. Just finished lunch. As soon as E goes to his PT appointment I will unpack the suitcase, the goodies (jumbo muffins and homemade cookies), and our presents.
                Our middle DD is a PT too, had checked out E's exercises, and assigned me with a few, making sure we're using our muscles correctly and why! (Not all PTs are equal, the ones I had last year really sucked and I got no benefits from it, but DD graduated head and shoulders above her entire class.....and her instructor wasn't ashamed to admit his mistakes when she pointed them out.)

                One GD texted that she heard Tucson had snow this morning. I told her we saw damp sidewalks and rain puddles. I. Also noticed clouds of fog at the base of a lot of mountains, which is likely an indication of colder weather in their elevations. The particular mountain she heard about has skiing areas, but it's doubtful that this first snowfall stuck.
                We are supposed to get 60° today, but the weathermen make changes during the night and now occasionally during the day. I didn't look again since before sunrise, but snow wasn't listed then, only rain. The mountain tops may be another matter. Right now te pretty sunny.

                Well, I hear mail coming in, so I'll be checking that for a little while.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                  good evening

                  I have been missing !...don't know where the time goes....Been getting ready for Son Mike and his wife to arrive Sat. from Colorado Springs.. and then
                  Mikes two sons are driving in from VA and S.Carolina.. so house will be ready and now to get some more food into the freezer , think of things to prepare that I can make ahead.. ....The wrapping and bagging gifts are about 1/2 done. the kids stuff will be the easiest.. just put in gift bags.
                  Then the shock of Donna's Sister in law,,, who is also my Niece-in-law .. and a special one.. ....still not out of major danger yet.. the Dr. not quite sure exactly what is causing the blood pressure to race up and down.. no sigh on tumors. but she is having episodes of numbness.. and todays was a serious one .... so all prayers for Sherry are welcome...

                  JoG. sounds like it was a fun family time!.

                  Paula , had to smile at your comment about Becky being 37.. I got a shock when #1 son announed he was taking retirement and S.Security ...yikes! both of us on Social Security. now that 's old. and today is one of those days I feel it. .

                  HI to all.. I do read and enjoy.. but long day with lots of phoning and texting with Donna . and daughter K.
                  Went to Eye Dr. picked up my new glasses .. they are pretty. and good sight.. but still taking time to adjust to them.. a wee bit stronger and the left eye is feeling the pull.. was happy that he took a Picture of the back of the eyeball. and said all looks great... I cherish my sight.

                  see you in the morning .